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Robinson Once Luther Theater Guest

Eugene Robinson, a Washington Post columnist and associate Editor, has covered the White House for decades. In the past, Robinson, was a speaker at the Luther Theater, in Orange.

“Former President Donald Trump had to be determined to grab top secret files to hide them away in his Florida home. Presidents don’t accidentally end up with such sensitive files among boxes and boxes of documents hauled out of the White House at the end of their term,” Robinson told MSNBC’S ARI Melber on Friday. (They’re not supposed to take any documents, which belong to the National Archives.) The fact that agents carried out 11 sets of classified documents after their search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home Monday, according to the warrant and property receipt used by the FBI to conduct the search, is “Unprecedented, unthought of,” Robinson said. “Every president I’ve ever known or watched or observed or reported on, every administration has been very extremely, meticulously careful with top secret information, with classified information,” Robinson added. “When you get to top secret, you get to top secret/SCI, the most sensitive information, that stuff doesn’t lie around in the White House. It doesn’t lie around in the Oval Office. It doesn’t lie around anywhere, much less in the basement of Mar-a-Lago. It just doesn’t,” he said, using the acronym for “sensitive compartmented information.” “It’s handled very carefully,” he explained. “It’s looked at and examined and talked about and then it’s tucked away into secure carriers and taken back to whatever vault it’s kept in.” Some of the seized classified information was top secret, which is supposed to remain only in a secure government facility. Sources told the Washington Post in a report Thursday that some of the classified documents were believed to be related to nuclear weapons, which reportedly was a key reason for the urgent search. The warrant indicated that Trump is under investigation for a possible violation of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice, and removing and destroying official documents. No specifics were provided in the documents. The Espionage Act prohibits anyone from obtaining defense information with the possible intent of using it against the U.S. or to further the interest of a foreign country. Robinson noted: “This is another way in which, again….the Donald Trump administration was like literally no other administration in the history of this country. No other administration would have, and certainly no other administration did, treat classified information like this.”



We were sorry to learn of the death of Euel Norwood, age 91, who passed away on August 16. Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 22. We had known Euel and his wife Dorris since the mid-1960’s when they arrived in Bridge City. That was during the time that the Bridge City High School Cardinal football team was ranked as one of the top teams in the state. Euel and Dorris were strong supporters of the school and city. The Norwood’s raised two children, daughter Rynda and son Mark, who were graduates of BCHS. Euel and Dorris, married 67 years, were the ideal couple, great parents, good neighbors and friends. To Dorris and her family, we extend our sincere condolences.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Sandra Price, wife of our friend, Judge Rodney Price. She passed away last Wednesday, August 17 at age 76. Sandra was a retired teacher and native of Houston. She and Rodney, a longtime attorney and justice of the peace, were residents of Vidor. Sandra was known as a devoted Christian woman who openly practiced her faith. Funeral service was held Saturday at First Baptist Church of Vidor. Gravesite service was held Monday, August 22, in Houston. Our thoughts are with Rodney and family.


10 Years Ago-2012

August 21st is the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and Isaac followed the same path, with New Orleans in its sights. In 2005, Katrina killed 1,800 and drowned 80 percent of New Orleans, which hasn’t fully recovered. Hurricane Isaac comes to New Orleans much milder and the city was much better prepared. Southern Mississippi is the place that doesn’t have seawalls and will see damage. I visited Bay Saint Louis, Diamond Head, etc. a week after Katrina. I will never forget the devastation, even after living through Ike right here at home. New Orleans and Mississippi got lucky. A category one storm is no picnic but it’s not a Katrina, the costliest disaster in U.S. history with $135 billion in destruction. We also got lucky with a high pressure in our backyard. There wasn’t much chance that the storm would come our way unless the high moved at the last minute like it did for Ike. Tuesday evening, every hotel in Orange was full with Louisiana and Mississippi folks escaping Isaac and workers on the way to the hurricane areas.*****Our dear friend Dorothy Eshbach, 90, died Thursday, Aug. 23. On Aug. 12, Dot came down with a virus, until then she was as fit as always. She apparently was dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital. She passed away while being hooked up to an I.V. To know Dot was to love her. In the 40 some years I had known her, I never heard an unkind word about anyone. She loved people and was extremely proud of her family. Over many years, Dot and her friend Margaret Saint traveled extensively in their motor coach throughout the country, just two fun loving widows discovering America. That wasn’t enough, they then set out to see the world, traveling throughout Europe and visiting Russia. They always came home with a bag full of tales. The entire community was her family. She was Bridge City’s mother and grandmother.*****I was watching a small, black and white television, showing the Apollo II command center. I remember feeling a rush when I heard the words, “Houston, the Eagle has landed.” Neil Armstrong, commander and his co-pilot, Col. Buzz Aldrin, steered their lunar landing craft Eagle near the Sea of Tranquility. Neil Armstrong said, “Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.” The United States had beaten Russia to the moon. A few hours later, Armstrong came down the ladder of the landing craft. Planting his feet on the moon’s surface he said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Forty-four years after that walk on the moon, at age 82, our national hero Neil Armstrong, died on Aug. 22, 2012, from complications after heart surgery. In all, 12 American astronauts have walked on the moon but there is only one first.*****Capt. Dickie Colburn was the first to mention the Sabine River fishing in the area in last week’s column. By now, you’re aware the Bassmaster broke the news that their first post-classic fishing tournament will be held in Orange, Texas. The Sabine River and area waterways will host championship fishermen from across the country. Already the booking of rooms is occurring for the advance people that will plan for the March 14-17 elite series.

