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On September 12, 2008, Hurricane Ike came ashore, completely overrunning Bridge City with water as high as six feet in some homes and businesses. The Record Newspaper office where we did all of our production was destroyed. On second thought, Mark Dunn had the good judgment to unplug all of the computers and equipment and load them in his van. After Ike cleared out we discovered we had lost all of our vehicles, about a dozen cars and trucks. The only transportation left was Mark’s van that had for some reason survived as did all of our equipment. In a few days, as soon as we could travel in and out of the city, we made our way to Harmon’s Used Cars, on MacArthur, in Orange. We purchased a couple of fairly new trucks and a couple of cars from then. We still had no idea where we were going to set up shop. Back when we had started in the newspaper business with the Opportunity Valley News, we needed a place to set up shop, a building large enough that we could grow. That was over 50 years ago. Jackie Harmon said the Harmon brothers owned a building on Sixth Street that would be perfect. They made it possible for us to have that building by trading payment for advertisement. We still own the building but Ike also played havoc with the inside. We needed to publish our paper as soon as we could. We needed a location, a suitable building. Again the Harmon’s came through. They were using only half of the building where their used cars dealership was located and offered us the other half. In five days we published the Penny and County Record from that location and for the next 14 years, until last week. When we landed there in 2008, there was a lot of activity on Henrietta Street, I usually arrived at work about 5 a.m., Don Harmon was next, about 7 a.m. Corky, David and Donnie Harmon all worked in the building and Tommy Harmon kept the book at home. Glenn Oliver, Ray Cravens, C.J. Huckabay and other Harmon friends were daily visitors. Today, the only person left is Donnie Harmon; all the others have passed on. The used car business has also changed. That’s all Donnie, a three year Notre Dame graduate, ever wanted to do. He loves the car business. Donnie has the intelligence to do anything he wants to do. He plans to keep the front of the car lot so he can still dabble in the business some, but the lease on the building runs out this month. Last week, we moved to the John Dubose CPA office building, at 335 West Roundbunch, in Bridge City, for the time being. We are proud to announce that longtime newspaper executive Margaret Toal has agreed to come on board as editor for both papers. We will miss Dave Rodgers, who over the years has been an excellent reporter. That boy could write a news story on the fly and have all his facts correct. He has been offered a deal in Baytown that he can’t refuse. God bless the Harmon’s, thanks and best of luck to Donnie.


