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JULY 20, 1969

It was 1961, John F. Kennedy was the president of the United States. He wanted to land humans on the moon in that decade. The United States had just started trying to put people in space. Was NASA ready to go to the moon? Apollo II blasted off on July 16, 1969. Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins were the astronauts on board. Four days later, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon. They landed on the moon in the Lunar Module. It was called the Eagle. Collins stayed in orbit around the moon. On the night, in 1969, when the spacecraft, piloted by Armstrong, settled down onto the surface of the moon, millions of people around the world were listening via radio or watching on TV. The landing sequence was risky, and as each milestone was reached, Armstrong or colleague Buzz Aldrin would announce it. When they finally landed. Armstrong let the world know that they’d made it. If you are 60 years old or older you probably remember it. “Houston, Tranquility Base here, The Eagle has landed.” Astronaut Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) is widely regarded as an American hero. His bravery and skill earned him the honor of being the first human to set foot on the moon in 1969. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Armstrong’s most famous quote doesn’t quite make sense since “man” and “mankind” have the same meaning. He meant to say “one small step for man” referring to his first footstep on the moon having deep implications for all people. The astronaut hoped that the annals of history would remember his words for what he meant to say during Apollo II’s lunar landing. The sign the astronauts left on the moon says, “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.” On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. He and Aldrin walked around for three hours. They did experiments. They picked up bits of moon dirt and rocks. They put a United States flag on the moon. They also left a sign on the moon. The two astronauts returned to orbit, joining Collins. On July 24, 1969, all three astronauts came back to Earth safely. It happened in our lifetime, 53 years ago. As a boy I thought of going to the moon as science fiction.



Cathy Riley, a Bridge City school teacher for 29 years and leader of the Strutters Dance and Drill Team for 25 years, has retired. Under Cathy’s leadership the Strutters have accomplished many great things. For many years the Record Newspapers have always been the loudest voice for Bridge City’s famous drill team. Cathy, a Nederland grad is a former member of the famous Kilgore Rangerettes. Cathy and her Strutters have long been covered with stories and photos by Mark Dunn, who made Riley’s Strutters a pet project of his photography. The original Strutters photo on the historic swing bridge was taken in 2009 by Mark Dunn of The Record Newspapers. It was taken from the roof of the no longer existent Toupe’s Marina. The original 35 ‘Texas skirts’ had been hand sown by Debbie English, a Strutters mom, and the photo is now part of the state archive held by the Texas Historical Commission. Marcie Moore will take over as director of the Strutters Drill Team. Marcie, a Bridge City grad and former Strutter was also a Kilgore Rangerett. I’m sure we will have much more on this story later.


15 Years Ago-2007 

The past week has been a sad one for our Record family. Shortly after putting last week’s issue to bed, and while the printer was shipping it back to us, we learned that our friend and co-worker, A.J. Broussard, had passed away at daylight.*****Franklin and Sarah Scales celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday. Thanks to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they did it in style. The Community Church Auditorium was loaded with well-wishers who were served great food. The Scales offspring furnished the entertainment and a video retraced their 50 year journey together. Franklin, who usually wears overalls or wide suspenders, was out of uniform with jacket and tie. He said, “He felt like a $30 horse with a $500 saddle.” *****Loretta and Jerry Hughes will celebrate their 50th on July 25. The Hughes’ will spend it in Canada, where Jerry will golf with his granddaughter. *****Judge Jimmy and Donna Scales will mark 34 years together July 28. Their 25th was a special production, put together by Donna.*****We were sorry to learn that longtime friend, former County Commissioner Don Cole, has suffered a stroke. It happened at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning and fortunately, the blockage was dissolved. He’s a tuff old codger.*****DPS Sgt. Brad Frey tells us his mom is in the hospital in Houston and her condition is not good. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Ms. Lilly Blanda, 104, who passed away last week. Services were held Saturday, July 21. The widow of the late Joe Blanda, she had seen a lot of Orange history made. She was a devoted Catholic, who had attended and served St. Mary Church her entire lifetime.*****Ten-years-ago this week, services were held for Orange Mayor Jim Gilliam, 75, after he was killed in an auto accident in Florida on July 22, 1997. this week.***** Eight-years-ago this week, services were held for John Kennedy Jr., wife Carolyn Bassette and her sister Lauren. Their plane crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard on July 16. The crash was discovered on the July 17. *****You can’t be safe enough. Last week, attorney Melvin and wife Karon Boneaux, were the victims of a home invasion. Fortunately, they got by with their lives. Melvin was just bruised up. Anyone who would break into a home at night, deserves to be shot. If it’s taking advantage of senior citizens, they deserve killing. *****President George Bush had a colonoscopy Saturday. Five small polyps were found and removed. The best thing is that ‘Dubya’ got a good flushing out. He has been full of it.*****Barry Bonds will be 42-years-old July 24. I bet that’s the day he is shooting to tie Hank Aarons 755 home run record. Then, breaking the record becomes the big draw and filling the stadiums. *****All you ex-teenagers, who were Mick Jagger fans, are getting older, along with Mick, who will be 64 on July 26.  *****Left handed Bridge City pitcher, Jeff Stringer, who had signed to play baseball at Lamar, will take his talent to Florida. Jeff has chosen Akaloosa-Walton Junior College in Niceville, Florida. I suspect so that he can be eligible for the pro draft next year. At Lamar, he would have to fill the four years or wait until he was 21-years-old.

