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Tuesday Nov. 8, was Election Day around the nation. Mid-term elections usually favor the party that is not in power. For the last few months the GOP has been predicting a Big Red Wave. Former President Donald Trump has personally endorsed and financially supported 286 Republican candidates. The outcome will probably decide if and how quickly Trump jumps into the 2024 presidential race. A bad showing of Trump candidates could also shift the regular Republican Party away from Trump and his ‘deniers’ and start walking the Party back to normal government. On the other hand, if Jim Jordan and the Trumpers take the House, they have made it known that pay back and revenge is on their agenda. I would look for two years of pure chaos; setting up Trump’s run for 2024. A race I’m convinced the twice impeached, soon to be a felon, can’t win. My guess at high noon Election Day is that the “Blood Bath” outcome predicted for the Democrats won’t be a wipeout but won’t be good. However, it has been one of the strangest mid-term Elections I’ve ever witnessed. It’s definite that democracy was on the ballot. The question is where we go from here as a nation. The real issue is between violence and non-violence, between Democracy and Dictatorship. Ultimately, this was not an election about inflation or even abortion it was an election about our future. I really believe that. It will sadden me if we become a nation that supports our right to bear hammers to hurt rather than to build.



Baseball has been in my blood since I was a little guy, over 80 years ago. I would lay on my corn-shuck pallet and listen to baseball games on a little Chrystal radio set my uncle had given me. Through a lifetime I have followed the greats. Among my sports paraphernalia is a Hank Aaron 715 bat. This year’s World Series had a little bit of everything. Two great games out of the six were Game 3, when the Phillies hit five homeruns. Also, one for the record books was Game 4, when Astros Cristian Javier pitched six and a half innings and the bull pen came in to hold the Phillies to a no hitter shutout. The heart stopper was a huge defensive play by Yordan Alvarez high on the fence, then coming back with a three-run homerun that put the Astros in reach of the title. Who will ever forget the rookie Jeremy Pena belting game changing homeruns and leaping for game changing outs. Jeremy now has a Golden Glove award and has been named American League and World Series MVP. He did it all in just seven months as a major leaguer. More than 1 million fans celebrated the Houston Astros’ World Series win with a downtown parade Monday. Mayor Sylvester Turner had encouraged fans coming to the victory parade to “arrive early, wearing Astros colors, be loud and celebrate safely.” The parade, which started at noon and lasted for a couple of hours, packed sidewalks with people as Astros players, riding floats and buses, waved at cheering fans. A 33-year-old man who was accused by Houston police of throwing a beer can at U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who was riding in the back of a truck that was part of the parade. Police said the beer can hit the Republican senator from Texas in the chest and neck. Video of the parade showed people along the route booing Cruz as he went by, including just before he was hit by the beer can. The Astros won their first World Series in 2017. The Astros clinched their second World Series title in six seasons Saturday. Yordan Alvarez hit a towering three-run homer, helping the Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 in Game 6. Saturday’s win gave the Astros’ 73-year-old manager Dusty Baker’s first title in 25 seasons as a manager, the last three in Houston. Houston’s ace pitcher Justin Verlander is a heavy favorite to capture the American League Cy Young Award after winning the major league ERA title and making an amazing comeback from Tommy John surgery. Pitching after a two-year absence, Verlander finished the regular season with a 1.75 ERA, the lowest by any AL starter since Pedro Martinez’s 1.74 mark in 2000. Verlander last won the Cy Young award in 2019. He also won it in 2011, the same season he earned AL MVP honors. Verlander has finished as Cy Young runner-up three times. The last time I had watched a World Series win by the Astros I was with my grandsons. They are all scattered now, however, “Billy Jack” and I did share one game of this series.


