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Fox News has disputed the damages it may have to pay if the company is found liable in a highly anticipated defamation trial over the spread of misinformation after the 2020 presidential election. Late Sunday, Judge Eric M. Davis said the proceedings would continue on Tuesday. Dominion Voting Systems, which brought the suit against Fox set the financial penalty in the case at $1.6 billion. A dispute over that number erupted after Fox questioned the elections technology company’s worth. Fox has handed over tens of thousands of emails and text messages exchanged among its hosts, producers and executives. Many of them revealed that there was widespread doubt inside the network over former President Donald Trump’s false claims that he had been cheated of victory. A new trove of documents released last week from Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against Fox includes texts and emails in which Tucker Carlson shares his candid feelings about the former president. “I hate him passionately,” Carlson wrote, calling his presidency “a disaster to which there isn’t really an upside.” Carlson “has been caught out of character,” said Arwa Mahdawi in The Guardian, but his viewers won’t know or care. Fox has avoided all but passing mentions of the Dominion suit. The case is considered a landmark test of First Amendment protections for the news media and has been closely watched by legal and media analysts. (NOTE: Tuesday, April 18, Fox settled with Dominion Voting Systems in the amount of $787.5 million. In the settlement Fox admitted to telling lies about the 2020 election.)



On Patriots’ Day, the day that marks the beginning of United States independence, at the world famous Boston Marathon, April 18, 2013, two well placed Iraq-style bombs hurled shrapnel, jagged glass and ball bearings at marathon runners and onlookers. Over 180 people were injured, 17 critically and three killed. My guess is the bombs were the work of domestic terrorists, not the sophisticated plastic bombs of foreign terrorist groups. Like the other attacks, the bombings came as a surprise. How do you protect the 26 mile route of the marathon? It’s impossible to safeguard every place people gather. You can’t protect everything all the time. Even places full of weapons are vulnerable. Nidal Hasan proved that when he shot and killed 13 military personnel at Fort Hood. In 1995, the Oklahoma City bombing was done by homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh, the Atlantic Olympics, in 1998, was by a white supremacist. Since 9-11, the Heritage Foundation has counted more than 50 terrorists plots, 42 of them homegrown. We’ve had luck at foiling them. Six years ago, April 16, it was the campus of Virginia Tech. Last July a movie theater in Colorado and in December, an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., and now the finish line of the Boston Marathon. How do we wrap our heads around it. It is incomprehensible. I came up in a country where we feared only our foreign enemies, now we have to fear each other. American crack pots, hell bent on doing harm to America.*****A side bar: Mark Dunn picked up his daughter Jenna and grandchildren, 10 years old Nate and 5 year old Delilah at Houston Hobby Monday. They had arrived from Boston Logan airport. While in flight, the Boston bombing took place. Jenna had passed up a later flight for the early one. Good thing, because Boston was on lock down and they couldn’t have left that day. Also at the scene of the bombing in Boston were the Brittnel’s from Orange. Amanda ran in the marathon and Brad was a bystander. Will attacks in our future become inevitable, a way of life. (Editor’s note: Today we know the answer.)


