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Baseball League playoffs and the World Series championship games are my favorite times of the year. Baseball is still truly like apple pie; it doesn’t age, and is the one team sport that magnifies the talent of the individual player. Baseball is special; it is an American sport, played by youngsters as early as five years old. It takes great talent to make it to the Major Leagues and a good amount of luck. Many youngsters who are very good just don’t get to make that last step to the Major Leagues. This time of year has always been a special time for me. My love of baseball goes back to when I was a youngster, back to the early 1940’s. Many of the great players in the Majors came along during my lifetime. Many hours were spent listening to the games on our battery-operated radio. It always carried a lot of static, but at night in bed, I listened to the games on that little crystal radio. It could only catch the St. Louis Cardinals games. At that time, the Cardinals were the closest Major League team to the southern states. I have a lot of baseball memories of players who are now in the ‘Baseball Hall of Fame,’ others, just country boys, with raw talent, who made it to the bright lights. I’ll be following the Astros. They played their first playoff game Tuesday at home, Astros win 8-7 with a walk off home run by Alvarez. Game 2 is Thursday, 2:37 p.m, in Houston. Game 3 and 4 at Seattle. Game 5, Seattle at Houston. All games will be televised on TBS. Across the board we are in for some great playoff games in both the American and National Leagues. Take time to enjoy a game or two. There will be plenty games to choose from before the two teams that will meet in the World Series are chosen. Houston fans would like to see an Astro-Dodger World Series.


Carlton ‘Tater’ Abney, the son of the late Claude Abney, was raised in Bridge City and knew Cow Bayou like the back of his hand. Like many of the local youngsters, Tater spent a lot of time in and on Cow Bayou. Boys and girls have been swimming and skiing the bayou for as long as anyone can remember. I recall when a tree hung over the bayou at Dunn’s Bluff and a rope was attached to a limb. The kids would swing to the middle of the bayou and drop off. No one ever gave a thought to the bayou water not being safe. A few years ago, Judge Derry Dunn, while at the beach, was a victim of the flesh eating bacteria. It was a long haul in a Houston hospital but the doctors were able to save his leg. Tater wasn’t so fortunate. Two days after being exposed to Cow Bayou water, he was taken to hospital. His leg had to be amputated. He and his family were made aware that if he would have waited longer to receive medical treatment, he probably would have died. Flesh eating bacteria is found mostly in salt or brackish water and is contracted through an open sore. It also has been known to spread through the body by eating under cooked shellfish and certain seafood but that is unusual. I don’t recall any cases ever being reported before in Orange County. My guess is the drought, the dry weather and no fresh water coming down river, leaving the bayou water not moving and stagnant might have something to do with the water carrying the bacteria. Tater, who I have known since he was a pup is facing at least six more months in the hospital. I had known his dad Claude since he and I were boxers in our youth. He was one of the most talented people I’ve ever known. Years ago, he designed signs for State Neon Company. He then went into business for himself where Tater could be found hanging around his dad’s shop. Many signs throughout the area were designed and built by Abney. One item, a poster commissioned by Mark Dunn, for the Bridge City Crawfish and Salt Water Crab Festival was drawn by Claude and became a collector’s item. Tater is a good family man who is expecting to spend at least another six months in the hospital. He has been flooded with thousands or dollars of medical expenses alone and that’s just the start. He will need plenty of financial help. A benefit is planned on Nov. 12 at the Crawfish Hole, Parkside Place Dr., next to the Little League park in Bridge City. Anyone who feels it in their heart to help Carlton, a lifelong Bridge City resident, Venmo@Colton-Abney-1.


