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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


Grandma used to say, “”Have the Robins come yet? Spring will come when the Robins come.” I always thought it was the other way around. The Robins would come when spring got here. Well, maybe she was right. For several years I’ve seen very few Robins, maybe a single one in an open field. The weather has been so up and down that about the time I think maybe Spring is here we get a cold blast. Maybe Grandma was right, the Robins are here waiting on spring to come March 20th. As a youngster, I shot many Robins and Rice Birds with a sling-shot. Grandma made jambalaya and gumbo with them. I think there is now a law against killing Robins. I’m glad, but long ago they fed a poor family. Now it’s me and the birds waiting for spring.*****Sunday, March 12, don’t forget to “spring ahead” by moving your clock up an hour. We lose an hour in the spring but daylight gets here earlier.


Lucy Broussard Loeve

A great lady, Lucy Broussard Loeve, age 105, passed away in her sleep on March 2, 2023, in West Orange. She was born during WWI on Dec. 7, 1917, in Maurice, LA., a few miles from Abbeville. Services were held March 6. She witnessed a lot of history in her lifetime. Please see her obituary on our website, therecordlive.com.

Services held for Earl Angelle

Funeral service was held Saturday, March 4, for Earl Joseph Angelle, age 97, who passed away February 26. His wife of 73 years, Althea, left us in January. Earl proudly served in the United States Navy and Air Force and retired from Dupont. Anyone who lives in Bridge City is familiar with the contributions Earl, Althea and their nine children have made to the betterment of the Bridge City community. Earl was a devoted Catholic, who lived across the street from St. Henry Catholic Church where he worshiped for many years. When politicians threw their hat in the ring, most made a stop to visit with Mr. Angell hoping to gain his support. Our condolences to his large family. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2013

We were sorry to hear of the death of Bob Shinn, age 80, who died in Dallas Friday, March 1.*** Also longtime civic leader, Dr. Max Pachar Sr., 90, who died Sunday, March 3. Both of these men contributed so much to the advancement of our area. Both gave of their time and money. Dr. Pachar leaves behind a large family who are also involved in a variety of vocations and civic endeavors. Our condolences to his wife Justine, her family and to his sisters, brother and their families.*****The St. Paul Episcopal Church in Orange, established in 1894, will celebrate their 129th anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. (Editor’s note: 139 years in 2023.)*****Did you know that the First Methodist church in Texas was organized in Bastrop in 1835. Back then, to organize a church required a minimum of 10 members. There were only nine white people who were Methodist so a slave, Celia Kraft, was added as the 10th member. She worshiped in that church until her death. *****Charlie Warner, of Bridge City, always was a good boy. Last Friday, at Peggy’s on the Bayou, he fed an elderly couple. Many years ago, the old folks had fed Charlie, a youngster, many meals. His heart spoke to him and they appreciated the meal, but mostly the thought.*****This past weekend the north wind was really cold for those brave enough to attend the baseball tournaments being held. However, besides seeing some good high school baseball, it made for a nice time to visit with some of the old timers. Coach Dan Hooks, Sam Moore, Sharon Bearden and others relayed war stories. Hooks and Moore could fill a book. Clint Landry is a true baseball fan. His son Chad is Bridge City coach and Clint is already teaching his 4-year-old grandson to hit. A left hander like dad, oddly enough he bats right handed. Anyway, Clint told the story about he and Cornell Thompson living in the country, at the end of Newton Street, in West Orange, raising chickens. Cornell still does, Clint raises money. Anyway, Cornell, a little older, had a scooter and Clint sat on the back holding a box of eggs and they rode all over town selling eggs door to door. Often Clint let too many eggs break and got a scolding from Cornell. I can’t put the Sam Moore stories in print, mostly because of space. Did you know Sam and Clint were cousins? Sam’s boy Brennan, it seems just a little guy a few months ago, is Sam’s size now and a starting third baseman for LC-M.*****A little bird told us retired WO-S Coach Mark Foreman will join the coaching staff of his son, Toby Foreman. Toby was just named the new head coach at Central.*****At the Orangefield tournament Mark got to visit with Terry Landry’s son Shea, who is a coach at West Orange and former star baseball player at LC-M and Lamar.***** We heard from another retiree, longtime Bridge City educator Joe Chenella and wife Nancy, now living in College Station. They haven’t sold their BC home yet and come to town occasionally, preparing to put it on the market.*****Coach Les Johnson and Wanda stopped in for a visit last week. Les doesn’t like retirement, he would rather be coaching the Wing T. He’s quite a farmer however, and already putting out his spring crop in Bastrop.*****, The mastermind of the “Great Train Robbery” Bruce Reynolds, died in London at age 81. He led the gang that stole sacks of money, $2.6 million, in August, 1963. It would be worth $60 million today. Books and movies have highlighted the famous train robbery.*****Our congratulations go out to Bridge City’s Hayden Guidry, who pitched a 7-0 shutout against Kelly Monday. He struck out 13, allowing four hits.

