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Republican Kevin McCarthy’s deal with hardline House conservatives that handed him the speaker’s gavel in January unraveled on Tuesday as those same right-wing rebels,  shoved him out of the seat. McCarthy’s 269-day reign as speaker was ended by a 216-210 vote, a move that has no marker in modern history and paralyzes Congress for the time being. The rebellion, led by conservative hardliner Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., has roiled the House in chaos. The move to oust McCarthy, known as a motion to vacate, had the support of a handful of Trump hard-right lawmakers who have expressed anger at McCarthy for working with Democrats to avert a government shutdown. Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina is temporarily leading the House after McCarthy was ousted.


I was sorry to learn of the death of Lettie Jean Blanda, age 89, on September 27. A Mass of Christian Burial was held Monday, October 2, at St. Mary Catholic Church in Orange. Lettie was well known and loved by everyone who knew her. Her late husband Bernard, Lettie and I were all about the same age. Her father-in-law Joe Blanda was one of my best friends and we spent a lot of enjoyable events together. Later in life I got to meet and become friends with another Joe Blanda. Coach Blanda is Joe the barber’s grandson and son of Lettie and Bernard. I also got to know one of their lovely daughters, Debbie Gregg, teacher and great artist. Her husband Keith also had a very interesting and talented father. The Blanda’s of Orange, Texas is a book full of interesting history since arriving from New Orleans and Lettie, the Berwick girl from Ged, Louisiana, added charm to that great Italian clan. Lettie, one great lady, will be missed but we all know where she sits today. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 years Ago-2013

Monday Judge Carl Thibodeaux made the hardest decision he’s ever had to make. Calling it quits as County Judge. He wanted to serve another term badly but those aware of his past health problems knew there might come the time when he would have to choose between his health and the stress. Over the years, Thibodaux has had heart problems resulting in several stints. Going through the annual budget process always took its toll. No county judge in the past 60 years that I’m aware of has been more dedicated, always on the job with his door wide open. No county judge prior to Thibodeaux ever voted on every issue. It’s not necessary except in case of a tie. Judge Thibodeaux never shies away from any issue. He takes any heat that comes his way and lives with the decisions he makes. The longest serving county judge in Orange County history serves us well. “The Judge” has 15 more months and one more budget to go through.***** On Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, the Affordable Care Act began signing up citizens. The federal government’s health care website opened for business. Visitors will be able to navigate ways to shop for and buy health insurance that is now the law of the land.***** Two beloved Popes will be declared saints in April. Pope Francis said Monday that Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXII will be declared saints April 27. It will be the first time two former Popes will be canonized the same day. Catholics are thrilled by the news. The timing of the ceremony, a week after Easter, will make April exciting and very busy on the Catholic calendar.*****All House Speaker John Boehner had to do was call for an up and down vote on the senate bill. Let the hair go with the hide. It would have been an easy out for everyone, especially for the Speaker. He was threatened by Tea Party members, led by Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, who are joined at the hip with Ted Cruz, a new Texas senator who arrived in Washington just nine month ago. Canadian born Cuban, Cruz, unheard of a year ago, has stepped on anyone in the way to raise his national visibility. Cruz, in mounting his fight against the Affordable Care Act, turned his political career with a one act play.


2001-22 Years Ago

Baseball sweethearts vie for Orangefield homecoming queen. True beauties are Britanie Harrington, Emily Mills, Stacy Feverjean, Kayla Worthy, Jennifer Powell, Chelsea Updike, Melissa Reed, Tammy Chatlosh, and Robin Braxton.*****The new “Miss Bridge City” is lovely Britney Elizondo.*****Tom and Jane Perry were in New Zealand when they got the news that the U.S. had been attacked by terrorists on 9-11.*****Longtime Orange First Baptist pastor Rev. Cooper Waters, 96, died Saturday, Sept. 28 in San Angelo.***Marvin Simar, 70, died Sunday, Sept. 29. Survivors include wife Jean, sons Paul and James, daughter Gina and mother Odette.***Other deaths: Myrtle Duhon Benoit, 75; Elton Myers, 75; Ethel Prejean, 79; Juanita Ayo Ducote, 77; Nell Burke, 63; Loretta Wilson Seibert, 69; Renae Walles., 92 and Robert Stone, 79.*****Ducks Unlimited names banker Billy Burrow “Sportsman of the Year.”*****The Orange Leader host open house for Opportunity Valley News and Roy Dunn, longtime newspaper publisher. The front page of The Leader featured a 20 year old picture of Roy and Bob Hope. (Editor’s note: Did I dream that or did it really happen? Yes, it did and it was a great party hosted by Leader publisher Craig Stark. Robert Hankins was acting editor. A new editor was coming.*****Airman Michael Chapman, USAF of Orangefiled graduates from basic training at Lackland.*****Bruce Aven, of Orange, hit’s a homerun for the Dodgers Sunday.


