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The NFL’S third annual “Super Wild Card Weekend,” so dubbed when the playoff field expanded from 12 to 14 teams starting with the 2020 season, concluded Monday night as the Dallas Cowboys eliminated Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31-14. The Cowboys advance to face the NFC West champion San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium next Sunday night. While “America’s Team” is obviously the big victor, so is Dak Prescott. The critics, this one included, had harped on his seven-game streak throwing an interception during a season when Prescott had a league high 15 INTs. No picks Monday, when Prescott turned in one of the great individual playoff performances by a Dallas quarterback. He became the fifth player in postseason history to pass for at least four TDs in a game while rushing for another—and the first Cowboy player to do so. He also completed 11 straight passes at one point, breaking Troy Aikman’s team record for consecutive connections in a playoff game. Beat the Niners, and Prescott’s playoff record evens at 3-3, make it to the Super Bowl and the Cowboys will again be truly “America’s Team.”



Ray. Joseph Fontenot, of Orange, passed away peacefully on January 9, 2023, at his home. Mass of Christian burial will be 10:00 a.m., Saturday, January 21, at St. Mary Catholic Church. Visitation will be from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., Friday, January 20, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Ray Fontenot had voted in 20 Presidential elections. “Every president from Roosevelt to Biden. I voted for Franklin Roosevelt twice.” Born on Jan. 5, 1921 and raised in Grand Prairie, Louisiana, near Opelousas, the World War II vet and DuPont retiree was actually alive during the final days of the Woodrow Wilson administration, just after the ends of World War I (1918) and the Spanish Flu pandemic (1920). Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover were others who won presidential elections during Fontenot’s youth. In 1999 he became the oldest Texan to have a heart valve replacement? He only needed a one-night stay in the hospital. Same with his recent surgery to remove a salivary gland tumor. “He’s a tough old bird,” said his daughter, Belinda Cormier. She says only Covid-19 changed his lifestyle. A longtime fan of Houston Astros baseball, George Springer, Jose Altuve, Joe Morgan and Nolan Ryan, are all time favorites of Fontenot. Growing up on a farm in Louisiana meant Fontenot wasn’t immediately aware of the Great Depression. He had plenty of food, and he had a roof over his head. He was part of a graduating class of seven at Grand Prairie’s school and spent two-plus years in the Civilian Conservation Corps before marrying Virgie, his wife of 70 years until she passed away in 2011. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 and was discharged in 1946. “I’ve had pretty good health all these years and I’ve made history on my father’s side of the family, the first one to reach 100,” Fontenot said. “But by 2020 I had lost many of my friends my age.” When asked to name the favorites of all the presidents his life has seen he didn’t hesitate, “Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Clinton,” he said. I last visited with Ray just before COVID drove us all home. He’s one of the great guys I’ve known as well as his late brother James Fontenot. Please see obituary. May this good man and great American rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2013

Last Sunday, Jan. 13, at 3 p.m., Community Church filled with mourners who came to say their goodbyes to five-year-old West “Indy” Parkhurst, who lost his battle to inoperable brain tumor. Throughout his illness, diagnosed in early 2011, “Indy” remained active and fun loving. Everyone who knew him and the compassionate community, who heard of his plight, loved him. A wise, elderly woman, once told me that she had learned in her long life that God sometimes loans us special little Angels who bring sunshine into our lives until it’s time to go home. “Indy” was a little treasure who brought joy to a loving family while he was on loan. His stay will never be forgotten by those who loved the little guy so much. “Indy” has gone home now, to rejoin the Angels. We are truly blessed that he came and brought special meaning to the lives of so many. Since than his grandfather Judge Joe Parkhurst has joined him and his dad Steve has become a District Judge. May he rest in peace.***** The Bridge City Chamber banquet was a big success with an overflow crowd in attendance. The large Scales family alone can fill a community center. Congrats to Jimmie Scales, Donna‘s longtime husband, who was named “Citizen of the Year.” KOGT and Gary Stelly were awarded the “Business of the Year.” Our friend Brandy Slaughter is the new incoming president. All Brandy needed was one more chore but she‘ll do a good job, after all she has a lot of good elves.*****Best wishes to Vidor High School teacher Misti Dotson, who recently underwent brain surgery and is on the road to recovery. Misti is our friend Marilou Gunn’s granddaughter.*****We were saddened to learn about the death of Betty Lou Womack, age 75, who passed away Jan. 10, 2013, formally a resident of Orange, who recently had moved back to her hometown of Madisonville. For over 30 years she was a school teacher at West Orange-Stark. Married to Phil Womack until his death she made the best of life and was liked by everyone who knew her. She was a caring, compassionate person. She and her friend Cal Broussard enjoyed great times together until Cal started battling cancer. Betty Lou stayed by his side and slept in his hospital room in Houston every night for nearly a year until Cal died at her home. She enjoyed people and liked her times with her Mardi Gras krewe and her group travels. I personally treasure the friendship my family and I shared with this kind lady.

