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The Texas Rangers move on to the World Series starting Friday after defeating the Astros in Game 7. The Houston Astros lost all four home games, winning three on the road. The Rangers also lost all home games but won four on the road to become American League Champs. While Jose Altuve was the spark plug for the Astros, it was the Ranger’s Adolis Garcia who became the American MVP. When Garcia was struck by a 98-mph fastball in Game 5 of this American League Championship Series on Friday, he angrily reacted to the opponent he thought (perhaps correctly) orchestrated it all, only to become a target for zealous fans when this ALCS returned to Minute Maid Park, it was the truest test any ballplayer could face and he responded in a big way. In a record-breaking, pennant-winning way. Garcia blasted Game 6 wide open with a grand slam and then, with everything on the line in Game 7, pummeled the Astros, his swagger and his joy and the record books bursting with every swing. When it was over, when the 11-4 pounding of the Astros was complete and the Rangers captured the series 4-3 and punched their ticket home for the World Series, there was little doubting exactly what Garcia exemplifies. “He’s a bad man,” Rangers shortstop Corey Seager said. “To come into this atmosphere and be booed every at-bat and put together the ABs he had in big moments, it was fun to watch.” I hate that the Astros are not in the World Series but come Friday night against the Phillies or Diamondbacks, I’ll be pulling for the Rangers.


10 Years Ago-2013

I predicted in the end, Speaker John Boehner would have to call for an up or down vote to end the Ted Cruz government shutdown and avoid going over the cliff on the debt ceiling. The shutdown, lasting 16 days, cost our economy $24 billion. Boehner was held hostage by the radical wing of his party. Cruz even met secretly with some Tea Party house members urging them to plot a strategy to defy their Republican leader. The shutdown has been good for Cruz. He has raised his personal profile and a lot of money. Observers say Cruz’s success has a steep price for Republicans. I wonder how many Republican office holders or candidates are proud to say Rafael Edward Cruz is their leader and reflects their views.*****Our most famous native dies. Bum Phillips was one of the rare people who come along from time to time, like John Wayne. He made his mark not only as a coach but also as one of the true grit type country boys who rose to fame. It was his demeanor off the field however, that he’s best remembered for. Over the years, we published many of Bum stories. Just a few weeks ago, on Bum’s 90th birthday, Sept. 29, Mark Dunn wrote about his life. Mark, a photographer, had many occasions to film Coach Phillips, with many stars. With his cowboy boots, hat and western wear he always stood out. Several areas today lay claim to the country’s most famous Bum but it was in Orange, where his baby sister gave him the nickname Bum that he always called home. May he rest in peace.***** Congrats to our friend attorney Jim Sharon Bearden and his new wife Cassie Caillouet. The couple was married over the weekend in the hill country, on the banks of a historical river. Many family and friends made the trip and had a great time. Cassie is a lovely Bridge City girl who picked Jim for her first and last husband. We wish them many happy, healthy years.*****You know you’re in a Red Neck Church if the collection plates are really hubcaps from a ‘56 Chevy.*****On Oct. 27, a couple of lovely women we are fortunate to know celebrate. An amazing lady, Pearl Myers Burgess, turns 93, and Betty Harmon also celebrates. She and Ms. Pearl never let age get in the way..***On Oct. 28, these three stooges, Judge Don Burgess, Joe Kazmar and Ron Sigler all celebrate.*****No big surprise that Congressman Steve Stockman would do something illegal. His history is marred with incidents of legal controversy. According to the Chronicle, in the latest campaign irregularity he lied to regulators about campaign donations. It involved $15,000. Jane Dodd reported as having donated $7,500 in order to hide illegal money said, “I never sent any money, I didn’t do this.” Just one example of Stockman laundering dirty money. Here’s a congressman “Ours” who has done nothing for his district. He’s voted for nothing to advance the county. He even voted against the Farm Bill and like Cruz, voted against helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