47 Years Ago-1976

After trailing 14-zip at half time, the BC Cardinals came back to win 23-20 against South Park with just 28 seconds left in the game. The TD was debated. One official called it a TD and the other said Toney Mulholland had fumbled the ball just before the goal line. In the end, the TD was good. The team was led by QB Steve Bratton and fullback Kim Bryant, who kicked a field goal to put BC ahead 16-14.*****The West Orange Chiefs ambushed the Cleveland Indians 29-6. WO was led by Tony January, Randy Martell and Harland Robertson. The Chiefs defense was led by Doyle Hinds and company.***** Jack McCelland accepts federal job. The D.A. investigator will be replaced by Linus Hubbard.*****Elizabeth Smith Black will be 96 on Oct. 12. She is a resident at Polly’s Rest Home. She is the oldest living member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Her father was a veteran of the War Between the States.***** The law office of Wingate, Carlton and Gunn held an open house.*****Willie Nelson,Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton and Mel Tillis are big winners during Monday night country music awards. The MC’s for the show were Johnny Cash and Roy Clark.*****Mrs. R.L. Kibbe passed away last week. She was the daughter of early settler John Bland.*****The A.J. Lapeyrolerie’s, eight children plus grandchildren attended a family reunion in Gabriel, La.



Last week we received a message from former Bridge City teacher, Jeanne Woods Kern, who now lives in Nebraska. Jeanne commented on Roy’s Down Life’s Hwy. column on Orange and past history. She said, “The Jack Tar Hotel was still in operation when she lived in the area and what a special place it was. The names in the story were pure nostalgia. Thanks for the romp down Memory Lane.” Thank you Jeanne for the lovely words.***** The Harris family, led by Jo Jo Harris, held another successful fundraiser for their popular project, Special Angels Rodeo. This year, the dinner was held at the VFW on North 16th Street with the Orange County Cookers providing the food. Lots of Orange County businesses and individuals donated some amazing silent auction items. For you newcomers to Orange County, we welcome you and want to inform you about our beloved Harris family. The family has owned and operated Farmers Mercantile in downtown Orange for nearly 100 years. The store is a landmark and totally operating country store, step back-to-the-past experience. And for you industrial workers, the late Mr. Gus Sr., the second generation, was a Texas A&M graduate who designed the main canal system back in the Great Depression. There's some history. Jo Jo is the fourth generation running the store. A decade ago, Jo Jo's mother, Lue, got her birthday wish of her life. She had always wanted the special children and adults to get a rodeo experience. So her family organized the Special Angels Rodeo, which has become an annual event. Special needs children and adults from all over the area come to the T-2 arena and get a fun experience riding horses, learning to rope, and do other rodeo games. They get fed and entertained. This year's event will be Saturday November 11 and volunteers are always needed. It's one of those community events where everyone leaves tired and happy. This past week's fundraiser had lots of volunteers, including a three generations of the Harris family (a new one is coming), plus people like Irma Alaniz, and former Sheriff Mike White with wife Cheryl. Katie Durio, who runs the non-profit Stable Spirit horse therapy, is always helping others. Angela Abshire arranged for youth from First United Methodist Church to come assist. People in the crowd included Rodney and Dr. Amy Townsend, Brad and Terri Childs, Mindy and Robert Currie, and Jana Bruce.*****Halloween season is here, which means Christmas can't be far behind. (Never forget Thanksgiving in between). The Orange Kiwanis Club has set the theme of the 74th annual Christmas parade through downtown as "The Toys that Made Us." The parade will be at 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 6. Registration online is through the Orange Kiwanis website. Should we take bets on how many Barbie and Kens will be seen?*****Over in Bridge City, the city and Chamber of Commerce have set the Third Annual Christmas in the Park for December 1 from 5 to 9 p.m. The community fun gathering will include vendors and the traditional lighting of the city Christmas tree.*****The Bridge City High Strutters are having a holiday fundraiser with Deck the Hallways at Bridge City Intermediate on November 11. The hours will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and it's promising to be a fun family affair with local vendors, entertainment, plus pictures with Santa. Admission will be $5.*****Locals are traveling around with Becky and Ron McAnelley going all the way to Paris. And that's not Texas, either. Fall in Paris is supposed to be magical.*****Payton Robertson was back relaxing at home in Orange after a busy season in minor league baseball with the Colorado Owlz. He set all kinds of records for the team, with fans coming up with the tribute of 'Pay Day' for a big play. He went out with mom, Orange County Clerk Brandy Robertson, and brother Nicholas Provost and even did karaoke. Payton's dad, Roderick Robertson, is on the WO-C school board and played minor league baseball, while Payton's Uncle Andre played for the New York Yankees.