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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


Back in the early and mid-1950s, several of us went down into Mexico with Mr. Stewart, who owned Lou Ann’s club, in Louisiana, to buy horses (Indian ponies), to be transported to Texas. That is quite an interesting story but for some other time. Today’s subject is the weather in Mexico then. Around Monterrey to Mexico City, the weather was just like it has been here at home the last 30 days. The average daily heat in June and July was 98 to 101 degrees. Over the past 70 years Mexico weather has drifted down this far. I don’t know anything about Global Warming and that stuff, I just know what I know, weather has changed. When I was a boy, many winter days had a heavy frost on the ground and roof tops. We had several winter days where ice cycles hung from the roof. We broke them off and made play swords. The ice cycles were a forerunner to snow cones. We put sugar and syrup on them. Any person over 80 will tell you about those very cold winters. We had to heat water to defrost the frozen pump on our water well. The pump handle was too frozen to touch with bare hands. By the way, I still have that pump that is something over 100 years old. Today most of our winters are mild, a few frosty days and a couple of hard freezes to damage or kill plants. I haven’t seen an ice cycle since the ice storm. Winter, in my youth, was mostly December, January and February. Over recent years most days are spring like. Christmas a couple of years ago, was 88 degrees. We used to bundle up from head to foot, now most of us don’t even own heavy clothes, gloves, etc. We are experiencing Mexico’s winters and weather. Summers are getting hotter, this week the earth broke an all time heat record, winters getting milder. I would be interested in hearing what J.B. Arrington has to say about summers and winters in the early 1930’s in Orange County. I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2013

Will and Katy’s baby, the royal prince arrives. The first royal baby of the Facebook, Twitter age arrived Monday, July 22, 2013. The future monarch, Prince of Cambridge, is the third in line to the throne. If he ever becomes king, it will be far down the road. The new prince weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. He arrived at 4:24 p.m. London time, to parents Will and Kate. I don’t know why the boy’s arrival is such a big news item.***** We were sorry to hear about the death of Ange Hebert, age 80, who passed away Saturday, July 20. She and Tommy were married 61 years. Ange was the second city secretary at Bridge City, following Mrs. Pat Brandon. She served from 1974 through 1987.***** Thanks to our buddy Jesse Domingue, who while traveling through Cajun Country, thought about us and brought back a loaf of thick, crusty, French bread.*****Our friend, Sue Simar, got one eye fixed last week and will get the other fixed later. With one good eye, she can see that Tommy is not as handsome as she thought.*****Margie Stephens is grounded after Harry had knee surgery last week. He came home Friday and is doing well but the therapy is tough. Rehab is not for sissies.*****July 28 is Blaze Montagne’s 14th birthday. Hard to believe.*****Henry Bailey, son of Rob and Sue Bailey, has written a book titled “The Secret of Indian Island.” The book was edited by our own Nicole Gibbs and Penny Leleux will be doing the review.*****Big news out of Orangefield is that coach and athletic director Josh Smalley has landed a big fish to coach his girl’s basketball team. Former University of Texas Pan-American coach, Dennis “Denny” Downing, a successful coach and native of Enid, Okla., will take over the Lady Bobcats program. A small time boy, Coach “Denny” found just the place to his liking. He won’t find better fans either.*****I learned from Jack Smith that Barbara Mulhollan was his childhood next door neighbor and that he and attorney Sharon Bearden grew up like brothers and are stillt close.

17 Years Ago-2006

Morphew E House Inn, 205 College, offers historical bed and breakfast. Owned by Monty and Kelly Morphew, the home was built between 1893-1898 and offers a truly special experience. *****Justice of the Peace Judge Derry Dunn, after having knee surgery, was back at his J.P. office one week later. He doesn’t miss much work, in fact, in 19 years as an LCM educator, he didn’t miss one day of work. He had perfect attendance.*****Four Bridge City High cheerleaders and their coach Michelle Huff attended Cheer Hawaii U.S. A. Camp in Oahu, Hawaii. They are Taylor Miller, Heather Gisclair, Kylie Simoneaux and Ciarra Jackson. *****Orange County couple Earl and Ruth Davis are in Israel. Every time they hear a siren they head to the bomb shelter. It’s part of life along the Sea of Galilee. The Davis’ retired in Orange seven years ago and moved to Israel where they run the Galilee Study Center. They are the parents of WOS teacher and writer Meri Elen Jacobs. (Editor’s note: Meri Elen is now retired.)


