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“BUM” NFL Coach Never Forgot His Roots

O.A. “Bum” Phillips was born Sept. 29, 1923, at home on John Street in Orange, Texas. “Bum” the most popular and well known native to ever come out of Orange County would be 99 years old this week. All of Bum’s children were born in Orange, including son Wade, who started his coaching career at Stark High. He has been a longtime successful NFL head coach and defensive coordinator. The Phillips family roots run deep in Orange County. Bum’s parents and grandparents are buried here. Bum’s uncles were Sammy and Monroe Parrish, his mother’s brothers. As a youngster Bum worked cattle with his grandfather at several ranches in the county. Regardless of where Bum traveled in the country, when asked where he was from, he would proudly say Orange, Texas. His folks are buried here and at one time I heard him say, “That is where I’m from and that’s where I will be buried.” However he instead is buried at his Goliad ranch. Bum still has relatives in Orange County. It continues to amaze me that with all the recognition Bum and Wade brought to Orange County that nothing has ever been done to recognize them here. Other places, including Houston, recognize the Phillips contributions but at home no service organization, municipality or community leaders have made any effort to pay Bum the tribute he deserves. Even Mid-County has a street named for Bum. Maybe next year, to mark what will be his 100th birthday, he will finally be recognized in the county of his birth. One thing I’ve noticed for a long time is that Orange County is about absent when it comes to recognizing their own and there are several stars from this area who deserve recognition. Before his death on October 18, 2013, Bum published his most famous book titled Coach, Cowboy, Christian. That literally summed his life up.



Texas Attorney General  Ken Paxton fled his home in a truck driven by his wife, state Sen.  Angela Paxton, to avoid being served a subpoena Monday, according to an affidavit filed in federal court. Ernesto Martin Herrera, a process server, was attempting to serve the state’s top attorney with a subpoena for  a federal court hearing Tuesday in a lawsuit from nonprofits that want to help Texans pay for abortions out of state. When Herrera arrived at Paxton’s home in McKinney on Monday morning, he told a woman who identified herself as Angela that he was trying to deliver legal documents to the attorney general. She told him that Paxton was on the phone and unable to come to the door. Herrera said he would wait. Nearly an hour later, a black Chevrolet Tahoe pulled into the driveway, and 20 minutes after that, Ken Paxton exited the house. “I walked up the driveway approaching Mr. Paxton and called him by his name. As soon as he saw me and heard me call his name out, he turned around and RAN back inside the house through the same door in the garage,” Herrera wrote in the sworn affidavit. Angela Paxton then exited the house, got inside a Chevrolet truck in the driveway, started it and opened the doors. “A few minutes later I saw Mr. Paxton RAN from the door inside the garage towards the rear door behind the driver side,” Herrera wrote. “I approached the truck, and loudly called him by his name and stated that I had court documents for him. Mr. Paxton ignored me and kept heading for the truck.” Herrera eventually placed the subpoenas on the ground near the truck and told him he was serving him with a subpoena. Both cars drove away, leaving the documents on the ground. Paxton has been under indictment for securities fraud for seven years and faces a  whistleblower lawsuit from former top deputies who accused him of abuse of office. Texas Supreme Court Justice  Eva Guzman and Land Commissioner  George P. Bush, tried to unseat him. But Republican voters chose him over his intra-GOP challengers, who criticized his legal and personal scandals on the campaign trail. He faces Democrat Rochelle Garza in November.