15 Years Ago-2009

Time repeats itself 15 years later-2022

Mid July has come and we keep rolling on. We can’t complain about the heat; between showers, the temperature has been a comfortable 80 degrees. The ‘Skeeter Patrol’ has been fighting the fight and at least breaking even. That’s a good thing. *****Right after President Bush was reelected, T. Bone Pickins said that oil could go for $100 a barrel, and gas at the pump at least $4 a gallon. Well, it hasn’t gone there yet, but unless the Demos get busy at stopping the rising cost, it might before the Bush oil parade comes to an end. Have you bought a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk in the last month? Both are up 40 to 45 cents a unit. Multiply that on a thousand items. In our case, here at the paper, the cost of gasoline affects our free home delivery. When Bush took over, we paid 90 cents a gallon. Today, it’s nearly $3 a gallon and we haven’t absorbed the cost in our rates, which remain the same. Like bread and milk, however, our cost goes up on other items, like the oil base plastic bags we wrap the paper in, which has doubled in price. Cost of ink and newsprint has gone up and the cost of delivering our papers from printer to our location, is higher. You can see how high fuel coast is very costly in many other ways, besides the price at the pump. The cost of doing business goes up for all of us; meanwhile, oil company profits are at an all time high. They are making hay, while the sun shines.****** First, let me congratulate our longtime, good friends, Paul and Nettie Roy, of Bridge City, on 60 years of marriage. That may not be a record, but it’s a damn good average. We wish them continued good health and many more happy years. Those folks are the real salt of the earth. (Editor’s note: They both are gone now.)*****Speaking of anniversaries, Franklin and Sarah Scales will celebrate 50 years next Saturday at Community Church. The gathering was put together by Dr. Nina Leifeste and siblings.*****Mayor Brown Claybar and Linda celebrate their day next Sunday, July 22. Brown’s health has improved enough to do some light celebrating, as long as it’s not overly strenuous. Happy anniversary to both.*****Ms. Virginia celebrated 79 years last Friday. Creaux and I sent her a dozen roses, but Neighbor Cox removed our card and replaced it with one of his own that said, “From your loving husband of 56 years.” When caught, he told Ms. Virginia we had gotten them from the graveyard. He did take his lovely lady out to Tuffy’s and had a great meal. (Editor’s note: They are both gone now but remembered by many.) ***** Former First Lady, born Claudia Alta Taylor, in Kawack, in East Texas, Lady Bird Johnson, 94, was laid to rest Sunday, July 15. She passed away July 10. She was buried beside President Lyndon Johnson, at the Johnson Ranch family cemetery. *****We were sorry to learn about the death of TeeNot Feverjean and also Sally Waddell. Both died last week. *****For many years now, we have known Lamar ‘Coco’ Hardin. He was born in Abbeville in 1923. His family lived on a houseboat barge. While they were docked at Abbeville, his mother gave birth to the little red head. His family then floated their home to Orange, docked on the Sabine, where they lived on the barge for several years. This week, on Monday, July 16, ‘Coco’ reached the age of 84. He has always been one of Orange’s lovable characters. His hot shot flashy dressing and sharp hats had old timers calling him ‘The Cat’s Meow.” Happy birthday ‘Coco’ and many more. (Editor’s note: CoCo passed away in 2021.)*****Ann Oliver is getting around slowly after having had back surgery. Otherwise, she’s recovering well. ***** Our sincere condolences to the family of Bridgett Gearen, who was brutally murdered at Crystal Beach Sunday.*****Dr. David and Barbara Olson just returned from Nova Scotia. Doc. says he found a few people with an X at the end of their names. So a few of those folk had ancestors who couldn’t read or write. He learned a lot about the Cajun history and enjoyed the friendly people. He learned from a priest that the Cajun dialect in South Louisiana originally started in France. When Cajuns began their own style of language, the French exiled them to Canada. The British threw them out of there. When in New Orleans, the French again ran them off because of how they spoke French. They ended up in the Louisiana swamp and carved out their own territory. The Texans didn’t put a fence up at the Sabine River and they crossed the river, and took over this part of Texas. That’s the way David said it happened.

45 Years Ago-1977 

Golden Triangle Savings and Loan holds grand opening in Bridge City.*****Bickham Lincoln-Mercury is selling a 1977 Lincoln Towncar, loaded, $10,700. A 1977 Mercury Marque, loaded, $5,959. *****Don Kachtik, Orange County Extension Agent for the past 16 years, is awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents. *****On Friday, July 29, the new million-dollar Orange Library will hold opening ceremonies.*****Jan Curlyo celebrates a birthday, also Judy’s brother, Randy Annaud.*****Lewis Gay celebrates another one. *****Several Orange Countians attended the Doug Kershaw performance in Lake Charles. Doug introduced members of his family, including Mama Rita, Una, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Kershaw and Howard Mayo. After his show finished, Doug sang a couple of songs at another club. He was on ABC Monday night and the next week on the Dinah Shore Show. Doug, along with Lightening Hopkins and Clifton Chenier, preformed an outdoor concert at Broussard’s Ranch in the Lafayette area. *****Joe Runnels, while eating at the new Fisherman’s Reef in Orange, swallowed a fish bone and was drinking spoons full of lemon juice. Joe’s theory was that the acid in the juice would dissolve the bone in his stomach. He never thought the acid might burn a hole in his stomach and the bone might fall through it. ***** Flo and Gene Edgerly, along with sons, Todd, John and friend Necey Gauthier, are attending the state AFL-CIO convention in Austin.  Necey called Charles, from Sen. Carl Parker’s office, to wish him Happy Birthday.*****Dr. David Olson and Tim Lieby ventured to Freeport for a fishing trip. They left Friday morning for a Saturday departure. No one knows how many stops they made along the way. 