10 Years Ago-2013

It’s always so distressing to me when a young person, full of life, is suddenly, without notice taken from us. I’m told there is no greater hurt than the loss of a child. We were deeply saddened to learn of the auto accident that took the life of 16-yearold Blair Nicole Ray last Thursday, April 11. She was the daughter of Lt. Tom Ray Jr., of the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. and his former wife, Nichole Landry Sexton. I understand she also had lost a son, Tyler, in an auto accident. He was Lt. Ray’s stepson.***** Also killed in an auto accident Saturday on IH-10 was Brittany Lewis, 20, of Vidor. Four other passengers, ranging in age from 4 to 16 received only minor injuries. It’s life that is so uncertain and can be over so quickly. A constant worry to all parents anytime a youngster is on the road. Our deepest sympathies to both families.*****Our condolences to Margie Stephens and her family on the death of her dad, Dan Redding, 74, who died Saturday in Winchester, Ky. Dan was retired from the West Orange School District. A native of Kentucky he moved back after the death of his wife, Margie’s mother. Harry and Margie had just returned from Kentucky and his death came sooner than she had expected.***** The big crawfish festival at Mauriceville is coming up this weekend starting Friday till Sunday. It’s a fun weekend for the entire family. Plenty of food, games, rides and entertainment.*****Speaking of Mauriceville, Nova Dee Strickland was out of the house early Saturday morning. I bet there was a great garage sale somewhere and she wanted to be the early bird.*****Warren Claybar is a first time farmer. He planted his garden on Friday and the three inch rain blew in Wednesday night. Warren was up past midnight worrying about his new crop being washed away.*****On April 21, 2010, Mickey McNamera 76, was murdered at his insurance office.***** I hear our friend attorney Jim Sharon Bearden has proposed to pretty Cassie Caillouet and she said yes.***** County Clerk Karen Jo Vance was nominated as “County Clerk of the Year,” last Thursday in Huntsville. She did not win but was thrilled and pleased to be nominated two years in a row.***** Our girl Kree Harrison, on American Idol, will perform Wednesday night to make it to the top four. Last week Kree was in the top two. Should she make it through this week, she will reach my prediction when the show started that she would be in the final three. This girl could win it all. She’s had great support from South East Texas. She attended school in Bridge City as an eighth grader and was a member of the Cardinal Singers. American Idol will visit the Dam B, Woodville area where Kree spent ten years as a child.

20 Years Ago-2003

Attorney Louis Dugas says, “You know you need a new lawyer when the prosecution team sees who your lawyer is and high-fives each other.”*****On a sad note, Mary Leigh Slaugher, 17, was killed in a auto accident April 10. Her 15 years old sister Kayla received massive injuries and is in Children’s Hospital. They are the daughters of Judy and Randy. Bill Tillman is the girl’s granddad.*****A benefit barbecue for Bubba Ritter will be held Saturday, April 19 to help cover his funeral expenses.*****Louis B. “Chubby” Blanchard, 74, died Sunday, April 13. He was retired from Texaco and the Orangefield resident was a member of the Cajun French Music Association. Services at St. Helen Catholic Church, 2 p.m., Tuesday, April 15.*****The Opportunity Valley News, born on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1971, came to its death April 9, 2003. The newspaper, founded by Roy Dunn, was sold to Cox Enterprise on Dunn’s birthday June 5, 1980. The first issue of the OVN featured on the front page a photo sport’s editor Pete Runnels presenting Texas All American Steve Worster with a painting of number 30 running the ball. The painting was by artist Virginia Gilbeaux. (Editor’s note: It was a great painting. I wonder if it was lost with Ike. So many art works and collectibles went the way of that great storm.)*****Bridge City cancels election. The three council members unopposed are Place 1, Kirk Roccaforte; Place 2, George Navarro; Place 3, H.N. “Moe” Litton.

45 Years Ago-1978

Shelia Beeson makes history by becoming the first woman elected to a city council in Orange County. Shelia was elected at Rose City last Saturday.*****Lannie McMillon rolled a perfect 300 game She is on the Ball and Chain Bowling team.*****Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center holds mock beauty pageant. Bill Dryden, “Miss Willowy Willoment,” was crowned queen. Jess, “Jessia Just Luscious” Freemont, was runner-up. Other brave contestants were Bobby Cormier, Fred Broussard, J. Lawson, Gene Edgerly, Jim O’Cliff, Hank Eckhardt and Lawrence Helton. Richard Corder was Master of Ceremonies.*****Attorney Louis Dugas is traveling Texas teaching at seminars on Texas Law.*****West Orange native Dolores Cantu is featured in “Modern Screen” magazine. She appears in a movie, as well as a television series. She appeared in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Class of 1967.” She is a 1968 grad of West Orange High.*****Jo Amodeo and artist Tim Finnell were top winners in the Art League’s art show. Jo took top amateur category. Tim won as best professional for a pen and ink of the old Stark home.*****The Orange Yacht Club features Jesse Domingue, a multi-talented artist.*****Pat Garrett has been appointed district coordinator for the 1978-79 Projects Division of Pilot International. Mrs. Garrett served as local club president in 1972 and 1975. She has played a major role in developing programs for Pilot Clubs throughout Texas. She is a member of the Volunteer Association for Retarded Children, past state president for Jaycettes, past president of March of Dimes. She will attend her 10th annual Pilot International convention at Washington, D.C. in July. She is married to G.L. “Red” Garrett. (Editor‘s note: Both Pat and Red have long been gone.)***** Monthly supper club gathers. Ace and Jo Amodeo were hosts. The group took in Chez OCA Restaurant in Lake Charles. Attending were Bill and Martha Hughes, Louis and Beth Dugas, Corky and Betty Harmon, James and Janet Fontenot, Beverly and Wilson Roberts, Bob and Doris Jones, Roy and Phyllis Dunn and Mike and Terri Pasternak.*****Harold and Sheila Beeson host a gathering at their Rose City pad. Unique artistic people attended. Gordon and Diane Baxter, along with baby Jenny, Betty Em and Bernard Giarratano, Don and Patsy Jacobs, Phyl and Roy Dunn, Earl Newlin, John Palmer, Dennis and Lynn Hall, Jerry Wright, Bill McKay and a dozen or so others.


