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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


Fifty-two years ago, July 7, the small community of Bridge City incorporated and the town of Bridge City, Texas was born. A young attorney named H.D. Pate had recently arrived in the area. The community leaders had hoped to attract a lawyer. H.D. Pate had recently moved in and converted a house, owned by Bubba Hubbard, on the corner of Roundbunch and Bland, into an office. Hubbard rented it to Pate rent free. Hubbard was one of the leaders in the move to incorporate the city. The young lawyer Pate drew up the incorporation papers. Many people helped pass the election and start up the city. Twenty-seven year old Pate, with the assistance of Feagin Windam, an Orange County attorney, provided the legal direction. On Sept. 22, 1970, P.M. ‘Red’ Wood became the first mayor, narrowly defeating Jay Eshbach by three votes. It’s a long and interesting story. Very few of the original group to incorporate remain, folks like Pate, Albert Gore, Louis Garriga and maybe a few more. Gore was co-chairman along with Hubbard.


The new voting restrictions put in place less than a year ago are not enough, now the Texas Republican Party is plowing ahead with yet new measures that would reduce the number of early voting days and end the practice of allowing any senior to vote by mail without an excuse. The push to further restrict early voting and mail-in ballots is rooted in former president Donald Trump’s continued claim without evidence that the 2020 election was stolen from him largely because of mail-in balloting. At the same convention where the state GOP adopted the new legislative priorities, more than 8,000 delegates also approved a resolution rejecting the “certified results of the 2020 Presidential election” and declaring “that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.” What’s more, the Republican Party of Texas membership voted overwhelmingly at its statewide convention in mid-June to make more election reforms its No. 1 priority for the next legislative session that begins in January. That would include increasing penalties for those who violate election laws even inadvertently, reducing early voting days and restricting mail-in balloting to only the military, the disabled and people who will be out of the country during the entirety of early voting. More than 1 million Texans used vote-by-mail during the 2020 presidential election and more than 850,000 of those ballots came from people 65 or older, according to the Texas Division of Elections. Voting rights groups and Democrats are concerned that lawmakers are cutting voting options at a time Texas is seeing a historic voter registration surge, particularly in Democratic strongholds. Since 2014, Texas has added more than 3.3 million voters, with Harris County leading the way. Those counties have also seen the most dramatic shift. Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton all won them in 2014, then lost them badly enroute to the closest re-election of their careers in 2018. They are up for re-election this year. The platform adopted last month includes planks such as calling for a vote on secession from the United States, privatizing Social Security and opposing both the expansion of gambling and legalizing marijuana.


Katanji Brown Jackson is sworn in as first Black woman on the Supreme Court on Thursday, June 30, 2022. The oath was administered by Judge Stephen Breyer, the judge she replaces on the Court and also by Chief Justice John Roberts. The 51-year-old Jackson made history by becoming the fourth woman on the Court, three Democratic women and one Republican.


We will remember June 24, 2022, one of the most controversial days in Supreme Court history. The day the Court overruled 49 year old Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood vs Casey


5 Years Ago-2017


We were saddened to learn that Phillip Welch’s dad, Frank Everett Welch, age 89, had passed away Sunday, July 2. Phillip and the family had planned to hold a 60th anniversary gathering for his mom Lorayne and Frank when he got sick and went into the hospital. They canceled the gathering and planned to hold it in the fall. Frank, who was believed to be in good health until then, had surgery and never left the hospital. Born in Robeline, LA., was a WWII Army veteran. He moved to Orange County over 60 years ago, married and had two boys. Phillip’s brother, John, lives in Los Angeles. Frank was known as a quite man who seldom, if ever, raised his voice. Those who knew this good man say they never heard him utter a curse word or rag anyone. Our deepest sympathy to Ms. Lorayne, Phillip, John and the family. A funeral service was held Saturday, July 8, 1:30 p.m. at St. Paul United Methodist Church.

