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Holiday turns North for Roy and Phyl

I started trying to make it through a Down Life's Highway column and have written this copy from the hospital on Christmas day. I came down with COVID and with my COPD and kidney problems I ended up at St. E's very sick. Phyl, being sick herself, drove to an emergency clinic and also tested positive for COVID but without the other issues I have. The medicine the doctor prescribed has done her a lot of good. My daughter Karen, who is seeing that I am being cared for, is also now feeling sick. A big Christmas dinner was planned, Mark and Ethel drove in from Florida, grandson Garrett and his daughter Julianna came in from Houston, son Allen smoked his famous brisket and ribs, Darwin Brack, at Danny's, furnished the rice dressing. Of course the food won't be wasted.

On Dec. 31st, 1954, New Year's Eve, Phyl and I were married in Kountze at high-noon, with one witness, her best friend Margaret. Clarence McNeely was the county clerk who issued the license even though I was underage. Men had to be 21 to get a marriage license. He tried to call my dad but couldn't reach him so since it was New Years Eve he gave in an issued the license. We were married by a lady judge. We kept the marriage secret so Phyl could complete her high school education. We moved into our first apartment the night of her senior prom.

We produced a great family, three children, Mark, Allen and Karen, five grandchildren Amber Dunn Greeson, Jenna Dunn Ballou, Garrett, Sean and Collin Gros. We also are the proud grandparents of nine great-grandchildren. (Not a Dunn in the bunch.) I hope I'm out of here before our anniversary. It would be the first time in all these years to be apart on that special day even though we spent Christmas that way.

It's been an exciting, never boring, successful life, with a great partner. Phyl just turned 87 and she's as pretty as ever inside and out. I'm staring 90 in the face. My goal is to at least reach that age and still be publishing the Penny and County Record. We don't always break even but we consider it a free service to our community. Since Social Media, it's been harder to get advertisers but we have loyal readers of the paper. Some local advertisers find, with just a little money, they get great results. Just ask Harry and Margie Stephens, we have been their main source of advertising for over 50 years and they are a very successful small business. In March they will mark 61 years in business. There are other loyal advertisers like Brown Hearing Center, 50 years, Dr. Olson at Professional Dental, 40 years, you get the picture. Al Granger was with us over 20 years and launched his used car business into one of Orange's most successful enterprises. We can help.

Happy New Year from "The Dunn family."


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