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We don’t think to thank our faithful readers enough. We have some longtime followers that cover the last 50 odd years. We keep picking up new readers along the way. Our reporters and writers do a great job. Our feature writer Margaret Toal is a real professional, with many years of experience. The former Orange Leader editor graduated with a Journalism major from Denton Women’s College in the 1970’s and has been a very well read writer, with several publications, including the New York Times. Joe Kazmar, for over 40 years, has written about national sports in his popular column “Kaz’s Korner.” Dan Perrine does a great job covering high school sports. His weekly coverage of area schools is widely read. Capt. Chuck Uzzle is our feature writer for hunting, fishing and outdoors. For many years he and the late Dickie Colburn, both fishing guides, were the writers sportsmen looked forward to reading for their opinions on fishing and hunting. Since Dickie’s death, Chuck continues to publish an interesting and informative weekly column. Former senator Carl Parker and Senator Robert Nichols keep us informed and up to date to what’s happing in the state senate. The others contributors, plus Sherlock Breaux and the Creaux’s Nest, make for an informative and interesting publication. Thanks to our readers for making The Record Newspapers, “The Penny Record and The County Record” the most popular and most read newspapers. Thanks to all the sponsors who make it possible. Our success has been the Luck of the Irish since we published our first newspaper on St. Patrick’s Day, 1971. You the reader have kept us popular.*****Now I have to move on, come along, I promise it wont’ do you no harm.


Sidney John “Sid” Caillavet, Jr., age 93, passed away on March 6, 2023. Gravesite services will be held at a later date. I had known Sid and his wife, Peggy, since back in the 1950’s. Peggy was a special lady, one of a kind and Sid was a chip off the old block. His roots ran deep in Orange County. His grandmother, Ms. Dennis’ mother, married a Bland. She was one of John Harmon’s children. John Harmon was one of the first settlers of Orange, who arrived by barge down the Sabine River and docked near where Farmers Mercantile is today. Sid’s dad, Judge Sid Caillavet, was a native of Biloxi, MI. In later years he, Dennis and daughter “Pruney” moved into a new home on Cherry Street along side the railroad track. Sid Jr. and Peggy lived down the street. Judge Sid and I became great friends and went many places together. He passed away at age 91, in 1984. With the passing of Sid Jr., another chapter of Orange County history ends, going back to the settling of the county. Sid Jr. had many friends, most gone now. The latest being Ray DalSasso. Over 40 years many of us bought our suits and dress clothes from Griffin’s Men’s Wear where Sid worked and later owned the store. He loved music and playing golf and was very active in the community. He was a good guy. Our condolences to the many offspring and family. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2013

A little something for everyone will be going on along the

bank of the Sabine River in Orange County March 14 through March 17. The events include the Bassmaster’s Elite Series, the first of its kind for this area. Thanks to Judge John Gothia and his team, ESPN will be here to cover the action for delayed broadcast. The events also include the Sabine River Challenge, a carnival, plenty of food, games, fireworks, a catch and release 6000 gallon fish tank for the youngsters, a laser light show, Art in the Park, always a favorite, vendor booths and a free concert featuring country artist Neal McCoy. This guy will knock your socks off. Of course, the excitement is about the Pro-Bass Fishermen, it will be tough competition, with anglers

