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Well, we’ve come to the end of another year. 2023 went by with rapid speed. The weeks and months just ran into one another. I don’t recall a year passing so fast. Maybe it’s because I kept my nose to the grindstone. *****Nationally, we’re ending the year on a high note. The stock market is at an all-time high. I’m really optimistic about 2024. I see a boom because of rising companies launching initial public offerings, potentially creating over 14 million new jobs and stroking economic growth. When we think back to just a few years ago, when we were knocking at the door of a depression, you can’t help but praise how far we’ve come. The economic record couldn’t have been better, inflation is dropping rapidly and wages are increasing. It’s going to be a good year.



Kenneth Lee Dupuis, 78, of Bridge City, passed away on December 20, 2023. I have known Kenneth almost all of his life, his father Francis and I were friends going back to 1960. Francis used to raise fighting cocks and I would rake him to the races. There’s a lot of Francis stories. KeeKee was a lot like him. The three musketeers, LeLeux, the barber, Vance “Big Red” Chauvin and Kenneth “KeeKee” were all pranksters. They played pranks on each other daily and had a ball. Today, Vance is the only one left. Kenneth is survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Nancy, son David, daughter Elizabeth and his best buddy and special son Adam. Please see obituary. He was a good man. May he rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2023

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Robert’s for their annual Christmas get together hosted by Robert himself. Among the guest were Rev. John Bernardini and his lovely wife. Our Pearl Harbor veteran, Cedric Stout, brought pretty Ms. Cherry or maybe she brought him. Mike Abbott had his wife Kay as his guest. Judge Derry Dunn and Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pinehurst City Administrator said their wives could not attend this year because school was still in session. T.W. Permenter said his lovely wife Lyndia is enjoying better health and looked forward to the holidays. Judge Claude Wimberly, as usual, always has a story from out of the past. The other dozen are so talked about holiday plans and the friends who have passed away since our last yearly gathering. ******Judge Buddie Hahn and wife Carol motored to New Orleans last weekend to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary. Great folks, one of my favorite couples. *****Back in 2007 when Bridge City NFL kicker Matt Bryant was with Tampa Bay we wrote about his community work and his selection as a finalist for the Walter Payton “Man of the Year” award. Now Matt, who is having another great year kicking for the Atlanta Falcons is again nominated for the Payton award by the Falcons for his community work. He is one of 31 players around the NFL nominated. The winner will be announced at the Super Bowl halftime. Matt makes all of Orange County proud. ***** It’s is hard to believe that on Dec. 27, attorney Sharon Bearden has reached the senior class. It seems just a short time ago that our little brother came home a Baylor Law graduate and hung up his shingle. He served as district attorney and gave it up for private practice, which he still has today. ***Bridge City mayor, longtime public servant Kirk Roccaforte celebrates on Dec. 28. Also, if things go according to plan Dist. Judge Courtney Akeen is expecting twins on this day. A boy and a girl. *****On Dec. 28, one of our three sweethearts, County Clerk Karen Jo Vance celebrates. She is also celebrating that she doesn’t have to run a race.*****Dec. 29, pretty Harriet Dubose celebrates as does Jacklyn Bradberry Pam LeDoux and Sam McLellan.***Dec. 30, Paula Aven, Kendra Peveto, Kari Stringer, Rebecca Hannegan celebrate. A group of nice ladies. ******Dec. 31, A great gal, David’s mom and Debbie’s mother-in-law, Norma Fusilier celebrates on this day.***Also our longtime friends Kenneth “Kee-Kee” Dupuis and Richard Hunter celebrate. Best wishes to all.

