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In a 24-6 vote, Texas senators refused to dismiss all 16 articles of impeachment against suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton. That vote clears the way for a public trial in the Senate. Twelve Republicans joined all Senate Democrats in the vote to essentially move forward with a trial. A simple majority is required to approve any pretrial motions, and Paxton’s team challenged all articles of impeachment both individually and altogether in a series of filings. In a 22-8 vote, senators rejected a pretrial motion to exclude all evidence before January 2023. Senators also took individual votes to dismiss certain impeachment articles or to temporarily hold some articles in abeyance. They resoundingly rejected all motions for dismissal. Six Republican senators voted yes on every motion to dismiss, while five Republican senators voted to dismiss some of the impeachment articles. Seven Republican senators voted no on all of the motions, along with all Democratic senators. Senators also rejected a motion from Paxton’s team to exclude evidence gathered “in violation of the law.”


10 Years Ago-2012

Donald ‘Don’ Shockley, 75, died August 30. Service was held Sunday, Sept. 1, at Claybar Funeral Home Orange. Don’s death serves as proof that death is uncertain and often unexpectedly right around the corner or in other cases not as surprising. That wasn’t the case with ‘Cochise,’ he was not a smoker, was still

near his high school weight and played golf regularly. He appeared to be one of the healthiest senior citizens I knew. He looked and acted much younger than his years. That’s why it was such a shock to so many of his family and friends that he had suffered a massive stroke that would take his life. Judy, his wife of 52 years, thanked God that he had not suffered or ended up in a vegetative state. That’s ironic because Don and I had spoken just the day before about people who suffered long illnesses before their death. He had stated that he wanted to go quick. I had commented that long suffering made a heart attack look good. We had been speaking about the pending funeral of Mildred Lemoine. Many people saw Don at her wake. It was a surprise to Judge Derry Dunn who had spent time visiting with him that in two days Don would be called home. Don had a large variety of friends who came from all walks of life. Because of that he was the most knowledgeable person about almost anything going on in our area.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Joan Chumley Pittman, 77, who died Sunday, Sept. 1. A mass of Christian burial will be at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 5 at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City. She was a good Christian woman who had been very active in the Bridge City community.


25 Years Ago-1998

Beth Dugas, beloved wife of attorney Louis Dugas, died after a long illness. Frances Elizabeth Dugas was an exceptional lady. Her many talents and community involvements, footprints of endeavor are set in Orange County soil. She will live on in the minds of us fortunate enough to have known her. (Editor’s note: Since then Louis also has died and was ready to be rejoin with his Beth.)*****Robert Arrington, 43, dies at the scene of an auto accident. He was the son of longtime educator and famous barbecue chef, J.B. Arrington. *****In major league baseball Mark McGuire slammed number 61, catching up to Roger Maris’ 61 homeruns. Sammy Sosa is at 58. ***** High school football opened Friday night. The Bridge City Cardinals defense was brutal in a 48-14 win over Pasadena. Number 52, Johnny Montagne, #44 Trey Latiolais, #60 Justin Tegge and #45 Chad Brown smothered Pasadena’s large runners. A Bridge City loyalist said, “I don’t believe they know fear. This bunch will fly into the eye of a storm.” Jarrod Williams, Kevin Norwood and Charlie Higginbotham were also awesome on defense. The Cardinals rambled for 341 yards against the 5A school. Daniel Kibodeaux had 16 carries for 90 yards. Jason “The Little Giant” Menard toted 11 times for 66 yards. Other runners Kevin Beasley, 5-41; Brad Miller, 3-38; Matthew Nguyen, 5-33; Steven Curl, 6-33; Wade Stone, 6-24 and Josh Sanders 1-17 and a TD. On defense, Jared Williams, 6-3, 235 pound linebacker had 14 tackles, three assists, with one fumble recovery. Linebacker Johnny Montagne had 16 tackles, caused a fumble, and recovered two. Jeremy Stolfa, 6-6, 268 pounds, Dathan Juneaux, 6-3, 310 pounds, Eric Bramblett, 6-3, 270 pounds and Curt Lucia, 6-3, 250 pounds all stood out for the offensive line. (Editor’s note: Coach Les Johnson was head coach. Everyone of the above offensive lineman got major college scholarships.*****The Bridge City Little League 9 year-old All Stars, Dist. 32, 1998 champions were undefeated. Players are Possum LaFleur, Chase Warren, Johnny Dishon, Jeff Stringer, Garrett Fusilier, Ben Garcia, Ryan Tankersley, Derrick Coleman, Shane Romero, Justin Granger, Mike Taylor, Chase Leger, Carl Carlton and Troy Bolton. Coaches are Ricky Coleman and Charley Warner, manager David Leger. (Editor’s note: Not a bad bunch. Most went on to prove it.)*****New assistant principal at Orangefield Elementary is Phillip Welch, who will also be working with the administration office. Welch said it’s a great opportunity to work with J.D. Quarles, Superintendent Robert Montagne and Asst. Superintendent Mike Gentry.


