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As you get older time does seem to go faster. You look at your 30-year-old Rolodex and over half of the people listed in it are now gone. That’s one reason why elder people don’t have many friends. It’s amazing how many I’ve lost in just the last 10 years. We have a great “people paper” so read us cover to cover. Margaret and staff are doing good work. I have to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


“Last One to Leave Turn Out The lights”

That’s how it was on Friday night when the Bridge City Cardinals were playing out of town. If the game was a few hours away, workers took off at noon. By late 1965, everyone was a fan. As the season grew into the playoffs, most Orange Countians were Cardinal fans. By the time Worster and Company made it to the state championship game, played at College Station, the Cardinals had picked up fans throughout the Golden Triangle. Cars were decorated and fans traveled to games in caravans, led by local police and joined by State Highway patrolmen along the way. My family never missed a game. Traveling out of town made for a great family outing. Steve Worster became a hero to my young sons, as well as he did for all the pre-teenage boys in our town. Steve was the son of R.B. and Louise Worster. He had a brother Gary, a dozen years younger. His mom referred to him as Stephen. Even though Steve went on to football greatness, fourth runner up for the Heisman Trophy (behind Jim Plunket, Joe Theisman and Archie Manning) few knew of his baseball playing days. He was a catcher. I once visited with a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals, who was looking for big catchers and Worster fit the bill. Steve, however, would go on to college football greatness. Steve was the most heralded high school recruit of his generation. As a running back, leading Bridge City to the 1966, Class AAA state title, he was the top recruit of college coaches around the nation, 75 of them. He ran for 5,422 yards for the Cardinals, including 2,210 yards as a senior, and 249 in the title game win over McKinney. Steve picked the University of Texas, a good move. He said, “Coach Darrell Royal was one of the finest me I’ve ever known.” At Texas, Worster rushed for 2,353 yards and 36 touchdowns, averaging 5.1 yards a carry. It has been said that Emory Bellard developed the wish-bone offense to suit Steve’s talent. He could take two steps and be at his maximum. That quick burst is what he had. He was tough, those he couldn’t out run, he ran over. In 1969, the Longhorns finished with a perfect season and a Cotton Bowl win over Notre Dame. From 1968 to 1970, Texas won 30 straight games, (the same number Steve wore through high school to the pro’s,) and won the National Championship. He is in the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the fourth round of the 1971 NFL draft, unable to come to terms, his agent signed him to a one-year contract in the Canadian Football League. When the deal fell through Steve called it quits. We had a reporter who wrote a weekly column of Steve’s exploits in Canadian football. We still have all those columns in our archives. The reporter also wrote about the bad deal Steve was dealt so the Hamilton Tiger Cats wouldn’t have to pay him a million dollar bonus. Steve Worster, age 73, was always a big booster of his hometown. He told a reporter after hurricane Ike, “That there are lot of good, solid, humble beings who still care about their hometown and each other.” Steve stayed in Kirk Roccaforte’s front yard in a FEMA trailer after his home on Cow Bayou was destroyed. I lost my copy of Sport’s Illustrated that featured Steve on it’s cover. Steve Worster put Bridge City, TX on the map. He gave a lot and never asked for much. He was named “Citizen of the Year” for his devotion to his hometown. Steve died Saturday, August 13. He leaves behind a daughter Erin, son Scott, grandchildren and an entire community that is thankful he passed our way.

10 Years Ago-2012

We were sorry to learn of the sudden death of Mark Guidry, age 44, who died in his sleep of cardiac arrest on Aug. 16, 2012. A Bridge City native, Mark was living in Vidor at the time of his death. He was a very accommodating young man who was always ready to help a friend or anyone in need. He loved the sea and shrimping was his life. He was a likable little Cajun who left us way too young. *****We were saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Richard Estes, 55, who died Aug. 15. Services were held Aug. 19.***** State representative candidates, Mike Hamilton and Paul Clayton, say they would support a second County Court-at-Law if elected. Hamilton said he would do so only if Commissioners Court asked him to. (Editor’s note: Hamilton was elected and did introduce the bill and the Court was created.*****The Mid-County 16 year olds, coached by former West Orange Chief Clint Landry, will play in the Babe Ruth World Series championship. That says a lot about our little part of Texas and also a lot about Clint’s coaching. He is a cousin of Bridge City Coach Sam Moore. Also his son Chad is an all state baseball player from Nederland. (Editor’s note: Clint’s son is now head coach at Bridge City and Clint is still with Met-Life.)*****H.D. Pate served as a pallbearer for his old college football coach, “Chena” Gilstrap.*****Corbin Deon Burnet would have been 11 years old on Aug. 22 but God called him home on Aug. 13, 2002. A week before his passing away he was visited and pictured with Astro’s Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. (Editor’s note; It’s hard for me to believe that was 20 years ago. Today, on Aug. 22, Corbin would be 31 years old.*****The Bridge City Cards football team has names like Jamey Knight, Matt Peebles, Michael Gauthier and Lance Fitts, just to mention a few for now.***** Judge Don and Bobbie Burgess were packing the boxes and loading the moving trucks Tuesday. They are moving southwest of Austin, towards Dripping Springs, where they bought a home. Bobbie, a Dean at Lamar Orange, is retiring. A going away party is planned at Lamar next week. Bobbie is a native of Orange, Don came to Orange as a young attorney in the mid-1960’s. He worked in the DA’s office, was in private practice with H.D. Pate, served as District Judge and as a member of the Applet Court. I’ll never forget the sight of Don with a big, red beard and with a bigger, much bigger cowboy hat.***** Tuesday, Aug. 21, Judge Carl and Michaela celebrate 47 years of wedded bliss.*****Kathy and Jim Edgerton welcomed their grandson, Fisher Seago, on Aug. 8. The proud parents are Ashley and Jerrod Seago. Kathy and Jerrod are both employed by the Orange County Sheriff’s office.*****On Sunday in Boston Harbor, the USS Constitution, the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship, held a commemorate of its victory over a British warship during the War of 1812. The old ship once came to Orange and many area citizens boarded her. One student who visited throughout the ship was grade school student Pearl Myers Burgess, who turns 92 in October.*****Comedian Phyllis Diller dies at age 95. For 50 years she spread her brand of comedy, mostly making fun of herself. “I don’t like to cook, I can make a TV dinner taste like radio,” she said. “I put on a peek-a-boo blouse, and Fang (her husband) took a peek and booed.” She died in her sleep at home on Monday, Aug. 20.

