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The N.F.L. was facing one of its worst crises in decades as Buffalo Bills defender Damar Hamlin remained in critical condition on Tuesday after collapsing during a prime-time game in Cincinnati. Hamlin, 24, collapsed in the first quarter of a highly anticipated matchup with the Bengals on Monday night, forcing the league to suspend the game. As Hamlin lay on the field motionless, many of his teammates in tears nearby, doctors pumped his heart in a suddenly hushed stadium. After Hamlin’s heartbeat was restored and he was taken off the field by ambulance, to be transported to a hospital trauma unit, the coaches conferred with Shawn Smith, the head referee, and the players walked into their locker rooms. About 30 minutes later, the league formally postponed the game, and the Bills later flew back to Buffalo. The dark turn was a reminder of West Orange-Stark youngster Reggie Garrett, a senior quarterback, who jogged to the sideline after throwing a touchdown pass with nine minutes left in the second quarter, then passed out on the sidelines.. He was taken to Hospital, where he became non-responsive. He was pronounced dead just after 9:30 p.m. Garrett had not been hit on the touchdown play. Only about 30 of these cases happened in the United States each year, predominantly in children. It happens in Little League baseball. A ball is thrown by a pitcher and hits the person in the chest. Hamlin’s heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center. Tuesday he was sedated and in critical condition.


President Joe Biden and top administration officials will open a new year of divided government by fanning out across the country to talk about how the economy is benefiting from his work with Democrats and Republicans. As part of the pitch, Biden and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell will make a rare joint appearance in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky on Wednesday to highlight nearly $1 trillion in infrastructure spending that lawmakers approved on a bipartisan basis in 2021. The Democratic president will also be joined by a bipartisan group of elected officials. Biden’s bipartisanship blitz was announced two days before Republicans retake control of the House from Democrats. The shift ends unified political control of Congress by Democrats and complicates Biden’s future legislative agenda. Democrats will remain in charge in the Senate.


10 YEARS AGO-2013

We are glad to report that West Orange mayor Roy McDonald had surgery is home and doing well. His fight is not over but so far he’ winning.*****Dist. Clerk Deput Janet Reed Greene will retire Friday, Jan. 4, from the Courthouse. She first worked in the DA’s office back in the 70’s. She will be greatly missed around the Courthouse.*****District Attorney John Kimbrough replaced Judge Rogers with Michelle Brister as new Assistant District Attorney.*****Attorney Lynwood Sander was in a bad wreck last week when he rolled his duel ca Ford pickup truck. The other driver ran a red light at Hwy. 6 and IH-10. Although Lynwood’s truck rolled a few times he came out just fine. He said air bags went off everywhere. The wreck was on Sunday and on Monday he went back to the Ford place to order another truck just like it. He gives all the praise to God for saving his life on this one.*****Retired County Treasurer Vergie Moreland and her husband Larry just returned from enjoying the Christmas lights in Marshall Texas. Vergie stays busy since her retirement.*****County Clerk Deputy Stacy Wells received an engagement ring for Christmas. There could be an Easter wedding in the works for she and fiancé’ Jude Hebert who is employed by David Self Ford.*****Larry Jacobs, who returned to Bridge City many years ago from Oregon, married Jan Prince Bock and began Wealth Management has been joined in his business by his son, who has recently moved to Bridge City from Oregon.*****Some of the high profile people that we got to know who left us in 2012. The latest is Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, 78. He died Dec. 27. “Stormin Norman” is compared to other great generals like Ike, and Douglas MacArthur. A decorated soldier in Vietnam, he commanded operation “Desert Storm,” a coalition of about 30 countries. A few of the others dying in 2012, Ernest Borguine, 95; Phyllis Diller, 95; Gore Vidal, 86; Vidal Sasson, 84; Larry Hagman, 81; George Lindsey, 83; Robin Gibb, 62; Andy Griffith, 86; Sherman (George Jefferson) Hemsley, 74; Etta James, 73; Whitney Houston, 48; Donna Summers, 63; Dick Clark, 82; Andy Williams, 84; Kitty Wells, 91; Doc Watson, 89; Earl Scruggs, 88; Johnny Otis, 90; Davy Jones, 66; Rodney King, 47; Sen. Warren Rudman, 82; Sen. Arlen Specter, 82; Helen Gurley Brown, 90; Neil Armstrong, 82; Sally Ride, 61; Coach Joe Paterno, 85; Newsman Mike Wallace, 92; Sen. George McGovern, 90; Boxer Hectar Comacho, 50; Trainer Angelo Dundee, 90; Coach Darrell Royal, 88; Sen. Daniel Inouye, 88 and Judge Robert Bork, 85.***** All three Orange County boys in the NFL make playoffs. Coach Wade Phillips and the Texans have lost the last two games but ended up 12-4. Houston will take on the Bengals Saturday, 3:30 p.m. at Reliant. The game will be televised on NBC. ***Earl Thomas and his Seahawks will take on the Redskins in Washington, Sunday, 3:30 p.m. on FOX. ***Matt Bryant and the Atlanta Falcons got a first round bye. Not too many, if any, county in the country with a population of 80,000 can claim three native sons participating in NFL playoffs. Earl Thomas has also been selected for the Pro Bowl. ***** President Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are USA’s most admired persons. Clinton has been named 16 times. First Lady Michelle Obama came in second behind her. Oprah Winfrey was number three and Condoleezza Rice number four. President Obama received the largest bump in the survey. His tally nearly doubled from 2011 to this year.*****Two old country boys, Hall of Famers, the two Georges, Jones and Strait, will be on the road again for the last time before the legends hang up their touring boots. They will pack their bus in 2013, looking back at what a great run they‘ve had before they hang up their guitars. *****On Jan. 5, Marilou Pachar Gunn, who seems to be the aunt to a lot of old local boys, Yank, Al and Dean, plus she’s Tommy Gunn’s mom, celebrates 85 years. (Marilou passed away in 2016 at age 88.) ***Another very nice lady, Vivian Holbrooks celebrates this day. *****Seven head coaches and five general managers are fired in the NFL. I hated to see East Texas boy, Lovie Smith, with the Bears, run off. Lovie is the pride of Big Sandy. For now it looks like Jerry Jones will keep his blinders on and ride the same horses. (Editor’s note: Lovie is now coach of the Texans.)

