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The Houston Astros have a record six consecutive American League Championship Series appearances after an 18-inning win over the Seattle Mariners. Jeremy Pena parked a full count fast ball over the center field wall to give Houston a 1-0 victory and series sweep in three games. The 18-inning game tied the record for the longest playoff game in major league baseball history and tied the Astros franchise record for most innings in a post season game. Most Astros fans will recall Chris Burke’s walk off home run in the 18-ining game four of the 2005 National League Division Series sealed a 7-6 Astros victory over the Braves. Saturday, the Astros used eight pitchers who threw 253 pitches over the six-plus hours. The Astros and Mariners combined for 42 strikeouts in the fifth post season game in baseball history to exceed 15 innings. It was one hell of a game. I could have driven to Houston, had dinner, and been back home before the game was over. Pena, a rookie, replaced a legend, Carlos Correa, at short stop. He played above his pay grade. All season Pena played excellent ball and produced game winning situations in all three post games against Seattle. Monday night, the Cleveland Guardians and New York Yankees tied at 2-2 were to play their fifth game to determine who would take on the Astros for the American Championship. Rain delayed the game until Tuesday afternoon. The Yankees beat the Guardians 5-1. Game 1 will be played today, Wednesday, 6:37 p.m. in Houston’s Minute Maid; Game 2, Thursday, same time; Game 3, played away, 4:07 p.m.; Game 4, Sunday, away, 6:07 p.m.; Game 5, 3:07 p.m., Oct. 24, away; Game 6, 5:07 p.m., Oct. 25, at Houston and Game 7, 6:37 p.m., Oct. 26. All games can be seen on TBS.


I was surprised to learn that David Claybar had died and disappointed that I had not been notified by our staff. I read about it in our paper. David passed away October 6, and he and Peggy’s home. I had known David since he and his brother Brown were just little guys. I’ve known Peggy before they married 54 years ago. As a 16 years old she worked for her dad Bill Stringer at the Gulf station, returning customer’s autos after they had been serviced. The Claybars and the Stringers were friends, so David and Peggy had known each other their entire lives. Margie and Lannie were friends of mine. Lannie had helped me get in business and was one of my best friends. I was at the hospital with Margie when Lannie passed away on Sept. 6, 1969. He was having heart problems, blocked arteries. One 100 percent blocked, the other over 70 percent blocked. Mr. Edgar Brown had undergone bypass surgery in Houston, one of the first to ever have the procedure. He suggested to Lannie that he do the same and introduced him to his doctor. The results were not the same. Mistakes were made and Lannie died. Today, the surgery is a common procedure. At age 21, David took over the operation of the Claybar Funeral Home. He was a licensed funeral director and embalmer. He also went on to own Forest Lawn and Hillcrest Cemeteries. David was very active; he never stopped and was the youngest person ever elected Orange Rotary president. I recall when David would come by the newspaper office at night when we were working. He always had ideas he wanted to promote. Claybar Funeral Home, under David, was the first ambulance company in the United States to purchase modular ambulances. David was the founder of Orange County Ambulance Service. He also was responsible for Acadian Ambulance coming to Texas. There is so much more that could be said about this good man. Our sincere condolences to Peggy, sons Lannie and David and their family and to Brown and the entire Claybar family.


10 Years Ago-2002

Obama painted Romney as a flip-flopper who keeps trying to ambush history. When Romney said, “The Navy needs more ships; we have fewer than we did in 1917.” Obama shot back, “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military changed.” He also said that today we have aircraft carriers that planes land on. The president controlled in substance and in style, on issues from sanctions on Iran to the overthrowing of Mubarak. Romney found himself agreeing with the president. CBS News found that Obama won the debate by over two to one, 53 percent to 23 percent.*****We were saddened by the death of Steven Scott Curtis, 31, who was killed in an auto accident Oct. 20, when the vehicle he was a passenger in was struck from behind. He was riding in the back seat of a Toyota with his one year old child, who was in a car seat. His wife Katie was driving and slowed down for an accident that had occurred on IH-10 Neches River Bridge when a Ford F350 pickup slammed into them. The child and mother did not have life threatening injuries. Funeral services Friday, Oct. 26 at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Katie is the daughter of friends Lon and Kim Hubbard.***** Twenty Orange travelers just returned from a Mediterranean Cruise arranged by Patsy Peck and Ellen Ray’s Travel Agency “Traverus.” The trip included stops in Spain, Italy and France. Betty Harmon, one of the group, said, “I‘ve taken many group trips but no one has ever done as good as job as Patsy and Ellen putting trips together.” Patsy was unable to go but Ellen accompanied the folks and did a great job according to the travelers. The travelers were Randy and Kathy Brown, Wayne and Pam Dionne, Sheila and Keith Brown, Betty Harmon, Hugh Dean and Ellen Ray, Gisela Houseman, Mark and Jean Magnuson, Anita and David Green, Wayne and Phyllis Brint, Dorthy Smith, Becky Galey, Johnny and Cheryl Sargent. Betty left Corky instructions on how to wash his shorts and socks. Corky threw them away and bought new ones.*****Sen. George McGovern, 90, died over the weekend. Besides being the Democratic nominee for president in 1972. He was a B-24 pilot in and flew 32 missions. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for saving his crew by landing his damaged bomber in a British airfield on a small island controlled by Tito’s partisans.*****Garth Brooks was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Also inducted was singer Connie Smith, who was once married to Carl Smith and is now married to Marty Stuart.*****Orange County native, Houston Texan defensive coach, Wade Phillips, saw his team have another great outing. The Texans beat the Ravens 43-13. That gives them a two game lead. They control their own destiny. They should have home field advantage in the playoffs for Super Bowl XLVII. I didn‘t like it when the TV announcer said Wade was a Houston native. We know he‘s not.*****Julia Robertson turns 75 on Friday, Oct. 26. She’s the mother of the famous baseball brothers from Orange, Andre and Roderick Robertson. She is also the mother of daughter Harvetta Henry and the late Harlan Robertson.

