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Some mornings, about 6:30 a.m., Phillip Welch and I will visit on the phone while he travels to his school job at Kountze. Phillip remarked how green the foliage is despite no rain for some time. I'm sure that will change. If we don't get rain soon Judge Gothia will have us under a fire ban. I spoke with Sue and Tommy Simar who reported the fig trees are loaded with small figs and it could be a good year. However, if it doesn't rain the fruit will dry up. Last year fig trees didn't make fruit. I also spoke with Coach Les Johnson over the weekend. He said it could be a good pecan crop year if he gets rain in Bastrop. Two years ago he gathered 240 pounds of pecans but last year not one pecan, not one nut. If rain comes at the right time it could be a bumper crop for figs and pecans. The National Weather folks predict we will get plenty of storm moisture, depending on when it comes. At the wrong time it will sour the figs and a July storm could knock the nuts out of the pecan trees. For now we really do need rain. There is a slight 30 percent chance for the weekend. Sunday is Father's Day so here's hoping you have a good time with Dad. In my childhood we didn't celebrate Father's Day because good ole Dad was no where around. I've always tried to be there for my flock. Ironically, Father's Day is also Juneteenth. Think about that for a moment.*****Well, I've got to move on. Wishing you a nice Father's Day and a happy Juneteenth holiday. Sadly Essie won't be with us this year.*****Hop on board and come along; I promise it won't do you no harm.


Instead of ordering the military to send troops, or consulting with the Justice Department or Homeland Security about other help, Trump spent hours watching TV coverage of the attack. Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Trump openly mused about the rioters' chants to hang Vice-President Mike Pence, who had rebuffed Trump's pressure from earlier that same day to intervene illegally in the election, basking in what, in hindsight now, appears indisputable part of a months-long attempt to overturn a fairly decided election. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Fox News' Sean Hannity and others, were pleading with the president or his aides to stop the violence and accept the results of the election. Watching the hearings made clear that even as Trump and his closest confidantes pushed for months the false claim that he had won the election, one after another of his inner circle urged him to admit the truth that he had lost, even his hand-picked attorney general; the White House counsel; his team; his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, and many more. Yet Trump and his legal team, led by the once-respectable Rudy Giuliani and abetted by enablers in Congress, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, continued to push a misinformation campaign. In a video excerpt presented Thursday, Attorney General Bill Barr described his futile attempt to reason with Trump before resigning in 2020. That was enough to convince Ivanka, a close advisor to her father. "It affected my perspective," Ivanka told the committee, I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying." If Trump couldn't persuade his own daughter; or his attorney general, or the White House counsel; or scores of state and federal judges, who threw out more than 60 frivolous election fraud claims, then ask yourselves, "What reason is there left to give his claims credence?" The truth is the 'Big Lie' was a method for pulling off the 'Big Rip Off.' We had written months ago that Trump knew the Big Lie would not work, but would make him plenty of money. The January 6 Committee has reported that Trump has pocketed $250 plus million and that's why he keeps the con-game going. He will suck the nipple as long as he can. The time has come for Attorney General Merrick Garland to get off the sidelines, impanel a Grand Jury and do the job we all know needs doing.


