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It’s been 82 years since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That day is one of the most memorable events in my life. I had a cousin who was injured and stayed in hospital months only to come home and be killed in a farm accident. The attack led to the United States being involved in World War II. We listened to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address to the American people on a neighbor’s radio. “This day will live in infamy,” he said. From that day on our lives changed. Everything was rationed, from tires to soap. Neighborhoods planted Victory Gardens. A community near what is now Bridge City, planted a 60 acre garden. Everyone helped, everyone shared in the harvest. Today the community is called Victory Gardens. Everyone helped gather scrap iron for the war effort. Everything from foil gum wrappers to tin roofing went on the scrap pile. We had air raid alerts where everyone had to turn off their lights. No problem for us because we didn’t have lights anyway. The entire community would be pitch black. Millions of American youngsters went off to war and over a million were killed before President Harry Truman ended the war with the Atomic Bomb that brought Japan to its knees. Locally, I’m proud to be a friend of one of the Pearl Harbor survivors, Cedric Stout, 103, of Bridge City, was on the Utah when it was hit. Besides all his other lovely daughters, he is the father of our longtime friend, Darlene Montagne. I spoke with Cedric and Cherry lately and they are both hanging in there with some good household help. Cedric is the only known survivor in the area. Orange played an important part in the war effort through its shipyards and consolidated steel mill. Workers came from all over the country and many stayed after the war to marry local girls and raise their families. During those shipyard days, “Rosie the Riveter” came into existence because of the shortage of men workers. Orange grew from a sleepy town of 4,200 to over 70,000 people. Many today are natives of Orange County because of Pearl Harbor and the war that followed and their parents choosing to stay in the area. The years have flown by but we still have some who recall that dreadful day. In just a few years however, the folks of that historical day will have come, lived and gone away.


We are saddened by the death of Jo Ann Huard, who passed peacefully on December 2, 2023, just hours before her 91st birthday. A former Bridge City resident she had resided at Pelican Bay for the past seven years. She was survived by her only sibling Phyllis Dunn, four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Our condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2013

Gone But Not Forgotten: We were saddened to learn of the death of Joyce Poche’ Bernard, 93, who passed away on her birthday, Nov. 28. She was with us exactly 93 years. For several years Joyce wrote a column for the “Opportunity Valley News,” and some of her articles also appeared in “The Record.” Joyce was one of the few people I’ve known who was from Poche’ Bridge, a community near St. Martinsville, Louisiana. If you ever traveled the Interstate to Baton Rough you may recall the old Cajun house on the right near Breaux Bridge. The Civil War home belonged to Joyce’s grandparents. I enjoyed visiting with her and stopped at her picket fenced home on Holly Street, Brunner Addition, in West Orange from time to time. She was such a lovely lady. She and Paul Bernard had nine children, 25 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren. Service was held Thursday, Dec. 5.*** Clinton Robert Stanley, 60, died Dec. 6.***Melbourne “Mic” Jones, 74, died Dec. 7.*** Joseph W. McClelland, 66, died Dec. 9. He was a retired lab supervisor for DuPont.***Bert D. Flickinger, 63, died Sunday, Dec. 9, at Baptist Hospital Orange, after an illness. He was owner of Flickinger Insurance Agency and was active in civil and community activities.***Thomas “T.J.” Permenter, 72, died Dec. 6.***Robert Thomas “Bobby” Jones, 68, died Dec. 8.***Thomas G. Jacobs, 78, died Dec. 3.***Bobby Ray Thomas, 65, died Dec. 3.***W.D. “Bill” Payne, 89, died Dec. 4.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs advance to play the Carthage Bulldogs after squeezing by Jasper in a 18- 16 win. It was the kind of game that gives coaches heartburn. Coach Cornell Thompson said before the game, “To win in the playoffs you have to have a running game.” If the Mustangs don’t find their running game it could be a long night. *****About the time I was starting to believe Capt. Chuck Uzzel had lost his mojo and was unable to kill any ducks, he showed up with a mess of freshly killed ones. He was running late with his fowl gift but we were happy to get them. (Editor’s note: I haven’t had wild duck for Christmas since 2021.)*****I was thinking about Judge Courtney’s twins, due on December 27. That happens to be the birthday of the best criminal attorney and defender of the accused I know, Attorney Sharon Bearden, who celebrates on that day. *****On Dec. 5, our buddy Rene’ Hanks, mayor of Starks, married to the beautiful Lucy, celebrates.

