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As I sit here on the 21st anniversary of 9-11, my mind goes back to that moment. I was sitting in the office, my feet propped on the desk, the paper for that week was running late and Dwayne Marsh and I were just waiting on the truck. We were watching on what had been Uncle Jim McKay’s old black and white television when Katie Couric, on the Today Show, made the announcement and showed a picture of a plane hitting the first of the Twin Towers. Shortly after, as we sat stunned, we watched a second plane slam into the other Tower. That’s when the realization hit that this was something really bad. Then came the plane crashing into the Pentagon and another plane, headed for the White House, was forced down by some brave passengers into a vacant field. Passengers on all four planes were killed and both Towers had crashed down. We learned that thousands were killed. Dwayne put his head in his hands and sobbed openly. My feelings were hate and mad, very mad. Bin Laden took credit for engineering the successful attack on the World Trade Center. I knew right then he would have to die. As a youngster of Pearl Harbor, I knew he couldn’t get away with this. We had to get him at all cost for this country’s closure and to send the message that we will track any foe that attacks us down, no matter how long it takes. Fifty billion was spent in Afghanistan to capture Osoma bin Laden. President Geo. W. Bush had pledged that Bin Laden was the USA’s first priority. It took many years to get him. President Obama ordered Osoma’s capture or killing. Osoma bin Laden was finally killed by Navy Seals in Pakistan. Today, Bin Laden lies at the bottom of the ocean. (Witness to history, September 11, 2001.)*****I gotta get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


According to recent polls 53 percent to 56 percent of all Americans list their number one concern as our democracy. If you are not one of those Americans you haven’t been paying attention. When President Joe Biden stood before Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Thursday night, he warned that American democracy stands at the precipice because of a decidedly different threat, one that, he said, comes from within the country’s borders. The president of the United States was identifying his predecessor and some of his followers. Not since the Civil War has an American president issued such a stark warning about the behavior and menace posed by fellow Americans. “Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans,” Biden said, “Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. He added, “I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence, fails to condemn violence when it’s used, refuses to acknowledge that an election has been won, insists on changing the way in which you count votes, promising pardons for those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that is a threat to democracy.” Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, who was among a group of academics who met with Biden last month to warn that American democracy is teetering, said it was not surprising that those who were the target of Biden’s rhetoric would respond by dismissing it. “They would have to say the same thing about what Lincoln said in 1861 and what FDR warned about in 1938, Beschloss said.” For God’s sake, you cannot be afraid to critique your fellow man if they are doing something that is a threat to this country.


