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Orangefield High School cheerleaders return UCA Cheer Camp with awards

The Orangefield High School cheerleaders returned from UCA Cheer Camp with several awards.

Varsity awards include: Best Overall in Game-Day Championship, 1st in Camp Routine, 2nd in Sideline, two Gold Superior Ribbons, and earned the spirit stick all four days.

Individual Varsity awards include 6 All American cheerleaders, Kaylea Gravett, Gracie Luker, Sterling Richard, Bailey LeBoeuf, Emilee Nunez, and Phuong Tsan. Pin It Forward, Kaylea Gravett. Jump Off Champion, Natalie Black

JV squad awards include: 2nd overall in Game-Day Championship, 2nd in Camp Routine, 3rd in Sideline, and two Blue ribbons, JV also earned the spirit stick all four days.

Individual JV awards include: two All American cheerleaders, Angelina Ragusa and Autumn Harvey.

Mascot awards include: All American Mascots, Kamryn Kelley & Catalina Lawley. Pin It Forward, Catalina Lawley, and The MUSHY spirit award!


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