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The Philadelphia Phillies are going to the World Series for the first time in 13 years, and they are going there in a fashion that defies any and all words, Harper's two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning propelling them to a 4-3 victory over the Padres in Game 5 of the NLCS. Whatever happens from this point forward, whether it ends in victory or defeat in Houston or in Philadelphia, the 2022 Phillies have cemented themselves as one of those teams, as a collection of those guys. They have secured the eighth World Series berth in Franchise history. They have given themselves a chance at winning a third title. They have carved themselves a place outside of time. The Houston Astros swept the New York Yankees in the ALCS to reach the World Series for a fourth time in six seasons. They left no doubt that they are the best team in the American League, sweeping aside slugger Aaron Judge and the Yankees in four games after Sunday's 6-5 victory. After losing the World Series last season, Houston opens as a solid favorite to win the title this year. The Astros have been here before, don't underestimate another National League East team (remember the Braves.) It should be a lovable group. There's pint-size star Jose Altuve, two-timer All Star Alex Bregman, ace right-hander Justin Verlander and a slew of up-and-coming players like ALCS MVP Jeremy Pena, Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker. There's also Dusty Baker, the 73-year-old manager who is still searching for his first World Series title and the oldest man to lead a team to the Fall Classic. Game 1 of the latest World Series finally begins at 7:03 p.m. on Friday in downtown Houston. These currently unbeatable Astros should be four, five, or at the worst, six more games away from their second world championship.


Game 1, Phillies at Astros, 7:03 p.m. Friday; Game 2, Phillies at Astros, 7:03 p.m. Saturday; Game 3, Astros at Phillies, 7:03 p.m. Monday; Game 4, Astros at Phillies, 7:03 p.m. Tuesday; Game 5, Astros at Phillies, 7:03 p.m. Wednesday; Game 6, Phillies at Astros, 7:03 p.m. Friday; Game 7, Phillies at Astros, 7:03 p.m. Saturday. All games will be televised on Fox.


Captain Jerry McNeil, age 81, passed away Sunday, October 23. A Mass of Christian burial will be 10:00 a.m. Thursday, October 27 at St. Helen Catholic Church. Visitation will be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Captain McNeil lived a lifetime of marine life. He loved the waterways. I first met Capt. McNeil when he was 50 years old and a Sabine Pilot Association captain. I recall visiting with him about all the different foreign ships that he would pilot to port. He spoke about all the great food served on the ships. I recall when Judge Troy Johnson married the Captain and Mary's daughter Veronica. I have great memories of all the great guys and one gal, who were Sabine Pilots, a unique group. Our condolences to Mary and her entire family. Captain McNeil's obituary can be read on our website, Please check it out. Captain McNeil, your vessel always sailed in the right direction. May you rest in peace.


Over the last few weeks I had tried to contact my friends Cherry and Cedric Stout. It was very unusual for them not to return my call. I contacted Cedric's daughter Darlene, who informed me that Cherry had fallen and broken her hip and they are now unable to stay at their home. They are temporarily at the Stonewood Senior Center, on Hwy. 1442. Cedric, the area's only Pearl Harbor survivor, will be 101 years of age on Nov. 7. So far he is getting along pretty good and would like to be home working around his yard, watering plants, etc. As of now, final plans about returning home are not decided. Cedric's 101 birthday will be celebrated Nov. 5, at grandson Jason's Bull Red Restaurant on Hwy. 1442. That day will also be grandson, Port Commissioner's Johnny Montagne, Jr.'s, birthday. They could have a dual celebration. I hear there are three seniors over 100 at Stonewall. Cedric is the baby, one is 103. We will keep you informed on our Pearl Harbor hero.


10 Years Ago-2012

From day one, the day President Obama was inaugurated, 15 Republicans met. The group included Sen. McConnell, Rep. Paul Ryan and Eric Canter. A few days later Sen. McConnell came out and said that their first priority was to make Obama a one termer. They would not cooperate on anything to help the country if it helped Obama. They signed a pledge to Grover Norquist and the congress became the worse in our history, with an 11 percent approval rating today. They made the chances of recovery almost impossible. Then at mid-term, 87 Tea Party congressmen joined the assault on progress and sat on their hands, not raising a finger to help advance the country. President Obama plowed on, saved the auto industry, which affects at least two plants here on Chemical Row. He gave 18 tax cuts to small businesses and $3,600 in cuts to the middle class to help the country get some traction. He saved the financial industry and helped bail out citizens in the drink on house mortgages. He did it alone while the congress attempted to obstruct his efforts. Today, despite their pledges, the country is on the upswing. *****We send our condolences to the family of Ruby Pickard, age 84, who passed away Tuesday, Oct. 30, 1:30 p.m. Ruby was a woman with a long history of helping people. She was the founder of My Wish, Inc., a nonprofit organization that filled the dreams of terminally ill children. The organization began right before Christmas in 1983. She provided kids with anything from airplane rides, to a horse, to tickets to a Houston Astros game, etc. She was calm in the face of the anguish only a family of a dying child can know. She was a dear friend for over 60 years.*****Bridge City's Matt Bryant connected for three field goals and three extra points to give Atlanta the NFL'S only undefeated team in a 30-17 win over the Eagles.*****The Bayou Bowl Scholarship Banquet is next Monday, Nov. 5, at 7:30 p.m. at Bridge City Elementary cafeteria. Former Bridge City and Tulane star, Cody Sparks, is the guest speaker. Jerry McInnis has done a lot of work to assure this will be a great banquet. *****Suzie and Frank Wallace have just returned from their Food Network Italian culinary tour. They visited Rome, the Tuscan region and Venice.*****Congratulations to the Battlin' Bears homecoming queen and king, Demi Sheppard and Dustin DuCharme.