I asked newly elected commissioner Kirk Roccaforte if his new bride Christy is a good cook. “Great, he said, if you like broccoli, cauliflower, beets and carrots.” She’s just trying to keep the old boy healthy. He was raised in an Italian family, by a Cajun lady. That’s a lot of starch, pasta and rice dishes. Good luck with that Christy.*****Most areas of Orange County escaped the bad thunderstorm with hail that hit Southeast Texas Saturday, but some residents were over in Jefferson County when the hail hit. The Bridge City Strutters were having their spring revue at the Julie Rogers Theatre in Beaumont. Members of the audience report the hail got so loud at one point it was almost drowning out the dance team's music. Audience members included Ida Schossow, Ruth Wallace, and Kathy Fuqua. And congratulations to 2023-24 Strutters leaders Captain Olivia Romero, First Lieutenant Addisyn Watts,  Lieutenant Raely Ply, Lieutenant Marleigh Boyd, and Lieutenant Zoee Buchanan.***While we're sending out the congratulations, the Bridge City Cardinal Band announced Jackson Pachar as next year's drum major. Assistant drum majors will be Addison Woolley, Caitlyn Yost, and Elizabeth Bunch.***During this time of recognizing the BC students, we can't forget Saylor Moreau hitting her first hole-in-one in Huntsville Monday during the regional tournament.*****Steve Maddox will have a tough time topping the flowers his wife, Gail, got to experience for her birthday this year. The world-traveling couple is at it again, this time touring Amsterdam and taking a river cruise to Belgium. They have seen spectacular displays of fields of tulips, hyacinths, lilies, and other blooming bulbs along the way.*****Michael and Angelique Catt spent the weekend relaxing in Austin and getting a new family member. This one is a furry puppy named Frankie.*****Caroline and Mike Hennigan escaped the city to do their chilling at their house at Crystal Beach.*****Ron Sigler is about to be a genuine grandpa to go with the grumpy one he's been portraying for years. He celebrated the new baby with family, plus some beer and crawfish, at a shower for daughter Cameron Sigler Henderson and son-in-law Russell Henderson.*****Music writer Tommy Mann and companion Dana Snyder took in the Styx concert at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles.*****Local couples enjoying baseball at Minute Maid Park on separate nights including Scott and April Goodman, and Gina and Skipper Yeaman. *****Dan and Lue Harris were our longest couple celebrating anniversaries this past week. The local legends marked No. 55 this past week. Dan learned long ago not to complain about what Miz Lue cooks for supper.*****The musical couple of Russ and Theresa Cronin, he's a retired school band director and she's a retired school choir director, marked 49 years of making their own melodies, along with producing some talented musical grandkids.*****Former Orange Police Chief Jack McClelland and wife, Theresa, also had another anniversary.*****Timmy and Cara Campbell had double celebrating this week. They had their 34th anniversary and a couple of days later, partied with grandson, Jaxson, for his seventh birthday.*****Michelle Tubbleville and her family also had a double celebration this week with two birthdays. Son William turned 18 and son Konner turned 16.*****Pat Cook is now 71 and his best present was a pedicure from his daughter.*****Leslie Williams, the 'Doc's daughter,' was surprised for her birthday by friends at the VFW on the performance night of Britt Godwin acoustic. Of course, Gina and Skipper were there, along with Denisha and Matt LaFleur.*****Devin Nolan was feted with a lovely layer cake decorated with a dachshund. Little blonde girls Stella and Indy Jaymes with their grandmother Donna Scales were among the well-wishers at party.***** Others celebrating birthdays this past week included Karen Wickham, Carolyn Mello, Cindi Gipson, Kahil Gibran Akram, and Shelby Eason.*****Sending best wishes to Pinehurst Poet Laureate John Zerko after he fractured his shoulder during a fall. The former Pinehurst city councilor reportedly at least did not have a concussion. *****Bobby Hoosier, former Bridge City resident, drove in from California where he has been living for the last 40 years. He says from time to time he has this urge to return home to Bridge City where his roots are. His parents are both gone now but he has relatives still living in the area. His sisters, uncle, aunt, cousins and a few friends he was raised with. Bobby’s life is an interesting one. He’s a survivor of an oil rig explosion in the Gulf in the 70’s. He has done well, lives good and enjoyed his visit home.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day this week. April 19: Our longtime friend, who many years ago married a beauty queen from Rye, TX, insurance man Bill Nickum celebrates today. Also celebrating is former chief deputy, longtime lawman, Orange city councilman David Bailey. Happy Birthday to Jamie Moore, Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Shirley Bonnin, Mandi Nugent and Cheryl Patterson.*****April 20: A former West Orange beauty, longtime Bridge City school teacher, Ms. Pearl Burgess’ youngest daughter and Jody’s better half, Beverly Raymer, celebrates today. Also sharing birthdays on this date are Dr. Wilbur Hah, Brad Williams, Bill Broussard, and our buddy Kenny Brown.*****April 21: Theresa Lieby celebrates today along with Courtney Williams, Dana Hill and Christian Dubose.*****April 22: Happy Birthday to Frances Shoemaker, Scott Fisher and Allison Rendall.*****April 23: Jason Smalley, Brandon Fisher, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs and Jeremie Breaux all celebrate today.*****April 24: Today would have been our late friend Capt. Dickie Colburn’s birthday. He left us way too young. Some great folks celebrating today are Allison Small, Shaun McAlpin, Sean Edgerton, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy and Peggy Granger. Happy Birthday to all. (To publish birthdays or anniversaries email us at therecordlive.com or call us at 409-886-7183.)