15 Years Ago-2007 

Judge Joe Parkhurst, chair of a special classification committee, told Commissioners Court a three percent cost of living pay raise this year will cost the county $600,000. The committee compared salaries for employees in 23 other counties comparable in population and tax base. Judge Carl Thibodeaux noted that the county is taking a number of cost increases in the 2007-2008 fiscal years. One of the big ones will be paying for indigent health care for the first time in 20 years as the sale contract for the old Orange Memorial Hospital ends.*****At the Creaux’s Nest, in Bridge City, in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood, we gauged 13.6 inches of rain in the last two weeks.*****Condolences this week on the death of six-month-old Chloe Breaux, who passed away July 3, 2007. Her parents are Dwayne and Amber Breaux. Grandparents, friends of ours, are Angie and Don Breaux.*****The Orange Shetland All Star A-Team are Haylee Ladner, Cace Skinner, Skyler Orange, Kade Richards, Slade Green, Max Dileo, Justin Veitch, Hunter Hooks, Nolan Moore, Jordan Alexander, Brendan Sylestine and Chad Dallas. Coaches are Herman Ladnen, Ryan Skinner, Terry Green and Kevin Dileo.***** Specials at Danny’s and K-Dan’s this week featured rump roast, $1.89 lb.; ground round, $1.99 lb.; ribeye steak, $5.98 lb.; Bordens milk, $3.99 gallon; Maxwell coffee, 13 oz. $2.39; Bananas, 35 cents lb. (Editorl’s note: Prices haven’t gone up as much as you would think over 10 years.*****

45 Years Ago-1977 

Here’s one for Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Neil Willey, of Mauriceville, has a cat that gave birth to five kittens on the 7th day, of the 7th month, of 1977. All of the kittens had seven toes on each foot. Mama cat has seven toes on her front paws. That’s a total of 164 toes and six cats. *****The Legislature created a third district court for Orange County, effective Jan. 1, 1978. Thanks to the work of Sen. Carl Parker and Rep. Wayne Peveto for their efforts. Also, to County Commissioner’s Court and the Orange County Bar, who lobbied for the court. Gov. Dolph Briscoe signed it into law. At this time, the governor is expected to name attorney Grover Halliburton as the new judge (Editor’s note: That’s not what happened. The first judge was Don Burgess). *****Amy Oubre celebrates her birthday July 9. She is Phyllis Dunn’s mother. *****Harold and Rod Fisette, along with C.T. Kelly and Lester Saucier, using Calvin Stakes’ boat, participated in the fourth annual July 4 Cameron Fishing Rodeo. They had prize-winning catches in both Spanish and King Mackerel and Calvin’s boat placed third in the offshore category. They came out far better than they did last year. *****Allyson Nickum, daughter of the Bill Nickums, turned seven, on the seventh day, of the seventh month of 1977. *****Hot Runners. Congrats to seven Bridge City mothers who made a good showing in every event of the first annual Mother’s Track Meet in Orangefield. The lovely runners were June Gregory, Cindy Van, Charlotte Fitts, Ginger Prince, Dot Guilhas, Denise Guyote and team leader Caroline Mires. *****Some of the top 10 country singles: ‘I’ll be Leavin’ Alone,’ Charley Pride; ‘It Was Almost Like A Song,’ Ronnie Milsap; ‘That Was Yesterday,’ Donna Fargo; ‘I Can’t Love You Enough,’ Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty; ‘If You Want Me,’ Billie Jo Spears; ‘I Don’t Know Why,’ Marty Robins.

50 Years Ago-1972

Congratulations to Lee Roy Boehme, Sr., Orange Lion’s Club member, for 30 years of perfect attendance. Jack Fuller, Milton Jones and Judge Homer Stephenson all have 29 years. A.J. Warner, 28 years, Casey Peveto, Travis Jarvis and Burt Hauver all have 25 years.*****Pretty Kathy James, of Bridge City, will spend two months in the Alps while visiting her Aunt Norma and Uncle Peter. Kathy will also be doing extensive traveling. (Editor’s note: I remember that beautiful lady. She was Bill James’ wife, Billy’s mom. Kathy also had a daughter. I wonder what became of that great family. Where are they now? Let me know at HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected].*****A" [email protected].*****A stormy athletic situation at West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District. The position of Athletic Director has been abolished. Adolph Hryhorchuk has been A.D. for 12 years. Two days later, West Orange head coach, Ted Gray, was fired. The new superintendent, Dr. Paul Willis, initiated both moves that got Hryhorchuk and Coach Gray’s jobs.*****A brand new 1972 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe or Impala 4-door sedan, your choice, $3,762 at Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green.*****The Orange Evening Optimist ‘Bears’ of Bridge City, captured Minor League Little League championship. Players were Jerry Gore, Clint Britt, Lance Lee, Joey Hargrave, Dean Pepper, Paul Rhodes, Brad Williams, Shannon Forman, Darrell Reynolds. Manager Curtis Lee. Team Sweetheart, Becky Hargrave, Team Mother Annie Hargrave. (Editor’s note: I’m looking at the team picture. My buddy, Annie, was a knockout 50 years ago.)


