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Last week, in predicting the outcome of the national elections, I came as close as anyone in making the right call. After months of the Republican party saying there was going to be a big “Red Wave” and a “Blood Bath,” I predicted otherwise. I feared the only loss might be in Congress by a few votes. All the polls and pundits predicted a Republican “Title Wave.” Here’s what they missed. They polled many subjects; inflation, gas prices, abortion, etc. What they didn’t poll was January 6 and would the insurrection affect the way they voted. Our democracy was on the ballot and that feeling ran deeper with the American people than any one figured. When Nancy’s husband Paul, was beaten with a hammer just before the election that was the icing on the cake. Americans learn at a young age the importance of democracy and like religion learned at a young age, they never stray too far from it. January 6, was the height of abuse on our democracy in the nation’s history. The president of the United States attempted to over throw his own government by going against the will of the people. When President Joe Biden told the American people, “Make no mistake, our democracy is on the ballot. We must defend it.” The voters, including young, independents, women and majority voted Democratic. The American people got it. That my friend was the real poll. It wasn’t Republicans or Democrat’s, it was the country’s future at stake. Like I said in my prediction last week, the question was where do we go from here as a nation. The real issue was between violence and non-violence, between democracy and dictatorship. Not inflation or abortion but the future of this great country. The voters got it. The polls missed it. A big win for America, a great win for President Joe Biden and his administration, a record win during a mid-term election.


Super Bowls, Brass Balls, and Footballs

Jimmy Johnson, Port Arthur T.J. High School graduate, Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach, released his new book “ Swagger: Super Bowls, Brass Balls, and Footballs A Memoir  on Nov. 15. Johnson covers a multitude of topics, including his time as Cowboys head coach and working with Dan Marino in the final years of his career with the Miami Dolphins. Johnson’s relationship with Jones remains a hot topic of conversation. It’s been over one year since Jones, sitting next to Johnson, said on national television that he would be in the Ring of Honor. Johnson jokingly responded “While I’m alive?” Jones now appears to be waffling on when – or even to – make Johnson the 23rd member of the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. “It’s BS for anybody to be making anything of that, there’s a lot more than Jimmy to think about here,” Jones told NBC Dallas/Fort Worth in August. “I’ve got a lot of other lives out here that have laid a lot on the line on the field that need to be in that Ring of Honor as well. There are still many students in the Mid-County and Bridge City area who attended Thomas Jefferson with Jimmy and Janis Joplin. Jimmy is popular here and will sell many books in our area and millions around the nation. Coach Jimmy Johnson has always made Southeast Texas proud.