20 Years Ago-2003

Newly elected county officials sworn into office Jan. 1 were Janice Menard, Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace; Roy Derry Dunn, Pct. 2, Justice of the Peace; Beamon Minton, County Commissioner, Pct. 4, sworn in by Judge Carl Thibodeaux .; Owen Burton, Commissioner, Pct. 2, sworn into office by Judge Dennis Powell, 163rd Dist. Judge. Burton was accompanied by wife Nelda, daughter Anna, grandson Rylan Breaux and granddaughter Nocona Smith. *****Raymond Smith will be installed chairman at the annual Chamber banquet, Jan. 9. Smith replaces Carl Himel.*****Lou Raburn is still sporting a couple of black eyes after something in her attic fell on her causing a concussion. She was digging in the attic for Christmas decorations.*****Dr. Williams told Grover that giving Halliburton a prescription for Viagra would be like putting a new flagpole on a condemned building.*****Pretty Lynda Peck hit a heavy barbell weight and broke her heel. The cast runs up to her calf. *****Judge Pat didn’t like the Aggie colors painted in his courtroom so Judge Thibodeaux changed the color but wouldn’t agree to burnt orange. *****Bridge City soldier Chris Menard came home from Fort Hood on New year’s Day but rushed back to have lunch with President George W. Bush, who was visiting the base.*****Elvis Presley was born Jan. 8, 1935, and died Aug. 16, 1977. (Editor’s note: Hard to believe that will be 46 years ago.)*****Mr. and Mrs. Grady Johnson celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss. *****Louis Dugas says, “The Visitors Bureau of Orange has a history of welcoming visitors, it was once the city jail.”*****Bessie Hance Permentor, 76, died Jan. 2. ***Jack Wood, 73, died Jan. 3. ***W.R. Bill Potter, 94, died Jan. 5. *****Crawfish cornbread is made in Bridge City by Lynard and Cheryl Stout. *****The Record Newspapers outdoor columnists, Capt. Dickie Colburn and Capt. Chuck Uzzle are featured at the Beaumont Winter Boat Show. Both will present sessions.

