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I’ve lived long enough to have witnessed many hurricanes. I go back to an un-named storm in 1939 and many with names since. I don’t recall all the bad ones except maybe Audrey, in June 1957, which was as powerful a hurricane Ian that hit Florida Wednesday, Sept. 28. It’s one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the United States. Besides the catastrophic damage, it left over 100 people dead. The hurricane’s center struck just west of Fort Myers, on the Gulf Coast. The category four storm slammed the coast with 150 mph winds and the strongest water surge I’ve even heard of. The winds and water left the mainland a war zone.THIBODEAUX ONE TOUGH CAJUN

Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Orange County’s longest serving county judge, is a special guy. Judge Thib faces whatever comes his way. His life is made up of ups and downs but he’s always played the hand dealt him. He reminds me a lot of President Harry Truman, a pharmacist who became a politician. Thib and Harry have things in common, “Give ‘um hell” Harry was mayor of Independence, Missouri, neither lost an election. President Truman dropped the “A” bomb on Japan ending WWII, no doubt Carl would have done the same. Harry was a Yellow Dog Democrat; Carl is a lifelong Democrat who never changed. Many years ago, Carl, with the help of Doug Harrington, opened his first drug store inside Danny Brack’s grocery store in West Orange. Later Carl ran for mayor of his new hometown. He served the city well before being elected several times as county judge. After 21 years he retired and became West Orange’s Municipal Judge. Even today, twice a week, he walks across the street to City Hall and holds court. When he couldn’t walk or play golf anymore, he realized he had problems. He also suspected he was having kidney problems. A CT Scan showed he had a spot on his lung. A biopsy showed he had cancer, the cancer was malignant, and a part of his left lung was removed. Over the years the judge had multiple stints for his heart, so many in fact it got to be a joke, “Carl had to replace a stint with a new stint.” Since last December he has been fighting different ailments plus the cancer. His wife Micaela left her job, which she loved, to care for him. It’s all been worth it. He’s on the upswing. Even all the hair he lost and his big beard, which he has had since 1976, is on the rebound. His legs are coming back, fluids and pills are taking care of the weight he gained. The best news of all, my longtime friend tells me he is cancer free. Thank God for that. We pray for his continued progress. Next week, on Oct. 15th he will celebrate 77 years. Happy birthday Judge, glad to see you made another one and best wishes for many more.

(Editor’s note: If you would like to send the Judge a birthday card, I bet if you send it to West Orange City Hall he’ll get it.)


10 Years Ago-2012

This Thursday is the vice presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Biden is one of the most experienced people to serve as vice president, the youngest ever elected to the United States senate, served under six presidents, has served in every senate committee and is considered a foreign policy expert. Challenger Con. Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin congressman who had considered running for senator however the polls showed he couldn’t win. ***** Sammy Frank Lucia went back to work six months after retiring as BCHS Superintendent. He‘s working with Texas Region V Education Service Center as Facilities Program Coordinator. *****Frank’s wife Judy, Karen Jo‘s sister, had her purse stolen from her shopping cart on the morning of Sept. 26 at the Orange Super Wal-Mart. Two of West Orange Police Chief Mike Stelly‘s finest, Brown and Tarver have taken fantastic care of her and she‘s been bragging about them all over town. *****Jacque Craft, former administrative assistant to County Judge Carl Thibodeaux, has returned to Orange for good. She had moved to Michigan but found she didn’t like the cold winters. *****How our Orange County guys in the NFL fared. Bridge City’s Matt Bryant connected for a 53 yard field goal for his Atlanta Falcons. He’s now 10 for 10. The Falcons beat the Redskins 24-17 and are 5-0 this season.***The pride of West Orange-Stark, Earl Thomas, had another good day for the Seahawks, who beat the Panthers 16-12.***Orange born, Coach Wade Phillips, who heads up the defense for the Houston Texans had another great game Monday night beating the New York Jets 23-17. The Texans are 5-0. They join Bryant’s Falcons as the only two undefeated teams. This is the first time in Houston franchise history to be 5-0. The boys from our little part of Texas ain’t doing too bad in the NFL.*****In other sports notes: The New Orleans Saints waited until the last few seconds to beat Phillip Rivers and the Chargers 24-31. Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ 52 year record by throwing a touchdown pass in 48 consecutive games. The nearest to Brees is Tom Brady with 37.***I also told you Geno Smith, West Virginia, would invade Austin. WV defeated the Longhorns 48-45.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Mr. Mac McCullough, on Oct. 10 will celebrate number 91.***Charlene Guest, receptionist at Orange County Sheriffs’ office also celebrates on Oct. 10.***Alan Johansson, Leigh’s boy, was born on Oct. 11.***Janie Johnson, who worked at American Red Cross for many years and now is the executive director at United Way in Mid-County and Port Arthur, celebrates Oct. 12.***Chris Drucker, a supervisor at Peak Industrial Services and Lane Mooney, a sheriffs’ office investigator, both celebrate birthdays Oct. 13.***Our good friend for nearly 50 years, Harry Stephens, celebrates his birthday Oct. 14. To celebrate he I having an appliance storewide sale.***October 15 is a big dayfor County Judge Carl Thidodeaux, the boy from Mamou, is the longest serving county judge in Orange County. He also was the first guy to introduce Cajun singer, Hunter Hayes, to Orange County before he was a teenager. Today Hunter is number one on the Country Music charts.***Derek Borel celebrates on Oct. 15 and so does Sonny Childs.***Wayne Mulhollan, longtime husband of Barbara, a good guy who has just rolled with time, is a year older come Oct. 16. Happy birthday to all.*****Kevin and Katie LeBoeuf celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss on Oct. 13. Congrats.*****Good News: Alzheimer’s drug shows promise in mild cases. Two combined studies show experimental drug slows mental decline.*****I understand that Skipper Free’s daughter, Laura, who turns 50 soon, had planned a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. Unfortunately Laura broke her leg right under the knee so the trip is off. Skipper was really looking forward to it.*****We are hearing some really good things about Swamp Pop Sound Shop, on MacArthur Drive. Check them out. They are experts in car audio and video. Lots of great specials.***** We send condolences to our good friend Peggy Albair and her family on the death of her mother, Ida Arceneaux.

