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By Carl Parker
For the Record 

Then and Now


Last updated 11/8/2022 at 1:22pm

When John McCain was seeking the presidency, a woman supporter opined that his opponent was a Muslim not a loyal American and was born in Africa. Senator McCain quickly stopped her short and proceeded to explain to her how outlandish the rumors were. Not only were they not true, but they were unworthy of being brought up in a presidential debate. That was then.

Now do we really believe that Democrats drink the blood of children in satanic rituals conducted in a New York pizza shop?!

Even after several leading Republicans initially admitted that Trump had lost the election, other than the two Republicans serving on the January 6th committee, no other Republican in Congress has stepped up to publicly take issue with such freaky and whacky tales.

Failure to challenge such myths are undermining belief in our democratic electoral system; encouraging violence and endangering our system of self-government, I can’t help but wonder why.


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