50 Years Ago-1972

J.D. Standfield and Paul Hale both announced that they are candidates for mayor of Orange.*****The Houston Oilers quarterback hopefuls Lynn Dickey and Dan Pastorini are staging a two-way battle to oust Charley Johnson as number one quarterback.*****An armed robbery occurred at the Warehouse Liquor Store, Second Street, Orange. A large sum of money was taken and Ms. Allie Broussard, clerk, was knocked in the head requiring hospitalization. Owner of the store is Roy Dunn.*****Friday specials at Burger Chef, 3009 MacArthur, are Fish Sandwich, 29 cents, with lettuce, cheese and tarter sauce, 39 cents.*****By popular demand Max Fennell will return to the Jack Tar Hotel Club.*****On July 22, Brown Claybar takes a bride. The beautiful young lady is the former Linda Sue Anderson. They plan to make their home in Houston. (Editors Note: Happy Anniversary, 50 years have gone by and a lot of water under the bridge. Brown became mayor of Orange, his hometown, raised a family and became owner of the family business Claybar Funeral Home, established by his father Lannie. Today Brown and Linda’s son Warren operates the expanded Claybar Funeral Homes.)*****Attorney Don Burgess is a new Assistant District Attorney.*****Louis Dugas, Jr., District Attorney is elected Secretary of the Criminal Law Procedure Section by the State Bar in a meeting in Houston.*****Orange County Democratic Chairman Pete Runnels has announced that a gigantic party/shrimp boil will be held for gubernatorial candidate Dolph Briscoe in October. At the Democratic National Convention. Runnels voted with Briscoe in casting his ballot first for Alabama’s governor George Wallace, then switched to Senator George McGovern, the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination for president. Returning home Runnels said he didn’t think McGovern had a chance but he would support the nominee.


This week, 108 years ago, July 11, 1914, Babe Ruth made his Major League baseball debut. On June 2, 1935, after playing in 10 World Series, he played his last game.*****Wedding Bells. Our friends, County Treasurer Christy Kourey and County Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte, have set the date of Oct.22, as their wedding day. Two good friends, two good public servants, two good folks who deserve each other.***** The American Legion, Post #49, 108 Green Ave., in Orange, will be having a Fish Fry lunch on Thursday, July 14th. The meal will cost $10.00 each and you may get delivered by calling 409-886-1241. Good cause and good eats.*****Congratulations to Ethel and Mark Dunn celebrating their sixth anniversary. The couple was wed in Guatemala July 16, 2022. May they have many more happy and healthy years.*****We heard from Doyle Morse, Jr., who is now living in Tyler. Doyle updated us on his dad Wayne, who has been in St. E’s due to a bout with Diabetes. Wayne is doing better now and will possibly be discharged by Wednesday. He is a former Bridge City resident and was manager of Howard’s Big Red Pantry. We wish Wayne a speedy recovery and hope to hear from him soon.*****West Orange Mayor Randy Branch (who's also a proud grandpa) celebrated 72 years old, while Lou Moore turned 60. Some people are ageless and don't need all the candles. This week that includes Belinda Huerta, Nancy Byers (who has a new grandbaby), and Paris Rodriguez. People celebrating wedding anniversaries this week included Donald and Chantell Frazier, along with Scott and April Goodman. The Goodmans were celebrating at the Isla Mujeres in Mexico. At least Gina and Sipper Yeaman left some tequila after their trip. James Scales also hit the blue waters of Mexico last week with a trip to Cancun.*****Paul and Raul Burch, along with buddies Caroline and Mike Hennigan, traveled to the Hill Country and the Marriott Resort Hotel. They made it to the River Walk and other San Antonio sights. No word on how many margaritas were consumed. Paul and Caroline are at-large members of the Orange City Council.*****Steve and Gail Maddux went on another international trip now that the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. They went to Great Brittain, touring castles and driving through the Cotswolds. No word on whether he's bought any old English traffic lights.*****Jill and Ronnie Turner had anniversary number 23 last week, and this week took their kids and grandkids on vacation to Port Aransas. Group included Jessica and Ryan Crowell with daughters Harper and Haylinn.*****County Clerk Brandy Robertson has been traveling again after a trip earlier this summer to San Antonio with husband Roderick Robertson, a West Orange-Cove school board member. This week, she traveled with sons to Chicago, and the trip included a signature deep-dish pizza.*****Laura Floyd made a trip to Dripping Springs to see new grandson, Brock James Terry, son of daughter Abby Terry and her husband Mike. Chris and Valerie Axelson had to travel all the way to London, England, so see their new grandchild.*****Longtime friends Rosalie Eason and Cindy Claybar are on an extended road trip with husbands Karl and Ambrose. Stops included San Antonio and drinks and dinner on the River Walk. They've also traveled along the historic Route 66 into New Mexico and are now into the Western states.*****The Ragsdales and Sanders gathered at Cow Creek again at the old McClelland cabin. McClelland sisters Paula Ragsdale and Myra Sanders now have grandchildren. A total of 11 great-grandchildren of the late Joe and Judy McClelland were at the holiday gathering.*****Charlotte Chiasson enjoyed a home brunch this past weekend with longtime friends Eric Andrus, Beverly Perry, Lou Raburn, Judy Leblanc, Shirley Vicknair, and Peggy Foreman.*****Men, you know your old when you realize there were THREE hot women on 'Gilligan's Island.'