40 Years Ago-1977

Louis and Beth Dugas host monthly dinner club group. A special Italian concoction was served. The group then took in authentic Mexican food in Port Arthur, including Mexican beer with lime. *****Bill and Martha Hughes have just returned from a two week vacation in Kentucky Lake, Tenn. They met up with the Lee Nelsons and Walter Cobbs, who came down from Yankee country.*****Janet Fontenot appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission.*****Bill Fort, manager of KOGT, moves family, his wife and three boys, 15 year-old twins and a 16-year-old, from Oklahoma. According to the boys it’s like arriving in Paradise with all the water skiing, boating, fishing and crabbing.*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto listed as one of the 10 most effective legislators by the Standard Times. He previously was named Best by Texas Monthly.*****The dedication of three parks takes place Aug. 23 and 24. Lake Livingston State Recreation, Martin Dies State Park and Sea Rim State Park.*****Mrs. J.W. ‘Shorty” Taylor has put the Bottle House Liquor Store, 1409 Second St., up for sale. The business was established by Clay Dunn. *****The mouth of KLVI, writer, teller of tales and admirer of beautiful women, Bill Clark, adds another notch on his birthday stick on Aug. 22.


The biggest charity gala of the summer was also the most colorful. Party-goers brought out their brightest glitter and biggest curls for the Team Dallas Disco Down for ALS. Team Dallas is named for Tony Dallas, who was diagnosed with the disease three years ago. He is a West Orange-Stark grad who married his childhood sweetheart and became a respected businessman, youth coach, and Lions Club volunteer. He’s also the dad to a well-known daughter and a couple of ball-playing sons. The non-profit group Team Dallas has been holding community events to raise money to help research ways to fight ALS. Looks like the Saturday night event raised more than $50,000. Daughter Leigh Anne is a professional events planner who works for the City of Orange planning citywide activities and serving as the city’s assistant economic developer director. She planned and coordinated the Disco Down gala. Tony greeted people in a satin suit of turquoise, lavender, and gold lame’. Sir Elton of the Seventies would be envious. Others in the crowd included Cody Carr, who was wearing the most gold lame’ of the evening. Companion Sydney Brittain rocked out in miniskirt and high boots. Her mom and dad, Angie and Kevin Williams were there, of course. More than a couple of men were unidentifiable in big curled hair and “porn star” mustaches. Were they wearing wigs or did they go to the salon for a perm? The event sold out and it’s impossible to name everyone. It’s a safe bet to say Adam Conrad and Jody Chesson were there, as were Denisha and Matthew LaFleur. County Judge John Gothia with spouse Glynis was celebrating his boyhood again. Maureen McAllister, Cara and Joe Love, Jami and Stephen Lee were along to enjoy the fun.*****Emily Mellon was feted with a baby shower on Saturday. Of course her mother, Thereze McKee, and mother-in-law, Chrisleigh Dal Sasso attended. Some other mother and daughter pairs included Katherine May with mom Leslie Williams, and Sarah Sanchez with mom Nancy Byers. Emily is a proud Texas-Ex and other local big Exes were Michelle Belcher and Susan Swan.*****Pat Caillavet celebrated a birthday with a huge surprise from her family. She and husband Phillip were traveling to Broken Arrow, supposedly to check out RV parks. However, Phillip drove up to a fancy cabin. The occupants made the biggest surprise. Sons Adam and Phillip were there with their wives and children. Mimi got to have fun with everyone. Liz McKee went another orbit around the sun without running into too many spiders. Zach Krummel is now in his last teen year as his mom wonders how the time has gone by. Alan Mescher was celebrating this past week. Phyllis Hennigan also was blowing out candles.***** Cara and Ronnie Naizer had a landmark anniversary with Number 30. And yes, Cara wore a wedding gown with the stylish puffed sleeves. Felica and Thomas Conway toasted their fourth year. They probably had fresh juices or smoothies in the champagne flutes. Felica’s business, Csix19, is a wildly successful startup specializing in healthy foods and beverages.*****Legendary singer-piano player Marcia Ball has another honor coming her way. She is getting the 2023 Darrell K. Royal Texas Music Legend Award. Ball was born in the old City Hospital in Orange, which is now the site of the Shangri-La parking lot. Though she grew up across the river in Vinton, Orange County claims her as a native. She has spent her adult life in Austin as a staple in the Texas music scene.*****The Record Newspapers got fooled by those Williams boys, Earl and Kevin, last week. The Record identified Earl Williams as helping present Orange County with a check from the Sabine River Authority. Earl was an SRA board member for many years. However, Earl retired from the board and Governor Greg Abbott appointed his son, Kevin, to the SRA board. It was Kevin, not Earl, in the photograph. Kevin is the spittin’ image of his daddy at that age.*****Congratulations to Bobby Caswell is scheduled to win two of the top Cajun music awards this weekend at the Cajun Music Festival awards celebration.  He played rhythm guitar and sang with Joe Bonsall for over 20 years along with several other local bands.


