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Masses line the roads as Elizabeth is taken to castle for burial. Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was lowered into the royal vault of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Monday afternoon, signifying the end of a state funeral that began with a majestic service at Westminster Abbey, and a procession in London before closing with a more intimate service at the place where the queen lived in the twilight years of her life. It was a culmination of 10 days of mourning since the queen died Sept. 8, in Scotland. Britain has not held a state funeral since 1965, when it buried Winston Churchill, the wartime leader who acted as a mentor to a young Elizabeth after she unexpectedly came to the throne upon the death of her father, King George VI, in 1952. After a military bugler played “The Last Post,” signifying the end of the service, the abbey and the nation, fell silent for two minutes in honor of the queen. The congregation then sang “God Save the King.” Queen Elizabeth II, age 96, had served 70 years. She might well be the only female ruler in our lifetime and beyond. There is no queen in sight for at least the next 100 years. She may be the last queen ever.



The Washington Nationals play in the National East division, they were formally the Montreal Expos. The Nationals played their home games at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium from 2005 to 2007. Their first home opener in that stadium was in 2007. The starting pitcher for the first opener was a young man with deep roots in Orange County, John Patterson, of Orange, a West Orange-Stark grad who signed a major league contract for $6.075 million as an 18 year old right out of high school. Patterson made stops in Arizona, the Expos and the Nationals. His rookie season, 2002, he had a 3.22 ERA. In 2004, he had a 3.57 ERA. Then he got hurt. In 2005, John posted a 9-7 record with a 3.13 ERA. In that same year, he pitched his first complete game shutout, beating the Dodgers 7-0. In 2009, Patterson’s four hit shutout was called the greatest pitching performance in Nationals history by the Washington Post baseball writer, Dave Sheinin. It had been quite a ride for a youngster from Orange Texas. On Nov. 10, 2007, he married Shannon Schambeau, a 2005 Miss District of Columbia and 2006 Miss America finalist. John is in the record books as the Nationals very first opening day starting pitcher. There have been only five. John is now retired due to a reoccurring injury to his pitching arm. A special baseball cap was designed and worn for that fist opening day game in Washington. John sent Roy Dunn one of those special caps from that special day when a local boy made baseball history. Roy proudly displays that treasure in his den. John Patterson is one of many youngsters who went off and made Orange County proud. We should never fail to recognize them.


10 Years Ago-2012

Our prayers go out to Dorothy Harmon who has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.*****Judge Buddie Hahn, one of our favorite folks, had surgery Tuesday to correct a bulging disk in his neck. Speedy recovery.*****I wonder what‘s up with attorney Steve Parkhurst? He has been spotted wearing a neck collar. Did he have surgery also?*****District Attorney John Kimbrough has hired a new legal secretary, Joeydale Dronett. He also hired Kathleen Morgan as one of his assistant district attorneys. Two lovely ladies. Not bad to look at either.*****Sharon Bearden, when he was DA back in 1982, hired Ruthie Hannegan. Last Friday, Bearden walked over to the DA’s office to extend Ruthie a special happy birthday wish.*****Judge Pat says,” I bet he didn‘t bring a gift.” Now that‘s the pot calling the kettle black. Speaking of Pat, he and Rosalie’s granddaughter Whitney turned 15 years old last week, Sept. 23. Boy, that‘s hard to believe. (Editor’s note: Today she is 25.)*****Also, I understand that Capt. Chuck Uzzle has a birthday soon. Over the years Chuck has been good to us. Best wishes.*****Fact Check: An analysis in political fact finders have found that viewers of FOX News are the least informed on political matters. FOX starts with kernels of truth and then twists the subject often beyond recognition. Fact Finders also found FOX News regular viewers less knowledgeable. My view is that Hannity and that bunch at FOX feed those who are gullible enough to watch a daily dose of Castrol Oil.***** The Orange County boys in the NFL all had wins. The wildest finish was Earl Thomas and the Seahawks getting away with a win over Green Bay because of officiating. Matt Bryant and Atlanta are 3-0 and maybe the best defense in the NFL. Wade Phillips and the Houston Texans, after a win are also 3-0. Maybe second best defense in the NFL.*****A few folks we know who celebrated their special day this week. On Sept. 26, Rev. John Harrell marks another year. Thank the Lord.***Also celebrating on the 26 is Joey Hargrave.***Lesley Bradley celebrates on Sept. 27.***Also on Sept. 27, Tim’s boy Mike Hughes, is a year older and Justin Burchfield will be 8.