The first celebration using the term Veterans Day occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1947. Raymond Weeks, a World War II veteran, organized “National Veterans Day,” Which included a parade and other festivities, to honor all veterans. The event was held on November 11, then designated “Armistice Day.” Later, U.S. Rep. Edward Rees, of Kansas, proposed a bill that would change Armistice Day to Veterans Day. In 1954, Congress passed the bill that President Eisenhower signed proclaiming November 11 as Veterans Day. Raymong Weeks received the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Reagan in November, 1982. Weeks’ local parade and ceremonies are now an annual event celebrated nationwide. Over the many years, I have been honored to have known many great veterans. Most all of my World War II friends are gone now. I also had an uncle and a step-brother who were prisoners of war and survived the Battan death march in WWII.


19 Years Ago-2003

The Orangefield Bobcats of Coach Flannigan head to playoffs. The Bobcats will host the game. Liberty beat Orangefield 14-10 in last years 3-A playoffs. *****Another heart breaking year for coach Hooks and his Mustangs. Over the past two years their record is 16-4. Losing two games each season, yet they didn’t make the playoffs. Ozen kicked a field goal beating PNG. The kick put WO-S in the playoffs but the winning field goal was ruled to have been kicked one second after time ran out, knocking WO-S out of the playoffs. In the next year, WO-S, with 884 students, will drop down to 3-A. (Editor’s note: I recall when the toughest 3-A District in the state had West Orange-Stark, Bridge City, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Silsbee, jasper and South Park in it.)*****Eight year old Brandi Payne will be competing in Houston for a motor cross championship. Van Choate, at his Cajun Cookery, is cooking in front of his place and will donate the proceeds to help with Brandi’s expenses. Seen at Van’s were Gene and Flo Edgerly, Sharon Dunn and a dozen family members, also Reagan Dugas, Rev. Leo Anderson and a house full of folks. (Editor’s note: Gene, Reagan and Rev. Leo are now gone.)

49 Years Ago-1973

Bridge City football coach H.W. “Chief” Wilson banked on brother-like seniors this season. The majority of senior Cardinals have been playing together 10 years, starting with the PeeWee League in the junior football program. One senior said, “I don’t remember before we started playing together.” another said, “We are like brothers.” Seniors are Kenny Brown, Mark Truncle, Bo Worrell, Terry Bridgers, John Clinton, Steve Trevino, Jimmy Lacomb, Steve Culp, Lanston Fall, Chuck Majors, Clint Belk, Jimmy Talbert, David Guidry, Mark Flanagan, Craig Turner, Mark Dunn, Darrell Melancon and David Smith. (Editor’s note: The 1973 team was Coach Wilson’s last team to coach. He won a state championship in 1966 and played in a championship game in 1965. The ‘73 team was his best since those two teams.*****Seniors at Little Cypress-Mauriceville under Coach Jim Crossland are Mike Watts, Robert Dunn, Robert Jacobs, David McKinley, George Harmon, Tommy Barrett, Gary Wilson, Ted Seago, Danny Halliburton, Tab Finchum, Larry Lunsford, Benny Woodcock, Jerry Person, Don McClain, Jimmy Reaves, Chris Tiger, Scott Morrison, Robert Mandy and Tommy Martin. *****Corky Harmon, sales manager and owner at Harmon Chevrolet, depends on top staff to move new cars. Bob Jones, Joe Williamson, Homer Flanagan and Joe Powell make up the all-star team.*****At a fund-raising auction at Bill Williams’ Restaurant in Houston last week, a bed used at the famed “Chicken Ranch.” brought $3,000. It was estimated that the bed had earned over a million dollars. All Edgar Brown sold was a jackass for $1,500.***** The twirlers at Bridge City High are Tracy Stout, Jonell Chauvin, Debbie Newson, Sharon Primeaux, Sharon Clark, Melanie McClain, Mary Henderson and Debbie Voohries.*****Bill Townes is store manager at Kroger’s in Orange.*****Annie Hargrave makes great candy. She made a big box full that she sent to Tommy Segura, Miss Ann’s little boy, who is stationed overseas.