*****Former Orangefield track star Dr. Wayne Guidry was on the University of Texas track team and he's hoping to get one of his children to be a Longhorn. Dr. Guidry, who is now an assistant superintendent for the Longview ISD, went with his wife, Julie, and daughter Sydney to a Longhorn football game. Dr. Guidry was on the Orange City Council before moving for his education career.*****Charlotte Chiasson went with Susan Moen and Juanita Blanton to Crystal Beach and then to Galveston to see the sights.*****Larry and Renee Fisher were on the road again with a stop in Orange Beach, Alabama.*****Ishmael Jack went to Houston to see the Texans. Ask him about the Trill burger he ate. Everyone in the country is talking about those burgers created by rap legend Bun B of Port Arthur.***** Gary and Allisha Bonneaux were spotted at Free State Winery. Wait. That's in Orange. Yes, the retirees stayed at home for a change.*****Collins Brittain went to see her first theater movie with Paw Patrol.*****Congratulations to Chris Kovatch of the Orangefield school board for being selected to participate in a year-long leadership program sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards.*****Della Gallien is going to celebrate her 84th birthday this week with something that will make her cheer. The avid Astro fan is going to see her favorite team in the playoffs at Minute Maid Park.*****Jenna Ingram turned 19. Her parents, Amy and David, in their last year of having a teenager. She's the youngest of six.*****Lots of people celebrated birthdays this past week including the unofficial mayor of the Cove, Jarvis Buckley.***Others included  Annette Bonnin, Kathy Gunn, Darren Copeland, Rex Gibson, Don Rollins, Robert Travis, John Christian, Mary Couvillion, Jo Fite, Dale Parish, Mike Shearer, Byron Buchanan, Andre Robertson, Rex Gibson, Fran Strong, Yank Peveto, and Sandy McCormick.*****Frederick and Beverly Robinson celebrated a wedding anniversary.*****It’s nice to feel the summer heat cooling down now that autumn has arrived However, if you ever have air conditioning or heating problems your best bet is to call FahrenTech Air Conditioning and Heating. They are available 24-7, day or night, are reasonable and do good work. Give them a call at 409-886-4247.***** Nearly seven years ago Mark Cuban made the prediction that the Trump organization would be bankrupt or in receivership in seven years. Come February, seven years will be up. Forbes also reported that Trump had grossly inflated his net worth. We reported the above in this column at that time.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Oct. 4: Jason Menard, Ruth Scales, Carol Kennedy, Beverly Gill, Ryan Dubose, Kyle Ezell, Lori Ess, Tricia Prosperie, Dakota Rowley, Jami Anderson, John Cardner and Bobbie Burgess.*****Oct. 5: Kevin Studenmier, Tyler Miller, Brad Lanthier, Elicia Dillon, Glenn Heil and Jared Dillon.*****Oct. 6: Troy Woodall celebrates today along with Jimmy Smith, Kay Bilbo, Jerald Ziller, Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle and Cathye Liepy.*****Oct. 8: Darrin Baudion, Elizabeth VanMetre, Ronnie Halliburton, Sandy Frye, Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch and Lisa Havens.*****Oct. 9: Today is Columbus Day, a U.S. holiday commemorating the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. Celebrating birthdays are Betty Stimac, Kirsten Perricone, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, and Imogene Bailey.*****Oct. 10: Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard, and Janell Matthews. Former football star Brett Farve turns 54 and county singer Tanya Tucker will be 64.



Joe Boudeaux was telling me bout his family and how dysfunctional some of dem are. He says his brudder, Otis, had been on a three day drunk and was staggering home from da liquor store wit a pint of whiskey in his back pocket dat he had bought wit his last penny. Stepping up on da curb Otis slipped and fell hard him on his backside. Struggling to his feets he felt something wet running down his leg him. He was overheard saying, “Please God, let it be blood.”

Joe tole me his wife’s brudder TeeRay is sorry him. I axe, “Wat you mean hanh?”

Well, TeeRay him went to see Dr. Gaspard and tole him he wasn’t able to do all da tings around da house he used to do.

After da exam he said to da doctor., “Tell me in plain English wats wrong wit me. I can take it me.”

Doc Gaspard answer, “In plain English, you jus lazy you.”

“Okay,” said TeeRay, “Now Doc, give it to me in da medical term

so I can tell my wife.”




I’m always amazed at what Dr. Tom Johnson is up to. The Lamar Orange president just recently announced the college expansion at the Procell building and the new electromechanical class. In a few days he will announce another expansion bringing education to student’s neighborhoods. LSCO, on the banks of the Sabine, where the sun rises on Texas and higher education begins is constantly on the grow.*****My time is up. Please shop our family of advertisers. Check us out at daily. Take care and God bless.


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