20 Years Ago-2003

Ray Trahan, 63, suffered a massive heart attack and died Sunday, Jan. 19. Services were held Jan. 22. A native of Kaplan, in Vermillion Parish, he had been a resident of Orange County 51 years. He was an account executive for the Record Newspapers. He had retired as director of advertising for the Leader, where he worked for 45 years. Record editor, Glenda Dyer had known Ray many years as a co-worker at the Leader, where she was the editor, said about Ray, “He was one of the best read people I knew. Very intelligent, well versed in many languages and was working on learning languages of the Middle East and about the Muslin religion. Nancy Vincent called him a longtime friend, and was well versed on any subject and had a true wit. Roy Dunn, publisher of The Record, wrote a Down Life’s Highway column about Ray and their similar Cajun background. He and Ray had breakfast together every morning with Ray often bringing boudian from Veterans Grocery. Ray furnished the daily newspapers and they discussed the items of the day, in national and world affairs. “Boo Boo was one of a kind,” Dunn said. “He had read the complete Bible twice and had just completed reading the Quran. Ray could recall every family he had known and their offspring. He had total recall. He often spoke of the old times. He was good at playing tennis, loved his family and was very generous.” (Editor’s note: Even though Ray has been gone 20 years, his next door neighbor, Anabel Rost, who died last year, recalled him fondly as do so many others.)*****Orange County Commissioners consider Court-at-Law request. Commissioner John Dubose said the request under consideration would not establish a court but would ask the legislatures to give state approval so that county officials could decide to establish a new court if they choose to. *****Judge Thibodeaux and some commissioners claim the court would never pay for itself and would cost the county in excess of $250,000 a year. The request comes from the Orange County Bar Association. Most office holders felt one court was sufficient and it was added expense. (Editor’s note: Later the second county court at law was established.*****Jace Tyler Belk Bruney celebrates a first birthday Jan. 17. His mother is pretty April Belk Bruney. He’s Linda and Clint Belk’s first grandchild and a great grandchild of Richard, who has set quite a trail for young Jace to follow. (Editor’s note: He’s 20 today.)*****Bridge City High School retires football jersey #99. That was the number worn by kicker for Bridge City High, Matt Bryant.

50 YEARS AGO-1973

A snow storm blew into Orange County last week. The highway froze, and some people were left stranded and had to walk from the Rainbow Bridge back to Bridge City. Meanwhile, some of the partying folks at Albert’s Inn, on Division Street, walked across the street and built two large snowmen at Attorney Bill Sexton’s law office yard.*****Joe Runnels ordered a steak at the Jack Tar Restaurant when Delia, the cute, sexy waitress, asked him, “How did you find your steak sir?” Joe replied, “Oh, I just moved the potato and there it was.”*****Sue Vercher is the restaurant manager and Catherine and Millie “Tallboy” Harper are two other waitresses.*****Doug Perry, longtime employee of the Jack Tar Barber Shop, owned by Joe Blanda, is the new shop owner. The hairless barber invites all of his fair-haired friends to come by and let him clip them. *****The district attorney’s staff is working six days a week rather than five. New County Attorney Sharon Bearden is setting up new record keeping in order to get higher efficiency and production. Bearden, a mover and shaker, works hard and expects his staff to do the same. *****President Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973) died Monday, Jan. 22, in the Texas hill country, the land of his birth. It has been said that during his administration, more was done for the American people than during any period in history. His administration achieved major landmarks in civil rights legislation. The largest criticism aimed at him in the latter part of his administration stemmed largely from the Vietnam War, a war he inherited from President John F. Kennedy.