45 Years Ago-1977 

Orange Stars capture softball championship. Players are Mike Granger, Corky Carr, Glenn Aldridge, Mike Bishop, Chuck Floyd, Wayne Franklin, Gary Franklin, Robin Carey, Bobby Allen, Randall Murphy, David Riddling, David Kirby, Joe Luna and Mike Kelly. Bat Boys are Chuck Floyd, Jr., Chad Carr and Mike Kirby. *****Holly’s Family Café, formerly Grande Courts, is now open at new location. Price for breakfast special of 2 eggs, toast, grits or hash browns and coffee, 89 cents. Working Man’s lunch, $1.95. Sunday special, 10 oz. T-bone steak, $2.35. *****Grand opening held at Orange Bowl Seafood Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. The Bowl is open 24-hours a day, serving all the catfish you can eat, $2.95. Happy hour in the Golden Room, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., all drinks half price.***** Specials at Danny’s Food Center; Ground beef, 68 cents pound, bacon, 89 cents pound pack, bananas, 4 pounds $1. Delta bathroom tissue, 4 roll pack, 69 cents, Godchaux pure cane sugar, 5 pound bag, 88 cents. Young and tender calf liver, 59 cents pound. *****Pretty Jean Lapeyrolerie will be 18-years-old on August 2.*****Former coach Neil Morgan has opened the Shirt Hut on Texas Ave. in Bridge City. It’s part of a custom T-shirt and cap store (Editor’s note: Coach Morgan has written a book about his coaching career and area college coaches that made football king in our area. ***** ‘Looks Like We Made It,’ by Barry Manilow, is number one top single. ‘Rumours,’ by Fleetwood Mac, number one top album. Number one country single is ‘It’s Almost Like A Song,’ Ronnie Milsap. Number one easy listening, ‘It’s Sad To Belong,’ England Dan and John Ford Coley. (Editor’s Note: I don’t remember them). Number one soul single, ‘Best of My Love,’ the Emotions. 

50 Years Ago-1972

Betty Harmon took four kids on a trip to Disney World and other places in Florida. After a week and ready to get home she drove 20 hours without sleep and arrived home at 3:00 a.m. Corky was sound asleep. He’s hard to sneak up on.*****Bobby Smitherman and Peggy Fall were wed over the weekend and are on their honeymoon.*****On July 22, 1945, 27 years ago, Gordon Baxter started his radio career. The greenhorn novice deejay rode his bicycle to work at the radio station shouting the alphabet at the top of his voice. George Crouchet, his first teacher, had instructed him to do so to begin his career. Baxter became the most successful radio personality, money wise and listener wise for 27 years. Bax sat in a lonely radio booth five days a week telling stories and spinning records. (Editor’s note: Bax, over the next 30 years, worked at different stations including KOGT in Orange for Ed Lovelace.*****Liz Wickersham is in Houston all this week competing in the Miss Texas World pageant.*****The West Orange Chiefs named Mike Barry as their new football coach.*****Paul Hale elected Mayor of Orange.***Bubba Hubbard named to replace Charles English on the Bridge City council after English resigned.*****Speaking of Bridge City, we understand a BC cop stopped a Hippy walking down Texas Ave. with a cigar box tucked under his arm. The policeman asked him if he was selling cigars. “Hell no,” answered the Hippy, “I’m moving out.” That’s how the story was related to Chief Wilson Roberts.


