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Temperatures continue to hold around 100 degrees. It has been over 30 days since any measurable rain has fallen and the outlook is not good, maybe 10 percent next week. My guess is that the water table has really dropped and that is affecting larger trees that require lots of water. I’ve seen limbs starting to die. We have lost several limbs in our camphor trees and the oak trees are showing stress. There has been no time in my life that we have witnessed such a long period of high temperatures and drought with all parts of the country experiencing some sort of terrible weather. Schools are already beginning and the bands, dance teams, cheerleaders and concession stand operators are getting ready for the biggest season of the year—football. In this uncommon heat Texas high schools are doing two-a-days preparing for football season. Football in Texas is king but practice in this heat is dangerous. Trainers and coaches of today are much smarter than they were in my day. They are very heat conscious with plenty of water brakes. In my day we were fed salt tablets and no water because it was believed that water would cause cramps. The heat was bad but nothing compared to today. Two things I never have missed are ‘two-a-days’ and ‘cotton picking’. Hang on boys, September is coming. I wonder what new concession foods will be appearing this year as the moms and dads try to get new creations on the menus for Friday Night Lights. I have to get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2013

H.W. “Chief” Wilson, coach at Bridge City from 1962 to 1973, died Sunday at age 86. Chief and his Cardinal squad played for the state championship in 1965 and won it in 1966. A player he developed, Steve Worster, became an All American high school player and also All American at the University of Texas. Chief quit coaching after his 1973 season. He felt strongly that this was the team that would return Bridge City to a state championship. Only one team from each district could advance and West Orange beat Bridge City in the last game of the season. Bridge City had a 14-14 tie with Jasper and that tie knocked the Cardinals out of the playoffs. B.C. had done the same to undefeated West Orange in 1972. The pay back hurt. It was no surprise to me that Chief requested no obituary or visitation, just a simple funeral to be held Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2 p.m. in College Station. It is typical Wilson, simple, no frills. His death however, affects more people than Chief could have imagined. Mark Dunn, who was a three year player for Coach Wilson and was on his last 1973 team, says Chief started the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in area high schools. Jim Crossland, coach at LC-M, and Chief had coached together for Bum Phillips at different schools. Bum and Chief were teammates at SFA. Crossland also was fond of newspapers and for several years wrote a column for the OVN. He joined Chief and introduced the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at LC-M. Chief Wilson was a quite man. A native of Orangefield, he played high school football at Stark High and often walked home to Orangefield after football practice.*****Last week right at press time we learned that former Bridge City Councilman Joe Raburn had passed away, we were able to get his passing in this column but that was all. Joe was a good man; community minded and came into the life of Lou when she really needed someone.*****All Orange County Justices of the Peace have been attending special legislative classes in League City. Judge Derry Dunn attended first and manned the fort while Judges Janice Menard, David Peck and Rodney Price were in school last week. For Judge Menard it was her 30th attendance at Justice of the Peace school. *****The problems keep mounting for rich, spoiled Aggie quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel. He’s had trouble keeping his nose clean and his mouth shut. Now he could be in real trouble with an NCAA investigation for accepting money for his signature at the National Championship game. Such a shame, such a waste of talent. ***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week. Robert’s next. Donna Scales entertained the group last week with some of her stories. Brandy Slaughter, Christy Kourey and Shirley Zimmerman couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone is always welcome.*****I feel for the boys who hit the practice field this week. Football is tough but it’s no picnic for band members.***** We will be covering a lot of Orange County football and are glad to have Gabe Pruett on board. He’s one of the areas best sports writers.

16 Years Ago-2007

Ashlyn Begeron, age 8, of Bridge City, was recently crowned Little Miss Southeast Texas.*****Sheriff Mike White fires jailer John Veillon after allegations that Veillon pushed a male inmate following a verbal altercation.******Michael Bertrand, age 27, of Bridge City, was shot in the chest by a stranger on West Cordrey Ave., in Orange. He was treated at Baptist Orange for the bullet wound that turned out to be nonlife threatening.*****On Saturday, Aug. 4, Berry Bonds tied Hank Aaron’s 755 homerun record against former Lamar pitcher Clay Hensley, who was sent down to Triple A right after the game. At age 32, A-Rod has 500 homeruns and will surely make a run at the record. *****Three Texas boys are inducted into Pro-football Hall of Fame. Oilers Bruce Matthews, Thurman Thomas and Cowboy, Michael Irvin.*****Former 2002 Bridge City grad Samuel Adams graduates from Texas A&M Aug. 10 with a Degree in Applied Math Science. In September, Sam will be embarking on a three month adventure to feed the hungry in Rwanda. Meanwhile he is giving speeches at churches. 