22 Years Ago-2001

A dozen years have gone by since Constable Parker “P.T.” Thompson averted a potential disaster at the courthouse. Someone shouted “Hostage at the courthouse” and Thompson rushed to the second floor where jail inmate Keith Wayne Gonzales was holding Deputy Carla Spell and another prisoner, Curtis Green, in Judge Pat Clark’s courtroom. Gonzales had overpowered Deputy Spells and took her weapon. A Texas Ranger, a D.A. investigator and several sheriff deputies were outside the courtroom. Someone told P.T. who the hostage taker was. Thompson said, “I know that guy.” He had arrested Gonzales in the late 1970’s when he was a teenager for a burglary in Bridge City. He went to the pen, got out, and went back. Deputy Spell was taking him to court for a plea that would net him 33 years for a robbery of Larry’ Chevron on IH-10. He had been in the county jail 140 days. Because Constable Thompson knew Gonzales well, he took over negotiations. He talked to the 41 years old about the past and about God and pleaded with him to let the hostages go. He released the inmate. Thompson kept on talking. Gonzales had fired the gun twice before entering the courtroom, striking Deputy Faye Kirk in the lower leg. Thompson kept talking. Gonzales had learned to weld in prison and had been working as a welder. He had bought a new red pickup and had come by and showed it to Thompson. He respected the constable. Thompson told him it wasn’t worth it and he would talk to him about what the problem was. He told Thompson he needed psychological help and couldn’t get it. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. That shook Thompson up not knowing what his next move would be. Thompson kept on talking for 20 more minutes. Gonzales shackled himself to a courtroom bench and handed Deputy Spell her 357 caliber magnum revolver, gave up and it was over. Judge Joe Parkhurst charged Gonzales with one count of kidnapping, assault on a peace office and attempted escape. His attorney Joe Alford, after the ordeal, said he was surprised at his client’s action. Alford had been appointed to represent him. (Editor’s note: Since then, Constable Parker Thompson has passed away. He was a hero on that day. Peace officer Thompson had a gift of communicating and treating people right. If Parker had not been around on that day, it’s likely a shoot out would have occurred.)


47 Years Ago-1976

Rosalyn Carter visits area. Mark Dunn gets good pictures. Flo Edgerly is presented a beautiful arrangement of yellow roses, trimmed with peanuts, from Sue Pate, for her hard work in making Mrs. Carter’s visit a success.***** Pinehurst Linden,” the residence of the late Edgar Brown, Jr., will hold dedication and open house of the mansion when it officially becomes the Brown Center of Lamar University.*****New Bridge City police officers are sworn in by City Attorney H.D. Pate. Officers are Sterling Simoneaux and John Calvert J’Hnowski. (Editor’s note: I wonder what has become of them). 


Fifty years ago, on Oct. 22, 1973, Carl Thibodeaux, who had just turned 28 years old a week earlier, opened West Orange Pharmacy, in partnership with Doug Harrington. The pharmacy was located inside Danny’s on Western Ave. A 15 foot boudin link was used for the ribbon cutting. Carl later built a new pharmacy on Western Ave. While recalling the past it is hard to believe that 30 years ago, on Oct. 25, 1993, Doris Holt passed away at age 62.***Dickie Colburn lost his life in an auto accident on Oct. 27, 2021. We still miss him.***** Tuesday we heard from Beverly Parker and learned that Sen. Carl Parker, after a stay in hospital, didn’t feel well enough to write his very popular column. We hope he’s feeling better and will be on track for next week’s article.***** The first real fall cold front should be blowing in about Monday, and for those with nostalgia, be sure to take in that fragrance from the paper mill as the north wind blows the smell southward. Hard to believe we won’t have the smell of fall in the air after International Paper closes the Highway 87 plant at the end of the year. Many complained about the smell of poo-poo diapers in the air and permeating into buildings, but as we say in Orange County, “It’s the smell of money.” Here’s hoping all the International Paper employees can find work locally to keep their families here. Shutting down the plant is going to have some extra effects. For the past few years, International Paper employees took in dozens of names from the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree list to give youngsters the toys, clothes, and belongings they wanted for Christmas. Some of those employees now may be needing some help this Christmas. Remember to support our local charities helping neighbors.*****Team Dallas has been raising money for the past few years to help find a cure for ALS after local businessman Tony Dallas was diagnosed. Team Dallas has been leading donations to fight ALS in Texas. The team didn’t stop this fall even though circumstances didn’t allow the fall benefit walk through downtown Orange. This year’s benefit walk was online for individuals and families who walked their neighborhoods wearing Team Dallas T-shirts and gathered donations. Some even walked with children. Aimee Fregia with mom Phyllis walked, as did others from Tennessee all the way to Baja, where Leslie and Chuck Uzzle took time from vacation. Others walking included Angie Williams with daughter and granddaughter at Disney World, Cristy and Phillip Smith, Becky and Ron McAnelly, Cara Love, Jay Hall, Patricia Anderson, and Tony’s son, Jack Dallas with wife and baby, Reid and Drue. Son Chad Dallas and fiancée Madison walked with their fur baby.*****Adam Conrad and Jody Chesson spent the weekend in San Antonio celebrating Jody’s birthday.*****Kade and Kirstie Parkhurst took a short getaway trip to Broken Bow.*****Retirees Marla and John Blanke met up with their three grown children, Kristen, David, and Emily, for a family vacation in Galveston.*****Ron and Becky McAnelly were at Crystal Beach on the weekend.*****Christi Moerbe got to show off some unusual flora designs by Scott Hasty when she hosted the Ivy League Garden Club at her home in the Chases. The designs featured pumpkins and succulents.*****The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce held another successful golf tournament fundraiser. The tournament is named as a memorial to Tim Schossow, a community volunteer and husband of Ida Schossow, who is president of the chamber.***** A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On Oct. 25, Toni Dyer, Hunter Smith and Connor Ziller celebrate.*****On Oct. 27, Maxine Smith will turn 86 years old. Joining her are Betty Harmon, who for many years headed up the Greater Orange Area Chamber and served in many civic organizations. Betty is the widow of the late Corky Harmon. She now makes her home in Bridge City. We wish our good friend Betty a very happy birthday. Also celebrating on this date is Judge Don Burgess, who we’ve known since he had a red beard and a big cowboy hat on and was an Assistant D.A. for Sharon Bearden and our longtime friend Ron Sigler and David Dupuis.*****Oct. 28, finds Heather Dubose, Derrick Cole and Chris Stone celebrating.*****On Oct. 29 Emma Scott, Vicki Cormier and Zack Corbello have birthdays.*****Celebrating on Oct. 30, is our friend Donna Peterson who is 88 and Carlos Vasek, “The Banker’s Banker” is a year older. Carlos has pioneered more banks than anyone I know.*****On Oct. 31, Mark Dunn, who 50 years ago played his last season of football at Bridge City, the last team coached by Chief Wilson, will celebrate another Halloween birthday. Mel Campbell’s other half Joey also celebrates another Trick or Treat day also Stacy Doiron and Taylor Thurman.***** People celebrating birthdays this past week included Bill Tiger, who turned 87. Bridge City writer Dayle Ezell Foreman took another trip around the sun, as did her son-in-law, Orange City Councilor Brad Childs. Thanks to his employees and their greeting on his business sign, everyone now knows his nickname is “Fabio.” Must be the hair. Other birthdays included Emily McKee Mellon, Chris Spears, Kimberly Manning, Ashley Caillier Thompson, Kristopher Marple, Brandy Vail, Becky Brown, Dana Dorman, Tim Hoke, Alex Townsend, Julian Gross, and Jeff MacDonald.*****Anniversaries included Keith and Cyndi Longlois with 33 years, and Joel and Lori Ardoin with 21 years.*****Special condolences this week to Terri Catano, the retired head of the records department at the Orange Police Department. She lost her brother, 19-year-old LCPL Danny Estes, 40 years ago during the terrorist bombing on the Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut. The attack by Hizballah killed 241 members of the U.S. military.


