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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


Before turning in Saturday night I checked the weather forecast for Sunday. I learned the extreme heat and drought would continue with a high of 109 expected. A few weeks ago I wrote about the weather this summer being like Mexico’s weather 70 years ago. I thought if we continue to have this kind of summer for the next 70 years, the Gulf Coast area will be like Mexico, with no large trees, only shrubs. Anyway, I turned in for the night and set the temperature at a comfortable 74 degrees. When you think things can’t get worse, believe me they can. As usual a little after 4:00 a.m., I got up and headed for the coffee pot. Halfway down the hall I discovered why I had been sweating. I didn’t need the coffee; I was wide awake when I discovered the temperature was 83 degrees and climbing. The air conditioner had gone out. “Oh Lord, not today,” I said out loud. Sunday morning is not a good time for anything to break. At 6:00 a.m. I started calling the guy who for years has taken care of our air problems. He wouldn’t answer the phone. I rode down to his house and found him really sick, too sick to work. I called a couple of friends for advice. One told me two brothers from Little Cypress had gone into the air conditioner business. I located their number and when the phone was answered it was a little after 7:00 a.m. I told the guy my problem. He took my address and said, “We’ll see you in 45 minutes.” I figured the Sunday rate was going to bust the bank. The crew showed up, replaced a fan motor and condenser and in 15 minutes handed me the bill. I was shocked at the normal labor cost. The young man said they were a 24-hour, 7 days a week, day or night company and the service charge never changed. The company, FahrenTech, is co-owned by the Earnest brothers. They will do to ride the range with. You’ll be hearing more about them in the future. Sunday’s temperature was 106 degrees, but thanks to my new found friends, it was a cool 74 degrees inside. Thank you Lord for making it a better day.


10 Years Ago-2013

We were saddened to learn of the death of Mildred “Millie” Lemoine, 83, who passed away Sunday morning at 1:30 a.m. Service will be held Wednesday, 10 a.m. at St. Henry Catholic Church. Millie was born in Louisiana but was raised in Orange, in the Cove. She and Louis had been married 55 years and had five children, Jody, Jada, Jana, Jude, June and many offspring. Mildred was the big sister of Judge Janice Menard and one of her strongest supporters. *****Judge Derry Dunn recently returned from his trip to the northwest where he witnessed the smoke from the wildfires in Utah. In Oregon and Washington states he was due to go kayaking with his sons but his school teacher wife Jane pleaded with him not to attempt that. The Judge abided but says he spent a great week with his doctor sons.*****Sept. 12 is the Bridge City chamber roast of civic leader, businessman Ross Smith. What a great guy. It will be hard to find anything negative to roast him with. ***** A few special folks celebrating their special day this week. On Aug. 28, the twins Blayke and Blayne Richey celebrate as does our buddy Butch Thurman, who was Ms. Thelma’s little boy. He got lucky and married Jackie Crawford a bunch of years ago.***Barbara “Barbie” Childress, a friend we loved and lost track of, celebrates and we wish her a good one.*** Aug. 30 would have been Vivian and Fain Holbrooks wedding anniversary. Fain left us several years ago but we would like to hear from Ms. Vivian. ***Aug. 31 is a big day for a pair of twins; it’s their 44th wedding anniversary. Rosalie is married to Judge Pat Clark while sister Mary Ann claims John Scofield as her longtime husband. (Editor’s note: Mary Ann passed away a few years ago.)***Sept. 2, Coach Cody Knight, one of Chris and the late Anna Lee Knight’s sons, celebrates. Like the rest he’s a great guy.***On Sept. 3, former Mayor T.W. Permenter, married to pretty Lyndia, turns 76.*** We stand corrected after stating that Rocky Colvin and Kevin Smith were the only local boys to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Barrientos and Quincy Procell reminded us that LC-M’s Joe Bob Isbell was the first to play for the Cowboys in 1962. He then spent three years with Cleveland. Also I was reminded that the first televised night game was the 1965 Thanksgiving Day game in the Cotton Bowl.*****