10 Years Ago-2012

The talk now for the next few days will be Wednesday night’s first presidential debate between President Barrack Obama and Willard Mitt Romney. Historically the challenger makes more points and often is seen as winning the first debate. The reason for that is the incumbent is mostly on defense, having to defend his policies. Unless one of them really stumbles. The vice-presidential debate scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 11. A lot of ‘Right Wing’ pundits like to make VP Joe Biden out to be a clown. Anyone who writes off the old man’s intelligence is making a big mistake. Con. Paul Ryan can’t carry Joe’s water when it comes to experience and qualifications. Biden has forgotten more than that young Wisconsin congressman will ever know. VP Biden has served under six presidents and is an expert on foreign policy.*****Our buddy Clarence Dale Newton, the boy from Post, Texas, died Sept. 26. His story would make for good reading. Dale had fought COPD for years. He died of double-pneumonia when both of his lungs collapsed.*****Our Orange County boys in the NFL: Bridge City’s Matt Bryant had another game winning day for his Atlanta Falcons. With time running out Matt kicked his third field goal of the day. The final 40-yard kick gave the Falcons a 30-28 win over the Panthers. Atlanta is undefeated 4-0. Matt had a lot to do with that. He’s 9 for 9 in field goals.***Orange native Coach Wade Phillips and his Houston Texan defense continues to dominate. The Houston offense is ticking and Wade’s defense is holding the score down. Sunday they beat Titans 38 to 14.***Meanwhile, the youngster from West Orange- Stark, Earl Thomas, and his Seattle Seahawks came up short, losing 19-13 to the Rams. Earl had his usual good outing.*****Paris, Texas named a boulevard for hometown country singer Gene Watson. That guy has a rich, smooth voice.***Did you know that Gene Autry Drive runs through Tiega, Texas, honoring the singing, cowboy actor. The Autry Museum is also there in Gene’s hometown.***Austin turned Second St. into Willie Nelson Boulevard and of course the big street in Lubbock carries Buddy Holly’ name.***Carthage promotes itself as the hometown of country crooner Jim Reeves.***Dallas has a street honoring native son Stevie Ray Vaughn.***A portion of Texas 288 is named for Nolan Ryan. ***A boulevard is named for Coach Jimmy Johnson in Jefferson County and a street is named for Coach Bum Phillips in Mid-County. Bum is an Orange native; Johnson is a Port Arthur native. As of yet no Orange County locations are named for any of our super stars.*****Marlene, Keith and the Lion’s Club bunch have been preparing for the grand opening of the Lions Club Carnival on Wednesday.*****I stayed up and watched the Dallas-Chicago game. Coach Lovie Smith, an East Texas boy from Big Sandy, brought his Bears to Dallas and totally destroyed the Cowboys, 34-18. Quarterback Tony Romo tied his own record, throwing five picks in the same game, two returned for touchdowns. I’m not sure Dallas will ever again be America’s team. In fact, right now they are not even Texas’ team. If the Cowboys don’t find a running game, and that starts with the offensive line, they will win very few games. I like being a Cowboy fan when they had all the great players and were America’s team. To pour salt on the wounds of this Cajun boy, the New Orleans Saints are sinking like a rock.

50 Years Ago-1972

It was 1:05 p.m. Sunday afternoon, Sept. 15, when Phyllis and Roy Dunn received word that their daughter, Karen, had been involved in an auto accident while a passenger in a car that hit a pine tree. It was an accident that could have easily taken her life. After extensive surgery, the Dunn’s are thankful that their little girl’s life was spared. (Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe that it’s been 50 years.)*****Judge Sid Caillavet has spent 13 days in the hospital after suffering a slight stroke. When the judge was confronted he said, “I just had a couple of gas pains and everyone got excited.” The judge’s eyesight is still good. He can pick out the pretty nurses from the not-so-pretty.*****Jo and D.J. “Ace” Amodeo have moved into their new home at 380 Quincy in Bridge City.*****Joe Martin sells Gulf oil dealership to Don Campbell, the boy from Shelby County.*****Lee Brown, your hearing aid man, says he saw a tombstone in an old cemetery near Palacios that read, “I expected this but not just yet.”*****“Hop-A-Long Cassidy” Billy Boyd, 74 the best cowboy anyone ever saw at the picture show for eight cents, died this week.*****Bernice Granger passed away last week. She owned Granger’s Seafood on Roundbunch in Bridge City.*****Entertainer Johnny Carson and former wife, Joanne, are free to marry again, but if she does, it will cost her $100,000 a year in alimony. She also got $200,000 cash and art work valued at $200,000.*****Reginald K. Drake, son of Betty and Earl Drake, is selected to attend leadership school at Allen Academy in Bryan. Only cadets demonstrating great leadership receive an invitation to attend.*****The first entry from the Sabine area is the second annual Baytown Kiwanis Club Pilot Air Race is Richard Turkel of Orange. His co-pilot in the Sept. 30 race is Doyle Fleming of Bridge City. The 300-mile course is an exercise in fuel management and ability to get the most miles per gasoline consumed. (Editor’s note: I bet Richard could squeeze the last drop of fuel. He’s not known for being wasteful.)*****Three Orange teenagers attend the GOP convention in Dallas as special delegates. They are Tab Finchum, Frank McCollum and Corbin Rinehart.*****The Bridge City Cardinals hold Stake Jesuit scoreless in a 34-0 win. In the last two games, Cardinal linebacker Mark Dunn continued to dominate the tackling charts while David Riddling has been superb on both offense and defense. Reserve quarterback Terry Bridgers had a big night passing. Coach Chief Wilson has found depth in two young players, Chipper Nance and Charlie Hildebrand.*****The West Orange Chiefs, led by tailbacks Roy Williams and Barney Duhon, quarterback Ray Pousson, and Phillip January on offense, with Jerry Callier, Spears and company on defense, pulled off a 27-0 win over cross town rival Stark High Tigers.