28 Years Ago-1994

Just for kicks I thought I would take a look at what was going on in 1994, six years before the turn of the century. The West Orange-Stark Mustangs danced past Nederland in a 32-22 homecoming victory. Bridge City High School Strutter officials are Misty Reyenga, Chelsie and twin sister Cortnie Moerbe, Emily Yoakum and Tiffany Osborn.*****Little Cypress- Mauriceville Junior High cheerleaders are Tera Wilson, Mitzi Harris, Amanda Peveto, Tonya Young, Amy Permenter, Haley Sims, Jessica Saucier, Sarah Hude and Brandi Hinds.*****Trisha Yearwood performs at Lutcher Theater.*****Bridge City Lady volleyball team wins 20-4A District title. They advance to the playoffs. (Editor's note: Best I recall two of those girls were Becca Mathews, who wore # 00 and Rachel Gunn, #25.***** Gov. Ann Richards visits Orange in re-election bid. Just a few of her two hundred supporters in the Record Newspaper full page ad are, Judge John McDonald, Sheriff Fontenot, County Attorney John Kimbrough, Tax Assessor, Rosemary Slanton, Treasurer Vergie Mooreland, County Clerk Molly Theriot, District Clerk Billye Minter, County Commissioners Marcel Adams and Donald Cole. Nolan Brown is steering committee chairman for Richards. Also supports shown in ad were Constable Pct. 1 Jack Thompson, County Judge Elect Carl Thibodaux, County Clerk Elect Karen Jo Vance and the list goes on. (Editor's note: That was back in the good old days. Lynwood Sanders was Democratic chairman, Earl Williams and David Montagne were "Yellow Dog Democrats." Roy Dunn was a Sabine Pilot commissioner, appointed by Gov. Richards. Union guys like Dewey "Teddy Bear" Cox, Scott Faircloth, George Crawford, Gene Edgerly, Bufford Herford, John Baker and Kenny Pigg worked with Ann Richards, State Senator Carl Parker and Congressman Charlie Wilson to bring good things to our area.)*****Johnny Cash, along with June, came to Orange to perform at the VFW in support of Congressman Charlie Wilson. He entertained the overflow crowd for an hour then June joined in for a few sets. H.D. Pate and Roy Dunn visited with Cash on the bus. Dunn was doing a private photo shoot but he couldn't get his camera to work. Johnny tried it and it worked but not for Roy. He ended up borrowing a stage picture from Glenda Dyer, Leader editor. (Editor's note: I have to check with Glenda to see if she recalls that night in Oct. 1994.


