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In this column I recently wrote about the quote of P. T. Barnum that there is a sucker born every minute. I now believe the quote was wrong.

After watching the trial of Alex Jones, I am now sure there are at least two suckers born every minute. The guy made hundreds of millions of dollars peddling lies and crazy rumors about aliens being from outer space.

He caused great pain and anguish by claiming the slaughter of school children at Sandy Hook School was a hoax. And, the children didn’t die, they were only pretend actors. Apparently, supposedly rational people continue to send him thousands of dollars every day in spite of clear proof the shooting in Connecticut was real.

In the Texas trial a jury found him guilty of slander and willful intent to cause mental stress and anguish; the same jury awarded almost $50 million to the plaintiff. I, and others, happen to believe this amount to have been insufficient for the damage and conduct of this evil person. In Texas, unfortunately, some years back the Legislature decided that citizen juries lack sufficient sense and judgement to decide appropriate damages in law suits. The Legislature placed a $750,000 cap on punitive damages no matter how bad the conduct or how rich the guilty party is. They called it “tort reform.”

When I see that a guy can bring in up to $800,000 in a single day while peddling lies it causes me to wonder how I can hone in on the theory of P. T. Barnum and find me some suckers. I am seriously thinking about claiming that the election at which I was defeated as state senator back in the 90s was simply fraudulently held and that I am actually the real state senator. I need, however, to raise quite a bit of money to be able to establish this claim. I am hoping you will be generous in the amount of money you send me right away!


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