45 Years Ago-1978

Don Burgess is sworn in Sunday as 260th district judge by partner H.D. Pate. Wife Bobbie held the Bible.*****W.T. Oliver started the day before preparing a feast for the New Year’s Eve party and 23rd wedding anniversary celebration of Roy and Phyllis Dunn. The gathering was held at the Dunn home. Oliver featured 20-gallons of gumbo, 20 gallons of jambalaya, five gallons of sausage and black-eyed peas. Mexican corn bread and other trimmings. Paul Wise furnished the back up music for a variety of singers. A highlight was the picking and singing of Father Walter Montondon. Between walking their baby Jenny, Gordon and Diane Baxter did a couple of numbers. H.D. Pate sang along and prompted Sen. Carl Parker into singing ten songs by announcing the Senator didn’t know but two. Vicki Curtis and Dennis Hall teamed up on the guitar while the crew harmonized. Furnishing foot-tapping and leg-clapping were State Legislator Wayne Peveto, Judge Grover Halliburton, Betty and Bernard Gaiarratano, Danny Brack, Judge Burgess, Barbara Gillis, Sue Pate and Betty Harmon. Big eaters were Bobby Cormier, Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox, Bill Forte, Jack Parcel, Wilson Roberts, Tim Lieby, James Fontenot and Ace Amedo. Don Jacobs sang his novelty songs, including “The Legend of Roy Dunn.” Harold Beeson, judge of Rose City, author and newspaper reporter came without Shelia. The only time he ever behaved. Everyone else brought their spouses. Around 100 folks attended the annual party. What a great time. I believe Buddie and Carol Hahn were there also. *****Bridge City resident John Dubose was named business manager and controller of the Port Arthur News.


TCU, the first Big 12 to win a playoff game, will be looking for its first national title since 1938. Under coach Dutch Meyer, the Horned Frogs beat Carnegie Tech 15-7 in the Sugar Bowl to complete a 10-0 season. TCU will play Georgia January 9 for the National College Football Championship. The first person who came to mind is our longtime friend, the banker’s banker, Carlos Vacek, a former TCU player and strong supporter who holds season tickets. I’m wondering if he will make the championship game.*****For the last 50 years, Harry Stephens has been advertising his Harry’s Appliance store in our publication. Operators of the store are Harry and his wife Margie, who will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary January 11. They service everything they sell and offer one day service. At box stores it can take weeks to get service. There is no better place to buy an appliance. Happy Anniversary Harry and Margie.***** This past week was a demonstration on the drastic changes Southeast Texas weather can make. Freezing pipes at Christmas and shorts on New Year's Day. Even with the fluxes in the weather, people carried on with their holiday celebrations.*****Barbara Dardeau had a birthday on Tuesday, but had a special day a bit earlier. The now-retired choir teacher, who spent many years at West Orange-Stark High, had lunch with some of her former students, Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr., Shaun Mayfield, and Larry Brooks Jr. Music teachers create lasting memories and those three guys can still harmonize.*****West Orange Mayor Randy Branch and wife Jane took a New Year's Eve trip to Beaumont to see the new Avatar movie and dine at Pappadeaux's. Earlier, they finally got to have a Christmas celebration with all the grands.***** Terri Childs, along with mom Dayle Foreman, and Abigail Noah, made a post-Christmas trip to Houston and the Alley Theatre to see "A Christmas Carol." On New Year's Eve, she and husband Brad, who is on the Orange City Council, were at MacKenzie's in Beaumont to hear Bayou Rush. Other Orange County peeps enjoying the show included photographer Rick Bridgers, Stephanie Roberts, Shari Rule, Lane Olson, and Mike Powell.*****Gary and Allisha Bonneaux have been enjoying their new digs in Galveston and met up with ex-pats Kelly and Monte Morphew, plus Becky and Tom Henry, for a Moody Gardens cruise on New Year's Eve. Apparently the food ran out, leading to great disappointment. Waffle House to the rescue to start a new year.*****April and Trey King went to the Alamo Bowl to see the Longhorns, but ran into truck trouble in Katy. Trey was able to get the right part and had them fixed and on the road. The Longhorns also had some trouble in the bowl game as the University lost.*****Two Orange city councilors spent New Year's Eve at Crystal Beach. Councilor Caroline Hennigan and husband Mike hosted friends Raul and Paul Burch, along with Tanya Guillotte at their beach house. Caroline likes to spend her winter days beach combing to look for treasures like a piece of a fossilized turtle shell. Paul will be running for re-election this year.*****County Clerk Brandy Robertson and husband Roderick, who serves on the West Orange-Cove school board, spent New Year's Eve day in Galveston for a Moody Gardens tour of lights.*****Orange County Commissioner and former Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccaforte turned 70 this week. His son Aaron is following in public service as a Bridge City city councilor and will be running for the spot again this year.***Jim Sharon Bearden marked another birthday. He's the father of high school students and toddlers.***Sherry Mallory turned 70 on New Year's Day with husband Johnny and their children surprising her with a birthday party.*** Bianca and Charles Garrett, who were born on the same day but a year apart, turned 39 and 40 respectively.*** Other's celebrating this past week included Stephanie Blanda, Mitchell Lee, Phillip Caillavet, Chrystina Edwards, Maggie Reynolds, Bridge Trawhon, Linn Cardner, Lauren McGee, and Coach Russell Bottley.*** Trudy and Johnny Wilson marked another wedding anniversary.*****Former sheriff Keith Merritt was at his deer lease over the holiday. Even though Marlene likes it there and has collected many Indian artifacts, she stayed home. She said she enjoyed staying in her gown all day and not having to prepare three meals a day.*****Tuesday, January 10, one of my best buddies Collin “Billy Jack” Gros celebrates his 28th birthday. Just the other day it seems I was hauling him to Sam Moore’s for hitting and pitching lessons. Time does fly. Have a great birthday Collin. By the way I understand Coach Sam “Bucket” Moore lives in Bridge City and coaches in Sulphur.