Congrats to Ty Chambless, 12-year-old Bridge City native. He was selected to the USA Baseball’s Under 12 National Team. The 18-player roster was announced last Friday. The 12 year old catcher has been trained by Coach Jason Tyner for eight years. The former Aggie and major leaguer said Tyler was the best young catcher he’s ever seen, better than a lot of high school players. He’s only one of four Texans on the team and first ever from this area. The baseball world cup will be played July 29 to Aug. 7, in Tainan, Taiwan. This is one Coach Chad Landry probably will not get as a future Cardinal, Ty lives in Bridge City but goes to school in Nederland where his mother is a teacher.***** The downtown Orange Fourth of July along the Sabine River once again drew crowds of families celebrating the day. Even with the heat and mosquitoes, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, pulled wagon loads of chairs and kids so they could sit and watch fireworks. The city, thanks to the financial support approved by the city council, sponsored the annual event and held at concert with Logan Soileau at the Riverside Pavilion. Food trucks, including one with ice cream and one with funnel cakes, were available if families weren't full of barbecue from earlier in the day.*****Leigh Anne Dallas is the city's event planner with help from Brandy Judice and Hillary Gravett. They're already working on another Riverside pumpkin extravaganze for October. And if that isn't enough to do, Dallas is also planning her wedding to Brodrick Harrell for the fall.*****Of course Mayor Larry Spears Jr. was at the Fourth with his kids and sister Felica Conway with hubby, Thomas Conway, plus son were also there. Councilor Brad Childs had wife, Terri, and mother-in-law Dayle Foreman at the festivities close to the band. Dayle debuted her new book, a novel, at the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur.*****Kent and Dallie Miller enjoyed the fireworks for a double festivity. Kent was celebrating what he calls his 'Jackie Robinson birthday,' or No. 42. *****We didn't see Vanessa and Justin Bufford there, but they were marking a Fourth off July wedding anniversary.***** Constable Lannie Claybar and wife Melanie had their first date on Independence Day way back in 1996.*****Captain Cornmeal (Eric Ellison) watched the fireworks from the river in his boat with guests. They weren't the only ones out on the water for the ooohs and aaaahs of the colorful explosions.*****Longtime buddies Corey Stark, Joel Amaya, Dirk McDonald, Blake Hamilton, and Victor Carlos went boating but at Toledo Bend on Monday wearing matching red, white, and blue swim shorts. Dirk also put on some dance moves.*****Deana Laughlin also had a Fourth of July birthday, but she was probably worn out from keeping a big surprise from mother Thelma Laughlin. Thelma turns 90 on July 13, so she was surprised when friends and family gathered Saturday at Faith United Methodist Church for a big celebration.*****Former Orange County Judge and Pinehurst Mayor Pete Runnels had a birthday on Sunday, but we haven't heard from him in a while. We hope he is doing well since moving to be near his son.*****With the Fourth on a Monday, the long holiday weekend allowed people a chance to travel. Adam Conrad, Jody Chesson, and Jennifer McConnell were touring Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, including having dinner at the famous J.T. Hannah's Kitchen.*****Allisha and Gary Bonneaux got back from touring beaches and jungles in Costa Rico, but decided they needed more beach time. They headed to Galveston during the weekend and visited with Kelly and Monty Morphew, who now live in a restored home on the Island, but still own a house in the Old Orange Historic District.*****The Hennigan Hideway on Crystal Beach was busy with friends and family of owners Mike and Caroline Hennigan (she's on the Orange City