22 Years Ago-2001

December 7 marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 2001, the local chapter of the Pearl Harbor survivors association lists three veterans still living in Orange County. These three veterans were on the island between 7:50 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. on December 7, 1941. Navy veteran Cedric Stout, 80, was on the USS Utah when torpedoes and bombs struck the ship. (Editor’s note: Stout is now 103-years-old and lives with his wife Cherry in Bridge City.)*****Navy veteran J.L. Rougeau, of Mauriceville, was aboard the Medusa; Army veteran, Ervin Brody, 79, of Bridge City, was in his barracks when Wheeler Field was attacked, fortunately Brody’s barrack was spared.*****The Bridge City Cardinals defeat Mexia 33-14 at SFA in Nacogdoches, in Class 3-A Division I, Region III finals. Senior Luke Wolfford had three interceptions and threw a 57 yard touchdown pass to Luther Sanders. Runner Matt Peebles ran for three TD’s. Dwayne Breaux gained 82 yards and now has 1,029 yards on 170 carries for the season so far. Bridge City rolled up 401 total yards against Mexia. This week, the Cardinals travel to A&M’s Kyle Field, to face the 13-0 Sinton Pirates in the semi-finals. The Cards and the Pirates are only two of the four remaining teams; a win by either will send them to the state championship game. This is the farthest the Cards have gone since the 1966 state championship. This week the Bridge City residents will pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, everyone is headed to Kyle Field for the biggest shootout in 35 years. Last one out, turn out the lights.

47 Years Ago-1976

Don Burgess offers reward for the return of his small white terrier dog lost around Chives apartment. If you know Don don’t bet on it being much of a reward, maybe a coke and a bag of peanuts. *****Frank Hryhorchuk is chairman of Bridge City Christmas Basket committee. *****Ace and Jo Amodeo hosted the monthly supper club. The group left the Amodeo’s after a nice get-together for Patrizi’s Italian Restaurant. The group also celebrated Louis Dugas’ birthday, Dec.12. The Ramsey’s, Conway’s, Pasternak’s, Bill and Martha Hughes, Corky and Betty Harmon, James and Janet Fontenot, Roy and Phyllis Dunn, Beth Dugas and others finished the night at the Pasternak’s lovely home in Beaumont.*****A party hosted by Betty Harmon at her home drew more than 200 ladies.*****Roy Dunn was awarded a special plaque from the Junior Football League. *****Top country songs are No. 1, “Thinkin’ of a Rendezvous” by Johnny Duncan; No. 2, “She Never Knew Me” by Don Williams; No. 3, “Good Woman Blues” by Mel Tillis; No. 4, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” by Mickey Gilley; and No. 5, “Hillbilly Heart” by Johnny Rodriguez.