A few folks we know having a special day this week. Jan. 4: Happy Birthday to Angela Mazzola Devin Force, Lillian Wray, Nancy Lapeyrolerie.*****Jan. 5: Lora Simpson, Deborah Schlicher, Malinda Vail and Patsy Dowden celebrate today.*****Jan. 6: DeeDee Viator, Clint Reves, Sherry Morgan, Marvin Zipper and a special happy birthday to Skipper Free who turns 89.*****Jan. 7: Chance Chatagnier, Carley Barclay, Kim Haynes, Micah McFarlane, Betty Jagen, Libby Campbell, Michael Collins and Teresa Collins all celebrate today.*****Jan. 8: Celebrating birthdays this week are Lanston Fall, Heather Mankopf (Montagne), Terri Gauthier, Mike Comeaux, Joey Halliburton, Philipp Hunt, Sandra Cole and Sean Brinson.*****Jan. 9: Mattie Goza, Brenda Hearn, Caitlin Pastrana, Chad Meadows, Ken Steppe and Susan Kelly celebrate.*****Jan. 10: Happy Birthday to Brittany Ramos, Frank Skeeler, and Sandy Uzzle. A special birthday wish to Collin Gros who turns 28 today.


Otis Desomeaux, las week, attended some holiday parties him. First he went to a gathering at Comeaux’s house where he drank a couple glasses of wine. Den he left dere, made a couple more stops and ended up at “Tee-Boy’s” place. By den, he was pretty sauced up him and knew full well dat he had drunk slightly over da limit but he drunk a couple more high balls. Den he did something he had never done before, he took a cab home. He passed a police roadblock but since it was a cab da police waved it past. Desomeaux him, arrive home safe witout incident and boy dat was a surprise because Desomeaux him, had never driven a cab before. He’s not sure wat to do wit it now dat it’s in his garage.


Texas Home to a Little Over 30 Million

Fueled by migration to the state from other parts of the country, Texas crossed a new population threshold last year. It is now home to 30 Million people. New estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau put the state’s population as of July 1 at 30,029,572 following years of steady growth. This makes Texas the only state, other than California, with a population of more than 30 million. Texas’ population increased by 470,708 people since July 2021, the largest gain in the nation. Roughly half of the growth came from net domestic migration. Despite its growth, Texas remains far behind California. The latest estimates put California’s population at 39,029,342. Earlier this year, a separate estimate from the Census Bureau indicated that Texas may have passed another demographic milestone: the point where Hispanic residents make up more of the state’s population than white residents. Hispanic Texans make up 40.2% of the state’s population in 2021, while Hispanic white Texans made up 39.4%. Those estimates are not considered official.*****Gotta go. Here’s wishing you and the country a great year. Take care and God bless.


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