44 Years Ago-1979

Former Sunset Grove Country Club pro Rick LaBove of Port Arthur won the championship flight of the 20th Labor Day Golf Tourney with a score of 143, three over par. The top three players in each preliminary flight were Jim Turpin, Glenn Ryer, Joe Hargrove; second flight, Louis Bagwell, Terry Childress and Craig Nugent; third, J.C. Kennedy, Doug Patterson, James Pruter; fourth, Bennis Lee, James Morris, Dewey Scott; fifth, Paul Pond, Don Jones, William Jackson; sixth, Kyle LeCrois, Cecil Byers and Claude Wimberly. *****Mary Sue Roy suffered an aneurism while she and her husband camped at Sam Rayburn. She died Sunday. Mary Sue was 42 years old. She was administrative assistant to County Judge Pete Runnels. Others who also passed away recently were Fred Bean, Paul Weinman and Mark Darby.***** W.T. Oliver feeds 200 guests; music provided by Boone’s Farm.*****Bill and Martha Hughes held their annual Labor Day cookout.*****Neil Bond had gall bladder surgery.***** Debbie’s little David Fusilier is two weeks old.*****Officers are elected to the newly formed Parent-Teacher- Student Association in Bridge City. Faye Fisette is president; Linda Nicks, 1st. VP; Gaye Bell, 2nd VP; Billie Bradberry, secretary; Kay Klein, treasurer; Ralph Wallace, parliamentarian; Eloise Stoudenmier, historian.***** Junior Bryan Ward will be a key player in the Cardinal backfield when Coach Andy Griffin’s team meets Vidor in the season opener. Sophomore Rodney St. John, a BC tackle, is being counted on strongly for Big Red.*****Coach Ed Peveto of the Orangefield Bobcats is blessed with two good quarterbacks, sophomore Bradley Peveto and senior Clint James.*****Moe Litton, BC trainer, looks like a bulldog but he’s really a pussycat.



Sept. 8 marks the 85th years of completion of the Rainbow Bridge. Bridge City, Texas is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some people are still around who remember the opening of the bridge that connected Orange County with Jefferson County. Barge travel had been the only way to get across. *****Quincy Procell told me age ad gone to visit our friend Kenny Pigg sometime back, but he said there was no sign of Kenny being around. That prompted me to call him. He said after surgery and recovering, he declard he had been walking around with a broken leg. Now he is in a cast (boot) can’t can’t drive or go anywhere. Kenny and Martin Dies, Jr. have been very close friends for a long time. Martin lives in Austin and the two had spoken on Monday. Kenny is one of the great guys. We wish him a speedy recovery.***** The St. Mary School gala is Saturday and those without tickets for the special event may be out of luck. Father Jim Sichko, who grew up in Orange at St. Mary Catholic Church, is making sure this will be an event to be remembered as he is helping with the Kentucky Derby theme of “Run for the Roses.” He is now a papal missionary of mercy and though he travels most of the year, his home is in Lexington, Kentucky, home of the famous derby. He has arranged for a now sold-out bourbon tasting plus he has three surprise boxes to be auctioned. Plus, he has autographed guitars from Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift to be auctioned. Attire for the gala is keeping with the theme of the Kentucky Derby, so you can be assured to see lots of big, colorful hats on the women, plus some colorful jackets on the men...Father Jim has gained a reputation for handing out cash and gift cards across the country, thanks to his generous donors. This week, he sent three $100 gift cards to Little Cypress-High School for three students who have won applause from across the community. Caden Anderson, Rayne Christy, and Santiago Ramirez stayed after the big Orange Bowl game at West Orange-Stark last Friday to clean up trash from the visitors stands where LCM sat. Gary Stelly took a photo of them and put it on social media, where Father Jim saw it...The annual Dean Granger Memorial run-walk to raise money for the Orange County United Way is coming up on September 23. It’s a professionally-timed event for runners who want to keep their scores. And for more amateurs, its a fun way to see people, get exercise, and help local charities. The event is sponsored by Granger Chevrolet and Dean’s brother, Al.*****LSCO had a retirement party for Cheryl January, who has been heading the college’s in the process technology and safety classes. She started at LSCO back in 2006 after working at Goodyear Chemical for 10 years. With all the new growth in industrial plants in the area, that degree plan is in great demand.*****Happy birthday wishes go out to T.W. Permenter, former Pinehurst mayor, who turned 86. He likes to drink his coffee outside in the early morning with a fire going, but bet he hasn’t lit one up this summer with all the record temps. Bob Batchelor is now 92. Youngster Cindy Claybar, a popular art teacher, hit the 75 magical number for birthdays and celebrated with friends, family, balloons, and cake. Others with birthdays this past week included Jill Windham Turner, “Diva” Kacey Burnitt, Colette Adcock, Dal Moreau, West Orange City Councilor Meritta Kennedy, Phillip Caillavet, Ryder Parsons, Sherrie Harrell, Debbie Fontenot, Theresa Cunningham, Lyndsey Windham, Christy Smith, and Alva Thibodeaux. Xavier King Sr. decided to give on his birthday. The master griller cooked up lots of food to give away as he set up a place and invited the hungry. Keller Claybar turned 12. He had a lot of people talking about him last week after catching a stingray in the Sabine River at West Bluff. With the drought, the salt water and marine life are coming up northward. Brandi Griggs partied with a bunch of kids this week as she hosted a pool party for daughter Kiley’s birthday.. Jackie and JohnGoss celebrated their wedding anniversary. Orange City Councilor Caroline Hennigan and husband, Mike, spent the Labor Day weekend at their Crystal Beach house to pick up some sea, sun, and sand for the Labor Day weekend...Rita Monson and mom Della Gallien made another trek to Minute Maid Park to see their Astros again this summer. Across town, their brother-son Richard Bonnin caught up with longtime friend from LC-M, Chuck Frazier, to watch the Houston Cougars football game...Tom and Becky Henry, along with Gary and Allisha Bonneaux traveled to the Cayman Islands, where they got up close and personal with some stingrays...Karen and Karl Wickham went for the cooler climates as they went on an Alaska cruise.*****Be careful traveling around Highway 87 South and the Bridge City area as construction continues for the new $8.5 billion Chevron Phillips chemical plant. Dozens of dump trucks are traveling through Bridge City every day to the plant site. The heavy traffic down West Roundbunch Road has been causing problems for Bridge City schools and buses. And on Highway 87, the plant is paying for construction of highway lane changes and lights to help the flow of trucks heading to the 2,000 acre plant site. The giant stuff has not arrived, yet, and the barge dock for the prefabricated pieces of the plant is still under work at Cow Bayou.


