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Crime is always high on the list of concerns of voting citizens. A long list of promises made by would-be officeholders almost always contains at least one promise concerning reducing the rate of crime in whatever area that person is seeking office.

The most usual method offered by those seeking election would be the promise to increase penalties for the commission of crimes. A good example is our current lieutenant governor whose solution to mass shootings is simply to raise the penalty for a crime involving the use of a gun. He rarely mentions any legislation to prevent access to the means of crime or active social programs aimed at preventing crime before its committed.

Study after study has shown the best deterrent to crime is fear that one would be caught committing one. Frankly, a large measure of the increasing crime rate lies with us, the citizens. If we choose to avoid jury service, for example. We throw a monkey wrench in the whole system of crime and punishment. Too many other citizens are too reluctant to get involved by choosing not to report criminal conduct they witness.

While being grateful for living in a democratic society we can only hope that our fellow citizens would take more care and time to make the whole system work; like serving on juries, voting is not only a privilege but a duty of a truly patriotic American citizen.

Just being a "good guy," minding your own business is not enough for us to help with the ever-rising crime rate in America. It is necessary we not only involve ourselves, but encourage others to do the same. Of course, it is always good if we as parents and citizens encourage respect for one another, for teachers and law enforcement in America. These simple things would go a long way when we complain about the rising rate of crime.


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