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King Charles III's  coronation ceremony on May 6 will be a historic event watched by millions of people around the world, but witnessed in person by only a number of handpicked guests, members of the royal family, foreign dignitaries, politicians and even some members of the public. At the last coronation of a British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II's in 1953, about 8,000 people crowded into the abbey to witness the ceremony. The late queen's son King Charles will have a significantly reduced guest list of around 2,000 people. That includes, of course, the king's eldest son and next in the royal line of succession, William, the Prince of Wales. His wife Katherine, Princess of Wales, will also be there, as will the couple's children.  William and Kate's oldest child, Prince George of Wales, will not only be there, but will be the youngest future king, he's next in line to the throne after his father. William's younger brother Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex,  will attend King Charles’ coronation without Megan. The Duchess of Sussex, will not make the trip from their home in California and will instead remain with the couple's children Archie and Lilibet. King Charles' siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, are also all expected to be at the coronation ceremony. Camilla, 75, will be crowned Queen alongside her husband, much like the late Queen Elizabeth’s mother was back in 1937. She, too, will be anointed with holy oil before having a crown placed on her head. Camilla was originally meant to inherit the title of princess following the Queen’s death, however, the late monarch had voiced her request for Camilla to be named Queen Consort. Following the coronation, “Consort” will be dropped from her title and she will be referred to as Queen Camilla or simply, the Queen.


Francisco Oropeza was asked to stop shooting an AR-15 rifle so close to his neighbor’s front yard. The neighbor, Wilson Garcia’s, 6-week-old baby was upset by the noise. Police said that instead of laying off, Oropeza marched into his neighbor’s home and began shooting family members point-blank, killing a man, three women and one child. People hid in closets and hurled themselves out a window and scrambled into the woods. By the time the slaughter ended, five people had been killed. Oropeza, 38, remains at large and officials are prepared to arrest him on a warrant with a $5 million bond. The tight-knit community, an unincorporated area in San Jacinto County about 45 miles northeast of Houston, is left grieving. The neighborhood is still on edge. Montie Graham, a 30-year resident of the small community of Security, just west of Cleveland, said this is normally a tight-knit community where people let their children roam free. (EDITOR’S NOTE - At press time, apprx. 7:30 pm Tuesday evening, the shooter had been caught and arrested near Cut and Shoot, Texas.)


George Jones left us in 2013 at age 81. For over 50 years he sang his country music, recorded more than 150 albums with 143 on Billboard’s top 40 hits, including 18 number one hits. Jones also sang on many other artists’ albums. Besides his chart successes, he influenced many others who became country legends. His music reflected a life that was far from perfect. Jones was in the grip of alcohol and drug abuse. The alcohol had been a failure of his dad, who spent much time in the drunk tank. Jones lost at three attempts at marriage. He lost his first wife and mother of his children to Vidor friend J.C. Arnold. George’s unique voice was unmatched and his life experiences helped feed his success because it gave a sense of truth to his music that reached all his listeners. His music influence and legacy will live on for years to come.


10 Years Ago-2013

Public Ignore Judges, Support Kree

Even some members of the national media find that a little something fishy is going on at American Idol. Some people believe that the judges are playing favorites the last couple of weeks. The judges seem to be maneuvering the public vote. It’s obvious to me that a move is on by the show to save Amber Holcomb. Why? You ask. It’s all about marketing. American Idol has the winner’s contract. Amber’s style and looks would be a great sell and easy to promote. Any of the final three can become super stars but my guess is that they didn’t eliminate anyone last week because Amber came in fourth so she gets another shot without the judges using their one save. Despite negative remarks by some of the judges the public still placed Kree in the top two. There is no denying she has the best, all around singing talent. I believe Kree will get her just due. Otherwise, they would not have made arrangements for American Idol to be in Woodville and to have a big concert at Ford Park this weekend.*****We got a nice note from Bridge City School Board member Jerry McInnis thanking us for supporting Bridge City’s effort to complete the addition to the library building. *****Our buddy, Harry Stephens, is finally giving up. He’s tired of fighting his knee problem and the hurt, so he’s scheduled to get it cut on.

25 Years Ago-1998

W.T. Oliver was roasted by friends at the Bridge City Chamber banquet held at the Community Center April 23. The roasters included former Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr. The speakers all concluded that few people had ever done as much for humanity. A war veteran who was instrumental in the new bridge being named Veterans Memorial also led the way for the building of Veterans Park. He was the driving force behind the Bob Hope High School for the Disabled. He brought Hope to the area on several occasions. Oliver also started the Bum Phillips Golf Tournament. ***** Now available this week is a new, blue pill called Viagra. It’s the fountain of youth in pill form. On March 27, the FDA approved a drug that means one thing to men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction). This week it became available by prescription at Orange County pharmacies. (Editor’s note: This being the 25th anniversary of “The Blue Pill” I’m surprised someone didn’t come up with a celebration.)*****U.S. Congressman Jim Turner speaks to a gathering at the Court House. Also State Senator David Bernsen was in the county meeting with druggist explaining the new health insurance and HMO plan. *****Brown Claybar is running for mayor of Orange. *****The Bridge City girl’s powerlifting team won the NASA High School National Championship. The Cardinal girls set three world records and claimed several individual titles. They scored decisive victories over the Florida and Missouri state champs. Named Most Outstanding Lifter was Julie Odom. Teammates were Brendie Barnes, Rachal Guidry, Danielle Bourque, Chrissy Lane, Charlsey Flowers, Leann Nguyen, Aleah Mumbach, Megan Shorts, Andrea Watson, Courtney Peery, Haley Brannon, Jennifer Chaddrick, Dahon Swiere, Megan Brown, Amber Updike, Adrienne Colletti and Shalina Meche. Athlethic Director Les Johnson said, “I’m proud of Coach Daniels and these girls, they worked hard and brought home a national championship for our school and program.