Neal Ford has been named Orange County Drainage District’s new general manager. Meanwhile Don Corona will be GM of special projects.***** Looks like Orange County may have another naked azalea spring. The sub-freezing weather around Christmas killed the leaves on the old azalea bushes around the area, but people shouldn't prune back their bushes. Two years ago when the statewide hard freeze hit in February, the azalea leaves turned brown and fell off, but the buds still bloomed in March on the "naked" bushes. Let's hope the flowers bloom again this year.*****Sheila Parks Faske of Rose City, who is a regent with the Texas State University System, was in Austin this past weekend for the inauguration ceremony for Governor Greg Abbott. She's a former Orange County Republican chair and also sits on the Rose City City Council.*****The King's Ball gala drew a big crowd at the Expo Center on Saturday night with hundreds of ladies dressed in sequins and gowns. The men weren't too shabby, either. Congratulations to event chair Marquettia Ledet for successful gala. This year the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday expanded to include professional seminars and a church service.*****January seems to be the month for lawyers to be born. Last week local lawyers Rodney Townsend, Jack Smith, and Jerry Pennington celebrated birthdays. Other birthdays included redheads Stephen Kovatch and Greg Gravett, and both have redheaded children. Kovatch even has redheaded grands. Bridge City's fisherman extraordinaire Robert Vail had a birthday last week, as did former Pinehurst First Lady Lyndia Permenter, who is the First Lady of many people's hearts.*****Web news reporter Michael Cole was in the hospital for his birthday last week because of a bout of pneumonia, but he's out now. Other birthdays included Dr. Michael Amsden, former Bridge City businessman Michael Eiden, Michael Moses, Dianna Edwards, and Salvation Army Captain Jan Zuniga. Susan Bonnin Dorman had a birthday on the 12th, but Friday the 13th was a bad day for her and her husband, Bohn. Their home in West Orange was destroyed by a fire officials believe started with the water heater. They and their dog escaped, but they have been left with nothing. Friends have been helping, though. Bridge City businesswoman Candace Aras Mulholland is letting her space at 315 Texas Avenue serve as a drop-off spot for donations of clothes, household goods, gift cards or money. Clothing sizes are women's size 16 L for pants and large for tops, plus size 8 shoes. Bohn wears pants of 40/36 and 2XL shirts, along with size 12 shoes.*****Brandy and Roderick Robertson celebrated Roderick's birthday a couple of days early with a date night to see comedian Jeff Dunham at Ford Park. Stephanie Roberts was among those from Orange County who also attended.*****Super Car Man  Al Granger is bragging about the Chevrolet Tahoe his friend florist Scott Hasty bought in 2008. Scott bought the SUV new at the grand opening of Granger Chevrolet and has put more than 500,000 miles on it. He's not ready for a new vehicle, yet, even though the Granger brand has expanded.*****Congratulations to Bridge City High School sophomore McKinlee Carpenter for being selected as a model next year for Cheryl Taylor Photography. McKinlee will be representing the BCHS fishing team.*****Roy and Phyl welcomed granddaughter Jenna and family from Royalton, MA over the weekend. Jenna, husband Robby, Delilah, 15, Willow, 7 and Chase 4, drove straight through after a stop in Vero Beach, FL for a visit with her sister Amber and family. They plan to leave Tuesday for another straight through drive back to Florida and then on to Massachusetts. It was a real reunion with cousins and kinfolk. Everyone enjoyed the visit.*****I noticed that my friend Roderick Robertson turned 55 on Jan. 16. That used to be the old speed limit but since the limit as been raised to 70, he’s a young 55.*****Dolly Pardon turns 78. I recall when she started her career appearing in Beaumont with Buck Owens. By the way, she wasn’t big busted back then, she only grew later.*****I once met Neil Diamond when he was in his 30’s. On Jan. 28, he will be 82.*****I’m working on a special project and in need of an outside air conditioner, 3 or 4 tons. If you have a used one in a shed or in your way, I would like to have it at a reasonable price. Please call 409-886-7183 with information and I will get back with you.***** Penny LeLeux informed us that the cast and crew of “Shhh” had  won Best Editing, Best Color and Best Song for Mike Magnuson's "Dig a lotta dirt" at the MLC Awards in Little Rock, Ark. The editing and color treatment is a credit to Travis Myers. Penny, Mike and Travis are from Orange County. Congrats guys.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch returns starting next Wednesday Jan. 25. The Lunch Bunch will meet every Wednesday at 11:30 at Robert’s Restaurant. If you come at 12:00 you won’t be considered late. Keith Wallace, David Bailey and Judge Derry Dunn will head up the Bunch. Logan will be secretary, not treasurer. Y’all come. Happy days are here again.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Jan. 18: Brenda Oliver, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckebay, Misti Jagoe, Tara Thompson.*****Jan. 19: Happy Birthday to Judge Hershel Stagner, Candance Clark, Jimmy Whittle, Lis Costilla and Brenna Manasco.*****Jan. 20: Celebrating today are Melissa Berry Beth fisher, Steve Griffith, Beverly Delahoussaye.*****Jan. 21: Charles Arceneaux, Sarah Bonds, Millagro Foster and David Doucet.*****Jan. 22: A year older today are Cris Anderson, Julian Meadows, Don Collins, Gary Baker, Myra Sherwood, Nancy Sieck and Suzanne Pittard.*****Jan. 23: Happy Birthday to Sandra Peveto, Caitlyn Lindner, Cindy Cain, Harold Collins, Jennifer Grizzaffi, Logan Mitchell, Stephanie Smith, Sue Harris, Karen Anthony.*****Jan. 24: Celeb rating are Larry Gray, Randy Franklin, Toni Robertson and Eric Shuford.


