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Mount Calvary Baptist provides blessings

Providing food and other useful household items like soap and shampoo to needy families who cannot afford to purchase them has led several churches in Orange County to create special containers accessible to the public in which to store these items for those people who need them. The containers holding the useful items including non-perishable food have been given the name Blessing Boxes.

Possibly the first local church to create a Blessing Box in the City of Orange is Mount Calvary Baptist Church. The Blessing Box at Mount Calvary Baptist has been available to assist the needy for close to eight years.

Mount Calvary Baptist Church is located at 612 Third Street in Orange. A Blessing Box is located across the street from the church building in front of the G. H. Brown Activity Center located on Cypress Avenue.

The church supplies the Blessing Box with non-perishable food and restocks it frequently because of the steady use by needy citizens. The extent of the service provided could be in evidence by the fact the door on the Blessing Box has worn out and will need to be replaced.

Like all Blessing Boxes the items in them are free to take and available at any time. Mount Calvary Baptist Church does refill the Blessing Box when it is necessary.


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