22 Years Ago-2001

State Rep. Ron Lewis will not be a candidate for that office. A large stable of candidates are lining up to replace him. Many predict it will be the costliest State Representative‘s race ever, maybe up to $150 thousand. At the last minute, Mike Hamilton, owner of Tuffy’s, in Mauriceville, threw his hat in the ring. He says state and national Republicans urged him to run. Attorney Paul Clayton will run as a Democrat. Also running is former State Rep. Curtis Soileau and also David Fisher of Silsbee, grandson of Joe Fisher. Fisher was defeated by Todd Staples last year. John Baker, of Bridge City, has also filed as a Democrat. Others are expected to jump in the race before next weeks filing deadline.***** Doug Harrington has annual oyster-eating, served with crackers and hot sauce, get together for his friends on Christmas Eve. Some attending were Johnny Montagne, John Dubose, Sharon Bearden, Bobby Cormier, Roy Dunn, Gene Edgerly, Wilson Roberts and the Montagne boys, John and Jason.*****Ennis, the team that defeated West Orange-Stark for the state football title, repeated and won the second state championship in a row by defeating Bay City 21-0.*****Burkeville, Rep. Ron Lewis’ home town, wins the state football championship by beating Celeste 27-8. (Editor’s Note: They don’t play football anymore do they?)*****Louis Dugas writes a weekly column for “The Record,” Vickie Toal and Wanda Walker are his co-writers.*****Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis, of Orangefield, celebrate their 50th anniversary Dec. 28.*****Roy and Phyllis Dunn celebrate 47 years of marriage Dec. 31.***** Hormer and Becky Stark celebrate 60 years of marriage but romance dates back to grade school. (Editor’s note: Both of these fine people are gone now. It was a pleasure to have known them as friends.)*****A very young Hunter Uzzle goes duck hunting with dad and proudly displays a downed duck in a great photo in the County Record.*****Two youngsters, Keller Free and Justin Granger, caught a 46-pound drum at Eddie Free’s “Honey Hole” off of the Neches River near Sabine Lake. Grandma Skipper Free celebrates her 78 birthday.*****Karen Jo Vance celebrates a birthday Dec. 28.

45 Years Ago-1978

Doctor Joe Majors was honored by Bridge City Rotarians. Majors is a graduate of the University of Texas-Austin and Baylor College of Dentistry. He and wife, Mary, moved to Bridge City from Clarksville, Texas, in 1959. ***** Doug Harrington hosted his annual Christmas Eve raw oyster party at his pharmacy. Jimmy Conn ate and drank the most. So far, word hasn’t reached us that anyone came up sick from over stuffing. Haven’t heard either if the

oysters helped any of the old boys make out later. We’re not sure if it enhanced any of their performances. That’s what they were bragging about with each oyster they swallowed. ***** Dennis Hall celebrates a birthday Jan. 2. He presented a Texas Country Rocker, with a carved Office Hound on it, to Roy for Christmas. He still has the rocker.



The Stark Foundation’s Shangri La Gardens has created the most popular holiday event in the region with the lighted Christmas strolls. The whole gardens area is lit with tens of thousands of lights and lighted figures. The tours this year drew an estimated 50,000 people during the three-week run, with about 6,500 and 7,000 attending the last two nights.*****It’s not the only bright, colorful place for the holidays. Westbury Lane in West Orange, a small cul-de-sac off Western Avenue, continued its tradition of houses covered in lights. Residents Pat and Patty Cook are among the Christmas decorating enthusiasts and Pat even dons a Santa suit to visit with the children taking rides with parents to look at the lights. Not many neighborhoods give that kind of holiday cheer. Reminiscent of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kraut, who dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus at their house in the Norwood addition years ago.*****Congratulations to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville High students named to the court for the winter formal. The seniors are Jacelyn  Cook, Sethnika Hancock, Sofia Harrison, Zoey Royer, Keirah Vidalier, Chloe Wells, Logan Adams, Oliver Hughes, Austin Hutchson, Luke McDow, Nicholas Smith, and Alantheon Winn. Juniors are Cailynn Nichols, Allie Stark, Ava White, Reid Burman, Tucker Floyd, and Kacen Scott. Sophomores are Paisley Angelle, Eden Frenzel, Jada Montagne, Ella Russell, Jaxon Armer, Cohen Kalena, Easton Staton, and Jake Raney. Freshmen are Kaylee Ray, Arden Robison, Lilly Tarver, Morgan Worster, Jaydence Ardoin, Dreyden Cook, Jaylin Hoffpauir, and Jakson Struwe.*****A group of local women gathered last week for their 23rd annual Christmas cookie exchange. The bakers and ladies who lunch included Nancy Byers, Michelle Belcher, Ann McCorquodale, Joyce Miller, Erin Worster Stephens, Debbie Taylor, Vicki Bingham, and Pat Sheffler.*****The West Orange-Cove school district honored Leneal Zeigler with a retirement reception. He spent 30 years working for the district.*****Edie Burch and Richard Teague decided to travel with their kids during Christmas break. They traveled to Hollywood, Florida, and the Florida Keys.*****Robert and Mindy Currie spent the season traveling in Austria.*****Thereze Sichko traveled to Kentucky to spend Christmas with her jet-setting brother and priest, Father Jim Sichko.