24 Years Ago-1999

West Orange police investigate murder-suicide of father and son. Twenty-two year old Jason Miller shot and killed his father, 43-year-old Kenneth Ross Miller, then turned the gun on himself. According to Asst. Police Chief Jesse Romero, Kenneth’s wife came home from work and found the bodies of her husband and stepson. Patrolman Craig Domment responded to the call at 2 p.m. The son had recently moved in with his father.*****The Globetrotting Grandmas, Dot Eshbach, 77, and Margaret Saint, 78, just returned from a month of touring Europe and Asia. (Editor’s note: Those two wondering women are gone now. They didn’t let any grass grow under their feet after their spouses died. What a joy they were to everyone who knew and loved them. They traveled the country in a big RV bus. What a sight those two old gals were pulling out in that luxury bus saying, “You’ll see us when we get back.”)*****Ellis “Shorty” Landry passed away last week. *****Bridge City Mayor John Dubose gets national recognition. The National Center of Small Communities awarded Dubose for outstanding leadership. Out of the $5,000 award money, Dubose will donate $2,500 to the Chamber, $2,000 will go towards building a pavilion at Bridge City Park and $500 will be donated to the Helen Phillips Memorial Scholarship fund.*****Pinehurst Mayor Pete Runnels announced a big Senior Citizen’s Labor Day Picnic which he hopes to make an annual senior citizen gathering. There will be plenty of food, watermelon, etc. served. (Editor’s note: Judge Runnels is again mayor at Pinehurst and the Labor Day Picnic is still going strong and will be held this Labor Day.)***** The new Bridge City football coach is James Conway and former B.C. High star Jeff Mathews is the new head coach at Vidor. High school football to start soon. A few names in the spotlight will be, at Bridge City, Curt Lucia and Steve Curl; LC-M, Michael White and Michael Rowe; WO-S, Jartis Soleman, Jamal Warnell and Gayron Allen and at Orangefield, Charles Chester and Jay Bruce. Randy Theriot is head coach.


49 Years Ago-1974

Bob Montagne and Sue Pate are the political powers in Orange County. Bob has a strong roots organization in the county. Sue has far-reaching arms into Austin and state politics.*****Doug Harrington claims he can run a mile and a half in under 13 minutes. Most folks are wondering if that’s with someone shooting at him. *****Ed Bacon ends up in a hospital after a feast at Harper’s Party Shack. More than 100 pints of mountain oysters were prepared--all Peveto and Zummo Packing could provide--plus a grass sack full of frog legs and a lot of beverages. Ed partook of more than his share of it all. Our friend Millie Harper just couldn’t chew the oysters. Doctors said Ed’s blood pressure going through the roof didn’t have anything to do with the choice of food. I remember that party; I just don’t recall what it was celebrating when I wrote it 49 years ago. It might have been Labor Day. I didn’t report who attended, I mostly wanted to record the menu. Milly and I might be the only two still around although she may know of others. Milly now 83, was in her mid’30s, me in my early 40’s. What a party. There were many more at Harper Valley. Milly still lives there.*****Jack Nance was brought to the hospital after fainting at an East Texas restaurant. When asked if it was the heat, Jack replies, “No, it was the check.”*****Judge Sid Caillavet was operated on in Beaumont. He’s doing better--he was overheard raising hell with Ms. Dennis because she wasn’t home cutting fire wood for the coming winter. She promised him she would have a cord cut by the time he gets home.*****Faye Linscomb and daughter Kathy were in Arlington last week to watch Bridge City football players Jimmy Lacombe, her son, and Mark Dunn play in an intrasquad game at UT-Arlington. She said the two Bridge City athletes did quite well.*****Bridge City State Bank donates 200 oak trees to the city. Bank officials and Boy Scouts plant the trees on school district grounds and at local churches. (Editor’s note: Now we know all those oaks are 49 years old.)