The wait time is too long: County commissioner elect Chris Sowell is a pro-active type of guy. Downtime and not staying active is not his cup of tea. That’s why time just seems to be dragging. The next three months waiting to be sworn in as new Precinct 2 commissioner on Jan. 1 will seem to never come. Chris is ready to go to work. My bet is he will be a good one. Thanks to Commissioner Teresa Beauchamp for the job she has been doing and her years of service.***** Who would have bet that Becky Trahan would be a tattooed lady? The grandmother went with grown daughter Cody Tant to Flipper's  Skin Flix in Bridge City and had matching angel tattoos designed on their forearms. The mother-daughter duo can now hold up their arms together and show display a pair of angel wings. Becky got her wing just in time to celebrate Hadley Rae's first birthday.*****Lots of late September birthdays make you wonder about how parents through the years celebrated the Christmas holidays and got results nine months later. Buddies Cindy Claybar and Sherry Windham had birthdays this week as did Robert Currie, Kenny Myers, Isaiah Maldonado, Theresa Beauchamp, Jarvis Buckley, Rachel Fontenot, and Brooke Harrison. Tracie Sims hit the big 50, while Ryan Blackstock turned 21. Asia Hilliard was 19 and Raylon Walker is now 10.*****Leigh Anne Dallas celebrated the birthday of fiance' Brodrick Harrell and they were also honored with a bridal shower in his hometown of Livingston. Their wedding bells will be ringing at the end of the month, but first Leigh Anne has to help with the Team Dallas run this Saturday. The run raises money to fight ALS and is in honor of her father, Tony, who is fighting the disease. Then on October 8, Leigh Anne, who is the city of Orange's event planner, is overseeing the Second Annual Orangetober festival at the city's Boat Ramp.*****Another big bridal shower was held at the Brown Center on Sunday to honor Savannah Grant. Attendees included Cindy Claybar, along with Kelly and Maddie Morphew.*****Louis and Carole Nance celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past week. Other anniversaries included Jimmy and Marilyn Prewitt and Craig and Pam Nugent at 42 years. Mike and Caroline Hennigan marked their 22nd anniversary at Crystal Beach, but it wasn't all fun. Caroline, who is an Orange city councilor, suffered a jellyfish sting on her leg. Ouch.*****Alex Townsend, daughter of Rodney and Dr. Amy Townsend, completed her work for her master's degree in archeology. She digs that subject.*****The ladies who lunch got together last week at Ten West Diner and what a crew. West Orange city councilors Meritta Kennedy and Lanie Brown are part of the group, along with First Lady of West Orange, Jane Branch, wife of the mayor. Others dining included Jane's sister, Ida Schossow, Kay Jones,, Becky Arceneau, Gail Lanton and Donna Jerdee.*****The LC-M Class of 1972 has planned a 50th reunion for Saturday, October 29. They didn't have to look far for a place. Classmate Linda Hall Cloessner is owner of the Garden District, conveniently across the street from the high school. If anyone needs more information on the reunion or to make a reservation they can call Linda at 409-883-9889, or email her at  HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" \t "_blank" [email protected]. *****I received a call last week from Judge Pat. He was in Houston at daughter Mary Ann’s home. He and Rosalie were there to celebrate granddaughter Whitney’s birthday. After breakfast Pat was reading his County Record and in the ‘10 Years Ago’ section he read that Whitney was celebrating a birthday. Then the editor added, “Can’t believe she is 25 years old today.” It just happened Whitney had flown in from LA to celebrate her birthday with her family and was standing next to Pat while he read about her birthday 10 years earlier and today.*****We were glad to hear from our special friend Tonya Birdwell who called to say she is doing very well after having surgery. She’ll be taking it easy for a while. Not her thing but she’ll do her best. She is a great gal and will do to ride the range with.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating their special day in the next few days. Sept. 28: Happy Birthday to Brigitte Howard, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Peggy DeRouen. Also celebrating is former Record editor, Darryl Brinson, who along with Gretta, made Deweyville famous.*****Sept. 29: Celebrating today are Sherry Streetman, Michelle Choate, Landon Luna, Ricky Benefield, Brandon Taylor and Debbie’s dad Cliff Mcardle.*****Sept. 30: Happy Birthday to some great guys we know. Peggy’s Richard Albair celebrates today as does Robert Dale Vance, who has been sleeping with Karen Jo all these years. Also longtime friend we miss seeing Howard Fisher celebrates today and longtime law man Rob Strause. Happy Birthday to Tammy Lumpkin, Teresa Moss and Mark Dunn’s youngest granddaughter Willow Grace Billou.*****Oct. 1: Celebrating today are Aaron Illes, Teri Trahan, Skylar Rowley, Jamie Freeman, Kimberly Cooper, Kenton James, Tony Lummus, and Gerald Brignac.*****Oct. 2: Happy Birthday to Andre Robertson, Glenn Ray, Jason Ray, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer and Jo Bramhan.*****Oct. 3: Celebrating birthdays today are Dona Vincent, Keith Staudt, Logan Bonds, Jason “Tornado” Montagne, Eddie Free, Judy Craig and Bobby Romero.*****Oct. 4: Happy Birthday to former Bridge City mayor Bobbie Burgess, Tricia Cooper, Mikayla Warren, and career soldier Jason Manard, who Coach Les Johnson called the toughest, pound for pound, youngster he ever knew.


