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Most of my friends, particularly the ones with a conservative bent, often like to quote the old saying, “least government governs best.” What makes me wonder why is it that all these folks seem to want their own school district, community, drainage district and who knows what other governmental entity to provide essential services.

One area though that really makes me wonder why is in the area of law enforcement. I have never understood why it is that every form of educational institution wants, or feels the need to have their own police force. Every university, every community college, probably a majority of school districts now and who know who else, all have their own. If police exist on the public payroll to “protect and defend,” it seems the same principle should apply to a policeman at a university as it does to Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston law enforcement. Certainly, having local police merged into police educational institutions would be more efficient and save taxpayer money. If I am wrong, I certainly invite anyone to tell me why.

Some of the savings of such a merger should be obvious. Each district with its own police force must have its own chief. In all probability, at least one assistant chief. Good management requires the top guy always has an assistant so, it looks like a team effort. Additional supervisory personnel will also be needed to have a proper chain of command in a military-like organization.

Another advantage would be in the quality of trained police officers. Recent events in Uvalde demonstrated, perhaps that proper training for disasters was sorely lacking and did not do the job to “protect and defend.” Clearly academies such as the one that trains our Department of Public Safety Officers is superior to hit-and-miss kind of training probably available to local district police.

Additionally, it’s very likely that larger police forces have better access to surplus government equipment necessary for efficient law enforcement. Things such as bulletproof vests, listening devices, vehicles or even facilities for locking up those who have been arrested.

Having local police forces merge with institutions within their boundaries should be more efficient and able to provide the same services at a much lesser cost to taxpayers. Police, constables, deputies have the same basic functions, so why have so many separate organizations?


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