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Prosperie files to run for Bridge City Council, Place 3

I, Kenneth Prosperie, have filed to run for Bridge City Council, Place 3. We are heartbroken that Tammi Fisette, a Councilperson with the highest utmost integrity, will not be filling this position. Tammi, thank you for all of your sacrifices for our City and citizens!

I am a citizen who wants to work hard for the betterment of our City. I have been attending City Council meetings for years, and have exercised my right to speak many times about these following concerns and more.

I believe the City Council needs to focus on our City Services first and foremost. My concerns are with the homeowners already here paying taxes and fees for these City Services. All citizens should have clean and safe drinking water, a sealed sewer system, drivable streets, and enough Police on the force to keep our community safe. Our ditches need to flow freely by cutting, cleaning, grading, and making sure the proper size culverts are installed. These services are where our taxes and fees should be going.

First of all, Bridge City needs a properly functioning sealed sewer system. On a dry day, 780,000 gallons of sewer are processed through the sewer treatment plant. On a rain event day, an extra 7.5 million gallons of sewer water are processed through the sewer treatment plant. Our sewer system needs to be smoke tested to find the major breaches that are allowing rain water to inundate our sewer lines, and get them repaired. Presently when it rains, the sewer pipes are spewing raw sewage and toilet paper into our ditches.

Our City only has two functioning water wells, down from four wells. Our fire hydrants should be flushed properly with high pressure to prevent dirty water in citizen's homes.

Our City Council is trying to grow our City without having the correct infrastructure first. Our water, sewer, and drainage systems need to be properly functioning to sustain our City before adding more usage.

Why is our City Council selling Bridge City short by growing our City with RV parks and rezoning properties for apartments? I will stand with our citizens against rezoning properties that would encroach into our residential neighborhoods. Our City will grow naturally, as it has in the past, with residential homes.

When I see any problem within our City, I will contact the necessary entity to repair the issue, whether it be City, County, TXDot, or Entergy.

If elected, I will be a very active Council member who would show up and check out any issues that arise within the City. Any compensation from your tax dollars to me as a Councilman would be donated back toward upkeep for

our public park. My family has lived in Bridge City for 25 years. We want our family-oriented community to be a safe, clean community for our citizens. I can promise you, if you allow me with your vote, I will make a difference.

For Mail in Ballots: If you are 65 years old or older, or are disabled, or will be out of the County, you can call the Orange County Elections office at 409-882-7973 by April 25th, and register over the phone.


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