28 Years Ago, 2002

E.J. “Buddy” Rasberry is out of the hospital after beating West Nile, St. Louis, Echo and Coxsackle virus. Buddy is a tough guy. He says one day in the hospital his brain just woke up and he knew he was going to get better.*****David McKay, a 1999 Bridge City grad, has been modeling abroad and will be part of the largest fashion show ever in this area at the grand opening of Foley’s in Parkdale Mall. Since high school David has been acting in a television soap opera, “The Guiding Light” but a screen actor’s guild strike caused his character, Brandon, to be written out of the script. Now he’s home in Bridge City. It gives him a chance to visit friends Raum Bryant, Bryan Wiggins, Guy Whithead, Jeremy Duckley and Jared Williams. He is also spending some time with girlfriend Shellie Smith before heading to Europe. (Editor’s note: That was 28 years ago. I’d like to know what became of David and where his life took him. Does anyone know? *****Danny Brack is back at his original location on Western Ave.*****Mark Dunn has moved daughter Amber back to Austin where she will be a senior at U.T. (Editor’s note: After graduating from U.T. she attended Texas Tech Medical School. She is now an anesthesiologist living in Vero Beach, FL. and the mother of three boys.

45 Years Ago-1977

After 24 years as judge, Homer Stephenson prepares to leave the bench as Associate Justice of the 9th Court of Civil Appeals on Sept. 1. The 61-year-old has served on the appeals court since July 1, 1961. Before the justice post, he served as district judge of the 128th court. He received his law degree in 1937 at the University of Texas. He will associate council with Marlin Thompson and Martin W. Dies law firm. Judge Stephenson has several business ventures, including Bancroft Paper Co., Northway shopping Center and First Savings and Loan.*****The Baxter baby has arrived, a red-headed girl born Aug. 26, weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Jenny’s parents are Diane and Gordon Baxter. She is Baxter’s eighth child with two wives.*****Delores Cantu, West Orange grad, is now making national commercials. She is the daughter of Mrs. Edward Perez. The vivacious, dark-haired beauty can be seen in McDonald’s, Timex, Calgon, Palmolive and other commercials. She also has a part in a Woody Allen movie. She was selected as Miss Hospitality in the Miss Universe Pageant in Puerto Rico. She has lots of other things going.