20 Years Ago-2002

Early voting is underway for the Nov. 5 general election. For the first time in Orange County history, voters will elect two state representatives to represent the county. Before districts were gerrymandered by Republican leaders, all of Orange County was in Rep. Ron Lewis’ Dist. 19. The new redistricting line chops off the eastern edges of Orange County and Bridge City and places 14,000 residents into Rep. Joe Deshotel of Beaumont’s Dist. 22. Deshotel is running unopposed but in the new alignment, attorney Paul Clayton, Democrat and Michael Hamilton face off. Lewis did not seek re-election. *****Bridge City High honored Mattie Neely as 2002 homecoming queen at Friday’s game. The B.C, Cards won the game 42-0 against Hardin. Members of the homecoming court were Summer Stephson, Christy Baker, Rachel Comeaux, Shanley Hubbard, Gabrielle Freeman, Brittany Anderson, Dana Allen, Jessica Blanda and Rachel Briggs.*****County Bankshares, Inc., parent company of County Bank in Orange, has named Dr. Rod Fisette and Mike Moreau as advisory board directors. Fisette is a graduate of LSU and received his medical training at Charity Hospital. His practice was in Bridge City. *****Louis Dugas asked, “If grown old men are codgers are grouchy old women codgerettes? *****Harold and Ruth Scales celebrates 50th wedding anniversary Oct. 24. *****Longtime friend, Junior Clark, celebrated his 80th birthday last week. (Editor’s note: Junior, who was Judge Pat Clark’s dad, died a few years ago. He would be 110 years old today.)*****John Kibbe, the last of the Bridge City Kibbe family, died last week. *****Louisiana governor, Edwin Edwards, 75, started serving a federal prison sentence on Oct. 21, in Fort Worth. His son Stephen also entered prison on same day. He served in a Port Arthur prison. (Editor’s note: Gov. Edwards died July, 2021.

45 Years Ago-1977

Joyce Dowdle, the hair stylist-barber, has moved to Jim Dugas’ barber shop. “The Sports Den,” formerly “El Matador,” owned by Louis Gay and Dugas. Joyce will start taking appointments Nov. 1.*****Besides his job as publisher of Orange County’s Opportunity Valley News, Roy Dunn is serving as president of the greater Beaumont area’s Consumer Beacon. He is also serving as president of the Triangle Press, a commercial newsprint operation, which prints papers for several Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana newspapers and circulars for several national companies. Dunn is immediate past president of the Bridge City Rotary and past lieutenant governor of the Optimist International. He and wife Phyllis and children Mark, Allen and Karen make their home in Bridge City.*****Waylon Jennings, popular song “Luckenbach” might have had something to do with a McLewis couple, Kenneth and Rita Burgess Heimer’s purchase of a ranch in Luckenbach where they are moving. Rita is Sybil Burgess’ daughter. (Editor’s note: Don’t know what became of Rita and Kenneth.)*****Cal Broussard, former Orange policeman, has been away several years located all over the country as a cable TV manager. He presently is manager of a cable company in Fort Smith, Ark. Cal said he looks forward to the day he can return to Orange County. (Editor’s note: He finally made it back 24 years later. He made his home on Cow Bayou, in Victory Gardens, where he spent time with friends and checked daily on his mom Gladys and brother. Cal passed away a few years ago.)*****The best homemade pizza is at “The Bamboo Club” on Texas Ave. “Where friendly people congregate” and a few drunks too.*****Orange County treasurer is Earline Hillard. She is the wife of the late G.W. (Wallace) Hillard.