47 Years Ago-1976

Duponter Paul Hale and Orange businessman Davis Cooper in hotly contested race for Orange mayor. ***** Steve Worster, until now a confirmed bachelor, has fallen into the same trap the rest of us have. He announced he would wed Ann Broome on Aug. 27. She is a beautiful East Texas girl from Waskom.*****Judge Graham Bruce fulfilled Attorney Charles Sexton’s wishes. Charles had wished for a full day of peace and quite in the county jail to settle his nerves. Well, when Charles acted up in court, Judge Bruce said, “Lock him up.”***** Louise Green named city editor at Beaumont Enterprise. ***** Jackie Harmon buys up a tract containing several buildings between 5th Street and 10th Street. The sale involved the Orange Newsstand, attorney’s offices and so-forth. *****Mark Dunn covers the Jimmy Buffet and Steve Fromolz concerts for The Opportunity Valley News. Cal Stakes goes along to take photos.***** Bridge City youngsters receiving degrees this week from McNeese are Charles L. Miller, Mary Loid Foster, Patricia Faircloth and Jimmy Dan Roberts.



Cool climes, and climbs, are calling the locals to Colorado and mountain locales to escape the heat. John and Marla Blanke met up with ex-pats Patty and David Butler to trek some mountains. John also celebrated a birthday.*****Roderick and Brandy Robertson, one of the county's two power couples, were in Denver with sight-seeing to a distillery. Brandy, who is the Orange County Clerk, picked out some watermelon moonshine. Roderick is a member of the West Orange-Cove school board.*****Our other power couple is Becky and David Rutledge. He's the mayor of Bridge City and she's a BISD trustee. Last week they celebrated a milestone in their journey through life together. Their 50th Wedding Anniversary was celebrated with a nice soiree.*****On to our travelers. Theresa and Russ Cronin are out RVing again, this time in the Southwest. So far, their stops have included Las Vegas and Albuquerque.*****Janice Johnson returned from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, after a trip with son and daughter-in-law, Troy and Nicole Johnson.*****Sharon Hargis is another birthday traveler and headed south to Mexico to celebrate her 70th.*****Amy Bonneaux and Marisa Emmons went to the Woodlands Saturday night to see the big Shania Twain concert.*****Edie Burch and Richard Teague hit the road again and stopped for meat in Bryan. Of course in Texas, that means smoked meat.*****And maybe Babette Philpott is hooked on smoked jerky. She and Monika Bellonce hit three different Buc-cee's in one day. Was it the wall of jerky or the scented candles that called to them. But then, we all know what the main stop at Buc-cee's is for.*****Al Granger didn't travel far because he kept his party local. He had Old Orange Cafe for a gathering of the Granger Chevrolet technician team and their spouses. He celebrated their record-breaking month of accomplishments with the party and a gift to each of an RTIC cooler.*****Kyndall Harrison is following in the footsteps of her grandmother, the legendary Mickey Gisclar, who had a long career as a court reporter for law offices and district courts. Kyndall, a graduate of Bridge City High and a former sports star there, is now working at the Ferguson Law Firm while she studies court reporting at LSCO. That's the school where Dr. Tom Johnson finds a community need and then gets programs to educate our locals locally. No more traveling to Houston and renting an apartment to go to court reporting school.*****And we have to throw in the name of Brandi Griggs here sometimes.*****The big mystery of the week is whether Hannah Gower can tow a trailer to Houston and then back here?***** West Orange-Stark High has had to announce that the recent fire in the new press box at Dan R. Hooks Stadium will not affect any football games. The fire caused no damage to the stadium, but the press box cannot be used. Home games will go on as scheduled.*****Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton learned son Christian and daughter-in-law Jessica Simonton will be having boys, yes, plural for twins.*****A contingency from Orange County went to see Bailey Noah and Brian Bailey marry. She is now Bailey Bailey.  Attendees included dad Joseph Noah, mom Terri Childs and step-dad Brad Childs, along with grandmother Dayle Foreman, who took along beau Harold.*****Lots of birthdays went on this past week with Marvin Edwards having a grand 60th party at the Orange Train Museum. Blue was the special color for the event and Benitris Petterway Edwards wore a stunning blue gown.*****Karen McKinney was honored at Luigi's with  a birthday dinner to mark No. 82. She's been a local leader in a number of community causes, including her current stint as president of the Orange County Salvation Army. Husband Jack toasted her for raising their daughters as he traveled first, for the U.S. Navy, then for DuPont.*****Other birthdays included Martha Oliver, Bill Smith, Laura Watters, Gwen Poutra, jack-of-all trades Steve Jones, Todd Hurst, Christina Underwood, Staci Stark-Mazzagate, Sue Denosowicz, Lila Jane Parzen, Jasper Johnson, and Keith Faske. Retired OPD records ace Terri Catano turned 60.*****T.W. and Lyndia Permenter get the toast for the longest years for this week's anniversary list with 63.*****Julian and Sandy Gross reached No. 52.*****Lucy and D.J. Terry have been married 32 years.*****Jerry and Mindi Vandervoort marked their 30th anniversary.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next week. July 26: April Hawkins, Sherry Gauthier and Laura Berman celebrate.*****July 27: Ty Manual, Matt Chandler, Lisa Simmons, Helen Philen and Joseph Withead.*****July 28: Blaze Montagne turns 24 on this date. Also celebrating are Paula Richey, Allison Donnell, Chaelynn Wilson.*****July 29: Jonathan Snipe, Sally Andrews, Millie LeMoine, Chris Abshire, Lisa Faulk, Art Miller, Laurie Davis and a special shout out to our own Robby Ballou.*****July 30: Danny Stevens, Keith Goss, Lisa McCall, Ronda Hale, Trey Hillsten, Chris Lopez, Conner Godwin, Daniel Faircloth and David K. Boileau. Celebrating also is Mark’s grandson, Liam Greeson, who will be four-years-old today.*****July 31: Happy Birthday to Tiffani Daigle, Amber Weidner, Jane Duchene, Kimberly Sieck, Brittany Newman, Debbie Moerbe, Marie Pittman and Laci Braus.*****Aug. 1: Celebrating today are Joyce Dubose, Vickie Arkeen, Terri Romero, Missy Pillsbury, Megan Vogt, Tana Thompson, Megan Leleux.


