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A public hearing regarding countywide voting will be Tuesday, December 13, 2022,

in the Orange County Commissioners’ Court Room at 1:00 pm. If approved, the countywide voting program would allow voters to cast votes at any polling location within Orange County

on election day, rather than limiting the voter to a specific precinct.

Countywide voting would allow for the convenience of voters and eliminate confusion as to

which polling location they would need to visit. Currently, if a voter arrives to an incorrect

polling location they must either cast a provisional ballot, (which by law cannot be counted since

they are not voting in their registered precinct) or leave and go to their registered precinct location, if time permits.

Our main goal is to make things more convenient for the voters of Orange County.

Residents are encouraged to attend the public hearing in the Commissioners’ Court Room @ 1:00 pm on December 13, 2022, to hear about the program.


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