20 Years Ago-2002

Jim Stelly, president of Ducks Unlimited, announced that Doug Harrington has been named the chapter’ “Sportsman of the Year.” Harrington, owner of Harrington’s Pharmacy, has been a Ducks Unlimited member 25 years. John Thomas nominated Harrington. (Editor’s note: Doug passed away in 2013.)*****Four Orangefield beauties vie for homecoming queen. They are Gina Garza, Rachel Giarratano, Terrina Johnson and Nikki Staggs. (Editor’s note: Twenty years have gone by. Those ladies are now in their late thirties. We hope life for them has gone like they planned it.)*****Orange County is keeping an eye on Hurricane Isidore. It’s a category four and the best guess is that it will hit between Cameron, and Vermillion Bay. However, if it hits Lake Sabine directly it could put eight to ten feet of water on top of Bridge City.*****A.J. Lemoine Sr., 77, a native of Plaucheville, La. and longtime resident of Bridge City, died Sept. 21. An Army veteran he served in both World War II and the Korean War. He was a longtime telephone repair man and knew most folks in the community. (Editor’s note: A.J. was one of the great guys we had the good fortune to have known.)*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant scored all the points in the New York Giants 9 to 6 win over the New Orleans Saints.*****Joe and Barbara LaGrappe celebrate their 25th anniversary on Sept. 29. (Editor’s note: Joe, a great guy, has since passed away.)*****A roast of Rep. Ron Lewis nets $14,000 for CASA. Judge Buddie Hahn, David Montagne, Beth Rach and Gov. Rick Perry were among the roasters. Perry, during his remarks, mentioned Ron’s name on the Lamar Library but Perry went on to say, “That shouldn’t go to Ron’s head because it seems to me if you are an East Texas politician you really haven’t made it until they name a prison for you.” Lewis, 50, is not running for re-election and says he probably will not run for public office again.*****Trey Rhodes turns 18 on Sept. 24. (Editor’s note: Twenty years later that happy-go-lucky teenager is 38, only two years away from 40. I told you guys time would fly by.)*****Newton beat Matt Peebles and the Bridge City Cardinals 21-0, holding Peebles to 56 yards rushing in 16 totes.

45 Years Ago-1977

Dignitaries from throughout the state attend activities honoring State Rep Wayne Peveto, Price Daniel Jr., candidate for attorney general, House Speaker Bill Clayton, State Sen. Carl Parker and many other office holders. And over 650 citizens were in attendance as Orange County Commissioners proclaim Sunday, Sept. 24 Wayne Peveto Day. Roy Dunn and Harold Beeson served as co-chairmen of the event. Committee members were Sharon Bearden, Dudley Baker, Bobby Cormier, Tim Lieby, Flo Edgerly, Bertie Ferguson and Dr. Jo Ben Welch. Food was prepared by W.T. Oliver and his crew. Entertainment was furnished by Don Jacobs, Brad Love and recording artist Betty Jo Spears. The large event was held at the DERA Club.*****John Hill, state attorney general, makes a stop to Orange County. Hill, a candidate for governor, was critical of incumbent Gov. Dolp Briscoe.*****Happenings around the courthouse: Vivian Dorman, in charge of the credit union, has about decided that daughter Donna is experiencing a false pregnancy since she and husband Jack have waited so long for their first grandchild. If Donna continues to hold out, the Dorman’s will become grandparents in February when son Johnny and wife Connie are expecting their first child.***Wauldine Laughlin has a new grandson, 8 pounds, 4 ounces, presented by daughter Kathy.***Bobbie Burgess, wife of Don and daughter of Joe and Wilma Grossman, gave birth Monday to a 10 pound baby girl.

