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S.A.L.T. Pro Redfish Series opens as a success

For many years local anglers have long been loyal the S.A.L.T. Club and the fantastic traditions they are a part of. The club annually hosts one of the most prestigious events for local anglers and the new PRO Series is just another exciting addition to their great lineup. The new PRO Series event is a redfish tourney with 3 separate events along with a Team of The Year award. The SALT Pro helps to benefit the SALT Club which in turn uses the funds to purchase lifetime fishing licenses for kids. Last year the club was able to gross approximately 5500 dollars for the purchase of these licenses and hopefully this year will be even better. It’s hard to argue with a program that gives that much back to kids as well as the sport we enjoy so much.

This past weekend the anglers in the first event of the series put on show at the weigh in table as the solid redfish just kept coming in. The top 5 stringers, 3 fish each, all averaged 25 pounds plus which works out close to 8.5 pounds per fish and that’s about as solid as you will find anywhere. The SALT Pro series stresses the importance of catch and release so there is a penalty for anyone bringing in a dead fish. Of the 125 fish weighed in all were alive, that’s an incredible stat right there. There are 2 side pots that are included in the entry fee, one for heaviest fish and one for fish with the most spots.

The overall top team of Roland Brown and Daniel Duong bested the field by a whopping 2 pounds with 27.28 pound stringer. Logan Lopez and Colt Westbrook finished second with 25.38 pounds while Jeff Simmons took home third with 24.64 pounds. In fourth place were Lawrence Sanchez and Lawrence Sanchez Sr. with a nice bag weighing 24.43 pounds while Jeremy and Hunter Reeves rounded out the top 5 with a very respectable 23.96 pounds.

The heaviest fish of the tournament belonged to Roland Brown and Daniel Duong with a great fish weighing in at 9.32 pounds which is huge considering it has to be 28” or under according to the rules. The fish with the most spots ended up in a tie if you can imagine that. The team of Brian Fredrick and Trey Fournier along with the team of Jeremy and Hunter Reeves both brought in fish with 11 spots a piece. Hard to imagine they could pull that off together. Congrats to all the winners and the especially the SALT Club for putting on such a great event for a very worthwhile cause.

The next event is scheduled for April 29th. If you would like any information on the event you can contact Tony Viator 409-284-7934 or Sean Enyon 409-926-1662.


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