10 Years Ago-2012

We were sorry to learn of the death of Betty Drake, age 88, who passed away Sept. 4. We had known Betty, husband Earl and daughter Vickie since the 1960’s. Betty was a native of Pineville, Ky. and enjoyed telling the story of being raised with the descendents of the feuding Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. Betty lived an interesting and full life. She loved people and loved talking.***** Ray and Tina Cotton are putting on a rare and unique show at the Longhorn on Sept. 14. It’s called the Bayou Boys Reunion but it’s much more than that. It’s three of the most talented Cajun artists, starring Louisiana Man Doug Kershaw and his cousin Eddy Raven. I believe Eddy’s mom and Doug’s dad were brother and sister. What Doug does with a fiddle, Jo-El Sonnier does with an accordion. The three Cajuns together will be a show you never have seen before and will probably never see again.*****Speaking of things to do, Bruce and Donna Self, after many months, have moved into their new Burger Town, on Hwy. 1442. The restaurant is really nice, the menu is great. For many years they have been serving their famous hamburgers and fish burgers. Every Bridge City school grad remembers when Burger Town was their first, favorite eating spot. Today, they offer a large menu of fine foods. I’ll be there this week. Hope you will join me. You will never have friendlier service. I’ll also walk next door and pick up some fresh pork cracklins at Paw Paws. They make good products.*****In the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attack, Orange County received it’s own awakening to security issues. A hostage situation at the court house was quickly resolved by Constable Parker Thompson on Oct. 24, 2001.*****Thursday night in the first game of the NFL season, Matt Bryant, of Bridge City, scored the first three points of the season for the New York Giants. He kicked two field goals and one extra point in his first pro game. Prior to joining the Giants, Matt worked at K.C. Pawn Shop, in Orange.*****John W. Myers, 50, of Bridge City, died Sept. 4.*****George Cruse Sr., 71 passed away Friday, Sept. 6. He was a good man. He leaves behind Mary Ann and George Jr. and their families.****Faye Gillet, 77, passed away Sept. 6.*****The Bridge City baseball alumni president Ronnie Shugart presents Cardinal pitcher Luther Sanders a $1,000 scholarship. Sanders is a freshman pitcher at Blinn Junior College.*****The Navarro brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. George Navarro, are in service to their country. Jonathan, a senior airman, is stationed in Sato Cana Air Force base, Honduras. His brother, Justin, is stationed at Otis Air Force station, Cape Cod.*****Roy Dunn faced bad weather to attend the open heart surgery of his nephew, Troy Sorbert, in New Orleans. The surgery took nearly five hours. (Editor’s note: Troy recovered. Roy detoured to visit his mom at a nursing home in Covington and later wrote a Down Life‘s Highway column about his visit with his mom.)*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs beat the number four state ranked Bay City Black Cats 53-35. Kerry Franks ran back a kick off for an 80-yard touchdown. The Mustangs defense scored twice before the WO-S offense even touched the ball.

20 Years Ago-2002

Orange County boys in the NFL had a good day. On the 10th anniversary of Matt Bryant’s first field goal with the New York Giants on opening day 2002, Sunday he kicked four field goals and four extra points in the Atlanta Falcons 40-24 win over the Chiefs.***Orange native Coach Wade Phillips’ Texan defense hasn’t given up a touchdown and beat Miami 30-10. Miami’s TD came on a pass interception.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s last week. Christy Khoury invited three beautiful ladies. Dining with the group were Dayle Forman, Naomi “Aunt Sue” Stevens and Frances Collins, who has written a book on her flight to Honduras with her grandchild, Nocona and the events that followed.

45 Years Ago-1977

The cutest, sexiest little gal in Orange County is the new body in the 163d District Court. Mickey Litton, of Bridge City, was hired to fill for Bobbie Burgess, who has taken time out to have a little one. Mickey formerly worked for State Rep. Wayne Peveto in his Austin office. Mickey will work through December, then she plans to attend court reporting school when Bobbie returns to work.*****Our Justice of the Peace at work J.P. Pat Brown, Pct. 4, handled 195 cases last month and collected $3,642 in fines; Pct. 3 JP, Martin Ardoin, 86 cases, $1,950 in fines; Pct. 1 JP, Claude Wimberley, 95 cases, $1,393 in fines.*****Sheriff Ed Parker is selected to attend FBI Academy, in Quantico, Va. This makes first time anyone from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been invited to attend. Eleven weeks, Sept. 21-Dec. 9.***** Chief Deputy Jim Adams is due to attend in January.*****Ronnie Herman is killed by three shotgun blasts and dumped in a canal in Newton County. This murder is far reaching. Newton investigators say it likely will not be solved anytime soon, if ever. (Editor’s note; Twenty-five years later, Thomas Teal confessed that he and his brother, Donald, shot and killed Ronnie.)*****Employees of the Beaumont Enterprise merge to vote on unionizing on Sept. 22. International Typographical Union Local 87 has called for the vote. If successful, the Enterprise will be the first news-editorial department in the area to be represented by a union.*****Marshall Gray turned 55 last weekend.*****Sharon Gregory, chosen Miss Teenager USA takes a stand against the pageant and rejects the title of Miss Teenager USA.*****Barbara Gillis is in Waco hospital after back surgery.*****Mrs. Eddie (Marie) Morris suffers heart attack and is in Orange hospital.*****David Bruce had nose surgery at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont last week and is up and about.*****Inez Hearn is honored for 26 years of employment with Montgomery Ward. (Editor’s note: Monkey Wards should have been congratulated for putting up with her all those year.)*****James Linscomb, an Orange Countian who has been in business in Huntsville for several years, has returned and bought thousands of acres in the Mauriceville area and has made it available to the public in up to 10-acre tracts in Woodridge Country.