25 Years Ago-1998

Austin has grown into the 22nd largest United States city, trading places with Seattle, which falls to number 23. *****CASA moves into new offices on Park Ave. Gisela Houseman is president. ***** Former Orangeite, Kelly Ray Thompson, 30, is charged with murder in Tacoma Washington. He is accused of the murder of Cathy Jean Jackson Webb, 41. Kelly lived at 607 Orange Ave, with his wife Penny. The couple had been married at the Brown Center. Kelly admitted to the murder and says, “Killing comes natural.” He wove a chilling tale of murders in Washington, California, Colorado and Texas. (Editor‘s note: Kelly made many friends in Orange County until he vanished in 1993, leaving his wife and friends behind. He was a nice looking fellow, very likeable, who made friends easily. The last we heard Kelly was killed in prison where he was serving a 25-year sentence for the killing of a couple in Washington.)*****Pretty Vickie Brown, her dad Earl Drake and Jerry Wayne Bell all celebrate birthdays.*****Sheriffs Captain David Peck is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1.*****Wayne Reeh is a candidate for county judge.*****Homer Will is a candidate for County Commissioner, Pct. 2.*****A.R. Morgan is candidate for Commissioner, Pct. 2.*****C.J. Huckaby runs for re-election for Commissioner, Pct. 2.*****Vickie Edgerly, 10 year District Clerk employee, runs for the office of District Clerk.*****Todd Lindsey throws his hat in the ring for County Commissioner, Pct. 2.*****Vanessa Meaux announces for County Clerk. Karen Jo Vance also announced for re-election of that post. *****Ted Selman files for Port Commissioner, Pct. 1. *****Quote of the Week comes from Orange Port board president, “Buckshot” Winfree, when presenting Port Director Roger Richards, a going away plaque. “Buckshot” turned to Port Commissioner Joel Steirman and said, “Joel, you present the plaque, you had more to do with Roger leaving then anyone else.”*****Former Orangefield Bobcat, Jacob Davis, takes first place in the Big 12 Indoor Championship with a pole vault of 18.5 feet. (That’s nearly in the clouds.) Jacob hopes to win the national title for the Texas Longhorns.*****Former Bridge City Cardinal, Shane Dronett, signs a two year contract with the Atlanta Falcons and his old coach at Denver, Dan Reeves.*****West Orange Stark great, Kevin Smith, had his contact with the Dallas Cowboys extended until 2003.