During World War Twice, a bunch of dem Loisiana boys went to Camp Beauregard, in Alexandria. Dat’s where dey induct dem. Sostan Gilbeaux was telling da story about dat time, “I remember when dey put one man in charge dat was mean, mean him. Dat man work us from before daylight till we was plum wore out. A fellow soldier Geaux Sleaux Comeaux came up; to me an he axe, “Sostan, how come dey put dat mean so-an-so in charge of us, hanh?” I say, “Well, Geaux Sleaux, it’s like dis, you see dat man him had ROTC before he brought himself to da Army.” Geaux Sleaux say, “Whoo! He must got it damn bad him, dat’s for sure.”

Homeboy Andre makes it to New York Yankees


Sixty-five years ago this week, Oct. 2, 1957, a youngster born in Orange, TX would grow up to be a Major League baseball player. With the Major League season ending and the playoffs on the way, my thoughts turned to an Orange native who made it to the big show. Andre Levett Robertson, attended West Orange-Stark where he was a star in baseball, football and other sports. He went on to play baseball at the University of Texas and in the 1979 amateur draft, at age 21, he was signed in the fourth round. by the Toronto Blue Jays. During his rookie season he made it to the Blue Jays Syracuse triple A farm club. Andre made it to the New York Yankees on Sept. 3, 1981. He played with the Yankees over five years. His batting average was .312 in 1981, .247 in ‘82, .293 in .83, .250 in ‘84 and .386 in 1985. He played at three different positions for the Yankees, second base, short stop and third base. He did pitch a little in the minor leagues. Over all Andre was with the Yankees five years. He was highly regarded in the Yankee organization and possibly headed to the Hall of Fame but in an unfortunate auto accident he suffered a broken neck. He never regained the skills that had served him well since he was a youngster in Little League. For several years he had been an employee of DuPont in Orange. Andre is just another of the boys raised in Orange County who made their mark and brought pride to this little part of Texas that we call home. This week we extend a very happy birthday to Andre Robertson, a special guy from a special place.*****So ends my day and week. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.


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