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Attorney General Ken Paxton ramped up his political revenge tour following his impeachment last year with a visit to the district of House Speaker Dade Phelan. Paxton spent the day in southeast Texas campaigning with David Covey, a GOP activist from the Mauriceville area, who is challenging Phelan in the March primary. The Phelan-led House, including most Republicans, impeached Paxton in May on abuse-of-power charges and the Senate, let by Lt. Gov. Patrick, acquitted him after a trial in September. Paxton campaigned with Covey in Orange, and he was set to head Tuesday to North Texas for more campaign stops for Texas House candidates. Paxton has gone on an endorsement spree since his acquittal, mostly backing primary challengers to the dozens of House Republicans who voted to impeach him. Paxton’s efforts are not just focused on the House. While in Beaumont, he also pitched three primary challengers he recruited to run against judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which angered him in 2021 when it struck down his power to unilaterally prosecute voter fraud. Phelan has been similarly unapologetic about the impeachment, which has made him not only a target of Paxton but also deepened a rift with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Patrick served as judge in the trial. During a campaign stop last week, Phelan said Paxton and Patrick “have a problem with me because I’m gonna do what’s best for the state of Texas,” not what is best for them. “I’m not gonna turn my back on corruption, I’m not gonna turn my back on malfeasance,” Phelan said. “I’m gonna do the right thing all day long, every day.” Covey and other Phelan critics have sought to undermine the speaker’s record. Phelan is the first South East Texan to serve as speaker or any statewide office. Polling shows that county governments and entities will support their own native son Phelan for re-election. Covey, former Orange County Republican chairman has never held a public office.


Monday, NBC News reported the Pentagon’s biggest fear is if Trump is elected he would use the military in a dictatorial manner. That’s no surprise, just listen to what he says. He wants a Russian type dictatorship. Trump lied to New York judge and said he didn’t show up in court because he had to attend his mother-in-laws funeral. He was at a political rally. His wife Melania says she will not campaign with him.*****Locally it doesn’t matter if you vote in the presidential race or not, it is already determined that Trump will carry the Electoral College. However, it’s important to vote in local races and state races. Most important is the state representative race..


We were sorry to learn of the passing of L.E. ‘Stump’ Weatherford, age 77, on January 11, 2024. Most everyone knows about all the good work he did through his many years in the Lions Club. Stump also did a lot of photographs of local high school sports. Over the years he furnished The Record with local art. He and Dayle enjoyed many happy years together after Buzzie passed away. They traveled the world together. They turned out to be a great match. Services were held for ‘Stump’ Weatherford January 15. He was a good man. May he rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2014

Gone but not forgotten. The last few days have brought sad times with the loss of some good people who have left their mark on our community. A dear friend of many years, Roy Stephen Wingate, 89, died Jan. 12. Roy was one of the most compassionate people I’ve known. He was a giver who always extended a helping hand to those in need. Roy could have been a very wealthy man but he gave away much of his service to help the indigent. He was a good attorney, but even more, he was a great person. Volumes could be written about his good deeds. He and wife, Chrystal took on great responsibilities and saw them to the end. Together, as cochairmen of the 1976 Bi-centennial, they put on a flawless year of celebrations. Many, in the legal profession, who are still around, Sharon Bearden, Tommy Gunn, who started out with Roy, longtime friends, Wayne Peveto, Judge Pat Clark and others will attest to the fact that with Roy principle always came first. Like so many others, I’m proud to have known this special person. *****Many years, in the very early 1970’s, I had the good fortune to met a young couple, Ed and Juanita Smith, and I was impressed with them at the time and my admiration only grew through the years. Reece Edward “Ed” Smith, 71, died Jan. 5. Services were held Jan. 9. Ed had been an IBEW electrician for 35 years, starting in 1966. He and Juanita did a lot of church work and were very involved with the Orange Mardi Gras. They were recently named Grand Marshal. *** Congrats to Coach R.C. Slocum on his latest, most deserving award and recognition. I really enjoyed the in-depth feature story, written by Joe Kazmar last week in the County Record.***** Congratulations to the Bridge City Chamber for another great ‘Taste of the Bayou’ awards banquet. Also, congrats to outgoing chamber president, Brandy Slaughter, and her team for the great strives the chamber has made over the last 21 months. I know these people on the team and Brandy and that group worked tirelessly to build a strong and active chamber. Best wishes go out to new president, Lucy Fields. Lucy is a people person and a doer; she won’t let any grass grow under her feet. Jerry Jones, Bridge City city manager, was a great choice for “Citizen of the Year.”

