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Donald Trump's Talents

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of our past president, Donald Trump. He does, however, have some strong points which we must all recognize or someone just like him will be selected to be president in the not-too-distant future.

First of all, Donald Trump is a showman. He puts on a good show and attracts people to come and figure out what he is going to say next. But his most important talent in my opinion is that he can very accurately determine things that American people are unhappy about without the use of some professional poll.

Professional polers took a real beating when the vast majority of them inaccurately projected that Donald Trump would get smashed in his race for president when running against Hillary Clinton. The main problem with our big-time professional polers, I believe, is that they spend far too much time in the halls of Congress and Austin and not nearly enough time in the local barber shops, churches or other public places where people freely discuss their opinions about how our government should be run.

The problem with Trump is the same problem with the average American citizen and that is—What do we do about the problems we recognize we have. Churchill said that democracy was a terrible form of government, but just better than everything else. The main American problem is the same one possessed by Mr. Trump. While an expert in determining what is wrong, he totally fails in how to fix those things. I am certain that if you listen for just a little while at your favorite bar, barbershop or church gathering you will find someone who absolutely knows what we need to do to fix all serious problems existing in the United States. To know this, requires talent, skill, intellect and dedication to Constitutional Democracy. That’s the hard part.


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