10 Years Ago-2012

Matt Bryant kicked his second game winning field goal in three weeks. He beat Carolina 30-28 with five seconds left on the clock two weeks ago. Sunday, against the Raiders, he saw his streak of 23 consecutive field goals come to an end when he missed a 43-yarder that went wide left. He came back to make two field goals in the third quarter. With the score tied 20-20 and just one second left in the game Bryant was called on to win the game or go into overtime. Matt punched a long 55-yard kick right through the uprights for a 23-20 Falcon win. They remain the only undefeated team in the NFL at 6-0. Matt is 14-1 for the season in field goals. He makes Orange County proud. He went from a pawn shop job to being an NFL star.*****Our guy Earl Thomas, with the Seahawks, had a pick in a winning effort. Meanwhile, Orange native, Coach Wade Phillips’ Texan defense took a licking in a first season loss to Green Bay.***** For historical record, fearless Felix Baumgartner set a freefall record of breaking the sound barrier. He plunged to earth from 24 miles in space. While falling he reached speeds of 833.9 mph which is faster than the speed of sound.***** Protestants no longer majority in US. For centuries America’s top religious brand has been “Protestant,” that’s no more. In the 1960’s two in three Americans called themselves protestant. Today, both evangelical and main line protestants have slid down to 48 percent from 50 percent just five years ago, in 2007. They didn’t switch to other religions, they just let go of any faith affiliation. The Pew Forum report says one in five Americans now claim no religious identity. This group, called ‘Nones,’ is now the second largest category after Catholics. Thirty-two percent are under age 30 and unlikely to claim a religion with age. ‘Nones’ are not atheists, agnostics and non-believers, some believe nothing in particular. Pew Forum says 45 million are gone and not coming back to a religious belief. Many ‘Nones’ are baby boomers, 68 percent believe in God or a higher power, 41 percent say they pray, 23 percent consider religion some what important. Fifty-eight percent say they feel a deep connection with nature and the earth. Today, ‘Nones’ are tied with white evangelicals. Pew makes the point that the study comes amid an election category where the Republican Party, which placed protestants on its presidential ticket for a century, has nominated a Mormon, Mitt Romney and a Catholic, Paul Ryan, as his running mate. For the first time, if Romney is elected, a Mormon will hold the most powerful position in the world. Also today the United States Supreme Court includes six Catholics and three Jews and no Protestants. Point of interest: President Barack Obama is the only Protestant on both political tickets. Joe Biden is Catholic. (Editor’s note: This was only 10 years ago folks, I would like to see an updated report.)*****Birthdays this week: Linda Heard, Johnny Dubose, Wesley Palmer, Bob Puntes, Phillip Todora, Joy Dubose-Simonton, Jason Yeaman, Brad Childs, John-Cecil Beeson.*****Our friend Nelda Burton, who spends many of her days substitute teaching at LC-M. No doubt Ms. Nelda loves little chilluns, dats why she teaches so much when she could be home waiting on Commissioner Burton.*****Local artist Carolyn Mello will launch her new book “Murder Once Removed” at the Orange Chamber office Thursday, Oct. 18, with a ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. A book signing will take place Friday, Oct. 28 at Orange Stationer. *****We visited by phone with Rebecca Segura, the late Ann and Jimmy’s daughter-in-law, married to son Tommy, who is retired from the Air Force and working in banking in Nebraska. They have two sons. One a writer in New York, the other lives in San Antonio. Tommy and Becky are planning to move to Texas in about a year or two. (Editor’s note: I believe they did. I would love to see Tommy. His brother Darrell still lives in Bridge City.)

20 Years Ago-2002

Jillian Denise Boswell celebrates her first birthday Oct. 16th with her cousin Blaze, family and friends. Jillian is the daughter of Carolyn and Cory Boswell and the granddaughter of Darlene and Johnny Montagne, Billy Boswell and Carla Farley. The little beauty is also the great granddaughter of Cedric and Cherry Stout. (Editor‘s note: Happy birthday to Jillian, who turns 21-years-old this week.)***** K-Dan’s prepared the food for David Bernson’s Bayou Bash, Over 1,500 attended. Everyone enjoyed the gumbo and trimmings. A few of the natives spotted were Tony Dal-Sasso, Gerald Eddlemon, Judge Claude Wimberly and his fire chief, brother, Jerry, Roy Dunn, Cal Broussard, Constable P.T. Thompson, Donna Scales, Sue Bearden, Cindy Claybar, Ambrose Claybar, Judge Don and Mayor Bobbie Burgess. (Editor’s note: That’s when politics brought out large crowds and Democrats had a lot of fun and participated.*****Roy Derry Dunn is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1. He is opposing J.P. Cimron Campbell. Dunn is running to be a full time judge. Campbell is a practicing attorney and also works for the City of Orange.*****Bridge City Cards, undefeated in 21-3A, (5-1) 3-0, will take on Hardin-Jefferson for homecoming Friday.*****Orangefield Bobcat Alex Sauceda, dashed for 310 yards against Anahuac to bring his rushing yardage up to 1,251 yards. Bobcats win 20-10.*****West Orange -Stark Mustangs defeat Lumberton 19-7. Kerry Franks rushed for 179 yards. The chain gang defense was led by Donavan Richard and Dominique Dugas.