Happy 50th wedding anniversary on July 22, to Linda and Brown Claybar. Brown is former Orange mayor.*****Happy 61st wedding anniversary to Lyndia and T.M. Permenter on July 23. He also has been a mayor twice for the city of Pinehurst. Congrats to both great couples.*****Dave Rogers left us last week. For six years Dave had done some great reporting. I hope you got to read his goodbye column last week. He recognized and gave credit to a lot of public servants. That column showed his brilliant mind. We wish him the best.***** The American Legion, Post #49 located at 108 Green Ave. in Orange will be having a Fish Fry lunch on Thursday, July 14th. The meal will cost $10.00 each and you may get delivered by calling 409-886-1241.***** “Stump”Mr. Lions Club Weatherford has a new honor. He was inducted Monday night as the new president of the Texas Lions Eye Bank during a dinner in Houston. He’s been active in the Orange Lions Club for decades and has traveled the world and state for the charitable group.*****Summer travels continue for people even with the hot weather. Gail and Steve Maddox have moved from sizzling Great Britain on to Germany and Austria. Hard to believe London’s temperatures surpassed those in Orange County on Monday and Tuesday.***** Some vacationers sat by the pool on their trips. Kenny Myers spent time with mimosas poolside at La Cantera in San Antonio.*****Others cooled off at tropical beaches. Ralf and Cindy Mims were joined by friends including Angie and Gary Stelly, plus Tina and Jessie Romero, in Belize. Mindy and Robert Currie and friends took off for Costa Rica.*****Amie and Trey Smith took a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama, with kids Ethan, Maddy, Case, and Cash.*****The Hargrove family visited the ex-pat Sanders family (Myra and Alan) and their Coastal Community Church in Galveston, where Aaron Sanders is minister. Dr. Pauline Hargrove, retired LC-M superintendent, was the LC-M High principal for the Sanders’s now-grown kids. Pauline Hargrove is alive and well. Her Facebook page was hacked on Monday with someone sending out fake messages that she was deceased*****Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan frequents Crystal Beach at their cabin with husband Mike Hennigan. But the councilor didn’t just sit on the beach this past week. She went on the water slides with her grandson.*****Who needs to find Carmen Sandiego? Keeping up with Gina and Skipper Yeaman could make a TV show. They left the beaches of Mexico and made a trip to the Ozark Mountains and Branson, Missouri, where the temperatures were cooler than Southeast Texas.*****The Texas High School Coaches Association had the annual convention in San Antonio. Brother Ryan Ragsdale met up with sister Rebekah Ragsdale at the convention. The other coaching sister, Sarah Ragsdale Nash, is still on maternity leave with baby Janie.*****Paul and Raul Burch have a pool to cool off in at their Old Orange Historic District home. Haven’t heard if Paul needed a cool dip after his time in the kitchen. The cooking king of the family fried up chicken and shrimp fritters accompanied by a pot of butter beans with smoked ham, chicken and peppers, plus Spanish rice for Raul’s family.*****Happy Birthday to local writer Ginger Broomes who marked the big 5-0 this week.***** Pam Honeycutt has been celebrating another trip around the sun. Trey King keeps fit and doesn’t look like he’s 48.*****Peggy Claybar got her birthday wish by traveling to Galveston and Houston with husband David along with grandchildren Annabelle, Caroline, and Keller. The trip included the Astros game on Sunday. Unfortunately, the ‘Stros lost in the end. Former county commissioner Barry Burton and wife Cindy were also at that game.***** Karen Colburn traveled with daughter and son-in-law Terri and Darren Hoyland to the Oregon coast where they toured nature and visited with longtime friends Ann and Henry Seals, who now live in Austin.*****Nancy and Tony Dallas now have two upcoming weddings in the family. On Sunday, son Jack Dallas proposed to his partner Reid Whaley. Daughter Leigh Anne Dallas, the city of Orange’s event planner, is getting married to Broderick Harrell at the end of October.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. July 20: Happy Birthday to Carrie Hunt, Amanda Stephson and Rebecca Toal.*****July 21: Tod Hurst, Danika Dubose and Patricia Tamplim celebrate birthdays. We remember our friend Cal Broussard who passed away on this day in 2009.*****July 22: Happy Birthday Lori Frederick, Linda Crawford, Jeff Anderson, Paige Dohmann and Keazie Cappel.*****July 23: Happy Birthday to Linda Brinson, Jim Reves and Travis Estes.*****July 24: Our dear friend Margie Stephens celebrates a birthday today. We haven’t heard from her in a long time. She spends most of her days at Harry’s Appliance. Harry married her out of high school and put her to work. Also celebrating today are Chassidi Cude, Lee Harris and Judy Batchelor.*****July 25: Pretty Ms. Julia Morris celebrates a birthday today as does Ryan Kimbrough, Misty Cappel, Allison LeLeux and Larry Wingaten.*****July 26: Happy Birthday Sherry Collins and Laura Berman.***** (Let us know if you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Email to [email protected] or call 409-735-5305.)


Clotile Comeaux, a single mom, was afraid her 12-year-old boy child, Tee-Mac, wouldn’t turn out too good him. So, Clotile talk to Father Vincent an ax if da priest him, would counsel wit da boy. 

Father said to send him over. 

Da priest wasn’t sure how to get tings going so he ax the boy, Tee-Mac where is God?” 

Da boy he don’t say nutten. 

Father Vincent ax again, “Son where is God?” 

Tee Mac, him still say nutten. 

Father Vincent him, is getting a little aggravated him. Da priest say, “Tee Mac, for da las time, “Where is God hanh?” 

Tee Mac him jump out of da chair and run like hell all da way home and hid in da closet. After a couple hours of searching his brother, Alfred found Tee Mac. He say, “Tee Mac, wat you doing hiding in dat closet, hanh?” 

Tee Mac answer, “Alfred, I’m not xactly sure me, but God him is missing and dey tink we got him.” 


In Senator Carl Parker’s column last week, the Senator wrote about he and Roy’s lifetime relationship in politics and how Roy had opposed him twice. He failed to mention how Roy helped switch an endorsement that secured Carl’s victory over Chester Slay in a senate runoff election. Carl also failed to mention that Roy hit a homerun against him in that famous Rotary game. Roy has the picture that was taken at the game for proof. The umpire in the game was Richard Cordor. Those are fond memories of great days.*****Do something nice for someone this week. Take care and God bless America.


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