Council). Paul and Raul Burch were seen sunning there and the whole foursome made a trip to Galveston for a big sale at Marshall's.*****Leah Stark was on the beach, but not in Texas. She made a trip to Florida and Fort Walton. Enjoyed a Fourth of July dinner on the waterfront at Okaloosa Island.*****In his column this week Senator Carl Parker writes about he and Roy’s long friendship and a baseball game they played as rivals. He seems to have forgotten to mention the homerun Roy hit against him. The umpire he speaks of was non other than Richard Cordor. Carl also didn’t mention how Roy helped him be elected senator by switching an endorcement away from Chester Slay in a runoff. Roy paid his due


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. July 6: Happy Birthday to Lori Winstead, also Makayla Peveto, Aaron Myers. George W. Bush is 76 years old today.*****July 7: Our longtime friend Donna Peterson celebrates today along with Alyson Nickum Smith, Necey Mumbach, David Peck, James Caldwell. Bridge City turns 52 years old today.*****July 8: The guy who put Bridge City on the map, Steve Worster celebrates today also Happy Birthday to Lynda Barulich, Elizabeth Dupuis and Margie Bean.*****July 9: Teri Chaffin, Mike King, Kayla Galleges, Laverne Joseph, Liz Barclay, Linda Dews and Patrick Halliburton.*****July 10: Longtime buddy Donna Riley celebrates today. Also Happy Birthday to Joni Abshire, Paula Auffurth and Connie Welker.*****July 11: A very Happy Birthday to a very special friend Dayle Gunn Weatherford. Also celebrating are Kathy Lynd, Charlotte Stout, Miranda Welker, Cleon Hogan and Michael Brinson.*****July 12: Happy Birthday today to Christy Khoury, Lana Griffith, Sue Bearden, Dera Breaux, Craig Simmons and Dawanna Landry. (Note: If you know someone who is having a birthday or anniversary let us know at HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected] or call 409-735-5305.)


Highway patrolman Paul Mouton, who worked da highway between Lafayette and Abbeville, around Judice and Maurice, was rushed to da hospital wit an inflamed appendix. Doctor Comeaux operated and tole Mouton everyting was well. 

Patrolman Mouton, him, kept feeling something pulling at da hairs in his crotch. Dat really worried Mouton, he tink maybe he had a second surgery dat Doc hadn’t tole him about. 

Mouton finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up so he could look at wat was making him so uncomfortable. 

Taped firmly across his public hair was tree wide strips of tape, da kind wat takes everyting wit it wen you pull it off. 

Written in large black letters was da sentence, “Get well quick,” from nurse Ella Mae, wat you gave a ticket to las week. 



There is a new poll from New Hampshire, that shows a very different race than the national polls. The survey is called the Granite State Poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire. In addition to general election polling, it has been running 2024 GOP primary polls since the summer of 2021. There have been some big changes in the race in the last 12 months. In July 2021 Trump led DeSantis by an imposing margin among Republicans, 47% to 19%. Now, in June 2022, Trump has faltered significantly, while DeSantis has surged. In the new poll, conducted between June 16 and 20, DeSantis leads the Republican race with 39%, with Trump close behind at 37%. The pollsters also conducted a survey of all New Hampshire voters. In a barely hypothetical 2024 matchup of Trump and President Joe Biden, Biden is significantly ahead, 50% to 43%. Trump slipping in pre-primary polls is part of a typical pattern. He was the president of the United States, and it is extremely rare for a president who has lost a bid for reelection to mount a serious effort to run again. George H.W. Bush did not do it after losing in 1992. Jimmy Carter did not do it after losing in 1980. Gerald Ford did not do in after losing in 1976. Hurbert Hoover did not do it after losing in 1932. Each day, his presidency is one day further in the past. In addition, Trump will be 78 years old in 2024, the same age Biden was when he took office, with many Republicans thinking Biden was too old for the job.*****Read us cover to cover. Let us hear from you and please shop the good people within these pages. Take care and God bless America. 


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