50 Years Ago-1972

The country is going Godfather happy. The movie has grossed $120 million and the book is the bestseller of all times. The author, Mario Puzo and Paramount are working on a sequel to be called Godfather II.*****Lee Brown, the hearing aid doctor, says while on the road making calls he stopped at a small roadside part to rest. He noticed a few folks were buried nearby. One tombstone read, “I expected this, but not just yet.” *****Bernice Granger, owner of Granger’s Seafood, in Bridge City, passed away last week.*****Eleven-year-old Karen Dunn was involved in a auto accident Sunday. The automobile she was a passenger in, driven by 16-year-old Phyllis Kelly, hit a tree. The driver was not hurt but Karen was hospitalized and is in for a long recovery.*****The West Orange Chiefs beat cross town rival Stark High Tigers 27-0. The Chiefs led 20-0 at the half. Halfback Roy Williams, tailbacks Barney Duhon and Phillip January chewed up the yardage, with quarterback Ray Pusson calling the shots. Larry Spears and Company, along with Jerry Cailler, the big tackler, gave no ground on defense.*****Lanston Fall scored two touchdowns to beat Vidor 14-0. Fall ran for 126 yards, while Mark Dunn scored high for the defense. Cardinal defenders are the best in the area with David Riddling and Tony Bramblett on the line, Dunn and Fall linebackers, Terry Bridgers, Bo Worrell and Keith MacCammond in the secondary. Coach “Chief” Wilson is running the wishbone offense with Fall, Roger Easterling, Chuck Majors, Bo Worrell. Chipper Nance handles the kicking.*****Jess Davis Realty, 1601 16th Street employees are Carmon Davis, owner; Brooks Hill, manager; Marge Roberts, secretary/sales; Gordon Underwood, Fannye Beaty, Bill Jackson, T.F. “Sleepy” Smith, A.C. Roberts, Fletcher Cockrell, Bill Fite, Jack Moore and Johnny Davis. That was quite a crew 50 years ago. I believe the only ones still living are Brooks, Godon, Fletcher and Jack.


It's hard to believe that 12 years have gone by since West Orange-Stark Mustang Reggie Garrett died during a football game after throwing a touchdown pass. Medical results showed he had a silent, pre-existing heart problem. But the WO-S Mustangs never forget him. His jersey number was 12 and he always said he gave 112 percent. The 112 percent has been adopted as a slogan for the school. It's written in giant letters in the new Mustang field house. Because this year was the 12th anniversary of his death, friends and family had a special remembrance service for him at his parent's house on Western Avenue in West Orange, down from the high school. The memorial included a balloon release.*****Youth sports is kicking off for the little ones, drawing grandparents and parents to soccer and football fields. Johnny and Becky Trahan went all the way to Colmesneil to see grandson Case's first flag football game.*****Mark and Elaine Cook have been touring the gorgeous landscapes in Washington state with mountains, lakes, and forests. Probably a lot cooler there than here in the OC Texas. The question Elaine had to deal with was whether she saw Bigfoot or whether it was simply Mark in the woods.*****Ginger and Coy Broomes last week. Five years of marriage and a new life for Ginger after moving to the Swampland from Oklahoma. She's following her dreams of being a writer.*****Bridge City Intermediate School held a book marker design contest and announced the winners as Mayrell Barriga for fifth grade, Chandler Hollier for fourth grade, and Scarlett Peddy for third grade. The library is printing the winning designs so all students can get some. After all, use a marker, don't dog-ear the pages.*****Stephanie Roberts seems to be everywhere across Southeast Texas and is still finding time to take care of young boys. Last week, she got to enjoy Clint Black in concert.*****Mike Hennigan and wife, Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan, had to make a quick trip last week to Mobile, Alabama. Of course they had to make some food stops, including one place where the sweet tea is served in quart pitchers. That might have led to some extra pit stops on the travels back.*****Birthdays this past week included Sabrina Patronella turning 41, Greg Trahan celebrating No. 52, and Denisha Lafleur hit 48. Others marking birthdays were Dallas Brown, Sue Will, Corey Simon, Toyaka Moses, Margaret Terry Peveto, Christine Hanchey, Clay Dugas, and Shawn Hare. Former KOGT personality Janet Johnson celebrated, too. Check out her Mother Hen Weather on Facebook for the latest updates. Ex-pat Ann Pruter Seal went to Austin City Limits on her birthday to see Steve Miller.*****Who would have ever thought that overalls man Bob Manning, who sports a big mustache and likes to wear derby hats, would become a vegetarian. Looks like wife, Kimberley, has been sauteeing lots of spinach and tomatoes. And is that quinoa he has been eating? Kimberley sure is showing a slimmed down shape after all that healthy eating.*****Forty-nine years ago, Sept. 20, 1973, singer, songwriter, Jim Croce, died in a plane crash near a ranch later owned by Ray Cotton, near Natchitoches, Louisiana. Croce was only 30 years old but had many followers who today are in their mid or late 60s.*****The Astros clinched their fifth American League West title in six years on Monday, extending the franchise’s run of dominance and cementing what has been anticipated for months. The Astros’ second consecutive AL West championship was sealed by a 4-0 win over the Rays at Tropicana Field. With the clincher, Houston (97-51) also received a bye in the wild-card round and secured home-field advantage in the division series.