Heavy downpours messed up some Christmas events on Thursday and Friday, but the storms moved out by Saturday morning, allowing the Gum Drop Shop in Orange and the night parades in Bridge City and Orange to go on schedule. In Bridge City, Mike Messer was the parade marshal. Boy Scouts from Troop 290 marched and 2023 Citizen of the Year Cil Dixon was featured. Mayor David Rutledge will announce the parade winners later this month at a Bridge City Chamber gathering. The parade is a true community event with the chamber, city, and school district all pitching in.*****Over in Orange, Mike Manshack and his ham radio operators were at the Gum Drop Shop event letting kids talk to Santa through radio. Cathy Manshack had her crafts there.*****After the parade, Victorian Santa came from the Stark House to help light the giant tree and talk to children. Word is tall Santa was Tad McKee, president of the Stark Foundation. His daughter, Emily Mellen, Emily's mother-in-law, Chrisleigh Dal Sasso, and Tad's wife Thereze had their photo made with Santa. Buddy the Elf, aka Adam Conrad, was showing his antics all day and posing for pictures and was a kid's favorite. He even sat in Santa's lap for a picture. The Grinch and Frosty were also spotted. The Kiwanis Club sponsored the parade again, the 74th Orange Christmas Parade.***Cowboy Church won the Judges Choice award, with the Horseman Store winning the commercial category, Life Church Orange with Matt Chandler winning the non-profit division, and LC-M Cosmetology taking first for schools.*****Brad and Terri Childs played Santa at Orange City Hall on Thursday night where lots of families showed up despite bad weather. Childs is a city councilor and owner of the Childs Ace Hardware. His store had a float in the parade Saturday. Unfortunately, a thief, or more than one, stole an heirloom large Santa wooden cutout from the float overnight while it was parked at the store. The Santa belonged to a store employee. Father Jim Sichko, who grew up in Orange and is now a papal missionary, heard about the theft and is offering a $500 reward for its return.*****Carol Sims was celebrated her 80th birthday with a party at the VFW given by husband, Robert. Joan Haddock came back to town for the event and got to catch up with old friends. Guests included Beth and Kenneth Wheeler, Roderick Robertson, Krispen Walker, and Margaret Sells.*****Orange County Republican Party chair Leo LaBouve has drawn a challenger with Cheryl Warren officially filing to run in the March primary races. The local Republican Party has been split over actions by Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, who represents Orange County in District 21. The local party censured Phelan for working with Democrats. David Covey of Mauriceville, a former Orange County chair, is challenging Phelan in the primary. Another local race that is heating up is for Precinct 2 constable.***The Precinct 4 constable race took an unusual turn when incumbent, Matt Ortego, had Vidor police called. His attorney reports he is now in a mental health care facility.*****Chris and Kayla Clark had a son last week, Beck Christopher Clark. Grandparents include Scott and Joline Clark.*****Keith and Cinda Perry celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary with a trip to New Orleans, staying at the same hotel where they honeymooned.*****Tony and Lynne Theriot celebrated 42 years.*****Longtime friends Jeannie McDaniel, Sandra Gross, Carolyn Curran, Bobby Jo Howeth, and Kay Jones had a Christmas get-together.*****Della Gallien and daughter Rita Monson took a weekend trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana, for the famous Christmas festival. They probably didn't know it, but former local resident Doyle Morse, who now lives in Tyler, was also there.*****The old fisherman Robert Vail stopped by to ask if we wanted to share some redfish with them. What a treat. Betty has been facing some health issues but they are facing them together and seem to be winning.***** Phillip Welch, Sterling and mom Shanna left Galveston Saturday on a cruise. Shanna lets the boys do their thing while she just enjoys the trip.*****Over the years Orange County folks have learned about Gulf Coast Cardiology Group in Port Arthur. The group consists of four heart specialists; personally, Dr. Morbia has kept me heart healthy for 30 years. This week I’m going in for a six month checkup. I will try to get his oatmeal recipe. If it’s time for you to get a heart check I recommend Gulf Coast Cardiology. Chances are you will run into someone you know. *****Debby Schamber has written a great historical story about Pearl Harbor Day. It’s a good read and worth saving.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Dec. 6: Debbie Bishop, Cheryl Jones Mayme Bock, Richard Briggs.*****Dec. 7: Jim Keith, Buddy Sheppard, Randy Philpott.*****Dec. 8: Channing Larkin, C.R. Dick Davis, Samantha Peveto.*****Dec. 9: Barry McKenzie, Bobby Couthran, Sharon Johnson.*****Dec. 10: Michelle Watson, Sean Ureta, Monica Placette, Cindy Briggs.*****Dec. 11: Tara Fountain, Cody Caples, Jo Lynn Mott, Kristine Cortez.*****Dec. 12: George Sehon, Lucy Hanks, Scott Derouen, Zackery Anderson, Joel Fruge.*****Birthdays this past week included Christopher Thibodeaux, Barry Burton, Madison Peveto, Matt Purgahn, Bridgette Collins, Teigin Armstrong, Linda Melton, Earl Gage, Steve Johnson, Chuck Prejean, Gerald Burleigh, Takelulia Petterway, and Charlotte Alford. (To post a birthday or anniversary (Free of Charge) Email: therecordlive.com or call 409-886-7183.)


Otis Dartez and Cedric Simoneaux, on Saturday, went to da gulf course dem. Dartez, him stood over his tee shot on da 450-yard, 18-hole, for wat seemed like an eternity. Dartez him, wagged, looked up, looked down, waggled again but didn’t start his back swing him.

Finally, his exasperated partner Simoneaux axe, “Wat da hell is taking you so long hanh?”

Dartez answer, “Well, my wife, Lula Mae, is watching me from da clubhouse balcony her. I want to make a perfect shot me.”

His companion Simoneaux say, “Otis, you don’t got a chance in hell you, of hitting her from here.”


Liz Chaney’s New Book Out

Former Representative  Liz Cheney made a bleak prediction about the future of the U.S. if former President  Donald Trump is reelected in 2024. Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, emerged as one of Trump's most vocal critics in Congress following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Cheney was the vice chair of the House committee that investigated the former president's role in the riot, during which hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the certification of the 2020 election. In Cheney's new book, Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, which was released on Tuesday, she writes about the upcoming presidential election. "We will be voting on whether to preserve our republic," she wrote. "As a nation, we can endure damaging policies for a four-year term, but we cannot survive a president willing to terminate our Constitution."*****Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.


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