Wedding bells will ring Saturday for our friends Christy Khoury, county treasurer and Kirk Roccaforte, county commissioner. The ceremony at St. Henry Catholic Church will be followed by a wedding party at the Expo Center. The newlyweds will honeymoon on a secluded island near Cancun, reached only by ferry. Kirk will keep her captive there for a week. Congratulations and many years of happy sailing.*****What a week to be a Cardinal. Bridge City says that a lot, but this is truly a week for the Cardinals. Homecoming week has already started ablaze with the traditional Burning of the Letters at Larry Ward Stadium. The weather was perfect Monday evening as the sun went down and the capital “B” and “C” were set on fire. Boy do they have spirit. High school students followed with another hot time with the homecoming dance in a tropical theme. Friday night’s game will see a new homecoming queen and no telling how many tons of ribbons attached to corsages and arm bands. BCISD alumni Anita Cone Murchison, Frank Scales, and Steve Worster will be honored during halftime.*****Crowds lined up Saturday for the Heritage House Museum’s Sixth Annual Historic Ghost Walk in downtown Orange. The museum had to stop selling tickets after reaching 1,000, and had to turn people away. The event became a festival this year with three food trucks and Free State Winery. All sold out. The museum had tables with chairs, lawn games, kids crafts, and live music while people waited on the tours. Orange County Precinct 2 Commissioner Theresa Beauchamp met up with longtime friend Janie Burns Melton for the walk. Melton has moved into a house in the Old Orange Historic District and is loving it. Of course with loving history, a number of Old Orange Historic District homeowners were there, including Susan and Jerry Pennington, along with Kenneth and Beth Wheeler. Clint Ray and his wife moved to the district last year and learned more about local history on the walk. Orange City Council Paul Burch his husband, Raul, were back, as was Councilor Mary McKenna. Orange County Clerk Brandy Robertson was back on the tour this year and brought along husband Rodrick Robertson, who is a WO-C school board member. Leigh Anne Dallas was showing off 1-year-old niece Dru. Dru’s mom and dad, Jack Dallas, went with Uncle Chad to watch his alma mater the University of Tennesse play. Heritage House board president Adam Conrad was the key organizer and brought in his drama students from Vidor High for the first ghost walk in 2016. This year, drama students from all five Orange County high schools participated. Volunteers helping included Juanita Smith, Robert and Mindy Currie, whose Innovative Air helped sponsor the event, plus Orange Chamber President Ida Schossow. Other board members hustling around included Jody Chesson, Leslie Williams, Edie Burch (who roped in Richard Teague), Kimberly Manning (who similarly brought in husband Bob).*****If you see Aimee Fregia about town, be sure to wish her a special ‘happy birthday’ greeting. The former West Orange-Stark cheerleader turned 25. Her grandparents include former Bridge City Mayor Bobbie and Judge Don Burgess. Lawyer Michael Catt spent time with his mother, Carleen Catt, on her birthday and took her out for dinner. Michelle Tubbleville, who oversees the Orange County Rebuild program, celebrated a birthday this week. Bill Tiger may not live her anymore, but he has lots of local friends wishing him a Happy 83rd this week. Other octagenarians celebrating included Ronnie Peveto, who shares a birthday with a great-grandson, and Rosie Hurst, who got to wear a sombrero and be serenaded at La Cantina.*****The biggest surprise in the National League is that the LA Dodgers will not be in the World Series. The winningest team in baseball was destroyed by the Padres in game three.


Yesterday, Oct. 18, Coach Les Johnson celebrated his 87th birthday. He and Ms. Wanda make their home in Bastrop. He still talks coaching and football and how it’s changed in high school. Coach said, “They are not allowing kids to tackle anymore. It’s a good time to be running the “T” formation.” I’m amazed that of all the hundreds of boys he’s coached in his 50 years of coaching, how many of the Bridge City youngsters he remembers and is still in touch with. The following are a few folks we know who are celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Oct. 19: Phillip Todora, Kristin Bertles, Blake Hunt, Kyle Johnson. Oct. 20: Celebrating today are Judge Joy Dubose-Simonton, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman and Jeanne Mullins.*****Oct. 21: Happy Birthday to Mary Tallant, Tammy Ballard, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson.*****Oct. 22: Kyle Murrell, Becky Carter, Brian Prevost celebrate.*****Oct. 23: Eric Brinson, Jimmy Byrd, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sherry Martz, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings are a year older.*****Oct. 24: Happy Birthday to a special friend who we have known for many years, Debbie Fusilier, also to Mary Stanton, Brittney Stillwell, Jordan Schamber, Ron Batchelor, Tammy Scales and Dale Morris.*****Oct. 25: Birthday greetings go out to Connie Curphey, Mary Chamblee, Tanner George and Connor Ziller.


You can never underestimate the innovation of dem Cajun farm boys. Da utta day, at da Abbeville High School, little Joe Comeaux and his friend played a prank. Wat dey did dem, was turn lose some small alligators, bout two-feet long, inside da school. First dey painted numbers on da top of dem alligators. Dey paint da numbers 1-2-and 4. Da principle Mr. Thibodaux and dem school teachers spent all day dem, looking for number 3.



Halloween events will be held Saturday, Oct. 29 throughout the county. Check out advertisements in this issue for time and places. Two Orange County businesses will be hosting back-to-back Halloween ‘Trunk or Treat’ events. Columbanus Motor Sports, 3500 IH-10 West, will be celebrating the season from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. followed by Orange County Ford dealer, Robert’s Ford, 1601 Green Ave., from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can ‘Trunk or Treat’ at local businesses for a fun filled Saturday for the whole family. There will be plenty of refreshments, free candy and surprises to go around.***** Have a nice week, take care and God bless.


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