20 Years Ago-2004

Kathy and Daniel Ray’s business, Daniel’s Electric, to be honored at Bridge City Chamber’s “Business of the Year” at the annual Taste of Bridge City celebration, Jan. 20. Sue Bailey will be honored as the “Citizen of the Year.” Terry Steubing will serve as master of ceremonies. *****Congressman Jim Turner has announced he will not be a candidate for reelection. He is considering using the $1.5 million left in his campaign account to run for governor. Turner said that redistricting is the pinnacle of a Republican 30 year march to dominance. The goal is to have one predominate party in Texas. “That’s what happened.” *****Jim Arrons, former Bridge City High School principal lost a long hard battle against cancer. He died Sunday, Jan. 11, in Oklahoma.*****Two Bridge City NFL stars are in town after their teams were eliminated from playoffs. Matt Bryant, with the NY Giants and Jason Matthews, with the Tennessee Titans.


45 Years Ago-1979

Orange County lost three good men last week. Raymond Hubbard, Gus Foyle and Crip Trahan. *****The Richard Newsome’s are the proud parents of William Richard Newsom III. He was born Jan. 1, in Houston.***** Judy Wyatt recognized as Bridge city “Citizen of the Year.” the award was presented at the 20th annual chamber banquet. Judge Don Burgess made the presentation.*****A historical passage on Tuesday, Jan. 16, the first Republican governor in 100 years takes office. Bill Cements will be working with the Democratic House and Senate.*****Robyn Lusignan will celebrate her 11th birthday Jan. 21.*****The Dallas Cowboy coaches prepare for the Super Bowl game against the Steelers. Coaches are Tom Landry, Gene Stalling, Ernie Stautner, Mike Ditka, Dan Reeves, Jim Myers, Ermal Allen, Jerry Tubbs and Bob Ward. What a great football time, what a coaching staff. Chuck Noll is the Pittsburgh coach. Roger Staubach is the Cowboy quarterback. Terry Bradshaw is the field general for the Steelers.


Orange County may be out of sequins with all the MLK Gala this past week and the Mardi Gras ball this coming Saturday. Formals, tuxes, plus elaborate Mardi Gras costumes must be in short supply. The MLK Gala at the Orange County Expo Center drew a full-capacity crowd Saturday night with lots of red carpet styles. Margan Ferguson, WO-S teacher named Educator of the Year, was stunning in a slim white gown with one long sleeve plus one shoulder and sleeve bare. MaQuettia Ledet worn a dark green gown covered in sparkles with a unique necklace-style headpiece coming down to a pendant on her forehead. Benitris Edwards wore a royal blue gown with a large ruffle neckline. Rose Bottley had sparkles and embroidery on her jacket as she came to see son, Russell Bottley, receive the Integrity Award. Bottley relatives came from as far away as Houston and Gonzales, Louisiana. Golden Triangle Polymers was a major sponsor and plant manager Chad Jennings presented the Impact Award. Michael Booker was named Man of the Year, while Tori Mayfield and Claydra Rhodes tied for Woman of the Year.  Tahj Amerson was Student of the Year and the Business of the Year went to Bugless Doctor. The crowd included Jesse Fezia III, Geraldine Richard, Beverly Robinson, Gabriella Ada, Kristal Linton-Dugas, Preshawn Henson, Monique Mitchell, and Ja’Keenan Cotton.***** Also this past Saturday, LCM and Orangefield high schools held their winter formals. Most of the girls wore short, sleeveless dresses in the cold, while the boys seemed more comfortable in their long sleeves and jackets.*****The Beaumont Junior League is once again hosting the Dancing with the Stars competition and this year has a dancing team from Bridge City, Dr. Russell Perry and Lacey LeMoine. The fundraiser will be held in March and online votes will cost a dollar donation.*****Heritage House Museum held an opening reception Sunday afternoon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Orange’s Mardi Gras. The museum has a big collection of local costumes on loan for the special exhibit. Those attending the included Juanita Smith, Peggy Wells, Ida Schossow, Glynnis Gothia, Beth and Kenneth Weaver, and Susan and Jerry Pennington. The exhibit will be on display until February 14 and is free during regular museum hours on weekdays. This week, though, the museum may be closed because of the weather.*****The Oaks in Vidor drew a big crowd Saturday night with country star Neal McCoy and local group Bayou Rush. Seems the whole Goss-Mooney clan were there, including Sheriff Jimmy Lane Mooney and wife, along with Terri Mooney Goss, and Todd Goss. Also in the crowd were Joey Jacobs and wife, Charlie Atwood, Brandi Robertson with mom Janet Roy and sister Stephanie Robinson.*****Others on Saturday went across the river to the Golden Nugget to see Little River Band including Steve and Gail Maddox,  Carrie Johnson, Rhonda Ivey, Gary and Allisha Bonneaux, and Becky and Tom Henry.