47 Years Ago-1977

The largest square foot Radio Shack franchise store opens in Northway Shopping Center. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Meyers, first began business in Orange with Meyers Steel Company. They later added the Horseman’s Store to their list of businesses. Opening the store will be Dale Belt, Jo Anne Alford and Jack Looney.*****Grand city elections Saturday will determine two council seats. David Claybar is unopposed in his bid while incumbent J.D. Stanfield is being opposed by Kim Craft. *****On Aug. 13, Mr. and Mrs. Kimbel Peveto will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They are Richard Corder’s in-laws. *****Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Brister celebrate their 50th on Aug. 15. *****Janet and James Fontenot mark their wedding anniversary this week.*****Louis and Beth will host the Monday Munch Bunch.*****Word from Nashville is that Don Jacobs has sold one song and has a shot at selling two more.*****H.D. Pate, Commissioner of Bridge City Sand-Lot Baseball, has announced the rules for the second annual softball game between Sen. Carl Parker and the B.C. Rotary Club. Proceeds will benefit the Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center.*****Doris Land, baking champion, baked a five-tier cake that measured over six-feet tall for the 55th anniversary of Orangefield First Baptist Church. Ingredients included three dozen eggs, 15 boxes of cake mix, 25 pounds of powdered sugar, three pounds shortening, a pint of vanilla flavoring and a half-pint of butter flavoring. The large cake weighed slightly over 100 pounds. *****Lewis and Mildred Lemoine have moved to Victory Gardens, in Bridge City, from New Orleans. Mildred is the sister of Charles Gauthier and Janice Menard. (All of them are now gone.)*****The new chairman of the Bridge City Day events and parade will be insurance man Bill Nickum, John Hill, Potentate of the El Mina Shrine Temple’s parade unit, will be parade marshal.


Last week we received a nice message from Diana Hill. She expressed how much she enjoyed Roy’s “Cotton Picking” story and also the weekly content in the paper. We have known that beautiful lady many years, even before Carman Davis’s boy, Brooks Hill, came along. Thanks Diana, nice to hear from you.*****Speaking of ‘Cotton Picking’ last week we mentioned Pat Clark’s cotton picking days. What we failed to mention was that Pat carried a canteen and would trade a drink of his water for a double hand full of cotton for his sack.***** Classes are starting again, local residents and donors a making sure the kids get what they need for that important first day. Groups all over are donating supplies and back packs to give away. The biggest event was at LSCO Saturday inside the air conditioning with the annual community wide Back to School event for families was held. The Orange Rotary Club had earlier packed supplies in dozens of back packs for give-away. Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. helped kick off the event. Al Granger, owner of local car and RV dealerships, was there, as he is everywhere.  David Jones of Gopher Industrial not only had free stuff, he brought along his costumed Gopher mascot to the delight of the children.*****In another part of town, Golden Chick fast-food restaurant hosted our latest local celebrity, world boxing champ OShaquie "Shock" Foster to meet kids and give away free back packs with supplies.*****Also on Saturday, First Baptist Church in Bridge City had its own school supply give-away.*****With school starting, K-Dan's in Orangefield is not happy about a local fad that is apparently spreading among high schoolers. The game is to remove the "fuel grade" buttons off the gas pumps. The store has been hit three times and the buttons can run more than $500 to replace. Watch out kids, they've got cameras out there now that can get license plate numbers.*****Al Granger also helped pal and floral artist Scott Hasty show off at the grand finale of the "Art of Flowers" exhibit at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. Hasty, who now works on private commissions, displayed his arrangements to augment paintings displayed for the exhibit. He's accustomed to such shows of his talent. He recently did a number of arrangements for the artwork of the late C. Delle Bates set up downstairs in the historic First Presbyterian Church as a memorial to the local artist and inventor.*****Granger is now the subject of a popular form of artwork. To celebrate National Coloring Book Day this past week, his team at Granger Chevrolet got a cartoon drawing of the boss in front of a vintage Chevrolet pickup truck for submissions to a coloring contest. One hint--Al has had a lot of colorful shirts through the years.*****Orangefield High Ag teacher Tim Singleton was honored recently at the annual conference of the Ag Teachers Association of Texas. He has been a member of the association for 20 years. He's been teaching the subject a total of 22 years with the past five years with Orangefield.*****City of Orange events planner Leigh Anne Harrell didn't have to plan her own baby shower. Lots of friends and family pitched in, including sister-in-law Reid Dallas and little red-headed cutie niece Drue Dallas. Leigh Anne and husband Broderick will be having their first baby, already named Adeline Honey. Nancy and Tony Dallas are the local grandparents-to-be. Grandmother-to-be Jennifer Harrell came from out of town for the shower. Of course if Leigh Anne is there, you can bet the Ragsdale girls, Sarah Ragsdale Nash and Rebekah Ragsdale, along with their mother Paula Ragsdale were there. Others included Jennifer Burtsfield, Lacey Lemoine, and Leslie Uzzle.*****Traveling has dropped down now that classes are beginning, but if you're retired, who cares? Retired music teachers Theresa and Russ Cronin took to the road again in their RV up in the cooler climates with mountains as they went to see the great musicians, including Audra McDonald, at the Wyoming Teton Music Festival.*****MaQuettia visited Fayetteville, North Carolina, in her latest travels.*****Becky Trahan took off sans Johnny and with Rachael Milner for another Carnival cruise.*****Sheila Faske ended up at the Pacific Ocean in California as part of her trip across the Southwest U.S. that included a trip to the Grand Canyon.*****Karl and Karen Wickham celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary as they set to get new digs again. Their spacious garden home in Pinehurst up on the market.*****David and Kelli Rawls had their 49th trip around the sun together.*****Also marking an anniversary were Erik and Courtney Thibodeaux.*****Lots of birthdays happened during the past week, including No. 1 LC-M Bear fan Pete Mota.***"Trashy Lady" Deborah Bednar, who is a member of the women's group that picks up litter along the streets and promotes recycling had another birthday. She's also a rarity in Orange County these days. An admitted Democrat***.Other birthdays included Thereze McKee and Tammy Dietz hitting decade landmarks, though not the same one. Neither is showing her age.***Stark Museum of Art curator Sarah Boehme.***Also give birthday wishes to retired city engineer James Foyle,  Lawrence Odom, Theresa McClelland, Nathan Hayes, Hudson Wright,  Melany Marie Monson, Anthony Meaux, Betty Bass, Derricka Halloway, Jo Foster, Michelle Hughes, Rose Brown,  Matthias Petterway, Cheryl Donnaud, Irene Smith, Jill Rowley, and Chris Burnitt.*****Remembrance: This week, Aug. 10, one of the great guys we’ve known, Judge Joe Parkhurst, would have celebrated a birthday. Joe was raised in the Cove but attended high school in Bridge City. He was a star pitcher and attended Sam Houston on a baseball scholarship. He was everybody’s friend. I still miss him.*****Speaking of great guys who did to ride the range with Aug. 11th marks the first anniversary of longtime lawman Wilson Robert’s death. This Friday a memorial service, organized by V.J. his widow, will be held at Pipe Creek to bury his ashes and place a monument. That is in hill country, near where Judge Powell now lives.*****Hoping we get some rain soon. Hate for an errant smoker spark to set a field on fire.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Aug. 9: Retired Dist. Judge Dennis Powell, who now lives in the hill country, celebrates on this day. We haven’t heard from the Judge in sometime. I know he reads The Record online. Drop us a line Judge. Also celebrating are Dwight Thacker, Paige White, Jada Montagne and Ken Hartley.*****Aug. 10: Celebrating today are Timmy Bryd and Bree Anne Collins. *****Aug. 11: Susan Eby, Morgan Taylor, Rene Danna and Deborah Bayliss.*****Aug. 12: One of our favorite people and one nice lady, longtime educator, now working in the district attorney’s office, Chad’s better half, mother of three fine boys, our friend Windee Jenkins celebrates today. Also Happy Birthday to Jared Sleeman and Jennifer Babin.*****Aug. 13: Longtime friend, insurance man Clint Landry, celebrates today. Also Monty Eshbach, a great guy we’ve known a long time. Also celebrating are Chris Bailey, Melissa Cox, Ken Phelps, Wade Estes, Terry Walles and Aaron MacCammond.*****Aug. 14: Diane Justice, Jerry Windham, Kevin Berry, Bill Triggs, Britanie Long have birthdays today.*****Aug. 15: The talented Kristie Gunn celebrates to day, also Happy Birthday to Tiffany Schlicher, Gavyn Fisher, Brandi Arnold and Christine Johnson. (NOTE: Call 409-886-7183 or email to post birthdays or anniversaries free of charge.)