20 Years Ago-2002

An artist rendition of the new Bridge City High School is released. The two story building will be 125,000 square feet and can house up to 1200 students. The new school will have plenty of parking. The cost is $11.9 million. Superintendent Sam Lucia said “It will be the most impressive school in Southeast Texas.” Asst. Supt. Joe Chenella agreed.*****The Bridge City Rotarians prepare for it’s 16th annual gumbo dinner to be served from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. before the homecoming game. (Editor‘s note: Do they still do that? If so it would be the 36th year now.)*****On the Bridge City homecoming court are Summer Stephson, Mattie Neely, Christy Baker, Rachel Comeaux, Shanley Hubbard, Gabrialle Freeman, Brittany Anderson, Dana Allen, Jessica Blanda and Rachel Briggs. (Editor’s note: Today I bet they are scattered throughout the country. Some probably with grandkids.)*****The Stark High classes, 1950 to 1955 hold reunion. The reunion was held at the Country Club with over 250 in attendance. Everyone bragged on the food Pat Johnson served. Skipper Free said the reunion was better than her last Pap Smear. Charles Pence came the farthest, (Idaho), Betty and Bob Cary were married the longest.*****A new Whataburger coming to former B.C. Burger King location. A new hangout for the old folks.***** In 1936, a lot of talent was born in Texas. Buddy Holly, was born in Lubbock, Kris Kristofferson, born in Brownsville, Freddy Fender, born in San Benito, Roy Orbison, Wink, Texas. (Editor’s note: San Benito is also the home town of Gracie, one of the area’s best waitress, who serves you at Robert’s Restaurant. Robert was from just down the road at Brownsville.)*****Matt Bryant kicked a 38-yard field goal for the New York Giants. Matt is still perfect on field goals and extra points in 2002.

35 Years Ago-1977

A trip this week to Farmers Mercantile finds the smell of hot roasting peanuts that Mr. Gus has roasted on the stove. Maggie Dorman and Helen Ratcliff wait on customers while Mr. Gus sits at his desk holding court with visitors. The popular Orange landmark opened for business in 1928 and is still one of the state’s unique stores.*****Also Bing Crosby, who has touched so many lives as a singer and actor, died this week. His “White Christmas” will live forever.*****Mrs. Leoma Carroll Knee, 73, died this week. The former Du- Pont nurse was once married to John Carroll and was mom to Betty Drake.*****Daenan Denison, a victim of leukemia for the last two years, spends most of his time nowadays at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston. Daenan is the 6-year-old son of Johnny and Cindy Church Denison.*****Orange County Judge Pete Runnels and the entire court attended a conference in San Antonio this week. The court will also go to Austin where Judge Runnels will make a presentation urging the state to build a second Rainbow Bridge. Many Orange countians and all area chambers will attend.. Judge Runnels has been a driving force in attempting to get another bridge over the Neches. (Editor’s note: The second bridge, the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, was ultimately built. Today, Pete is in an Arkansas nursing home.)*****Hazel Forse, OCDD secretary, was honored by KOGT as lady of the day.******J.R. and Carolyn Wilson become parents of a baby girl. They named her Robin.*****Ann and Jimmy Segura fly to the east coast to visit son Tommy, his wife and baby.*****Glenn Harrison is the new service manager at Harmon Chevrolet.*****Vera Dolly is in St. Elizabeth hospital.*****Gov. Dolph Briscoe appoints Sam Naifeh, Orange County coordinator of his 1978 gubernatorial campaign. He joins Marlin Thompson in the post they held in the governor’s 1974 campaign.*****Janet and Paul Eason are the proud parents of a 9-pound, 6-ounce baby boy.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs have a bass club under the sponsorship of Tommy Humphrey. Tourney winners over the weekend for WO-S were Stephen Bogoyas, Keith Hood, Craig McCauley and Phillip McCarver.