I understand Danny Cole gave himself a birthday present by going on a cruise.*****I recall when attorney Sharon Bearden had two boys Jim Sharon and Tyler playing high school sports. His friends had to listen to blow by blow of the boys actions. Today Bearden has two grandsons, Jim Sharon’s boys, J.S. and Hutch playing Bridge City football. I’m sure granddad Bearden is not missing a blow. Sorry I’m not around to hear about it. I think they are doing pretty good.*****Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Beaumont, originally owned by Walter Umphrey, has been sold to a Florida company. Ed Morse Automotive Group purchased three Cowboy Harley-Davidson locations in Texas.***** Bridge City High School showed neighborly love this week by letting their cross-county rivals play their big showdown on the Cardinals new field. West Orange-Stark Mustangs and Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears renewed their Orange Bowl game, however, the new Battlin' Bear Stadium was not ready for Friday's game. So Bridge City hosted the two teams in a Thursday night game at their newly-remodeled stadium. The Mustangs won a squeaker that many say is the best game played in the long-running series between the two. The Cardinals were ready to Rock the Moe on Friday night and beat Buna with another good game on the new turf.  Music lovers appreciated the Bridge City High School choir opening with the Star Spangled Banner. However, the Cardinals were a big "out of this world" on Friday. Who were the giant green space aliens appearing at the pep rally and who were they carrying?  And one young Cardinal drew extra attention this week. Bridge City Intermediate student Braxton Burch was seen by parents holding the door open for students at the drop-off lane. A good report like that earned him a certificate.***** Former Orange mayor Brown Claybar and wife, Linda, celebrated their Golden Anniversary for 50 years of marriage.*****Julie and Iain Hurn marked 56 years of being married.*****Suzie and Frank Wallace went across the river to the Golden Nugget for a cozy 45th anniversary at Vic and Anthony's Steakhouse.*****Lots of birthdays were celebrated during the first week of September, including one for Alma Thibodeaux, who turned 96. She got a few dance steps in with a bit of help from grown grandchildren. She still has the moves.*****Ambrose Claybar with wife Cindy and grandsons went out for his birthday and he received a green Polo shirt with yellow-gold trim. Perfect for the LC-M Bear fan.***** Judy Prudhomme is telling people she is now 50 "plus shipping and handling" after her latest birthday.***** Beverly Roberts Hanes turned 79 and former Sheriff Keith Merritt is now 71.***** Phillip Caillavet marked his 68th birthday with wife, Pat, at the Bolivar Beach Club.***** Francisca Garza enjoyed a birthday lunch in Beaumont with friends Rosalie Eason, Pam Burrow, and Sarah Berryman.***** Colette Adcock along with husband, Ron, and family had a birthday dinner at the Neches River Wheelhouse.*****Keller Claybar turned 11 and partied at La Cantina with friends and family. He had a big cake, but no margaritas for the youngster.*****Other birthday celebrants during the week included the ageless Debbie Townsend, Angie Vincent, Blake Hamilton, and 8-year-old Kiley Griggs.***** Recently retired Lacey Gunn Hale, Meri Elen Jacobs,  and Kim Bonnin Smith played ladies who lunch and shop in Lake Charles. Heard there was a stop at a wine shop.***** Rita Monson and Della Gallien traveled to Carlyss, Louisiana, for an outing.*****Aaron and LaTouia DuBois got to leave the little ones home for a date night.*****Melissa Anne Rushing says she's got a relationship going with the Buccee mascot after all the stops during trips back and forth to Houston to see her granddaughter.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. Sept. 7: Happy Birthday to Gerald LeLeux, Colton Cockerel, Jessica Miller, Terri Childs, Karen Morse and Eric Cox.*****Sept. 8: On this day in 1938, some 84 years ago, the ribbon cutting and opening to the public of the Rainbow Bridge was held. It was deemed the tallest bridge in the South. The two-lane, narrow bridge ran in both directions. Happy Birthday Rainbow. Also celebrating today are Charlie Bollich, Julie Bock, Janice James, Darla Cricchio and Ronnie Bullion.*****Sept. 9: Happy Birthday Pam Smith, Sharon Gearhart, I can’t believe that pretty lady turns 69. Also celebrating are Janet LeLeux, Lisa Wilson, Brent Sherrill, and Jesse Thurman. Our late friend Millard “Neighbor” Cox celebrated on this day. We miss him every day.*****Sept. 10: A special lady and great friend, Tanya Birdwell celebrates today. Also Lisa Whitman, Laura Womack, Jamie Oliphint, Dena Bates and Manson Pruett. Happy Anniversary to Kelly and John Kimbrough. Best wishes for many more.*****Sept. 11: Today is the 21st anniversary of 9-11. Happy Birthday to Chris Kovatch, Billy Fontenot, Donna Lanthier and Shannon Sparks.*****Sept. 12: Happy Birthday to Bubba’s other half, “Girl Friday” at the Record Newspapers, Brenda Lund. Also celebrating Charlene Warren, Greg Ball, Karen Warner, Bryan Riedel, Buffy Bean, Cynthia Claybar and Tiffany Higgs.*****Sept. 13: Celebrating today is Mark’s youngest daughter Jenna Dunn Ballou, mother of four of his grandkids. Happy Birthday to Janet Danna, Paige Psencik, Kade Hanks, Connie Swops and Margaret Jeffcote. Happy Anniversary to Barbara and Tommy Harmon. Tommy married that Cajun girl many years ago. On this day also is the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Ike hitting Orange County.