Las Saturday, PeeWee Comeaux him, was sitting at the bar at TeeBoy’s Bar & Grill. He was plenty drunk him, wen he got up from da bar. He fall twice on his way to da bashroom. A few minutes later, a loud, blood-curdling scream came from da bashroom. In a little bit another scream dat shake da building was heard.

TeeBoy him go see wat da drunk him was screaming bout. TeeBoy say, “PeeWee, wat da hell you screaming bout, you scaring my customers?”

PeeWee say, “I’m jus sitting here on da toilet and every time I try to flush me something come up and squeeze da devil out of my privates, and boy it hurts.”

Tee Boy opens da door and looked in. Den he say, “PeeWee, you damn drunk idiot, you sitting on da mop bucket you.”




Over the many years that I have followed the working of the U.S. Congress, I found there were some individual congressmen who were real kooks in both parties. Many were charged with crimes, like Stockman, and even some speakers were run out of office. One is still serving time for child molesting, another caught in an airport restroom having sex with another guy. One speaker had to step down when it was discovered he had two families, a White one in Louisiana and a Black family in Mississippi. I could go on with much more but the point is as bad as individual congressmen have acted, at no time in our history has the Republican led congress been so dysfunctional. As a body, they have accomplished very little and concerned themselves more with what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop than governing. Their problem is not Democrats, it’s their own members that they need to cull out, clean house and replace with fresh, young republicans interested in government and not wanting to destroy our constitution. Of the eight candidates who want to be speaker, seven will not publicity admit Biden won the election in fear of displeasing their leader who is facing 91 felony criminal charges. The House has been at a standstill since McCarthy was ousted earlier this month and Republicans have struggled to coalesce around anyone to replace him. Neither U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican who was the No. 2 member in the House, nor Jim Jordan, an Ohio Conservative who chairs the Judiciary Committee, could gather enough support to claim the gavel. U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer, the majority whip, was nominated Tuesday afternoon but four hours later pulled out of the race. Former President Donald Trump’s allies had already started agitating against Emmer, who was one of the few Republicans in the House to vote to certify the results of the 2020 election. U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions of Waco jumped into a crowded race for the House speaker over the weekend, pitching himself to Republican colleagues as a proven leader who can unite the deeply divided conference and get the chamber back to work. “MAGA Republican reign in Congress is a dumpster fire, and there’s no doubt that Pete Sessions is wholly incapable of putting it out,” Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement.*****Well, I thank you for all the great response. Please read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers and visit us on the web therecordlive. com. Have a nice week. Take care and God bless.


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