We visited with Port Commissioner Keith Wallace this week. He is still working for Logan and Uncle Sam at the four Reliable Cleaner locations. He said he was proud of his friend Jessica Hill, former EDC director for landing a high profile job with Entergy.*****Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre celebrates his 53rd birthday on Oct. 10. His problems in Mississippi continue.*****I can’t believe the former 14-year-old singing star Tonya Tucker will be 64 on Oct. 10.*****James Scales took his Italian foreign exchange student, Eli, on a trip to Galveston this weekend to show off our famous island town. Payson’, the spoiled dachshund, accompanied them on the trip and even dined with them on a restaurant patio.***** Keith and Cynda Perry made a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to see the famous International Balloon Fiesta with dozens of colorful hot air balloons floating in the skies.*****Over in Galveston, Orange ex-pats Monte and Kelly Morphew were the proud parents at daughter Maddie’s art exhibition as part of her graduation from art college. The display was at a gallery owned by another Orange ex-pat in Galveston, Regina Dorman Parkinson.*****Leigh Anne Dallas may end up sleeping through her honeymoon at the end of the month if she keeps up her schedule, which looks exhausting. On Saturday morning, she worked for the third annual Team Dallas walk-run held as a benefit to fight ALS in honor of her father, Tony, who has been fighting the disease. Then Sunday, she was feted at a big bridal shower held at the Train Depot. She looked stunning in a white sheath dress with cape-like sleeves. Fiance’ Brodrick Harrell had a birthday. And then all this week she is working to set up and coordinate the big Orangetober celebration. She’s the city of Orange’s events coordinator.*****Gary and Allisha Bonneaux spent the weekend in the DFW area to attend their daughter’s bridal shower. Of course Gary made time to go to AT&T Stadium to watch the Cowboys beat Washington.*****Rex Gibson celebrated his 71st birthday by heading to Houston to watch the Astros win another game at Minute Maid Park. Rita Monson was also at the game with her mother, Della Gallien, who had a birthday on Tuesday. Those two don’t need a special day to go cheer on the Astros. They like to go often.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating in the next few days. Oct. 5: Happy Birthday to Kevin Staudenmier, Elicia Dillon and Jaren Dillon.*****Oct. 6: Jimmy Smith, Troy Woodall, Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle and Cathye Liepy celebrate today.*****Oct. 7: Happy Birthday to Connie Elkins, Mary Moore and Joby Brown.*****Oct. 8: Darrin Baudoin, Ronnie Halliburton, Sandy Frye, Blaine Huff, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch and Lisa Havens are a year older.*****Oct. 9: Today Betty Stimac, Will Stout, Kirsten Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner and Megan Benoit celebrate.*****Oct. 10: Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard and Janell Matthews celebrate.*****Oct. 11: Today former commissioner Marcell Adams turns 99. Also celebrating are Laura Allen, Preston Pittman and Alan Johansson.


Leo Boudreaux stick his head into Alsid Trahan’s barber shop and he ax, “Trahan, how long before I can get a haircut me?”

Trahan, da barber, look around da shop and he say,

“’About two hours.” Boudreaux, him , he leave.

A couple days later he comes back, stick his head in da door and ax, “Trahan, how long before I can get a haircut me?”

Trahan, he look around at da shop wats full of customers and he says, “About tree hours.”

Boudreaux, he leaves.

A week later here comes Boudreaux again. He sticks his head in da barber shop and ax, “Trahan, how long before I can get a haircut me?”

Trahan, da barber, look around da shop and says, “Bout an hour and a half.

Trahan, him, by dis time, is intrigues. He look over at a friend in da shop and he say, “Clovis, how bout you follow dat fool and see where he goes him.”

Clovis take off. In just a little bit, he comes back in da barber shop killing himself laughing.

Trahan ax, “Clovis, tell me where did he go wen he left here?”

Clovis he’s laughing so hard tears are in his eye, and he answer, “Trahan, dat fool went to your house.”




The notorious right-wing editorial board of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal issues a rare and sharp condemnation of Donald Trump over the former president’s “reckless” attacks on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying in an online post on Friday that the Kentucky Republican has “a death wish” for approving Democrat-sponsored bills. “The ‘death wish’ rhetoric is ugly even by Trump’s standards and deserves to be condemned,” the Journal’s editorial board wrote in an editorial published late Sunday. It’s all too easy to imagine some fanatic taking Trump seriously and literally attempting to kill McConnell. Many supporters took Trump’s rhetoric about former VP Mike Pence all too seriously on Jan. 6. The paper also took offense at the former president’s slam on McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, a Taiwan-born businesswoman who served as secretary of transportation in his administration. In his Truth Social post criticizing McConnell, Trump added, “Must immediately seek help and advise from his China loving wife, Coco Chow!” This is a continuation of Trump’s attacks on Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife, for being Chinese-American,” the Journal editors wrote. “Her real offense was resigning as transportation secretary after Donald Trump’s disgraceful behavior on Jan. 6. I can’t believe some people are still supporting this guy.*****Thanks for your time. Until next time happy trails. Take care and God bless.

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