A note from Sostan


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I bought me a Porsche. Sugar Bee like it too. Boy, I made a good buy me. I was reading da paper when an ad caught my eye what read, $500 Porsche, 2009 model, low mileage, like new. I’m tinking me, dat mus be a joke, but I go to see da lady wat is selling it anyway.

She was lawyer Felix Harrington’s wife. She took me to her garage and sure nuff, dere sit an almost brand new Porsche. Boy, I got excited me. I ax Mrs. Harrington if I can take it for a test drive, me.

“Sure,” she answer.

Man, dat car run perfect and still got da new smell in it. Wen I got back I ax Mrs. Harrington, “Why you selling me this great Porsche for only $500, hanh?”

Mrs. Harrington her, she laugh den say, “My husband Felix him, ran off with his little huzzy secretary and he told me, “Velma, you can have da house and da furniture, just sell my Porsche and send me da money.”

Cuzz, that’s how I got dis nice Porsche me.

Your Cuzzin, Sostan.



President Joe Biden will deliver his second State of the Union speech Feb. 7, even as he faces an improving economy, an aggressive House controlled by Republicans and an investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information. Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially invited Biden to inform Congress of the state of the union in a letter Friday, part of a mandated process that brings the president to Capitol Hill each year. Biden has had the most successful two first years of any president before him. No one has ever come to the presidency with more legislative experience, both domestic and foreign. In the almost fifty years in public service, President Biden hasn’t been marred by scandal and has always been known by those he serves with as a man of his word. Republicans, in an attempt to damage the Biden name, has made it clear that they will open an investigation and committee hearings against his son, Hunter Biden. Over the past dozen years, the FBI, IRS and former president Trump’s Justice Department have not found evidence or criminal intent by Hunter. At age 80, President Joe might face some hesitation from independent voters but his health and mind seems to be equal to much younger politicians. On Feb. 7 Biden might give a hint of his future plans.*****Gotta go. Please shop our advertisers. Take care and God bless.


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