eliminated each day. Only the best and luckiest will survive. The champion will receive a $100,000 prize. Excitement can be felt around town as pros and their rigs are spotted making the rounds. We ran into a few of the 102, Brit Myers, David Walker, Zell Roland, Paul Elias, Davey Hite, Mike McClelland, James Niggemeyer, Kurt Dove, Michael Simonton and also Shaw Grigsby, host of “One More Cast.” Mike Iaconelli, Ish Monroe, John Murray, and John Crews. I understand Chris Berman, from ESPN, came in this week. These guys and their fellow pro-fishermen will put Orange County on the map nationwide.***** Our sincere sympathies go out to Donna and Dr. Wesley Palmer and their family on the death of their daughter, Sara Kaitlin (Katy), who loss her life when hit by a hit-and-run driver in her apartment building parking lot on March 8. Katy was a beautiful young lady, only 21 years of age.***** We were also sorry to hear of the death of Franklin Scales, 76, on March 10. Our sincere condolences to his wife Sarah and family. We had known Franklin since 1960 when he would visit his uncle Cecil Scales used car lot. We remained friends through the years. Like Cecil, Franklin liked playing jokes on people and became famous for his electric charged car, when he pushed a button, it gave his passengers a little charge. When they complained, he claimed he didn’t feel anything. He was just a fun loving guy who had a million Orangefield stories about the characters around the “Field” in his youth. ***** Kree Harrison, 22, whose roots run deep in Orange County and the Triangle, has made it to the 10 finalist on American Idol. To advance she will have to rely on her talent, but that alone won’t keep her on the show and a shot at winning it all. The public voting is what determines the outcome. There is no doubt Kree has the talent but she is at a disadvantage when it come to voter base. Southeast Texas doesn’t have the population enjoyed by some other contestants from larger and more populated areas. Kree was born at St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur, the same place Janis Joplin was born years earlier. Many Orange Countians were born in that hospital. Life has been difficult for her. She lost her dad in a plane crash and her mom, a Bridge City native, in an accident when Kree was only a teenager.*****Our longtime friend Don Harmon is having health issues. He turned to his high school classmate, Dr. Jimmy Howell, in Houston, to walk him through a thorough examination. Dr. Howell and Don graduated from Stark in 1950.*****We hear our friend Quincy Procell had surgery in Houston, Tuesday morning. We wish him the best.*****A bank merger announced last week between Beaumont based Community Bank and Houston based Vista Bank will put 35 branches and more than $2.3 billion in assets under one ownership. Uncle Walter Umphrey will still be the big dog. The banks will carry the Community Bank of Texas name. The Community Bank name and birth started right here in Orange by Carlos, Glenn and others, who sold out to Walter and he grew it. Bridge City native Mike Hatton was one of Walter’s top guns. *****March 18, is an important day for a great friend of nearly 60 years. Everyone’s friend Corky Harmon turns 85. Hard to believe. Anyone would like to be as spry at his age. (Editor’s note: Corky passed away May 3, 2017.)*****The GOP political pacs are already spending money on negative ads against Ashley Judd in Kentucky and she hasn’t even announced that she will run against “liver lips” Mitch McConnell. Polls in Kentucky show Mitch only four points ahead of Ashley, 47-43. They are afraid. Ashley is a native, attended school in Kentucky.

24 Years Ago-1999

Winter isn’t going till the pecan trees bud. Easter this year is April 4. ***** Meanwhile, Margie and Harry Stephens are in Lake Tahoe. ***** Coach Rick Coulson, wife Sarah and the kids have sold their Bridge City home to move to Florence where Rick will be head football coach and AD. (Editor’s note: Sarah had a couple more children and became a teacher. The Coulson’s son, Jake, who attended school in Bridge City, is now a coach in Florida.***** Louisiana music legends to perform at Orange VFW. Local promoter, Tim Courville, is presenting the swamp pop legends, Lil Alfred, Charles Mann and Warren Storm in a concert and dance. *****City manager at Orange is Chuck Pinto; Mayor is Essie Bellfield.*****Pauline Hargrave is principal at LC-M High School.*****Richard Carder is the morning mouth of KOGT, plus he does his weekly “Let’s Go Fishing” show and he sells on the side. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall now when Richard had a stroke and left the radio. He had been on the air since he was a youngster in Port Arthur on KOLE with Baxter and Les Ledet. ***** *****Johnny and Christie Breaux announced the engagement of their daughter Cassidy, a LCM grad, to Brendan J. Wells, a Bridge City grad. Wedding plans are for May 8 at Rose Hill Manor.