45 Years Ago-1978

David Guidry, BC trackster shines at the regional meet. He is a junior; he wins with 110 percent effort. *****Thomas Barrett gets the O’Rourke look from barber Rod Dowdle.*****Going to the state track meet from Bridge City are David Guidry, in the 330-yard intermediate hurdles; mile relay team Bo Worrell, Larry Hagler, Mark Truncale and Guidry. Coach is Bob Puntes. Austin bound from West Orange are high jumper Waymon Sibley, long jumper Roy Williams, miler Miron Gautier, sprinter Randall Tate and the 440-yard relay quartet of Sibley, Williams, Tate and Steve Fisher, mile relay team Dickie McMillan, Fisher, Tate and Kenneth Britten. They placed first, BC second. Coach is Robert Tywater.

65 Years Ago-1958

Sadie Stephens, county clerk since 1950, runs for re-election. She was appointed when Joe Runnels resigned to run for mayor of Orange. *****Orange County man kills his former wife and himself outside a Calcasieu Parish tavern near Orange. The dead are Mary Granger and Amos Milstead.*****Charles Bradford, lawyer, Sid Caillavet, Joe Runnels and Charlie Grooms are all running for county judge.*****Rev. W.W. Kennedy observes his 15th anniversary at Cove Baptist.


Last week the Grimlins got us. It happens about twice a year but not usually this bad. We ran a front page headline on the new Entergy groundbreaking but the copy was the previous week’s story on Lamar Orange. We are running the Entergy story this week. You know what the bumper sticker says.*****I haven’t had a report on the Wednesday Lunch Bunch lately. I will find out who attends this week and report it in this column next week. Judge John Gothia says there has been so much going on lately but he plans to attend this week.*****The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce once again held a popular night of Designer Purse Bingo last week. The women wore wide-brimmed hats in tribute to the upcoming Kentucky Derby. Word was wine was consumed. Those in attendance included Edie Burch, Amber Aleman, Zara Hollis, Chrislyn Burch, Pamela Chapman, Ashlee Noble-Smith, Jennifer Byrd, Lucy Terry, Stephanie Roberts, Joy Dubose Simonton, Jessica Simonton, Kristen Khoury, Christy Khoury Roccaforte, Jen Merren, Rani Dillon, Candace Mulhollan, and Kim Peveto.*****Fred and Linda Hanauer rode motorcycles more than 1,000 miles along with Perry and Myra Swinney as part of a law enforcement motorcycle club's conference. Fred and Linda even took out time to travel on a pirate boat tour during their trip.*****Steve and Gail Maddox are back in town from their European travels and were among those out and about Monday evening for the musical "Tootsie" at the Lutcher Theater. Also seen in the crowd were West Orange Mayor Randy Branch plus first lady Jane. Jack and Karen McKinney made it out for the performance. Jackie and Donna Scales were out for the evening, as were Robert and Carol Sims, Patti Cloeren, Kathy Gunn, plus Orange City Councilor Brad Childs with wife, Terri.*****Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. gave the speech for the new inductees or the LSCO  Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.*****Ishmael Jack got to spend some time with new grandson Keithen.*****The Orange Rotary Club held a Sip and Shop fundraiser at our local winery, Free State, along with Mathews Jewelers Orange, which had jewelry for sale.  Jody Chesson and Adam Conrad were enjoying the wine and sparkles. Of course Free State owners Mandy Swope Hernandez and Dana Swope mingled with the crowd Saturday afternoon. Others spotted included Kirspen Walker, Liz Nash, Sherry Hommel, Kelli Patin, and Deborah Bednar.*****Dayle Gunn Weatherford got to be mother of the bride this weekend. Daughter Lacey Hale married her longtime companion Ricky DeVille. Lacey's son Vinny Hale and his fiancée Rachel Beach were also there.*****Monica and Randy McCoy had their 45th wedding anniversary this week.***Nick Zeto and Christine Brown-Zeto got married 24 years ago.***Jerod Barnes and Skylar Rowley were another couple marking anniversaries this past week.*****For birthdays, last week's celebrations included Brandi Griggs, Vanessa Bufford, LisaKay Foyle, Ruth Hancock, Mallorie Henning, actor John Frederick, Gladys Trahan, Cindi Gipson, and Michael Reynolds.*****Monday I got a nice call from Sen. Carl Parker. We talked old times and dug up bones. Carl is the Godfather of Orange and Port Arthur Lamar being in the Texas State system. He commented on Dr. Tom Johnson’s expansion of LSCO. Tom was raised in the shadow of Parker’s law office on 39th Street in Port Arthur. He was also raised on Nick and Judice boudin. What a guy. Can’t go wrong with a guy who wears a bow tie, cowboy boots and was trained by Charlie Wilson.*****It’s hard to believe that our longtime friend Ray Cotton celebrated his 93rd birthday on May 1. We celebrated his 80th birthday at his club. Just a couple years ago it seems. Phillip Welch’s dad and Ray were raised together in Northwest Louisiana.*****May 3, May 6 and May 7 are days we lost some very good friends. Corky Harmon passed away at age 89 in 2017; Attorney H.D. Pate checked out on us at age 79 in 2019; Judge Grover Halliburton, fought a rare heart/lung disease before leaving us on May 7, 2004 at age 71. It’s hard to believe Grover has been gone that long. I bet Jackie Roberts thinks the same thing. I also think of my friend Essie Bellfield who passed away in 2022 at age 89. May 6 would have been her birthday.