50 Year Ago-1973

The crew at Butler-Baker Pontiac-American at the circle, are salesmen Joe Kazmar, Rocky Thomas and Doug Schulze, Houston Baker, owner and service manager Don Hebert, service technicians Joe Peveto, James Duhon, Richard Thomas, Royce Thompson, Roland Blanchard, Ellis Bartie, Turner Barnes, John McClelland, parts manager Ray Sautter, body shop men Eddie Joe White, Pat Stockman and John Hanks, office manager Carol Turner, Becky Longetreath and Barbara Henry.*****High school baseball begins. Stars-to-be at BC, Terry Bridgers, Wayne Meeks, Paul Trahan; at LCM, Bryan Carr, John Robins, Jerry Jenkins, Ted Seago, Tommy Martin and Leo Perry.*****Pretty Liz Wickersham has dropped out of school and is working in the Austin office of Sen. D. Roy Harrington.*****In the Capital they are talking about State Rep. Wayne Peveto becoming Speaker of the House even though he is just a freshman state representative.*****Mike Crawford is editor of Livingston’s Newslog.*****Joe Chenella, at BC High, was overheard telling a tardy student who said he overslept, “What? You sleep at home, too?”*****A customer asked Dick Bivens, at Texas Avenue Grocery, if the eggs were fresh? Dick said to hired hand, Bubba, “Feel these eggs and see if they are cool enough to sell.”


Two Bridge City Lady Powerlifters, Avery Weidner and Hallie Bearden, qualified for the state meet March 24-25, in Abilene. Both Lady Cardinals set regional records. Weidmer, in the 97-pound class, benched a total 605 pounds. Bearden topped all lifters in the 114 pound class with 810 pounds. Rachel Hamerly is their coach.*****Our buddy Windee Jenkins is the 2023 Dessert Dutch Oven Champion of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  She is a member of the Orange County Go Texan committee. Wendee was among 194 entries into the event.  She used her recipe to make her now famous “Texas Ooey Gooey Cheesecake.”   Each year while promoting Western heritage and celebrating Texas traditions more than 800 scholarships are awarded to Texas students by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.***** Spring is coming out in full bloom and pollen. Right as the azaleas are past their prime, the pine trees are making their “blossoms” full of pollen and the live oak trees are also scattering that fine yellow dust. It’s Claritin time.*****This past weekend was full of big entertainment for all and lots of people were out enjoying it. The Oaks in Vidor on Friday hosted native son and country music star Tracy Byrd. The crowd included Gary and Angie Stelly, Sheriff Jimmy Lane Mooney, Terri and Todd Goss, Jennifer Gross, Rodney and Dr. Amy Townsend, Sharon Meau, Joey Jacobs, Randy Becker, and Charlie Atwood.***** Saturday night was totally full, what with the Lutcher Theater hosting the vocal group Voctave, the LSCO Boot Scootin’ benefit at the Brown Estate, the Symphony of Southeast Texas featuring Grammy-winning singer Peabo Bryson, plus the Junior League of Beaumont’s Dancing with the Stars fundraiser that featured Orange County residents Amy Peevey and Chris Kovatch.*****Rodney and Dr. Amy Townsend kept up their country music vibes on Saturday by going to the Boot Scootin’ for LSCO. Also spotted in the crowd were Al Granger, Dyan Morris, Connor Vercher, Staci Eatman, Preshawn Henseon, Johnny Sanchez, Heather Costella, and Rebecca Baker.*****Ida Schossow and Sherry Hommel were among the ones choosing to cheer on Chris and Amy in the Dancing with the Stars competition. Justin and Jade Johnson also went to the event. The two dance competitors dressed and performed as Barbie and Ken dolls through the decades. Kovatch had an “in” with their special choreography. Wife, Christi Kovatch owns and operates Thayer Dance Studios. However, she was off with daughter Rosie and young dancers at competitions. Again, it was a busy weekend.*****And if that weren’t enough, Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. and wife, Trisha, were feted with a baby shower at the Orange Train Depot. They have another one on the way so little Lara won’t be the youngest any longer.*****Birthdays this past week included Skipper Yeaman, who turned 66 and left on a cruise with wife, Gina. Others who celebrated were twins Clifton Foster and Clifford Foster, Kaleana Burch, Tanya Guillotte, Cinda Perry, Talbert Meadows, Gary Savoy, Claire Smith, and Janet Manuel.*****Visited with J.W. Dalton, of Top Deck Flooring. J.W. said their big sale is now in progress. If you need flooring of any kind, now is the time to shop Top Deck.***** I was very glad to receive a call from longtime friend Ray Cotton. He said he enjoys good health and still goes to his restaurant every day. One of our former employees, Liz Weaver, who celebrates a birthday this week on March 8, works for him. Liz, a hard worker, has fought many of life’s battles, plus several years of fighting cancer. Many of you may remember her from Snappy’s when she worked for Glenda and waited on many of the Waterwood folks. As for Cotton, he’s lived a fortunate and colorful life. It’s always great to hear from him.*****Attorney Sharon Bearden has been busy following his grandchildren’s sports activity. J.S. and Hutch are in Bridge City baseball. Hutch’s twin, Hallie, is a power lifter. Sharon attended the power lifting regional meet last Tuesday. He could barely move Wednesday from straining on every one of Hallie’s lifts.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch meets at Robert’s Restaurant every Wednesday at noon. Spend a great hour of fellowship with a fine bunch of folks.