65 Years Ago-1958

State Rep. Louis Dugas will be the main speaker at a convention for the fourth district Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.*****Three Stark seniors win merit awards: Jack D. Copeland, Carroll Shaddock and Mical Wood.*****Andrew Jackson was arrested in Memphis for robbing Delores Simian, cashier at First National Bank of Orange, on Jan. 23.*****The first woman ever to file for an office in a West Orange election, Mrs. E.W. Hammontree filed for the alderman’s post.*****Texas Lumber, a sawmill company in Mauriceville, burnt down. Damage is estimated at $150 thousand.*****County School Superintendent J.B. Peddy predicts an increase of 1,101 students. Next September will see 15,000 students countywide.***** Little Cypress girls ousted by Waco in regional baskeball meet. “Pookie” Daughtry, despite a knee injury, sunk 17 points. Other stars were Francis Coward, Mary Brown and Mildred Teat.

105 Years Ago-1918

Miss Allie Bland, County School superintendent, announced that an appropriation of $500 has been allowed for School District 8. (Editor’s note: Running a school district for $500 a year doesn’t sound realistic does it?)*****American troops in France have fought their hottest skirmish of the war with the Germans. The “Doughboys” fought until their guns ceased firing and then used their fists on the invaders until their sector was free. The fighting of the Doughboys is a glow of pride to Army men stationed everywhere. (Editor‘s note: Roy Dunn‘s father, Clay, was one of them.)*****National shipbuilding of Orange launches the “War Mystery,” the largest wooden steamer ever built. Over 300 men helped build the boat.*****American citizens are asked to deny themselves meat, (beef and pork), one day a week on Tuesday. Wheat is also restricted because of the war in Europe.


Local attorneys Sharon Bearden and Jim Sharon Bearden will be attending the state powerlifting championship in Frisco, south of Dallas, on Friday. Jim Sharon’s daughter and Sharon’s granddaughter, Hallie, will be participating in the 114-pound weight class, along with Avery Weidner, in the 97-pound class. Both youngsters are expecting to do well at state and possibly come back to Bridge City with a state championship. Don’t try to find a lawyer on Border Street Friday, they will be cheering for the girls.*****Coach Wade Phillips and his Houston Roughnecks continue to dominate the XFL. They remain undefeated with a victory over the Orlando Guardians Saturday. The top team in each division will meet for the championship. The Roughnecks are averaging around 30,000 in attendance and growing. They play an exciting brand of football.*****Some folks know that Judge Chad Jenkins is a very good auctioneer but folks don’t know that he’s a master meat smoker and sausage stuffer. He produces Top Hog smoked sausage made only with grand champion sows, slow smoked, with a touch of Cayenne. Until recently his wife Wendee mixed the special ingredients with a hand blender, two pounds at a time. He now has acquired a large commercial mixer enabling him to mix a whole bunch at a time. Top Hog also vac-paks all its products with a commercial packer. “You Bet It’s Good.” Eckrich would be proud to put their name on Jenkins Top Hog sausage. ***** It appears the contested Orange City Council race is a neighborhood feud within the Old Orange Historic. Signs for Paul or Junior are up all over. Some yards even have both to show they don't want to pick a side. Wonder if the "old wood is sexy" man could shed some light.*****Last week was above average hot, but a cold front came into Orange County right as spring break was beginning. That didn't stop Brandi Griggs and Amber Fisette Jennings from donning bikinis and heading to the beach. They took their kids to Pensacola Beach for the warmth and seafood. Maybe some beer?*****Margie Stephens may have a new sideline outside of Harry's Appliances. Maybe she can write love notes on driveways with a pressure washer. She was showing off a picture she took after writing "Margie Loves Harry" with the pressure washer she was using to "clean."*****Steve Maddox was enjoying spring break this week at Crystal Beach with son and daughter-in-law, Kelley and Stephen Maddox and his grandsons.*****Little redhead Jackson Johnson lost his first tooth this week. Proud parents are Justin and Jade Johnson. Little Jackson is the great-grandson of the late Pinehurst legend Mayor Grady Johnson.*****Adam Conrad celebrated his 40th birthday with celebrations including a big party and a trip to Jones Center in Houston to see the Broadway musical "Moulin Rouge" with partner Jody Chesson. They weren't the only ones from Orange County in the audience. Scott Hasty was there with his sister.*****Peggy Claybar took granddaughters Annabelle and Caroline on a spring break trip and they ran into some old friends of Annabelle who had moved. Not only that, they got to meet Mattress Mack, the renowned Jim McIngvale.*****Lawyer Phillip Smith has some bragging rights. Daughter Kaitlyn Smith is the executive managing editor for the latest edition of the Texas Tech Law Review.*****Donna Scales went along with son James to Canada where they took their Italian exchange student for spring break.*****  Birthdays this past week included everyone's favorite redhead, Lori Ardoin, the mother of the groom for the upcoming September wedding on the Mexican coast.*** Local singer and  songwriter Chad Richard celebrated another year. He seems constantly booked at gigs around a few states, with a lot in the Texas Hill Country, where they appreciate great talent.***Ruth Corder turned 80 and was treated with a family party by sons Bart and Craig. ***Also, marking birthdays were Rusty Henry, Marla Blanke, Janet Roy, and Doyle James Carter.****Kim and Paul Dickerson had their 35th wedding anniversary. Another anniversary this week was marked by Justin and Kendall Trahan.                                                                                                                      