A lot of great folks are celebrating birthdays in the next few days. May 3: Monica Lemon, Nicole Gibbs, Stacie Hollier, Kay Boudreaux and Brandon Applebach celebrate today.*****May 4: Laurie Miller and Julia Hoke have birthdays today.*****May 5: Happy Birthdays today to Bridget Gunn Toohey, Brad Broussard, Butch Myers, Ricky Zirlott, Lindsey Dardeau, Amanda Dumesnil, and Ashley Eby.*****May 6: Johnny Moreno, James Scales, Debbie Gregg, Lisa Nixon, Beverly Millsap, Doris Raynor and Brandon Bond all celebrate today.*****May 7: Joe Chenella, Gina Mannino, Andrea Beadle, Earl Thomas, Josh Sanders, Jessica Hughes, Sherri Thompson, Caitlin Allen, Connie Angelle are a year older today.*****May 8: Tommy Mann, Jr., Debra Truncale, Patty Cook, Ginger Hogden celebrate today.*****May 9: Doug Havens, Lynn Scales, Justin Dupuis, Ken Reeves and Anna Hughes celebrate today. *****To publish birthdays or anniversaries contact us at or call 409-886-7183.


Elroy “Tee-Bruce” Broussard, him, is an avid duck hunter. Tee-Bruce, he wanted him a new bird dog. His search brought him to Alcid Boudreaux’s place at Pecan Island where he bought him a young dog from Boudreaux.

Tee-Bruce was shocked da first time he sent his ne dog, Bosco, out on a retrieve an he discover da do could walk on water.

Tee-Bruce, him, he was sure non of his friends would believe him dat Bosco could wal on water. He decide he would try to surprise his friend Alex Thibodaux, wit’ de amazing feat.

Alex, him, he is a real pessimis’ by nature, so Tee Bruce invite him to hunt wit’ him an his new dog. A dey wait by da shore, a big flock of duck flew by Ka-BOOM! Ka-Boom! Dey fire an a duck fall.

“Boscoe, fetch up!” Tee-Bruce say, and Bosco, him, he jump up an pitty-pat, he trot right across da surface of dat water. He got dat duck and pitty-pat, he trot right back. He never got more dan his paws wet.

Alex him, he he saw dat but he don’t say a single word On da way home Tee-Bruce, he ask his friend, “Alex did you notice anyting unusual bout my new dog Bosco, hanh?”

“Mais yeah, I sho did, Tee-Bruce,” Alex say. “You dog Bosco, he can’t even swim, no.”


All’s Well That Ends Well

Sunday, as I was watching a hawk flying over the Hawk Club area working the sky and scouting the ground for a small animal, suddenly two police cars flew down our street. Acadian Ambulance Paramedics Robert Craine and wife Jenne then rushed by, followed by a fire truck. This is not good I thought. I forgot about the hawk. I love to watch them dive when they spot something but now I noticed all the commotion was at Hardy Street, a short dead-end street that overlooks the marsh and has a beautiful view of the Veterans and Memorial bridges. The next news I got was that a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old girl had been pulled from a swimming pool, totally unresponsive. I was told Lauren Boothman and Jonah Lemoine rescued the girls from the pool. Mary Stankus, a nurse and her brother Vu Nguyen, preformed CPR on both girls and thank God were able to revive them before the First Responders arrived. Thanks to their quick action both girls were taken by ambulance to the county airport and flown by helicopter to Texas Children’s Hospital. Last I heard both lucky girls were doing well. They were attending a birthday party and fortunately someone in attendance knew CPR. Those girls will forever recall the day they drowned and were revived and thankful to the folks who saved them.*****Shop our family of advertisers and tell them we sent you. Take care and God bless.


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