15 Years Ago-2007

'Rags to Riches' wins Belmont, and is the first filly to win a Triple Crown race in 102 years. *****The Sopranos, on HBO since 1999 with 86 episodes, ended Sunday. *****Paris Hilton, poor thing, is back in jail having to eat jail food. Why does America really care? *****Sunni and Al Qaeda linked militants, former allies, are fighting each other now in Iraq. The United States will arm the Sunni, our enemies, and who knows where the weapons will end up. Colin Powell, on 'Meet the Press' Sunday, said he told President Bush in August 2002, that the U.S. should work through the United Nations. He told Bush, speaking of the invasion, 'If you break it, you own it.' Powell says, "Call Iraq what you want, but it's a civil war we need to start pulling away from." Also, Guantanamo Prison should be closed and the 380 detainees moved to U.S. facilities. "It's causing us far more damage than any good we get from it." *****State and national office holders will become more visible as they look towards next year's re-elections. Most would be in trouble if it wasn't for Tom DeLay and Rick Perry's redistricting. Under the old plan, they wouldn't have a chance. Every time we turn around, there will one in town. Sen. John Corryn has already drawn one opponent. Watts, from San Antonio, will put up $3 million of his own money. *****Harry Hubbard, longtime union boss, passed away June 7, at age 82. He helped many people in our area. He served as president of Texas AFL-CIO for 16 years, starting in 1973. *****The Jasper Bulldogs proved just how good a baseball team Bridge City had. In winning the state championship, Jasper, in the two game state playoffs, got more hits than they did against B.C. in five games. B.C. lost to state champions the past two years. Jasper folks say they knew if they could get past Bridge City, they could win it all. ***** The latest 'USA Today' poll shows that only 21 percent of Americans approve of the job the Bush Administration is doing from domestic to foreign policy. This Administration, under President George Bush, is a total failure. Cong. Brady must share in some of this failure. He has voted 98 percent with the Administration and is one of the Bush-Cheney strong supporters in Congress.*****Joyce Dubose, a great lady, was hospitalized, but has been released and is improving. There are many cases of people being wrongly medicated. Here's another one. Johnny Montagne landed in the hospital with extremely high fever and until they determined the cause, they gave him medication, which fed the problem. A form of pneumonia from rare bacteria was diagnosed (crawfish heads). Bobby Cormier believes it was 'Freon poisoning.' Bobby says you get it from sitting under the air conditioner too long without moving to exercising your lungs.*****Doug Harrington's wife Regina went to Ireland, Betty Harmon spent 10 days in Denver, and H.D.'s wife, Pat, just returned from a cruise. Definite proof that times have changed for those hubbys. All of them went straight home from work, prepared their own suppers and turned in early.*****Little Cypress residents and the City of Orange settling their differences out of court was a welcomed move by Dist. Judge Pat Clark. The trial was set to begin Monday in his court, which meant he would miss the birth of he and Rosalie's third grandchild, expected to be born on that day. They were able to be there for the birth.*****Judge and Mrs. Parkhurst are building a new home. Joe says they will be camping out for three months until it's complete. *****Meanwhile, Judge Derry Dunn has such a bumper crop of tomatoes that folks hate to see him coming with a bag in his hand. He says he may have to feed them to the hogs if production continues to escalate. I should have such luck. ***** Happy birthday: Another one is coming up on June 15 to Lyle 'Music Man' Overman. That guy can play and sing that music. He recorded a song at Graceland, years ago, on Elvis Presley's label. Every Friday night, he entertains at K-Dan's in Orangefield. Saturday he played for a private party at Dunn's Bluff. Some of Roy's Louisiana folks and a few friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. His two surviving sisters attended. Surprise guests were Wanda and Coach Les Johnson, who drove in from Bastrop and Richard Douglas and wife Jo, of Lafayette. Doug is with Ganett, the company who prints our paper. The Rev. Leo Anderson came by to give the blessing. While there, he was talked into grabbing a bite to eat. Van Choate again did a great job with the food.*****Folks filling up at $2.71 a gallon, as if the prices had dropped to a reasonable price. Two dollars a gallon still wouldn't be a bargain. When Bush took over, gasoline sold at 98 cents to $1.05 a gallon. *****Tim Hughes of Superior Tire has purchased Three-Way Tire in Bridge City. That's a good thing. Tim and his crew do a great job.***** Joe Chenella named interim Bridge City Superintendent for a third time while waiting for a permanent superintendent.