A few friends who will be celebrating birthdays in the next few days. March 15: Jan Trahan, Ricky Glenn Roberts, Jr., Dusty Jennings, Jennifer Kelly, Julie Myers, Amber Doiron all celebrate.*****March 16: Amy Peveto, Chelsea Coleman, Colton Sterling, Stevee Kidwell, Buffy Doiron, Jordan Doiron, Karli Anderson and Cody Edwards.*****March 17: St. Patrick’s Day and also the birthday of the Opportunity Valley News, born in 1971. Happy Birthday to Brenda Swan, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland and Josh Sims.*****March 18: Kellie Miller, Robert Sehon, Beth Shepherd, Tammy Stark and Blaine Slaughter all celebrate today.*****March 19: Today is the feast of St. Joseph. Lori Johnson, Barbara Roy, Deborah Miller, Courtnie Campbell, Roman Carpenter, Brandy Mayo and Donna Fong are a year older today.*****March 20: Ashley Ashworth, Dana Young, Jamie Preston, Jan Savage, Diane Sims, Keely Benefield, Kamela Latiolais, Brittany Backer. (This is the First Day of Spring.)*****March 21: Happy Birthday to Alayna Jacobs, Johnny Dillion, Donnie Harmon, Barbara Mosier, Pam Nugent, Terry McFarlane, Kyle Anderson, Tanya Simon and Lisa Roberts. (Notice: To announce birthdays or anniversaries please email or call 409-886-7183.)


Joe Thibodeaux was in da back seat of a cab driven by Oris Comeaux when he tapped Comeaux on da shoulder to axe him sumptin.

Comeaux him, he let out a bloody scream dat would curl da hair on da back of your neck. He lost control of da cab, nearly hit a bus, drove over da curb and stopped jus inches from a large glass plate window.

For a few moments dere everyting was silent in da cab. Comeaux him, was still shaking, den Comeaux said, “Look Thib, don’t never do dat again man, you done scare da poo-poo out of me.”

Thibodeaux was scared him too. He apologized and said

he didn’t know dat a tap on da shoulder could scare him so


Comeaux say, “Mais, I’m sorry Thib, it don’t be you fault no. You see Thib, today is my first day to drive da cab, me I’ve been drivin a hearse every day for da last 25 years.”


The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will be at Robert’s this week to dine. Everyone is always welcome to break bread and fellowship, 12 noon. *****My time is up. I certainly appreciate yours. Be sure to check out the great bargains by our family of advertisers throughout these pages. Tell them we sent you. Thank them for sponsoring this publication free to you each week. Have a nice week. Take care and God bless.


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