Friends we know having birthdays in the next few days. Aug. 17: Celebrating today are Carrie Poole, Jon Oliphint, Brenda Gage, Jordan New, Nancy Finchum and Shandi Conner.*****Aug. 18: Kim Dillow, Carolyn Wand, Ian MacCammond celebrate. Aug. 19: Phyllis Neil, Maggie Joubert, Linda Tibbitts, Tammy Davis, Nancy Weidner, Braydon Denison, Brett Heil and Brett Johansson are a year older.*****Aug. 20: Kayla Fondren, Glee Lobb, Coleen James, Jamie Dugas, Kelsie Matlock, Melinda Ja’arah and Marilyn Guerrerro. Aug. 21: Chasing Hebert, Kimberly Hubbard, Alexandra Wild, and Mike Johnson celebrate. Today is also the 57th wedding anniversary of Michaela and Carl Thibodeaux. We wish you many more healthy, happy years together.*****Aug. 22: Happy Birthday wishes to our friends Karen Fisher, Mari Elen Jacobs, Johnny Montagne, Kristina Ivins, Betty Diabo, Dr. Stephanie Cunningham, Brian Sheppard and Jason Delano.*****Aug. 23: Celebrating today are Michele George, Kebble Free, John David Walles, Ryan Moreau.


Clovis Fontenot woke up one morning last week after he crashed a party not feeling so good, him. Clovis somehow managed to get up and get himself dressed.

Dats wen he discovered his wallet, with all his pay check money in it was missing. Boy, he was worry him, so he had to tell his wife, Agnes, dat he tinks he left his wallet behind at da party. One ting though, he can’t remember where da party was held. He didn’t know da people, and he was too drunk.

All Clovis remember is dat da house must have been one of dem rich people houses because dey had a gold plated toilet. Agnes offers to drive him around in hopes he might recognize da house. Agnes drove up and down all over.

Finally Clovis points to a very grand house wat is owned by Lester Winford, da rich trucking company owner. Clovis and his wife, Agnes, ring da door bell. A well-todo lady answers da door.

Clovis ax if a party was held at dat house last night. His wife, Agnes, explain da lost wallet situation and says the only ting her husband can remember is dat da house had a gold plated toilet. Wen da lady of da house hear dat, she turns around and shouts up da marble staircase, “Hey Lester, I tink I found da guy wat crapped in your trombone.



The death of Wilson Roberts, age 84, who passed away August 11, is a hard one for me. Our friendship went back over 50 years. Wilson spent a lifetime in law enforcement. When Bridge City incorporated, a marshal was named until they could hire a chief of police. Wilson became the first chief. He became a great friend and one-time neighbor in a lively and friendly neighborhood. Wilson always had some good stories. At one time, he served as a state fire marshal stationed around the state. One place was Wink, Texas, Roy Orbison’s hometown. An interesting story, which could be the subject of a book was Wilson’s friendship with Texas Ranger Winston Paggett. Once Paggett killed a hostage taker at the Huntsville penitentiary with a gun borrowed from his friend Wilson Roberts. Another time Ranger Paggett and Wilson borrowed a houseboat from Roy Dunn to work a stakeout in a big drug deal. Roy said after a week, he figured he’s fine empty beer cans everywhere but instead he found empty donut boxes. Paggett went on to become the governor’s body guard. He and Wilson stayed close. He had made some great friends along the way. None better than his old boss Sharon Bearden, who was district attorney many years ago and Wilson was his chief investigator. Wilson was fortunate to have his wife V.J. look after him for the last 37 years. Wilson’s death came as a shock to everyone. To his wife Veronica, family and friends, our sincere condolences. We will miss this great friend. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary. *****Well, I’ve got to go now. Take care and God bless.


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