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Living History

At 88 years old I don’t have to read history any longer, I just remember most of it. In that regard it amazing me that histories and things I have seen in the way of change Bridge City.

Occasionally, my family would pack up in our old car and make the trip from Groves, Texas to Logansport, Louisiana; a little town on the Sabine River. The trip was not necessarily easy because of having no four lane highways and some poor roads. It took the better part of an entire day. Whether or not you were able to get to Logansport at a reasonable time depended on the ferry on the Neches River: the only way to get there from Jefferson County.

There were more small towns on the highway between Groves and Logansport; it seemed each one had two or three traffic lights that had to be navigated in order to make the way north.

The return trip had the same challenges but it seemed to be a little shorter because we were on the way home. The one thing I remember vividly was the swarms of mosquitoes we had to endure in the summer time while awaiting the ferry trip. It was where the high bridge is now.


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