49 Years Ago-1973

One of Orange Counties finest men, Bill Harland, of Vidor, has been selected to grand jury foreman.*****Barbara Gillis is married to Coach Buddy. Her mother-in-law is visiting from Kilgore.*****Judge David Dunn is hobbling around after having a big toe nail removed.***** A lady argues with butcher Speck Farris at Texas Avenue Grocery about the high price of liver. She was overheard saying, “I only want it for dinner, not a transplant.”*****John Curylo, an Orangeite, is a sports writer for the Port Arthur News. He graduated last May from Texas A&M where he was editor of “The Battalion,” the Aggie paper. He will have to serve a three month hitch for Uncle Sam starting in November. (Editor’s note: What became of John anyway?)*****Leader sports editor Gary Snyder leaves for information director job at McNeese. Gary and Joe Kazmar are both outstanding baseball players. Their team was only beaten last year in the summer league by the national champs. They are both McNeese former baseball players.*****Terri Stakes and Ricky Romero have announced that they will tie the knot Nov. 11. (Editor’s note: Terrie lost her life in an auto accident in May.)*****Phil Womack is named president of Orange Savings and Loan.***** Speedy Bridge City Cardinal David Guidry blocks punt on Cards march to 36-0 victory over Bishop Byrne. Lanston Fall scored a 5-yard TD on the next play. Roger Easterling, Bo Worrell, David Mire, Mark Truncale and Fall all scored for Chief Wilson’s Cards.*****The Orangefield Bobcats were blanked by the Anahuac Panthers.


Orange's Terrific Trio of Leigh Anne Dallas, Hillary Gravett, and Brandy Judice put on a fantastic Orangetober Fest at the Boat Ramp. It's hard to imagine topping last year's inaugural event, but they did it this year. Craft vendors, food trucks, wine and beer, a gumbo cookoff, and lots of music, including country star Kevin Fowler, who played into the night to an enthusiastic crowd. However, the thousands of pumpkins and gourds set up in the Pumpkin Village drew the most people. Families and friends of all ages posed in front of various displays of pumpkins and hay bales. Kellin Patin and Cari Turner strolled the grounds. Melissa and Elvis Rushing brought grandkids and celebrated Melissa's birthday. Terri and Brad Childs, along with Paul Dickerson helped in served pretzels and strawberries at the Little Cypress Lions Club booth, and then rocked out to the music. Also seen rocking to the music were Al Granger and Nolan LeBlanc. Kimberly Manning and Jennifer McDonnell took time out from volunteering duties to pose for selfies. Of course Ida Schossow with the Orange Chamber was working and enjoying the festivities. Charlotte Alford, Adam Conrad, and Leslie Williams with Heritage House Museum found time to set up coloring crafts for children. They are working hard this week for Saturday's big Historic Ghost Walk in downtown. Orange native Curtis Leister from Beaumont strolled the grounds and chatted with old friends. Chrisleigh Dal Sasso had her grandchildren with daughter Madeline. Her newest grandbaby, Mary Katherine, was too young at one-week old.***** Orangefield school board trustee Chris Kovatch was chosen to represent Orange County in Beaumont's Junior League Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. We'll see if all his work behind the scenes with wife Christy's dance studio has helped. Or maybe he picked up moves from avoiding Lego tiles in his house left by some of their six children.*****West Orange City Councilor last week went Howl at the Moon in  San Antonio with Kimberly Cline. Is she allowed to howl at the council meetings?*****Lots of people were celebrating coaches last week on National Coaches Day. Retired WO-S coach Randy Ragsdale celebrated by saluting his three children, all of them coaches. Ryan is following his dad with the Mustangs while daughters Rebekah and Sarah Ragsdale Nash are at Orangefield. Mom Paula could be considered a retired coach after coaching the WOS Fillies for years.  Commissioner Johnny Trahan and wife, Becky, also have a son, Justin Trahan, coaching for WO-S.***** Michael and Angelique Catt celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this week.*****Homer Pillsbury in Beaumont, who grew up in Orange and is an area legend, turned another year closer to 80.***Sam Patronella turned 65,*** Kathy Brown hit the Big 60,*** Joanna Peveto hit the double-nickel 55.***Other birthdays included Jill Kunst, Odell Petterway, Prisci Jennings.*****Al Granger and his Team Granger car dealerships are everywhere these days. He's gearing up for Saturday's big Dean Granger Memorial Run to benefit the Orange County United Way. Al has purchased the old Wells Fargo Bank building at the corner of Green Avenue and 16th Street and will expand his vehicle empire there.