Pastor Gaspard was presenting a children’s sermon him. During the sermon he axe da chillun if dey knew wat da resurrection was about.

Axeing questions during a sermon is sometime crucial but at da same time, axeing chillums questions in front of a congregation can be very dangerous.

Brother Gaspard axe da young’uns if dey knew da meaning of da resurrection, dem?

“Tee-Not” Dartez raised his hand and Pastor Gaspard called on him. “Tee-Not” said, “I know me dat if you got a resurrection dat last more dan four hours, you suppose to call da doctor.”

(Editor’s note: It took over ten minutes for the congregation to settle down from their laughter and for worship service to continue. From the mouth of babes often comes surprises.)



Margaret’s timely Emmitt Till story and connection to Orange

President Biden creates a national monument for Emmett Till and his mother, the activist Mamie Till-Mobley, on Tuesday to memorialize the Black teen whose 1955 lynching helped ignite the civil-rights movement. Biden signed a proclamation at noon establishing the monument in Illinois and Mississippi on what would have been Till’s 82nd birthday, the White House said. Till was tortured and murdered in Mississippi weeks after his 14th birthday by a pair of vigilante white men. The White House said the monument will be displayed in three locations significant to the Till family: the Chicago church that hosted Till’s funeral; the Sumner, Miss., courthouse where his killers were tried and acquitted; and the site outside Glendora, Miss., where it is believed his body was found. A bulletproof sign currently at the site outside Glendora replaced previous memorial signs that were vandalized or shot at. The monument, called the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument, is set to honor Till-Mobley’s activism, the White House said. She became a prominent civil-rights speaker before she died in 2003. Till-Mobley insisted on displaying her son’s mutilated body in an open casket at his 1955 funeral. The images stirred a national outcry and laid bare the cruelty in the Jim Crow South, galvanizing activists such as Rosa Parks. U.S. senators from Illinois, Mississippi and New Jersey introduced a bipartisan bill earlier this year to establish the monument for the Tills. Biden last year signed a bill into law named after Emmett Till that designated lynching a federal hate crime. Congressional lawmakers had been trying to pass such a bill since 1900. This week Margaret Toal is publishing a great story. Over the years our publications have published many historical stories. Ms. Toal has been a big part of that. She first wrote about Emmitt Till in 2005 and has followed every move in the story since. This week’s story is a good contribution and very much how I recall this national story which has a link to our hometown, Orange Texas.*****Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover, support our family of advertisers and tell them we sent you. Take care and God bless.


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