10 Years Ago-2012

We were saddened to learn of the death of our friend Charlotte Hamilton, 64, who passed away Nov. 13. Her death came after having had surgery. For the past dozen years Charlotte had been the music director and organ player at Calvary Christian Center. Pastor Danny Brack, who conducted her service, said it was one of the hardest funerals he had ever done because Charlotte was such a wonderful person and so full of life. *****Condolences also to the family of Geraldene Bates, 74, who passed away Saturday, Nov. 18.*****Last Thursday, the folks at St. Mary’s Catholic Church put on their big gumbo dinner. The brew was Larry David’s award winning gumbo. Dr. Rod Fisette was one of Larry’s helpers. *****Our buddy and former Record employee, Chris Farkas, traveling from Jacksonville to Austin, stopped by. He took in some Catholic gumbo, which he said he misses, he also admitted he misses all Cajun cooking. He’s been in Florida 12 years. He planned his vacation so he could attend the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix being held in Austin on a new $400 million track. Austin was hosting the first U.S. Grand Prix since 2007.*****Saturday Earl Thomas, of the Seattle Seahawks, held a winter coat give away. The food, music and 300 coats given to youths in need were made possible by the Earl Thomas Faith Family and Friends Foundation. Earl is a great, compassionate, young man who believes in giving back to the community that raised him. Last year, Earl gave away turkeys to everyone in need of one. Earl graduated from West Orange-Stark in 2007, went to the University of Texas and was the number one draft pick by Seattle.***** A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Nov. 21, Joel Steirman turns 69. This year his wife, Kathleen, who usually gives him party, bought him a vacation trip to Belize.***On Nov. 22, the day JFK was killed in Dallas, finds several folks marking birthdays. Our longtime friend attorney H.D. Pate and Lamar’s Butch Campbell. A few years separate them. Also celebrating that day is Penny’s son Jason Leleux and her baby sister Mary Tate.*** Other Nov. 22 babies are our friend, legal secretary Jackie Roberts, who for years made Grover Halliburton look good and also Cecil Broom, Bobby Tarter and Buford Rector. *****It will be a nice thanksgiving at the Dunn house. Amber is home for a few days from Cleveland, Ohio. Home cooking and Gulf Coast seafood is always a treat when she gets back to Texas.*****Debora Harmon drove down from Colorado to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with mom and dad, Betty and Corky, and the family. When in town, Debora always makes it a point to visit friends. She keeps up with our little part of the country on line at TheRecordLive.com.*****Also in town to attend the big Bendy reunion held Saturday was Bobby Hoosier, a 1976 BC grad, who has made his home in California these past years. He was accompanied by his wife and two children. Bobby is the son of Frances and “Tonker’ Hoosier. ***** We ran into Steve Worster, a great guy, who has a lot of pride in his community. Steve is so down to earth that it’s hard to believe he was an All American high school player, who gave Bridge City two trips to the state championships. Steve also was an All American at the University of Texas, winning a national championship. Steve reflecting on Coach Darrel Royal’s death said he was just a down to earth country boy from Oklahoma. He said, “I was just an 18 year old away from home for the first time in Austin, a big change for a small time boy. Coach Royal was like a father to us in every way. He really cared.” Steve said they were student players, different from today.*****Matt Bryant’s Atlanta Falcons beat the Arizona Cardinals 23-19. Bridge City’s Bryant kicked three field goals for the win. A 51 yarder, a 28 yarder and a 48 yarder. Matt made 11 points in the win.***** The Orangefield school board is making a fresh start. Sitting in those hot seats now are Jesse Fremont, Dr. Ron Risinger, Bo Henley and Brad Frye. After some ups and downs and controversy in the recent past, the citizens of the school district hope they have drawn four aces. It looks to me there might be a Jack-of- Diamonds in that bunch.


When I feel a little down all I have to do is get on the phone with Dr. Tom Johnson, Lamar president. That guy gets so excited about all the good developments happening at Lamar Orange. His enthusiasm is contagious. He and County Judge John Gothia love their jobs. Tom is an ex-policeman who just ended up in his dream job, plus they love living in Bridge City. John, the Marlboro Man, jumped into politics after serving as commissioner. He then made a successful leap to the judgeship. He’ll be there as long as he wants unless maybe everything is just right for him to run for congress.*****Speaking of doctors, former commissioner Owen Burton says he’s plum tired of going to them. If fact, he has started canceling some appointments. He said the last time he went he was put in a little room waiting for a test report. After an hour and a half he finally found someone who told him, “Oh, your report is good.” He says they could have told him that on the phone.*****I spoke with Judge Chad Jenkins who had been having health problems in June but is thankfully back to being “healthy as a hog.” *****Congrats to Orangefield’s Coach Josh Smalley and his Bobcats. They will be playing Cameron Yoe, 8-3, at Iowa Colony Freedom field. The Bobcats are the only team we still have in the playoffs.*****Speaking of football, I hear former WO-S Mustang coach Cornell Thompson is writing a book. From his childhood through the years with Dan Ray Hooks, his years as head coach and an overview of “The Art of Being a Successful Defensive Coach.’ I can imagine the last paragraph on coaching. I look for him to be back in coaching next year somewhere.


Jo Harris did it again with another successful Special Angels Rodeo this past Saturday. Of course she had a lot of help from family, friends, and volunteers. Jo began the rodeo to honor her mother, Lue Harris, who dreamed of letting adults and children with special handicap needs experience the fun and thrills of a rodeo. The event had to skip a couple of years because of the Covid pandemic, but came back this year. The rodeo is held at the covered T-2 arena in the Little Cypress area and special needs people come from across Southeast Texas to join in the fun. One of the big volunteers is Katie Durio from Stable Spirits, a horse therapy non-profit group in Vidor. The festivities ended in an impromptu dance party with participants and volunteers.*****A number of Orange County residents traveled to Beaumont Saturday night for the annual charity Cattle Baron’s Ball. This year’s caterer for the big event was LBS Barbecue from Bridge City. Newlyweds Brody and Leigh Anne Harrell were there along with Stephanie Roberts and Trudy Grinnell. Leigh Anne even had a custom painted western hat for the occasion.*****Brandy and Roderick Robertson went fishing with Robert and Carol Sims and caught a couple of big ones. Brandy got the speckled trout while Roderick got the big red. *****Lori Ardoin, Dyan Morris, and Lucy Terry were among the people going to Houston to stroll, and stroll, and stroll, through the big annual Nutcracker Market. Haven’t heard if anyone needed to rent a U-Haul to help bring home their purchases. They could end up like Raul and Paul Burch, who have to move furnishings out of their house to make room for Christmas decorations.