A few folks we know having birthdays in the next few days. Dec. 27: Attorney Sharon Bearden turns 85 today. Also celebrating are Russell Bottley, Bobby Fillyaw, Rebecca Johns, Judy Taylor and Lorraine Bonin.*****Dec. 28: County Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte, Karen Jo Vance, Linn Cardner, Lynda Montagne, Jacob Broussard, and Kenneth Wiemers.*****Dec. 29: Harriet Dubose, Pam White, Jacklyn Bradberry and Lauren Leger.*****Dec. 30: Pam White, Paula Aven, Marie Perkins and Rebecca Hannegan.*****Dec. 31: Norma Fusilier, Jessica Anderson, Sandra Hovind. Roy and Phyllis Dunn celebrate 69 years of marriage today.*****Jan. 1: Robert Hoke, Joanne Hill, Cynthia Hernandez, and Robert Hoke. *****Jan. 2: Courtney Anderson, Cody Johnson, Jason Sieck and June Gunstream.*****Happy 86th birthday to Ronnie Hutchison. Others celebrating birthdays this past week included Mike Feagin, Brown Claybar, artist Lauren Leigh, Ellisia Carpenter, Trey Smith, Mackie Henning, Frances McGee,  Sheila Rellford, James  Woodard, Theron Pool, David Derosier, and Eddie Welch. Christmas birthday celebrations included Eva Smith, Christie Thompson, and Orange City Councilor Terrie Salter.*****Donnie and Sheila Teate had a grand Golden Anniversary celebration party at the Neches Room in Beaumont. She wore a sparkling silver, off-shoulder gown while he wore a black and silver paisley tux jacket with a gold vest and tie. Her sister, Patricia Marshall-Wolfe and husband gifted them with a trip  to Las Vegas. Guests included Diztorsha and Ray Lavan, Shaun Mayfield, and Roderick and Brandy Robertson.*****Other anniversaries during the week included Brittany and Max Williams, plus Brandon  and Alexis LaBarbera.


Da Thibeaux boys dem, drive crazy yea.

Joe Comeaux get a ride into town wit one of dem. Tee-Boy kept running dem red lights.

Joe him, he gets nervous and he say to Tee-Boy, “You not suppose to do dat you.”

Tee-Boy answer, “Well, my brother BooBoo does.”

Wen da come to da next light it was red too. Tee-Boy him, he speed up rat through dat one too.

Joe him, he is really scared and he scream, “Tee-Boy, you not suppose to do dat you.”

“Well, my brother Boo Boo does.”

By the seven red light, Joe him done just bout mess in his britches he’s so scared. Jus as they got to da eight light da light it turn green.

Tee-Boy him, he slam on da brakes. Da car, it nearly turn over.

“My God, now wat da heck are you doing?” Joe axe nervously.

Tee-Boy say, “Well my brother Boo Boo, he might be coming da utta way him.



I want to thank each and every one of you who have tuned into this column every week of the year. I thank you for your praise. We strive every week to be factual, informative and entertaining. A little something for everyone. Sometimes “The Bird” will fall off his perch and squawk too loud about something but then again, if it needs saying, we might just blab it. Writing this column 52 weeks out of the year runs into more work than you might imagine. Really, there is no down time. About the time I get to thinking Creaux and I are getting too old and tired to do this I hear some encouraging words from the readers and it gets fun enough again to continue. You may not always agree but you have to admit we’re persistent.*****Cover to cover you would be hard pressed to find a publication loaded with so much good copy, wrapped in a plastic bag and delivered to your home free of charge. That’s a lot of good stuff for nothing. Thanks for your loyalty. My time is up for this year, but I’ll be back with you the first day of 2024. Have a safe New Year’s Eve and take care. God Bess.


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