Social life can be exhausting in Orange County because there's so much going on these days with weddings, anniversaries, galas, and charity benefits. Perhaps the most original party of the season was at the home of Lucy and D.D. Terry during the weekend. D.D. was out of town on his birth date last week, but wife, Lucy, who owns Lucy's Cafe, gave an elaborate Dia de los Muertos party to honor him, and the loved ones lost. The party was held at their sprawling Lindenwood home, which was decorated for the celebration with lots of  dressed-up  skeletons. Entertainment included colorful Mexican folklorico dancers with their precision steps and swirling skirts. Some people, including Lucy, learned that heavy face paint does not wash off easily. While people like Paul and Raul Burch, who previously owned the house, were in Mexican suits and had fully painted faces, others opted for only a few face drawings. Caroline and Mike Hennigan had only minimum face designs, as did Terri Childs. Her husband, Brad, decided not to get face paint near his trimmed goatee. With Paul, Caroline, and Brad, all members of the Orange City Council there, one more would have made a council quorum. Besides the Day of the Dead celebration, the party also included some Astros watching as the 'Stros won the World Series. Leah Stark and Mandy Hernandez decided not to use costume make-up and didn't need to wash their pillow cases on Sunday. Sherry and Bobby Hommel mixed and mingled. Of course the food was fantastic.*****Also on Saturday night, the Orange County Expo Center was decorated for the Stetsons and Stilettos Gala, a fundraiser for CASA of the Sabine Neches Region. The gala honored State Representative Dade Phelan, a Beaumont resident who represents Orange County and is also Texas Speaker of the House. CASA stands for court-appointed special advocates and the group has trained adults accompanying children through the legal process when their parents are abusive or do not take care of them. The regional CASA serves six counties and is based in Orange. Codie Vasquez is the director and celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. The decorations included flower arrangements by the Bridge City High School floral design students. Kimberly and Bob Manning were among the crowd. Seems like Kimberly is everywhere these days, always with camera in hand.*****Sports fans got their fill on Saturday, what with the World Series, plus Longhorn and LSU football games. Locally, lots of people celebrated a trifecta, with the Astros, Longhorns, and Tigers getting big wins. Cyndi and Keith Longlois went to Minute Maid Park for the final World Series game and saw history being made.*****On Tuesday, Keith, the "flat-top cop," marked another birthday. Rosalie and Karl Eason watched the game on TV,  but traveled to Houston on Monday to celebrate the Astros in the giant parade. Former Orange residents and longtime friends Chuck Frazier and Richard Bonnin now live in the Houston area and went to the parade. Chuck once worked for the Chicago Cubs.  Donna Black's little dog, Maggie, a big Astro fan, watched on TV and celebrated the outcome. Poor Maggie will be lost for a few months without her Altuve.*****The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce snuck in a festive Designer Purse Bingo activity at the Expo Center on Thursday evening. Stephanie Roberts was there, of course. Seems she's everywhere. Joining her were Rani Dillow, Lucy Fields, Dee Dee Viator, Beth Arnold, Crystal Fabre, and Mandy Lyda.  Also in the crowd  were Christi Wiegreffe, Mindy Currie, Mandi McDonald, Sydney Hightower, Jeannine Hanson, and Heather Graham.  Chamber Director Mandy Lyda pulled off another fun, successful event.*****Birthday people this past week included Charlotte Ciasson, Geralyn Vine, Theresa Cronnin, Dallie Miller, Cathy Manshack, Pam Williams, Wade Hanchey, Kreshonda Armstrong, and Bobbie Earle, who now lives in Houston.  Stephanie Hogden celebrated an extra special anniversary--25 years with First Financial Bank.*****Early in the spring I had gotten Pestco to spray those small mosquitoes that really hurt when they bit. Never had any more problems. However, the ‘Big Skeeters’ that take a pint of blood when they attack came in last week. Monday, Pestco sprayed them with their special formula. Not a ‘Skeeter’ in sight today. We will be bug free until after the holidays. If you plan outdoor activities for Thanksgiving call Pestco now. It’s a great investment to enjoy the outdoors. (See their ad in this paper.)*****After sweating out the election returns Tuesday and Wednesday you can relax and watch the Country Music Award show on ABC Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Song of the Year, Female and Male Vocalist, Vocal Group, Vocal Duo will all be announced.***** Rihanna will perform at the 2023 Super Bowl half-time show. It’s a quick return to the public eye after giving birth to her and rapper ASAP Rocky.***** Have you ever thought what the Houston Astros would be without the benefit of immigrants, players such as Dominicans Cristian Javier and Framber Valdez; Venezuelans Louis Garcia; Mexican Jose Urquidy; Cuban Yordan Alvarez; and Dominican/American Jeremy Pena to name a few. Houston has an estimated 1.7 million foreign-born residents. A dream come true for immigrants, when many of us who are three and four generations removed from immigration, take this country for granted.***** I’ve heard some good things about J.W. Dalton and our friends at Top Deck Flooring. They do quality work, with quality products and reasonable prices. Tell them Breaux sent you.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the coming days. Nov. 9: Madalyn Carpenter, Sue Barnes, Eric Meadows, Linda Faulk, Keith Royal, Susan Veillon, and Charlotte Wooten.*****Nov. 10: Happy Birthday to Della Buxton, Judy Hunt, Joann Alford, Trey Todora, George Roberts and attorney Steve Carlton. (Wonder what happened to him.)*****Nov. 11: The “Ice Man” Greg LeBlanc, Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Paula Bouget and one of Pattie’s pretty daughters Bree Hanks. It is also Brad and Carlis Roy’s wedding anniversary.*****Nov. 12: Celebrating today are the preacher’s wife Patsy McDonald, Lou Bracken, Liz Briggs, Jeanne Blacksher, Matthew Ethredge, Sharon Sims, Cyndi Longlois, Steve Fisher, Carol Ware, Charmaine Faircloth, Pat Stanton, Karla Holden and a special Happy Birthday to Roy’s grandson, Sean Gros, former military guy, now living in College Station working toward a degree in Physical Therapy.*****Nov. 13: Celebrating today are Kimberly Ray, Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Darla Murphy, Katie Hoffpauir and WWII veteran Robert Rothrock turns 97. This is also Debbie and David Fusilier’s anniversary. A great couple.*****Nov. 14: A very special birthday to a great lady Ruby Wimberley. Also celebrating are Darla Murphy, Kristina Schisler, Traci Birmingham, Mary Dixon, Susie Riedel and Dana Perkins.*****Nov. 15: Happy Birthday to Julian Oceguera, Cynthia Graham, Glenda Dixon, Kelli Peery, Lindsey Franklin, Nikki Courtney, Shane Preston, Travis Sheppard, Wade Barron and Carol Izer.


