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By Carl Parker
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Be Offended


Last updated 9/5/2023 at 2:01pm

Have we as Americans grown so accustomed to bad things that we are not shocked or offended by them? It seems that we are no longer excited about the news of a mass shooting. We obviously have grown callus about conduct of some officeholders. Our former president said he would still get elected even if he were to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. If true, this is a sad commentary on the judgement of voters. There was a time when admission of sexual unwanted touching would have meant the violator of such conduct would be unable to hold office. It seems that such conduct has little or no effect in today’s world.

The upcoming impeachment trial of Texas’ Attorney General will test the judgement of our state legislators. Paxton has been under indictment for years. He has wasted taxpayers’ money pursuing frivolous lawsuits as well as for his own benefit. He has been cited by the Texas Bar Association for unethical conduct. Yet there is a statewide effort to raise money for him in order to keep him in office.

Legislators who vote for him dishonor not only the office of Attorney General but also the one they occupy. I’ll not dishonor myself or my vote by voting for anyone who does so.


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