The most festive event in the OC is becoming the Team Dallas to raise money in the fight against ALS. It's all to honor Tony Dallas, hometown guy who grew up in sports, coached kids sports, worked his tail off for Lions Club and other civic groups. Plus, he and his wife, Nancy, have raised three young adults that make this community proud. Tony has ALS and his family and friends formed Team Dallas to raise donations for the national research to help stop the disease. Team Dallas from a small county has led the donations from throughout the state with annual walks and now, the gala. The gala comes off with a lot of thanks to their daughter, Leigh Anne Harrell, who studied event-planning and SFA and is a professional. She's also the city of Orange's event planner. She puts together a team to put together the event. This year's theme was 'Wranglers & Rhinestones," with a Western dress theme. Tony in his wheelchair was the brightest in his sunflower yellow and black cowboy shirt that would make Roy Rogers envious. Of course Nancy was there. Leigh Anne is expecting her first baby any time now. She and husband Brodrick posed with her parents as she was rockin' a white cowgirl hat with beaded fringe. Attendees from all over came to support the cause and party with Tony. Local baseball legend Andre Robertson with wife Lanier were there. Of course longtime buds Joel and Lori Ardoin were there, along with Gina and Skipper Yeaman. Heston Cheshire and fiancee Ashley Eby were also there. Karli Dallas Goff and Mason Dallas posed with their uncle. Others in the crowd included  Heather and Michael Mankopf, Diana Higginbotham, Ebonie Landry, Sherry Hommel, Tina Romero, Russell Bottley, Leslie Uzzle, Lacey LeMoine, Sydney Brittain with Cody Carr, Ron and Becky McAnelley, Amie Smith, Loreal Fultz, and Tricia Stroud. Al Granger wore a light blue shirt with a tropical floral design and may set a style for a mix of cowboy and Hawaiian shirts. Of course he brought some of his Team Granger and friends.*****The next big event is in September for the St. Mary's School gala. This year Father Jim Sichko, who grew up in the parish and now lives in Lexington, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby. He's helping to sponsor a Kentucky Derby theme with lots of unbelievable surprises. And if anyone has followed this celebrity priest, they know he can make surprises happen.*****The wildfires in the counties and parishes north of us have been scary. Retired Orange County Sheriff's Captain Thomas Hennigan, along with his wife, Phyllis, a retired banker, moved up to the lake a few years ago. The Captain was out in firefighters gear as a volunteer fighting the big Jasper County fire in all the record-breaking heat. Did you know that when he was a young man working as a jailer in that horrid old three-story brick county jail, that he was stabbed by an inmate?.*****Donna Scales' granddaughter Vivi wanted a bowling party for her birthday, so we all know that's what she got. Vivi had lots of fun with family and friends, including Uncle James Scales, Devin Nolan, Jerrid Scales, and Alyssa Scales.*****Brandi Griggs this past weekend was on a birthday trail with her kids as they attended three children's parties.*****The Bridge City Cardinals won the Bayou Bowl game against Orangefield to open the regular season. The Record Newspapers Roy and Mark Dunn originally gave the game the nickname and had the trophy created for the winner. The trophy was named for Buzzie Gunn, the late photographer, who took decades of photos of local football. Buzzie's widow, now Dayle Gunn Weatherford, presented the trophy after the game.*****A big bunch of people celebrated birthdays this past week. Stephanie Roberts went to Crystal Beach with friends and family for her party. Gary Bonneaux, Marlene Merritt, James Simar, Stephnay Holmes, Kody Paul Marple, Bobbie Jo Howeth, Linda Garrett, Jacqueline Kyle, Barry Bates, Angie Stelly, Paulette Howington, Rachel Clark,  Valerie Bowers, Donny Garrett, Carly Thibodeaux, Judy Lilback, Matt Himel, Eli Peveto, Deshawnda Polidore, Donny Denmon, and Alexis LaBarbera were others marking another trip around the sun.*****Anniversaries this past week included Ralf and Cindy Mims with 46 years, and Russell and Jody Love with 43 years.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Celebrating on Aug. 30 are Mike Cedars, Patty Allred, Crytal Killman and Dal Moreau. Also entrepreneur Warren Buffett, who turns 93.*****Aug. 31: Happy Birthday to Dominic Nguyen, Erin Weidner, Ron Kincade, Jesse Grooms. Celebrating a wedding anniversary are Rosalie and Judge Pat Clark. We wish you good folks many more.*****Sept. 1: Susan Baudoin, Paul Fournier, Pamela Layman, Bill McCorkle and Virginia White all celebrate.*****Sept. 2: Happy Birthday to Brenda Wilber, Cody Knight, Hannah Hall, Peyton Choate and Vernon Dixon.*****Sept. 3: Celebrating are Debby Schember, Rachel Briggs, Ryan Fisette, Tammy Stevens, Barbara Daigle. *****Sept. 4: Labor Day is celebrated on this day. Happy Birthday to Ginger Williams, Jamie Forse, Shirley Choate and Beverly Hanes.*****Sept. 5: John Tarver, Susan Cooper, Jason Toal, Branden Bailey and Mark Forman are a year older. Former sheriff Keith Merritt turns 73 today. (To publish birthdays or anniversaries free of charge call 409-886-7183 or email therecordlive.com)



Tee-Neg Dartez went fishing on Bayou Tech him, wit senior citizen Clovees Arceneaux. While sitting dere Tee-Neg axe, “Mister Arceneaux, how old you are hanh?”

Clovees say, “I don’t rightly know me, it changes every year. I was born during da depression me, so I know I’m getting old.”

Tee-Neg say, “Mister Arceneaux, don’t worry bout old age you, because it don’t las dat long.”




Ten years ago state of New York charged Donald Trump with fraud and sought $40 million from Trump University, which is not a licensed university. The attorney general called it a scam. Trump was squealing like a stuck hog caught with his hand in the cookie jar. (That was 10 years ago, since then Trump was elected United States president. In his first year several members of his cabinet were charged and convicted of crimes. Trump was impeached twice and defeated in re-election. He tried to overthrow the election and also led a mob to take over the U.S. Capital to prevent V.P. Pence certifying the Electoral College vote that Joe Biden had been elected. Trump has been charged and convicted in civil court for being a rapist and ordered to pay $5 million. He is now under indictment by four different criminal grand juries. Trump now faces 91 felony charges in four states. Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination and is the leading candidate. Conservative scholars, brilliant legal minds, have ruled that in their opinion Trump is not eligible to even serve as president again. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He broke that promise by trying to overthrow his own government on Jan. 6, 15 days before Joe Biden was sworn in as president.)*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Have a safe Labor Day weekend. Check us out daily on our website therecordlive. com. Take care and God bless.


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