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. July 13: Happy Birthday to our friends Donna Peterson, Coach Billy Bryant and George Millsap.*****July 14: Pretty Brenda Ellender celebrates today, also longtime educator Ella Stuebing and Mayor David’s big brother Calvin Rutledge.*****July 15: Longtime friend, the last Harmon brother, Tommy Harmon, celebrates today. Happy Birthday also to Orange mayor Larry Spears Jr., Melissa Eshbach, Peggy Claybar and Melissa Darbonne.*****July 16: Brad’s longtime bride, pretty Carlis Roy, celebrates today, also Preston Fuller and Coach Jimmy Johnson who will be 79 today.*****July 17: Our longtime friend Edee Pratt celebrates her 84th today. We haven’t heard from her in awhile. Hope she’s doing well. Also Happy Birthday also to Daniel Eaves and Deborah Ashcroft.*****July 18: former city manager Don Fields celebrates today. Happy Birthday to Cheryl Richard and Cynthia Chataignier.*****July 10: Celebrating are Pam Scales Honeycutt, Paige Williams, Richard Turkel, Diane Grooters, Shirley McCall, Robin Thibodeaux and Kent Moerbe. (For birthdays or anniversaries email HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected] or call 409-735-5305.)


Joe Desomeaux had been a rounder all of his married life to Agnes Marie. She had put up wit his running around, coming home with perfume smell and lipstick on his collar. Now da kids were all grown and gone and poor Joe him, now was very sick and dying. Agnes Marie sat by his side.

Joe looked up at her and said weakly, “Honey, I got something I must confess me.”

“Dere’s no need Joe,” Agnes Marie replied.

“No,” Joe insisted, I want to die in peace. Babe, I slept wit you best friend, Laura Mae, also wit Clotile, wat live across da street, plus a pick up at Tee-Boy’s Bar. Honey, I’m sorry me.”

Agnes Marie said, “I know Joe, now jus rest and let da poison work.”


Sweltering days have settled in across Texas. The National Weather Service had a 117 degree heat index with a thermometer reading of 96 degrees at the Orange County Airport on Monday afternoon. The blazing hot days are drying things out again. The county got four to six inches of rain on July 1, which led to the county lifting a burn ban. Even with all the rain, the U.S. Drought Monitor put Orange County in the moderate drought category, up from severe drought. Scattered thunderstorms could cross the county this week, but as we know, some places don't get the rain. Best not to do outdoors burning now.*****That’s all for me today. I’ve been watching the Jan. 6 hearing. The noose gets tighter around Trump’s neck. He’s a felon waiting to get charged. Take care and stay cool. God bless America.


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