Carl Bigneaux walked into Tee-Boy’s Bar and Gill at 9:45 p.m. and sits at da bar next to Norris Comeaux. Norris is not the brightest guy in the joint no. Da 10 p.m. news came on da TV and da news crew was covering a story of a man on da ledge of a large building preparing to jump him. Bigneaux turn to Comeaux and he say, “You know, I bet he’ll jump him.” Comeaux answer, “Well, I bet he won’t.” Bigeaux put a $20 bill on da bar and he say, “You on.” Jus as Comeaux was put his money on da bar, da guy on da TV did a swan dive off of da building, falling to his death. Comeaux him got very upset and handed da $20 to Bigneaux and said, “All is fair, here is you money.” Bigneaux say, “I can’t take you money me, I saw dis earlier on da 6 o’clock news and knew dat he would jump.” Comeaux say, “Me too, but I don’t tink da fool would do it again, him.”



Fourteen years ago, on this day, in 2008, we were watching a big storm that covered most of the Gulf. A large high hung over the area. I was convinced, as most observers were, that the storm was headed to the Corpus, South Texas area. Without notice, on the morning of Sept. 12, the high pressure protecting us backed up to the Dallas area and like a vacuum, on Sept. 13, Hurricane Ike turned and took dead aim at us. People scrambled to evacuate at the last minute. By 8 p.m., the winds were picking up but there was still time to leave. We chose to stay. The winds howled all night, the house shook and around 2:15 a.m. Lake Sabine was pouring into the house. By flashlight what I could see was that Bridge City was now part of the Lake. We were trapped and at daylight we found others who were in the same boat. A lady two houses down sat on her roof. Snakes, alligators, dead animals and some live dogs, that had been swimming for hours, came by. For days we depended on outside help. For months we rebuilt our homes and our lives. I’m glad to report that as a people and a community, Orange County is doing just fine and Bridge City continues to grow but I don’t believe I’ll ever stay to welcome another hurricane.*****Again I want to thank you for your time. Please patronize our family of advertisers, read us cover to cover and check us out regularly on our website, My time is up. Until next time, take care and God bless.



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