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Texas' top Republicans, state GOP lawmakers finally struck a deal on how to cut Texans' property taxes. The $18 billion compromise, which includes more than $5 billion approved for relief in 2021, between the Texas House and Senate would give increased tax relief for the state's 5.7 million homeowners and create a tax-credit pilot program for non-homesteaded properties. It would also cut taxes to small businesses and send billions of dollars to school districts so they can cut their tax rates across the board, according to details made public by state leaders. The proposal must clear both chambers before it heads to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk. "Reducing property taxes, providing relief to small-business owners, and reforming our appraisal system will ensure economic growth and prosperity, and this agreement is a significant victory for all Texans," Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan said. Lt. Gov.  Dan Patrick said the last week of negotiations among himself, Phelan and members of both chambers "made the difference." According to Phelan's office, the legislation, expected to be passed this week, includes more than $12 billion to reduce the school property tax rate for homeowners and business properties; an increase to the homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000; and savings on the franchise tax for small businesses. "Negotiations with the Lieutenant Governor have been extremely productive, and by coming together and finding common ground, the House and the Senate are one step closer to providing much-needed, much-deserved relief,"  Phelan said in a statement.  Both lawmakers thanked state senators and representatives for being integral in the negotiation process and said the legislation would be passed later this week.


10 Years Ago-2013

Our buddy Jimmy Dillon went for his first lab/clinical Monday after having a kidney transplant. The results were good. Jimmy has been feeling great. It’s hard to keep him down. He has had so little pain and he can deal with the soreness. Jimmy has to be careful about going in public, restaurants are out all together. He must wear his mask at all times except to eat. He was told that 80 percent of germs that will make him sick will come from his own hands, 20 percent are airborne from people. With no immune system right now, he’s not taking any chances.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s last week. The group held a surprise birthday party for Judge Pete Runnels, Mayor of Pinehurst. Over 30 folks were in attendance. Among the Bunch were Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Marcelle Adams, former County Commissioner, County Treasurer Christy Khoury, Sheriff Keith and Marlene Merritt, Pinehurst City Administrator Joe Parkhurst, Constable David Cagle, former mayor T.W. Permenter, former JP Claude Wimberly, former Deweyville principle Joy Scarborough and one of her teachers, Ted Williams, former chief and longtime lawman Wilson Roberts, Judge Janice Menard, Corky Harmon, Joel Steirman, Parks Director Donna Scales, who made a great cake and a load of large, chocolate covered strawberries that was the favorite of Brandy Slaughter. Shirley Zimmerman, Carl Goodman, Bobby Fillyaw, Roy Dunn and Veterans Officer Gene Smith all indulged in Donna’s cake as did Kyle Bland. I know I’m missing over a half dozen others but I’m surprised I remembered so many. (Editor’s note: It’s still hard to believe Pete is gone.)***** Betty Harmon ventured off to Lafayette like she often does, and brought back some special cookies from a shop there. Fruity cookies, I loved them.*****Miss Pearl’s poems have been drawing great response and popularity. Last week, her poem got over 20,000 hits on our website from around the world and a lot of local compliments.*****It’s hard to believe that little Stacy Savoy, daughter of Judy and Gary, turns 45 this week. Shortly after Stacy was born, Gary and Judy were involved in the pioneering of the Opportunity Valley News, a very popular weekly paper in the area. (Editor’s note: Today Stacey is 10 years older and so are Judy and Gary.)*****Country music star Randy Travis, 54, who just released a tribute to the late George Jones, was in critical condition Tuesday in a Dallas hospital. Saturday he was fine but by Sunday he was critical with viral cardiomyopathy caused by a virus that attacks the heart. Randy has had personal problems but as a country artist his voice and real country music are my favorite.*****“USA Today” puts out an Elvis Presley special edition celebrating the 60th anniversary of his first recording. “My Happiness” was cut by Elvis for $4 as a gift to his mother. He went on to record 750 songs. The USA 48 page keepsake is on newsstands today. It depicts the King of Rock-n-Roll’s influence on music and society. The last single released in 1976, was “Way Down” that featured J.D. Sumner, who sang the lowest note ever recorded, three octaves below Middle C. My favorite Elvis music was gospel. Best song was “How Great Thou Art.”***** The longest serving governor in Texas history can read numbers. A recent poll showed that 60 percent of Texas voters said it was time for Perry to go. With his exit, it opens the door for GOP hopefuls to throw their hats in the ring and start playing musical chairs. Att. General Greg Abbott is an early favorite to win the nomination for governor, leaving the AG’s office open to a flood of candidates.