Here are a bunch of great folks whose birthdays all follow one another this week. On Oct. 11, the first female County Commissioner, Marcell Adams, turns 99. The next day Oct. 12, County Judge John Gothia celebrates. Following John on Oct. 13, Sheriff Jimmy Lane Mooney celebrates. Then on Oct. 14, Commissioner Johnny Trahan and Harry Stephens mark another birthday. To end the week, on Oct. 15, former county judge Carl Thibodeaux celebrates his 77th. If you are interested in the signs of the stars, all the above successful folks were born under the sign of Libra.*****Here are a few more birthdays in the next few days. Oct 12: Celebrating today are Tara Edgerton, Miltion Briggs III, Sharon Bilbo, John Gothia, Leslie Anderson, Alma Smith and Cheryl Squires.*****Oct. 13: Scott Romero, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins, Jason Sellers and Sheriff Lane Mooney.*****Oct. 14: Celebrating today is our friend Harry Stephens, Stephanie Harvey, Johnny Trahan, John Heyduck, Martha Kile, Stacey Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree and Olivia Hubbard.*****Oct. 15: Becky Lafleur, Jennifer Peveto, Sonny Childs, Kory Freeman, Allison LeBlanc, Derek Borel and former county judge Carl Thibodeaux.*****Oct. 16: Happy Birthday to Wayne Mulhollan, Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Rosie Hurst, Griselda Vargas, and Commissioner Johnny Trahan.*****Oct. 17: A Happy Birthday to Linda Heard, Pam Bowman, Johnny Dubose, Sue Collins, Bob Puntes and Lynn Bates.*****Oct. 18: Celebrating today are Will Winfree, Penny Becker, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Cheryl Royal and Curt Landry.


Otto Boudreaux was getting into da shower jus as wife Mable was getting out. Jus den da door bell rang, Mable her, quickly wrapped herself up in a towel and ran downstairs. Wen she open da door, dere stands Rasco Comeaux, dere neighbor. Before Mable say a word, Rasco say, Mabel, I’ll give you $400 to drop dat towel.” Mabel tink about dat for a moment den she drop dat towel and stands plum naked in front of dat smiling Rasoc. After several seconds, he hand her da $400 and leaves. Mabel wraps up and goes back upstairs. Otto he axe, “Who was dat babe?” “Oh it was jus Rasco,” she answer. “Dats great,” says Otto, “Did he say anyting about dat $400 he owes me?”


Dischler’s Roots Run Deep in County

I believe Coach Josh Smalley is still running the ‘Wing-T offense’ at Orangefield. To make any ‘T’ offense work you have to have at least one stud in the backfield. According to Coach Smalley, they have a youngster who fills the bill, along with some very capable teammates in the backfield. Cameron Dischler, a senior halfback, a 6-foot, 190-pound youngster with 4.6 speed. Cameron also possesses good athletic genes. Most old timers remember the Colburn boys, Dickie and Jeep, at Stark High. Cameron is Jeep’s grandson, his daughter Kelly and Steve Dischler’s boy. The Colburn boys were not only good athletes, they coached football. Dickie passed away October 20, a year ago, at age 75. He would have been so proud of his nephew for the successful year he’s having, just as Jeep is proud of his grandson. I’m sure Cameron is headed to college football somewhere. By the way, one of his aunts is Pauline Hargrove, former longtime LCM superintendent. Good luck to Cameron and the Orangefield Bobcats on what promises to be a championship season.*****My time is up, thanks for yours and thanks for your loyalty. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.


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