Social calendars were full of events this past Saturday night with dances and performances. The Orange Mardi Gras krewes held their annual summer dance at the same time as the Orange Community Players had their Yee Haw musical fundraiser and Britt Godwin brought his Remember When Orchestra to Mackenzie's Pub in Beaumont. Gina Simar Yeaman considered the Mardi Gras dance her first anniversary party. The retired LSCO dean and her husband, Skipper, tied the knot in grand fashion a year ago with Father Jim officiating. The dance drew together old friends and new friends for the casual party as they begin planning for the 2023 ball and parades. Partiers included Orange City Councilor Brad Childs and wife, Terri. Cindy and Ambrose Claybar made the rounds at the tables. Kelly and Monte Morphew, who now live in Galveston, crashed the party. They had been in town to check on their restored house in the Old Orange Historic District and when they heard about the Mardi Gras krew party, decided to go. Dyan Morris, Lori Ardoin, Sherry Hommel, Terri and David Gauthier were seen. Leslie Williams was the party hopper. She made an appearance at the Train Depot to support Orange Community Players, a group her mother supported from its early days.  Leslie then went to the Mardi Gras dance.*****Paul and Raul Burch are usually Mardi Grasing with the krewes, but Paul was one of the stars of the Yee Haw country music review. The show included enough cornball jokes to keep the crowd laughing and moaning as they flashed individual hand-held signs to rate something as "star" or "corn." Paul, who is the president of OCP, had been practicing his singing and sparkled along with the rest of the cast in singing classic country tunes. Everyone had sequins on their outfits and they glittered in the spotlights of stage. Others singers were Codie Vasquez, Rico Vasquez, and Cydney Vasquez, plus Judy Smith, Janet Bland, Amy Picard, Jason Rodrigue, and Tanya Guillot. The dinner-performance was a fundraiser to help complete a new theater to replace the longtime one in downtown that flooded twice in recent years. The group purchased the old movie theater off Edgar Brown Drive and is remodeling it to become a performing arts center named after the late Jeff Hattman, a high school drama teacher who was instrumental in keeping community theater in Orange for more than 50 years. Robert and Mindy Curry smoked the meat for the dinner. They won rave reviews for the biggest, and most tender, chicken breasts anyone had seen before. Latoya Overstreet was helping to serve and make sure guests had plenty of beer and wine. Diana Hill, an OCP mainstay, was there sitting at a table that had Pam Stelly. Diana and her longtime friend, Rose Simar, also serve on the Train Depot board. They both hustled to make sure everything was going smoothly. Billy Jack McKinney hustled all night to make sure his wife, Karen, had sweet tea and others at his table, like Rosie Hurst and Margaret Light, had wine in their glasses.*****Stump and Dayle Weatherford opted to go to Beaumont to see Britt Godwin and his Remember When Orchestra. They took along Dayle's daughters, Bridget and Lacey Gunn. Stephanie Roberts from Orange County dressed up to enjoy Britt's crooning Sinatra classics backed by a big band. Britt will be appearing solo with his guitar Wednesday evening in the Orange VFW cantina.*****Louis Nance, our local men's softball hall of famer, celebrated birthday No. 87 this week.*****Darleen Thompson, who is now living in the Hill Country with husband, Fred, turned 89.*****Bridge City grad Dax Fregia hit No. 20 and has left his teenage years. Others with birthdays this past week included Christine Bonneaux and the now-retired Meri Ellen Jacobs.*****Benitris Edwards is excited to find out another grandchild is on the way. The newest one will give her a total of 13.*****Tracie James dog rescue group got a plane to fly from Jack Brooks Regional Airport to New York with an abandoned mother dog and her pups so they could be adopted. The flight was sponsored by the Today Show on NBC and was featured Tuesday morning.*****Robert and Betty Vail, some of the best anglers to ever fish Sabine Lake, are keeping the family tradition going. Their great-granddaughter, Kathy, won second place flounder in a recent kids fishing tournament.*****On the last day of August, the 31st, Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark will celebrate a wedding anniversary. That’s next Wednesday but I mention it now as insurance against forgetting. Congratulations to these great, longtime friends and best wishes for many more healthy, happy years.***** Warren Buffett, who will turn 92 on August 30, is still very active. Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, that owns 20 per cent stock in Occidental, has been cleared to continue buying up shares of the petroleum company. The legendary investor signals confidence in the future of energy and is betting on stocks to stay high.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. Aug. 24: Happy Birthday to our friend Marlene Merritt. For years she kept me supplied in chocolate. COVID ended that. Also celebrating are Debbie Adaway, Ben Ezell and Carol Cupe. Also Happy Anniversary to Commissioner Teresa and Frank Beauchamp.*****Aug. 25: Some great folks are celebrating on this day. Judge John’s beautiful wife, Glynis Gothia, has a birthday as does Bridge City mayor, David Rutledge, Mandi McDonald, Carlene Wheat, Dot Hudson, Milton Briggs, Jr., Trevor Schaffer and a great guy, Coach Dan Ray Hooks.*****Aug. 26: Happy Birthday to everyone’s friend Donna Scales. I miss seeing her and hope she’s doing well.*****Aug. 27: Celebrating today is a special lady Stephanie Roberts. Also to Peggy Larson and Frank Beauchamp.*****Aug. 28: J.S. Bearden, Hutch’s big brother, celebrates today. Also Happy Birthday to Darla Daigle, Meagan Carlin and Barbi Childress, Jerry’s widow. Hope she’s doing well.*****Aug. 29: Katrina was born on this day in 2005. Other folks who dropped in on this day are longtime friend Glenda Dyer, Janice Overman, Kira Amy and our buddy Danny Cole. Danny does great tractor work for very little money. Give him a call.*****Aug. 30: Happy Birthday to a great guy, Mike Cedars, now retired. Also celebrating are Pamela Comers and Jon Weidner. (Email us at [email protected] or call 409-735-5305 for upcoming birthday or anniversary announcements.)



Dear Simple,

I know I rote you de utta day bout Tee-Boy but I rite again because me and Sugar Bee will be gone for three or two weeks. I wanted you to know in case you plan to stop and see us wen you go to da LS&U game, plus I got some news me. Our aunt, Lucille, da old maid, died las week in Crowley. She was my papa and you papa’s youngest sister. She was 72 wen she die. She never have a man her. She requested in her will dat she have no mens for pallbearers. She wrote in her long-hand, “Dey wouldn’t take me out while I was live, I don’t want dem to take me out wen I’m dead me.”

You Cuz



Why so many deaths on Highway 62

The Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers are investigating a fatal crash on state Highway 62, just south of Tulane, that occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. on August 22, 2022. The preliminary investigation indicates that at a 2019 Kia passenger car was traveling south while a 2014 Honda passenger car was traveling north. It is reported that the Honda traveled into the oncoming lane and struck the Kia head-on. The driver of the Kia, 23-year-old Brittnie Eldridge of Nederland, was pronounced deceased on scene. The driver of the Honda was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital where she were pronounced deceased by medical staff. She has been identified as 59-year-old Sheila Lavalle of Orange. For a long time it has been baffling to me why so many people have been killed on that stretch of highway. I personally have known several of the youngsters who lost their lives on Highway 62. It is a wide road that certainly should not have head-on crashes. The number that have died on the stretch from IH-10 to Highway 87 is staggering.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Till next time take care and God bless.


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