A long time ago, during World War Twice, I ever will forget dat me, I was in Kaplan, Looziana, about 10 or nine mile from a li’l town wat dey call Abbeville.

A whole bunch of us mens and boys too were in Leblanc’s bar and saloon havin’ a meeting, us., drinking buttermilk, wen Clovis Abshire, him, came runnin in an he say, “Hurry! Hurry! We got to leave here rat now, us. Me, I just hear on da raydio dat dem German was all over Abbeville, dem. Com on, let’s got ourselves outta here.”

“Wait jus’ a minute, Clovis, slow down. Dat’s not Abbeville, Looziana no; dat’s Abbeville, France, wat Abbeville in Looziana was name after,” Alcid Thibodaux say.

Boy, everybody say poo-yai, wit’ relief dem, and sat demself back down to start de meeting over again.

“I feel so sorry fo dem Frenchman, me. I don’t know what to did,” Harry leBoeuf say.

“Not me, no” Otis Mouton piped up. “I ain’t got no sympathize for dem no. Dem crazy fool never should have left Looziana and gone over dere in de first place.”



You never know what Dr. Tom Johnson is up to. He must stay up nights trying to figure out new way to grow his college LSCO. About three weeks ago I was talking to him on the phone when he said he was in Lumberton looking at a new building to expand Lamar College there. Monday night I saw where he had succeeded in that endeavor. Give Dr. Johnson enough time and he will double the enrollment of the Orange college. It’s his wish that every poor child can get some higher education schooling. He will even bring the school to them.*****Happy trails to you until we meet again. Thanks to all the good folks who make us possible. Gotto go. Take care and God bless.


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