Orange County's newest power couple are currently honeymooning in Mexico on the Isla Mujeres complete with ocean sunrise views from their hotel.  County Treasurer Christy Khoury and County Precinct 3 Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte were married this past Saturday. The bride wore a white satin sheath dress with bell sleeves that had lacework at the edges. For the religious ceremony, the bride wore classic white high heels, but changed to white tennis shoes for the reception party at the county expo center. Guests included lots of county officials and employees. Joel and Lori Ardoin were in the crowd and were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Others spotted included Precinct 1 Commissioner Johnny Trahan, Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton, Carman Dominguez,plus Denisha and Matthew LaFleur.*****Paige Taylor was named Bridge City High School homecoming queen this past Friday night in a big celebration. She and the other girls in the court opted to wear short cocktail-style dresses with Paige wearing a deep red shade that perfectly matched her red rose bouquet. Of course, everything goes with a tiara. Faculty members Zachary Owensby and Rylee Oceguera were named homecoming "emporer and empress."*****Over in Deweyville, Haley Williams was crowned homecoming queen and Connor Salter was named homecoming king.*****The Lutcher Theater kicked off another season with "RESPECT," a tribute show of Aretha Franklin hits. It was a perfect event for new mother Emily McKee Mellon to get a few hours away from baby Mary Katherine Mellon. Carol and Robert Sims were seen, along with Karen and Billy Jack McKinney, Margaret Light, Rosie Hurst, Janie Burns Melton and Gene Soper. Free State Winery sold their wares before the performance and during intermission. It was a great way for the local business to get some out-of-town fans.*****Birthdays this past week included Orange City Councilor Brad Childs. Captain Keith Longlois with the Orange Police Department celebrated another wedding anniversary with wife Cyndi. He even stayed home from squirrel hunting for the special occasion. Kristopher Marple had another birthday as did Julian Gross. Bill Tiger has moved away, but had local friends and family wishing him a happy 86th birthday. Jacelyn Cook turned 17. Last week we missed Ronnie Peveto, who shares a birthday with great-grandson Carter.*****Dr. Amy Townsend found a surprise "patient" in one of her examining rooms. Looks likes she's blaming husband Rodney for the scary evil baby doll left on an exam table. We haven't heard whether the doctor screamed.***** Michael and Angelique Catt spent some quiet time at Crystal Beach during the weekend.*****The Church of Christ and Ninth and Elm in the Old Orange Historic District had a top-notch group of hamburger chefs for the fall festival last week. Manning the grill and smoker were Chadwick Robison, Dirk McDonald, and  Corey Stark.*****Nov. 3rd is a special day for a special lady. If I remember correctly Denise Stanton turns 53 but regardless, I want Denise to know we all wish her a very special day. Also a big hello to her mom Mary.***** If you have a reason to be getting medical work at Gulf Coast Cardiology, there is a chance you will see someone you know from Orange County. Also many of the staff are from this county. Last week I had to deal with the lady crew who administered the stress test. The only name I recall is 'Stormy,' who is from Dr. Abochamh's staff. They wanted to hide her from the public. They're a knowledgeable, fun and friendly bunch. The stress test is much improved from years past and takes half the time.*****Collin Gros attended the LSU homecoming game against Ole Miss. He said it was wild. Cajun's enjoy a party. LSU won 45 to 20.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Oct. 26: Evan Swenson, Phyllis Yeats, Toni Dyer, and Hunter Smith celebrate today.*****Oct. 27: Betty Harmon, Ron Sigler, Don Burgess, Joe 'Kaz' Kazmar, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, and Betty Trantham share their big day today.*****Oct. 28: Celebrating are Derrick Cole, Chris Stone, Ronnie Moerbe, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose.*****Oct. 29: Emma Scott is a year older today.*****Oct 30: Vickie Cormier, Donna Peterson, Carlos Vasek, Jessica Bradberry, Laura Moreau have birthdays today.*****Oct. 31: 'Trick or Treaters Mark Dunn, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman and Joey Campbell celebrate.*****Nov. 1: Happy Birthday to Coach Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Marla Carter, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Caroline Young, David Moreau. (To let us know about birthdays and anniversaries coming up, call 409-735-5305 or email to [email protected]. Thanks.)


Tee-Neg Desameaux and Pee-Wee Leleaux sat at Tee-boy's bar and Grill and got plum drunk, dem. Dey stagger out of da bar and walk down da alley wit a row of houses on one side an on da utta side too. All of a sudden Pee-Wee stop him and he point to a strange looking pile of something on da ground. He say, "Tee-Neg, it smell bad yea. "Pee-Wee he look at da pile and say, "It's brown and sho look nasty." Tee-Neg him say, "Why don't you taste it Pee-Wee?" So Pee-Wee him he stick his finger in it, taste it and make an uguky face. Den he say, "Angh, I tink it's dog ca-ca me." Tee-Neg say, "Boy, tank God, at least we didn't step in it."



Early voting in the United States started this week. There is no doubt that our democracy and abortion are on the ballot all over the country. The latter is expected to bring out more women voters than at any other mid-term election. In a radical move Trump supporters are telling GOP voters to hold onto mail ballots until Election Day. The plan is based on unfounded conspiracy theories that fraudsters will manipulate voting systems to rig results for Democrats once they have seen how many Republican votes have been returned early. There has never been no evidence of any such wide spread fraud. Discouraging early voting and encouraging voters to hold onto their mailed ballots until Election Day, runs counter to efforts by most campaigns, Republican and Democratic candidates alike. Trump also has weighed in, saying at a recent rally that voting on Election Day was best because "it's much harder for them to cheat that way." ****There is nothing I like about Ted Cruz. The Senator has written a book. He's gutsy; you have to give him that. He appeared on 'The View' of all places, to publicize the books release. That was like going to a hornets nest. Ted and Florida Gov. DeSantis will battle to be the first Cuban U.S. president in 2024.*****Speaking of presidents, defeated president Donald Trump was in Robstown, TX last weekend. Gov. Greg Abbott was nowhere to be found. I told you after the primary Abbott would stay as far away as he could from Trump. Surprisingly he went to Florida. Trump mostly was in Texas to help Att. Gen. Ken Paxton, who is challenged by Rochelle Garza, who was endorsed Sunday by the Houston Chronicle. The Houston paper, like other large Texas newspapers also endorsed Beto O'Rouke for governor over Abbott.*****Trump has been supporting deniers, candidates who say Trump won the 2020 election. He is supporting Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, saying over the weekend they will contest the election if Oz doesn't win. In Georgia, Trump hand picked his candidate for U.S. senator, Herschel Walker, popular and a good candidate because he scored a lot of touchdowns. O.J. scored more. It's hard for me to visualize Herschel as one of our elder statesmen. Donald and Herschel, what a pair of aces.*****My time is up; thanks for yours. You can vote early, its ok. Vote for who you believe will be the best civil servant. Take care and God bless.


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