Folks we know celebrating their big day in the following week. March 8: Pat Pate, Liz Weaver, Stephanie Westland, Shelly Granger, Christi Wiegreffe, and David Thibodeaux.*****March 9: Dayna Hyatt, Heather Pruitt, Tiffany Kelly, Brittney Zenos and Jordon Doiron.*****March 10: Celebrating today are David May, Zara Hollis, Blaine Slaughter, Ken Hillsten, Mary White and Bob Izer.*****March 11: Paul Fukuda, Scot Shaffer, Pat Lund, Rick McCall, Cindy Reynolds.*****March 12: Happy Birthday to Jack Morgan, Bryleigh Moore and Carol Ann Kimbrow.*****March 13: Angel San Juan, Rod Sheppard, Amy Peevey and Kyle Dubose.*****March 14: Celebrating today are Shane Chapman, Lucy Fields, Jill Peveto, John Brister and Bud Briggs. Happy Birthday to all. (To announce a birthday or anniversary free of charge contact us at therecordlive.com or call 409-886-7183.)


Old man Horace Comeaux and his longtime wife, Agnes, while on a trip, stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. After finishing dere lunch, dey got back on da road. Unknowingly, Agnes left her glasses on da table and didn’t miss dem until 40 miles down da road.

Horace, him, was aggravated having to turn around and go back. He became the classic grouchy old turd. He fussed and complained, “Agnes, dat was so stupid, how could you forget you glasses.” He scolded poor Agnes relentlessly during the entire return drive. He became more agitated with each mile and wouldn’t let up for one minute.

To Agnes’s relief, dey finally arrived back at dat restaurant. As Agnes got out of da, car and hurried inside to retrieve her glasses, Horace, the old geezer, yelled to her, “Agnes, while you’re in dere, you might as well get my hat and da credit card.”


Over the years we have received many requests to reprint a story or information on a subject that has run in this publication. Most out of country request are from England. We received an unusual request a few days back from a reader in Germany about a Down Life’s Highway column Roy Dunn wrote about childhood friends. We are sharing that request.

Dear staff at ‘The Record Live’, can you please tell me who has written those great articles about Bobby Charles and Ned Theall in 2020. I work for Bear Family Records in Germany and one of my current projects is a 2-CD set about Rock & Roll singer and composer Bobby Charles Guidry! While I was doing my research I came across the two impressive articles about Charles and Ned Theall and was wondering if you could tell us who has written them as we would like to make an interview with the person who seems to know about Charles in the younger days! Could you please get back to me? You for sure would get credits on the CD and we also would send promotion copies to you! Looking forward to hearing from you. You could also refer to my e-mail which is [email protected]! Many thanks and all the best, Nico Feuerbach, Bear Family Records GmbH*****I’ve got to get out of here. Thanks for coming along. I hope I had a little something for everyone. Remember to turn the clocks forward an hour Saturday night. Take care and till we meet again happy trails to you. God bless.


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