17 Years Ago-2006

The Bridge City Rotary Club installs new officers and presents awards at banquet. Elected officers are, Barry Murchison, president; Darrell Myers, vice-president; Marialeice Saucier, secretary/treasurer; Mark Magnuson, president-elect. A new board member is Dr. Michael Olson. Rotarian of the Year award was presented to Marialeice Saucier. Jerry McInnis received the Community Service award from outgoing president Ronnie Hutchison. The Bridge City Rotary was charted in 1974.*****Judge Roy Derry Dunn, J.P. Pct. 2, had knee surgery and will be out of the office and Judge Joe Parkhurst, J.P. Pct. 1, is on vacation, driving to Vegas. Meanwhile, the two lady J.P.’s, Judge Janice, Pct. 3 and Judge Sherrie, are holding down the fort. *****Mayor Brown Claybar and Linda are new grandparents of Lucy Margaret, daughter of Sarah and Robert Latours.*****Robert Frederick, 74, passed away July 6. *****Ken Lay’s ashes were buried in the Colorado mountains. He died from a heart attack July 5. He was facing 25 years in prison after conviction in the Enron case. *****Sara Ann Hude becomes he bride of Eric John Eddleman on July 8. *****Charlie Vidrine celebrates 26th birthday. He became a new dad June 12 with the birth of a son Cade Anthony, who weighed in at 2 pounds, 4 ounces and was 14 inches long.*****It’s been 10 months since Hurricane Rita and clean up is still going on.*****Bridge City 11 year old All Stars march through Little League District play undefeated. The young stars stable of pitchers are Hayden Guidry, Preston Pittman, and lefty Collin Gros. Other team members are Reagan Picken, Aubrey Harrington, Revel Diabo, Eric Truncale, Bryce Sanpere, Adrian Schubarth, Colin Smith, Clint Delahoussaye and Aston Hunter.***** “Big Red Machine” heads to USSSA World Series. They are ranked sixth in the nation among 559 teams. The select team, coached by Ronnie Shugart, consists of Matthew Kress, Blaine Slaughter, Tryce Howard, Logan New, Dillion Taylor, Ryne Shugart, Tanner Doiron, Drew Delarosa, Blaine Pruett, Chase Shugart, Corbin Voegeli and Bryce Carey. The team will board a jet to the World Series in St. Louis Missouri.

46 Years Ago-1976

Orange County judges attend statewide seminar. Judges attending were Justice of the Peace Marlin Shelton, Pct. 2; Martin Ardoin, Pct. 3 and Claude Wimberley, Pct. 1.*****The Bridge City Youth Baseball season is over. The Dodgers, coached by David Riddling, Bert Clark and John Brown won the Pony League championship. Players are John Garriga, Grey Guillotte, Dean Pepper, Chuck Guilhas, Kenny Hass, Judy LaBouve, Trey Broussard, Clint Menard, Eric Ridley, Bucky Thompson, Brent Hockey, Donnie LeTulle and Tony Harrenger. *****Three cities proclaim “Roy and Crystal Wingate Day,” signed by Mayor A.R. Morgan, Pinehurst, Mayor Glenn Seale, West Orange and Paul Hale, City of Orange.*****Gordon and Diane Baxter have just returned from a trip to Israel. Roy Dunn is sporting a blue, Evil Eye, around his neck, a gift from Diane from Israel. Roy is not rightly sure what the significance of the Evil Eye *****Louis Gay will get to celebrate his birthday in Hollywood on July 25, thanks to a gift of airplane tickets for him and wife Nancy from daughter Linda. She has a big party planned with important folks in attendance. *****Don Jacobs’ column, in the Opportunity Valley News, concerns Huey Meaux, Gordon Baxter and Freddie Fender. Bax was presented two gold records of Fenders’ big hits, “Before the Next Tear Drop Falls” and “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights,” by Huey. Bax was the very first disc jockey to play the records when they were released. Meaux, an ex-barber and Fender, promoter, are longtime friends of Baxter. *****Fred, John and the crew at Bridge City Bank are offering bi-centennial savings bonds, issued July Fourth. *****The Gunn’s take annual vacation to Florida. Twelve folks, plus one great big dog, traveled in a motor home but will rent sleeping quarters along the way.