45 Years Ago-1977

Barry Weisman is giving up the bachelor's life to take a bride on July 2. He and beautiful, talented Christie Aleene Jefferson will tie the knot (Editor's note: I don't believe the knot held). *****Buddy Moore writes in his Kountze News that judge Grover Halliburton, of Orange, is Hardin County's claim to fame. He's originally from Village Mills. Grover used to pitch washers in downtown Kountze streets. One day he conned a beautiful girl into going crawfishing with him. Sue went for the bait and ended up being his wife (Editor's note: Grover and Sue have since passed away. He and Sue were married for many years). *****Liz Hatton, a true doll, reaches a milestone this week. She reaches the ripe old age of 21. *****A lovely lady, Rena Vellion, Harry's better half, is now out of the hospital after having back problems. *****Flo Edgerly's mother was in ICU following a stroke last weekend.*****Bill Lapeyrolerie turns 15 this week. *****Some of the leaders in the Bridge City B&PW are Juliet Patton, Jeanne Wood, Eva Hryhorchuck, Lennie Rutledge, Claudine Hogan, Helen Roberts, Sherri Cook, Angelina Garza, Pat Christian, Kate Mulhollan and Jessie Hebert. *****Our songwriter buddy Don Jacobs has come up with some song titles and just needs a little help to write the songs. Here are some of his titles. 'My Old Flame is Burning Another Honky-tonk Down,' 'Not Tonight, My Headache is Back,' 'Early to Bed and Early to Rise and You'll never Have Red in the Whites of Your Eyes,' 'Old Age is an Attic Where Grownups Play With Broken Toys.' You get the idea of Jacobs imagination. *****On June 23, at the Rotary banquet, H.D. Pate will replace Roy Dunn as president of the Bridge City Rotary Club. *****Kim Bryant, Bridge City baseball standout, will play for the South in the state All Star Game, held in the Astrodome on June 25. *****Bobby Tarter caught a Spanish mackerel that broke the old state record of 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Bobby's Gulf catch was 8 pounds, 12 ounces. 


June is certainly the month for weddings as lots of people are celebrating anniversaries this month. Angie and Kevin Williams marked a big, round 30 years this week. Bet either one will show off pictures of toddler granddaughter Collins Ruth.*****Orange County Ex-Pats Alan and Myra Sanders are now living in Galveston near their grands and had their 45th anniversary on June 11. They started dating when they were 14 years old. Another Orange County native, Regina Dorman Parkinson, lives in Galveston and opened a new art gallery.*****Small towns lead to great romances. Peggy and David Claybar can beat the Sanders with their love story. They began together way back in the 1950s when they were going to Anderson Elementary. On June 14, they marked 54 years of marriage. That's just one more than Ronnie and Margaret Peveto, who were married on June 14, 1969, 53 years ago.*****County Court-at-Law Judge Mandy White-Rogers had a birthday party with lots of girlfriends during the weekend.  Nothing like a girls night out.*****Becky Trahan beat the judge for having a girls night out. She had a crew up at Lake Sam Rayburn to relax in the sun and water. There were adult beverages present, but what happens at the lake, stays at the lake.*****Becky wasn't the only one getting away for a cool spot. Trisha Spears, wife of Orange Mayor Larry Spears, Jr., arranged for a family get-together at Crystal Beach. The mayor's sister, Felica Conway, founder and creator of Csix19 health drinks and food, joined them with son Noah. The Spears cousins got beach time together.*****Who needs the beach to catch a stingray when a Sabine River sandbar will do? Keller Claybar, son of Jennifer Claybar and David C. Claybar, caught a small ray in the river north of West Bluff. He's the grandson of Peggy and F. David Claybar. *****Paul and Raul Burch had a pool party Saturday evening at their home in the Old Orange Historic District. Paul is president of the Orange Community Players in addition to being on the Orange City Council. The party included karaoke singing poolside. Paul earned his dip in the cool water after volunteering earlier in the day to clean up the historic Hollywood Cemetery on Simmons Drive. He pushed a lawnmower in the heat. Fellow council member Terrie Turner was also volunteering and helped organize the clean-up.*****Rosalie and Carl Eason, along with longtime friends Cindy and Ambrose Claybar, headed to Crystal Beach during the weekend to enjoy the beach and the food at Steve's Landing.***** Summer vacation time has people traveling all over the world. Charlotte Chiasson is back from her European tour. She ended up with a bit of seasickness on the trip.***** Greg and Bridget Trawhon took off for the Pacific Northwest and toured Seattle, including the famous Pike Place Fish Market. Their travels included going from the Pacific Ocean to Mt.Ranier and the Olympic National Forest.*****West Orange Mayor Randy Branch, along with wife, Jane, daughter Misty Bellon and granddaughter Emilee Bellon, made another trip to Sedona, Arizona, where they like to hike and enjoy the sights.*****West Orange City Alder member Lanie Brown beat everyone this week for travels. She traded a boat ride on the Sabine River for a boat ride along the Nile River to see Cairo. She's had a big view of the pyramids from the place where she is staying with more sightseeing to come.