A few folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Sept. 21: Sis Keogh, longtime friend, former democratic chair person, a great lady who is in a Beaumont nursing home, turns 93 today. Also celebrating are Danny Reed, Tammy Judice, Bobby Cormier, Danny Brack, Ronnie Teaff. Today also our friends Karen Jo and Robert Vance celebrate their 49th anniversary.*****Sept. 22: Happy Birthday to Kevin Miller, Brooks Tally, Maranda Fisette, Michael Broussard and Donna Broomes.*****Sept. 23: Penny LeLeux, Jack of all trades, actress, director, writer, who has bailed us out often over the years, celebrates a birthday. Joining her are our longtime friend Tommy Simar, Julie Sandifer, Charlene Wappler, Brandi Chapman, Mark Kelly, Julie Saltzman, Megan Fontenot, Sammy Pratt and Laura Roberts.*****Sept. 24: Celebrating today are Clint Degeyter, Grace Rutherford, Brian Beard, Mark Norwood, Jeannie Barnes, Blake Seibert, Bill Nugent, Jimmy Thurman and County Commissioner Teresa Beauchamp, who is a great friend who plans to retire in December.*****Sept. 25: Birthday wishes to Ryan Johnson, Bill Nugent, Bessie Rach, Kailey Childress and Cameron Pitts.*****Sept. 26: Celebrating are Debbie Mirabella, Melissa Groff, Kara Day, Bob Blacksher, Vickie Jeter, and Joey Hargrave.*****Sept. 27: Today is the birthday of Emily Padilla, Brittany Briggs, Hayley Dardeau, Jack Short, Todd Shuford, Mike Hughes and Scott Harris. (Contact us at 409-735-5305 or HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected] to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.)


Agnes Comeaux attended a reception and dinner at a local hotel in Lafayette. When the event ended she rushed to da bashroom. After finishing her business she started patting herself down looking for her car keys. She looked at da table where she sat. No key. She realized she must of left dem keys in da ignition. Agnes then came to a terrifying conclusion. She bust thru da door and sure nuff da lot was empty. She called da police her, told dem were she was and confessed she had left da keys in da car and it had been stolen. While waiting for da police she made da call she dreaded da most. She call her husband Clovis and say, “Honey, me I left da keys in da car and it’s been stolen.” After a long pause Clovis say, “Damnit Agnes, I dropped you off me.” Embarrassed Agnes say, “Well Clovis, please come get me.” “I will Agnes as soon as I convince dis policeman I haven’t stole you car.”



Donald Trump, on Saturday in Ohio, made his highest profile embrace of the extremist conspiracy group QAnon. It was seemingly the most visible display to date of Trump’s growing alignment to the Far Right group, whose principles were championed by many in the violent mob of his supporters who overran the capitol during the January 6 insurrection. Last week, Trump posted an image of himself wearing a Q-pin on his lapel. It’s no wonder Gov. Abbott does not want Trump to come to Texas during his close race with Beto. Reasonable Republicans and Independents are turned off by Trump’s race to the bottom.*****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.


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