The heat continues in the weather forecast, but the hottest thing in Orange County this past week may have been Judy Smith in the Orange Community Players Broadway for Funds show. The great-grandmother did a show tune wearing a blue sequined gown split up the side and showing a bit of cleavage. She dramatically came on stage wearing a cape around her shoulders and tossed it off. It was a family affair for her. Daughter Cody Smith Vasquez, grandson Rico Vasquez, and great-granddaughter Zoe Vasquez all sang for the show, which ran for two nights in the Orange Train Depot. Diana Hill, who has been active in OCP for some 50 years, was helping serve wine and nibbles as Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan, also an OCP supporter, checked tickets and reservations, as her husband, Deputy Constable Mike Hennigan provided security. LaToya Overstreet was serving food and, of course, cooked. Orange City Councilor Paul Burch showed his vocal abilities in the production while wearing sequined jackets. His spouse, Raul Burch, was helping behind the scenes. Lots of talent was showcased, though Tanya Guillotte had a medical emergency and a substitute drove in from Austin. People seen in the audiences included Debbie Hughes, Pat Caillavett, Jane Dyer, Jack and Karen McKinney, Lois and Dennis Ferrell, Denise and Don Sanders, Ruby and Kenneth Steppe, and Rosie Hurst. Besides the entry fees, OCP got a few generous contributions during the run. OCP is raising money to continue restoration of the old Twin Cinema movie theater into a playhouse because the downtown theater had flooded so many times the non-profit group could not afford insurance. The new theater could see performances scheduled in early 2024.*****Charlotte Chaisson seems to never stay in Bridge City as she travels far and wide in her retirement. Her road trips this past week included a visit to Texas A&M University and the George H.W. Bush Museum.*****Kennedie Beadle got the chance of a lifetime to see killer whales in the wild during a boat trip in the Puget Sound. She grew up loving the whales because her cousin, John Hargrove, also an LC-M grad, was a whale trainer at Seaworld who later became featured in the documentary "Blackfish" about Seaworld's cruelty with the whales.*****Spencer Day and Reese Rhodes went to New Orleans for the sights and fun.*****Pam Cheek traveled to Lubbock for a Cheek family reunion that included former Orange residents Nick Cheek and Dr. Kayla Hughes Cheek. They also got to celebrate Nick's birthday.*****Barbara Dardeau with daughters Kacie, Lindsey, and Kelsey, along with Barbara's grandchildren, enjoyed time in the Gulf of Mexico at Crystal Beach.*****Brothers Ron and Tom Sigler met up at Surfside Beach in  Freeport.*****Captain Cornmeal, aka Eric Ellison, the fishing guide was pleased to see little grandson Keegan catch the first perch out of Captain's new pond at his new barndominium in the Cove.*****We sure hope little Kiley can find her lost beloved turquoise and green stuffed Leppy pet.*****Bridge City legend Steve Worster was remembered this past week on what would have been his 75th birthday. The outstanding Cardinal athlete and Texas Longhorn star passed away last August.*****Others celebrating this past week included Kaylard LeBouef, Suzzy Wimberley, Grover Lee Roberts III, Delisa Bates Harris, Shon Garrison, Claudia Hardin, Taylor Peveto, and Hallie Newton.*****Wedding anniversaries included Donald and Chantell Frazier, Clint and Kimberly Ray, and Tommy and Sandy Reynolds.


A few folks celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in the next few days. July 12: Lana Giffith, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, Christy Koury Roccaforte, Donna Peterson, Craig Simmons, Dera Breaux.*****July 13: Julie Kahla, Kristen McCurry, Steve Sarver, Billy Bryant.*****July 14: Calvin Rutledge, Brenda Ellender, Jared Ganze, Ella Stuebing, Richard Potter, Ronald Rubin, Lance George.*****July 15: Mayor Larry Spears, Mark Grizzaffi, Melissa Eshbach, Peggy Claybar, Tommy Harmon.*****July 16: Carlis Roy, Phil Dickman, Lorie Dubose. *****July 17: David Eaves, Theresa Krout, Deborah Ashcraft, Don Hightower.*****July 18: Sandra Navarro, Cheryl Richard, Cynthia Chataignier, Don Fields, Harry Barclay. (Note: To place birthdays or anniversaries in this publication free of charge email to therecordlive.com or call 409-886-7183.)


We received a beautiful card from the family of Audrey Lapeyrolerie expressing their gratitude for our tribute to their mother Ms. Audrey. It read as follows; “Thank you for your tribute to Mom in the Creaux’s Nest. Your kind words meant so much to us. It is things like this that you do that makes your paper so much a part of our community.”


Maude Dartez was sitting on a bench in Breaux Bridge when Sid Marceaux walked up and sat on da utta end of da bench. After a few moments, Maude axe, “Are you a stranger here, hanh?”

Sid replied, “Well, I lived here many years ago me.”

Maude said, “Where were you all dem years?”

Sid answered sheepishly, “In prison.”

“Mais, why dey put you in prison? Maude axed.

Sid look at her and said very quietly, “Me, I killed my wife.”

“Oh,” said Maude, “So you single hanh?”



Clint Landry, a West Orange native, has spent a lifetime studying and teaching baseball in the area. Over 40-years he has produced championship amateur teams. This week Coach Landry left the area in a van with 16 boys ranging in ages 16 to 18. The van headed to Ponchatoula, Louisiana for a baseball tournament starting Thursday. Clint is bringing his boys from Bridge City, Orange, Orangefield and Mid-County. Coach Landry believes his team has the talent to win it all and go to the World Series. He is the father of Bridge City coach Chad Landry.


Last week Dan Perrine’s story on coach Cornel Thompson drew a lot of response. I for one couldn’t put it down, even though it jumped several times. Cornel is in the process of writing a book on West Orange-Stark Mustang football going back to 1977. From last week’s story it is easy to see that the book will be filled with many details. It will be a great Christmas gift for any Mustang fan or anyone who cares about Texas high school football. I would like to see a “Super Team” made up of 16 offensive players and 16 defensive players but the Mustangs have had many great players over the years. In the story Thompson only highlights one youngster. It is his opinion that Jack Dallas is the Mustang’s “best, all-time quarterback.” People I’ve spoken with agree with that, even though there have been some great ones. (Side Note: The two West Orange boys I’ve written about this week, Landry and Thompson, were boyhood friends who ran an egg selling partnership in the city on their motor scooters.)*****Well, my time is up and I thank you for yours. Please read us cover to cover and support our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.


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