A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. June 15: Happy Birthday today to some special folks. Janelle Sehon, Denise Vickers. David Cardner. Tom Romero. Sherri Frige and Lyle Overman. Nancy and Kee-Kee Dupuis' son, Adam, a special guy, also celebrates today.*****June 16: A special lady, longtime cancer survivor, Beverly Perry, celebrates a birthday as does Charlotte Potter, Leigh Ann Wilson and Alex Brent.*****June 17: Happy Birthday to Delma Roy, Justin Johnson, Andrew Rieder and Belinda Welch.*****June 18: Pretty Brandy Slaughter, auto sales executive, is a year older today. Not so long ago it seems she was a teenager. Happy Birthday to a great friend Mary Alice Hartfield, who is always willing to help anyone in need. Also celebrating today are Krystal Leonard, Amber King and Kyna White. *****June 19: Happy Birthday Taylor Landry, Christie Kasko, Chelsie and Cortnie Moerbe, also Shelby Permenter, Marianne Choate and Betty Norwood.*****June 20: Happy Birthday to Cindy Overman, Keith Kay, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne and Lynda Phillips. (Note: If you or anyone you know is having a birthday or anniversary lets us know at 409-735-5305 or [email protected] .)


Let me tell you about some of my Catholic friends in Sou'h Looseanna. 

Clovis Dartez worked at da big lumberyard for 20 years. All dat time him, he'd been stealing da wood. Dartez's conscience started bodering him, so he went to confession. Fader Vincent say, "I understand my son, dat's not good, can you make a Novena?" 

Clovis answer, "Fader, if you have da plans, I've got da lumber me." 

Alex Comeaux, a wealthy rice farmer, after attending Sunday mass, told da priest dat he gave a damn good sermon. Fader Guillory say, "I'm glad you liked it, but I wish you wouldn't use dose terms to describe it." 

"I'm sorry," Comeaux answer, "But I still tink it was a damn good sermon. I liked it so much me, I put a hundred dollar bill in da collection plate." 

Fader Guillory step back and he say, "Da hell you did!" 

Joe Migues had an old dog 'Tricks' that he loved dearly. Wen 'Tricks' died of old age he went to see da parish priest an axe if a service could be held for his long-time companion. Fader Broussard say, "Oh no Joe, we can't have no service for a dog, but dere's a new church down da street and dey might." 

Joe said, "Fader 'Tricks' was special, do you tink dey might do it for a $10,000 donation?" 

Fader Broussard answer, "Of course Mr. Miguess, why didn't you you tell me your dog was a Catholic?" 



Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont

The first race horse to win the Triple Crown was 'Sir Barton,' who won the Belmont, June 11, 1919. 'Mo Donegal, with jockey Irad Ortiz, Jr., on board, won the Belmont Saturday in 2 minutes, 28.28 seconds, covering the 1.5 mile distance. This is the fourth straight year that the Triple Crown contest was won by three different horses, a first for the sport since 1926-1929. Twelve races, twelve different winning horses.*****A&M, Texas could meet on big stage. Should A&M beat OU and Texas beat Notre Dame in the CWS opening round this weekend, the Aggies and Longhorns will meet for the first time in Omaha. Conversely, should A&M and UT both lose their opening games, they will meet in an elimination game later in the weekend.*****Have a great Father's Day and happy Juneteenth. Take care and God bless America.


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