C. Jenkins & Sons Top Hog Processor and Smoker, McLewis, Tx.

The Jenkins Company is in the process of developing an alligator-sow smoked sausage to be tested later in February. The company hopes to market the only product of its kind in 2025. Alligator is plentiful and also a very healthy meat. Spices to blend the two products will be obtained through Robert Meat Market in Pinehurst.***** We got in contact with our friend Kenny Pigg and learned he has had back surgery. Unfortunately he has fallen a half dozen times causing setbacks in his recovery. He says he’s through falling. Kenny, from the old labor gang, will do to ride the range with. Teddy Bear, Vaughn, Bean, Dovie and other union leaders don’t get near the credit they deserve for improving the quality of life in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Ward Stephenson, along with Martin Dies were the Local’s backbone. Kenny is still in touch with Martin.*****We still have not been able to contact Quincy Procell. We would like to know his health condition. If you know please contact our office at 409-886-7183.


Birthdays celebrated in the next few days. Jan. 17: Susie Repasky celebrates 99 years, John “Jack” Smith, Gail Meadows,  Loretta Stevens, Jeff Overman, Tanner Wilson, Bob Couser.*****Jan. 18: Hershel Stagner, Brenda Oliver, Laverne Walles, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckebay, Misti Jagoe, Tara Thompson,James Crabtree.*****Jan. 19: Candace Clark, John Michael Foote, Lisa Costilla, Michael Amsden, Brenna Manasco.*****Jan. 20: Melissa Berry, Beth Fisher, Gloria Bertrand, Steve Griffith, Beverly Delahoussaye.*****Jan. 21: Sarah Bonds,      Millagro Foster, David Doucet.*****Jan. 22: Cris Anderson, Meloney Delano, Gary Baker, Janice Westfall, Myra Sherwood, Nancy Sieck, Suzanne Pittard, Betty Stephenson.*****Jan. 22: Sandra Peveto, Caitlyn Lindner, Erin Leroux, Jennifer Grizzaffi, Logan Mitchell, Lyndell Hodgkinson, Sue Harris, Karen Anthony.***** Birthdays this past week included future judge Rodney Townsend and retired Judge Jerry Pennington, who shared celebrations on the 14th. Also, Beth Vacek, Dr. Mike Amsden, Curt Leger, Lyndia Permenter, Dyan Eatman Morris, Elaine Cook, Roderick Robertson, JoNell Gerland, Mary Johnson, Stephan Malick, Marilyn Martin, Jim Brown, David Hulsey, Tyley Reves, Greg Gravett, Justin Griggs, Skylar Jack, Conor Dean Tatom, Edith Colburn, Michael Moses, Susan Dorman, Robert Vail, Jamie Alexander, Jan Zuniga, Zach McCombs, and John Kennedy.


After a hard freeze, wen da sun come out, da fish dem really bite at da Whiskey Bay Bridge. Doctor Babineaux him, really wanted to go fishing Friday so he axe his hired hand “Pooldo” if he would watch da clinic for a few hours and take care of da patients. If an emergency came up, he was to call Doctor Darby.

Pooldo say, “Yes sir, Doc.”

Late Friday afternoon, wen Dr. Babineaux return, he axe Pooldo

“How did it go?”

Pooldo say, “Doc, I took care of tree patients me. Da first one had

a headache so I gave him a Tylenol.”

“Good,” said da Doc, “And da second one?”

Pooldo say, “His stomach it was burning so I gave him some Maalox.”

“Very good,” said da Doc. “Wat bout da turd one?”

Pooldo say, “Doc, I was sitting here and suddenly da door flies open, a women rush in and she undress herself plum, take everyting off and lies down on dat table dere and shouts, “Help me! I ain’t seen a man in over two years!”

“Lordy, Lordy, Pooldo, wat did you do hanh?” axe da Doc.

“Mais Doc, I put some drops in her eyes me.”




Three migrants, a woman and two children, drowned in the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, after Texas National Guard troopers blocked Border Patrol units from having access to crucial portions of the U.S.-Mexico border, according to officials. “This is a tragedy, and the State bears responsibility,” U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar wrote on X. Attempts were made by Border Patrol officials to contact the Texas Military Department (TMD), Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) but “were unsuccessful” in relaying the information by phone, Agents then went to the gate at Shelby Park to verbally relay the information but were told by Texas Military Department soldiers “they would not grant access to the migrants -- even in the event of an emergency.” On Saturday, the bodies of the three migrants were recovered by Mexican authorities. Cuellar added that Mexican officials identified the woman as the mother of both children, an 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, all God’s children. Border Patrol agents were physically barred by Texas officials from entering the park,” Homeland Security said in a statement. “The Texas governor’s policies are cruel, dangerous, and inhumane, and Texas’s blatant disregard for federal authority over immigration poses grave risks.” Abbott’s office referred questions about the drowning to the Texas Military Department,*****Winter record cold blast hits area for three day freeze. Record low 18 degrees in Orange County Wednesday morning. Temperatures due to rise Thursday after leaving many plants and flowers dead or damaged. ***** Thanks for your time, mine is up. Check out our family of advertisers, they bring you this paper, free of charge, each week. Take care and God bless.


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