Phyllis and Clint Fregia celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this past week. Birthday celebrations included Jackson Pachar, who turned 17, and First Lady of Orange, Trisha Spears. Some of the other birthdays were former Pinehurst Police Chief Fred Hanauer, who is now a state investigator; Monica McCoy; Brandy Bonnin; Judy Tuter; Patricia Kemp; Larry Webb, and Marilyn Prewitt.


A few folks we know who will be celebrating their special day in the next few days. Nov. 16: Happy Birthday to Dr. Servet Satir. Also celebrating are Thad Angelle, Rebecca Collins, RaeAnna Todora, Dwayne Duncan, Chris Byers and Dyanna Sandlin.*****Nov. 17: Celebrating today is a special lady Reba Eddins. Someone pick up the phone and give her a Happy Birthday call. Also celebrating are Lexy Brock, Brett Kahla, Laurie Kosh, Barbara Briggs, Patsy Brister and Chuck Kirby.*****Nov. 18: Happy Birthday to Aimee Huckabay, Theresa Evans, Melanie Claybar, Jonathan Vogt, Stephannie Williams and Tim Bayliss.*****Nov. 19: A pretty lady, college professor, a Yankee from Maine, Michelle Judice, celebrates today. She’s Big Al’s longtime bride. Also celebrating is Helen Stankus, Kade Parkhurst, Linda Klein, Meagan McGill, Liz Harris, Charles Cagle, Kristina Denman and John Moore.*****Nov. 20: One of the great guy who you can depend on to always watch your back celebrates today. Happy Birthday to Allen Dunn, hope you have a good one. Other folks celebrating on this day are Edgar Eschbach, Jim Pruter, Lon Hubbard, Jan Briggs and Sunni Moseley.*****Nov. 21: Happy Birthday to our Jewish friend Joel Steirman, who turns 79 today. Also Brandon Burns, Bart Williams, Adam Schisler. John Roy Fredrick passed away on this day in 2019. I can’t believe its been three years.*****Nov. 22: Today marks the day JFK was killed in Dallas. Special folks celebrating birthdays today are Butch Campbell, Jason Leleux, Heather Fergreson, Pam Chapman, Cecil Broom, Misty Moody, Larry Bridges, Belinda Thibodeaux, Carolyn Hagen and two great friends Jackie Roberts and Judge Rodney Price. (Call 409-886-7183 or email [email protected] to have birthday and anniversary dates announced.)


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, said he would give away most of his money to charity, making him the latest billionaire to pledge to donate his vast fortune during his lifetime. Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO last year to devote more time to philanthropy and other projects. Recently the billionaire and Lauren Sanchez announced they will give a $100 million grant to singer Dolly Parton. He is worth $124 billion, the world’s fourth richest person.*****Cruz faults Republican hierarchy, demands party ‘fire’ McConnell as leader. Ted Cruz tore into Republican leadership for blowing what he called a “generational opportunity” to win control of Congress in midterms, calling for fellow Republicans to “fire” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Just like with a football coach, where you would fire a coach if the team loses when they should’ve won, we should’ve won,” Cruz said. The comments came as a growing number of Senate Republicans have called for the GOP to delay leadership elections set for this week after Democrats won control of the Senate over the weekend.*****Election denier loses race for governor. Democrat Katie Hobbs was elected governor Monday, defeating an ally of Donald Trump who falsely claimed the 2020 election was rigged and refused to say she would accept the results of her race this year.


Toby Babineaux, him, came running into Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill and he say to his buddy, Joe Comeaux, “Joe, Joe, somebody don jus stole you pickup truck from da parking lot.” “Da hell you say, Joe replied. “Toby did you see who did it you?” Toby, he scratch his head and say, “Joe, I jus couldn’t tell for sure, but I got da license number me.”



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