Folks celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in the next few days. Sept. 6: Former Orange County sheriff Keith Merritt celebrates today as does Brenda Lawson, Keith Buker, Randy Godsy.*****Sept. 7: our friend Gerald Leleux, Billy Fisette, Ron Sherman, Karen Morse, Laura McCombs and Terri Childs.*****Sept. 8: Queen Elizabeth died a year ago today in 2022. Having birthdays are Janet Leleux, Darla Cricchio, Janice James and Ronnie Bullion. The Rainbow Bridge was completed on this date in 1939.*****Sept. 9: Celebrating today are Sharon Gearheart, Brent Sherrill, Durwayn Simon, Joel Jeffcote, and Joy Vickery.*****Sept. 10: Happy Birthday to a special friend Tanya Birdwell, also birthday wishes to Lisa Wilson, Doug Rogers, Dena Bates. Kelly and John Kimbrough celebrate an anniversary on this date.*****Sept. 11: Sharing this date for birthdays are Andrea Peoples, Billy Fontenot, Casey Stephenson, Chris Kovatch, Donna Lanthier.*****Sept. 12: A special Happy Birthday to our Record “Girl Friday” Brenda Lund. Celebrating also are Greg Ball, Mona Gilchrist, Karen Warner, Bryan Riedel, Buffy Bean, Collin Findlay. (To publish birthdays or anniversaries free of charge call 409-886-7183 or email



Three Cajun womens met for dere weekly brunch. Da conversation turn to da subject of keeping dere mens interested.

Clotile Comeaux say, “Da utta night wen Clovees came home I met him at da door wearing a black leather bodice, black bra, heels and a mask over my eyes.

Clovees say, “Babe, you are da girl of my dreams.” Den we got it on rat den.

Agnes Boudreaux say, “Well me, I tink I’ll try dat.”

Da next week da ladies axe Agnes how it went?

Agnes say, “When Sostan came home him, I was wearing da black bra, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes.”

Da utta women ake, “Wat happen hanh?”

Agnes say, “Well wen Sostan came in da door and saw me he said, “Wats for supper Batman.”



Twenty-four years ago, then Pinehurst Mayor Judge Pete Runnels, with the help of C.R. Nash and city staff launched the first Senior Citizens Labor Day Picnic. Today, Pete and C.R. are both gone. The annual picnic hasn’t been held since COVID in 2020.*****This week we welcome FahrenTech Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs as our latest advertiser. They offer 24-7 service at reasonable service charge, day or night. We have used them and were well satisfied with their professional service. If your air conditioner need service, any day of the week call 409-886-4AIR.*****I’ve gotta go. Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover and try to shop our family of advertisers when you can. Take care and God bless.



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