Da college in Lafayette was holding a free group therapy session. Da psychiatrist was conducting da session wit some young mothers and dere small chilun. Da doctor him, observed, after looking at da paper dat dey had filled out, “You all have obseccesions,” he said. “First Agnes Boudreaux, you are obsessed wit eating, you even named you little daughter Candy.” To da second mother Ella Comeaux he said, Ms. Comeaux, your obseccion is money. Again it manifests itself in your child’s name, Penny.” At dis point da turd mother, Ula Mae Thibodaux, got up, took her little boy by his little hand and whispered, “come on little Peter, let’s go home.”



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held back tears speaking Monday for the first time about being awakened by pounding on the door as Capitol Police rushed to tell her about the assault on her husband at the family home in San Francisco. “I was very scared,” Pelosi told CNN in an interview. “I’m thinking my children, my grandchildren. I never thought it would be Paul.” The Democratic leader is opening up about the brutal attack. Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was bludgeoned with a hammer 11 days before the election by an intruder who broke into the family’s home and was looking for the speaker before striking the 82-year-old in the head. The intruder told police he wanted to talk to Speaker Pelosi and planned to “break her kneecaps” as a lesson to other Democrats. Paul Pelosi suffered a fractured skull and other injuries, in what authorities said was a intentional political attack. David DePape, 42, is being held without bail in San Francisco after entering a not guilty plea.*****Till we meet again, happy trails to you. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.


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