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Gun Laws

Next to California Texas leads the nation in gun ownership as well as deaths by guns. Obviously, we have a large number of gun ownership advocates. However, I have yet to meet a gun advocate who opposes keeping guns secure and away from children or criminals. I also find no one who wants to allow mentally challenged people or known violent criminals to own guns. My question for the day is that if even the strongest gun advocate favors laws to enforce these particular things, why haven't our elected representatives put such restrictions into our laws? It seems to me it would be a good question to ask our elected representatives.


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TheHatLadyofBC writes:

Dear Mr. Parker; Finally - an intelligent, reasonable adult is asking the same questions as the people in Sutherland Springs, El Paso, Santa Fe, & Uvalde, Texas … the problem is our illustrious political leaders REFUSE TO ANSWER the question, or even listen to their constituents who elected them. Instead they ignore the innocent people murdered by gun violence, & focus on banning excellent books, stripping civil rights from American citizens, denying necessary medical care for children in distress, & criminalizing the people who scare for those children. Maybe - in our culture of “criminal accountability” - politicians should be indicted for every gun violence injury/death, if it’s found the stupid open carry laws they authored, sponsored, voted for, and/or signed into law contributed to the gun violence incident. Make them own some responsibility for the carnage & bloodshed! There is BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!