Clarence Robicheaux comes into Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, walks up to da bar and orders a bourbon and soda. After a few minutes he needs to go to da rest room him.

He don’t want no body to steal or drink from his glass so he wrote a note and put it next to his drink. The note say, “Me, I spit in dis drink, do not drink!”

While he was gone Sostan Boudreaux wrote a note him too and put it next to da drink. Wen Robicheaux return him, he find da note wat said, “So did I.”




Some Bridge City residents believe the influx of stray cats in the city might be coming from their neighbors in South Jefferson County. Unwanted cats are making their way over the bridge. The stray cat population has gotten to be a problem. On the other hand, domestic pet cats are being killed by packs of coyotes or one loner coyote. Several cats have disappeared in the Dugas Addition. Sylvia Gisclair was able to save her cat when she scared a coyote off. She never had a good shot at it. They are likely coming from the Hawk Club area. Last week a lady on Vivian St. posted on Facebook that she had lost a mother cat and three kittens. Also in the past few days the Dunn’s pet bobtail cat, “Old Man Bobby” came up missing. As a kitten he was the only one from his Minks family to survive Hurricane Ike. He was injured and always favored his right hip and probably was unable to get away from danger. He was always sitting at the back door waiting for breakfast and after his evening meal he would sit under the trees with the Dunn’s. That was a month ago. During that time someone dropped off a small, pregnant cat that gave birth to four kittens and then disappeared. The Dunn’s assume coyotes got her. They are trying to teach the little kittens to eat but are looking for someone to take them who can better care for them. They are about three weeks old, two males, two females. If you are able to help out these senior citizens by adopting the kittens please call 409–779-6798 for information.*****Well, I’ve got to get going. Take care and God bless.


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