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The Senate bill has reforms Trump never came close to getting. Despite weeks working with Democrats to shape a compromise on illegal migration that also bolsters national security threats, the Trump-dominated GOP intends to do nothing until Election Day. Do Republicans want to better secure the U.S. border, or do they want to keep what has become an open sore festering for another year as an election issue? That’s the choice presented to Congress this week with the rollout of the Senate’s bipartisan border security bill, and we’ll soon learn what the GOP really wants. By any honest reckoning, this is the most restrictive migrant legislation in decades. The Senate bill is a major improvement over the status quo, as the Border Patrol union said Monday in endorsing it. The bill would go far to reduce the incentives for illegal migration and provide new tools to the executive branch to control it. Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, who negotiated for the GOP, deserves thanks for digging into the policy nuances and writing a bill that Mr. Trump never came close to getting when he was President. If Republicans reject this bill, they will hand Democrats an argument that the GOP wants border chaos that they can exploit as a campaign issue. The chaos will continue for at least another year. If Republicans pass up this rare chance at border reform, they may not get a better one. (Editor’s note: The Wall Street Journal is owned by the Rupert Murdock Company owners of Fox News.)



Country singer-songwriter Toby Keith died at age 62 Monday from stomach cancer, a relatively rare form of cancer that is usually discovered in a person’s late 60’s but can also strike younger people. Keith died after battling the disease for three years. The Academy of Country Music Awards, which named Keith entertainer of the year twice, in 2002 and 2003, recapped his spectacular run with the institution, which amounted to 15 awards. “With worldwide sales of more than 40 million albums, he built an exceptional career on well-sung ballads, barroom sing-alongs, and patriotic anthems, as well as heartfelt songwriting, for which he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as received the National Medal of Arts. The ACM said in a statement posted on social media, “Keith wrote the vast majority of his no. 1 hits and had a chart-topping single every year for 20 consecutive years.


10 Years Ago-2014

The most hyped Super Bowl in history has come and gone. The results were not what anyone expected, 43-8. My prediction was that if Seattle scored 28 points they would win. I didn’t believe anyone could score 29 points on them. After the safety, just 12 seconds into the game, I told those gathered, “Guys, this could very well be a blowout.” The Denver/Manning diehards were not convinced until the second half kickoff return by the Seahawks. Our guy Earl Thomas got a lot of air time and Coach Jimmy Johnson told about Earl being from Orange and him from Port Arthur. Earl, for sometime, has been an Orange County star but today millions of people in the US know who Earl is. Soon he will visit the President at the White House with his teammates. Earl became only the third local guy to play in a Super Bowl, Kevin Smith, Shane Dronett and Earl. Kevin won three rings.*****Statewide politics don’t seem to be creating the interest it usually does. Texas is not really a voter state. Texas ranked dead last among the 50 states in voter turnout for the 2010 general election with only 36.4 percent of registered voters. The national average was 45.5 percent. For the most part, it seems Democrats have lost interest. They have to show up on the ballot. This year, no Democrat has filed for election to a county position in 86 of Texas’ 254 counties. In 168 counties, no Democrat is running for county judge, including Orange County. The U.S. senate race has very little interest. Sen. John Cornyn’s opponent is nutty Steve Stockman. I bet he will get 30 percent of the nutty vote. With not much statewide interest, local candidates in Orange County will have to pull the wagon. Right now interest is low despite a very important county judge’s race. This seat is not a ceremonial position and folks should really be concerned about who takes over from Judge Thibodeaux. It is a full time job, with a lot of responsibility and a large payroll and budget. It’s not a ribbon cutting job.*****Coach R.C. Slocum, the winningest coach in Aggie history, will be the honored guest at the Aggie Moms gathering at First Baptist Church in Bridge City next Tuesday evening.

20 Years Ago-2004

Orange attorney Louis Dugas was listed as one of the best 100 defense lawyers in the U.S. by “Attorney’s Best of the Best.” He was ranked one of the best seven in Texas, joining Dick DeGeurin, Samuel Adams, Gerald Goldstein, Edward Mallett, Randy Schaffer and Mike DeGeueria. Nationwide, Louis is listed with such notables as Leslie Abramson, Barry Scheck, Roy Black, James M. Ross, Roger Dunn and Gary Spence regarded as the best trial lawyers in America. Louis has not lost a criminal case or trial since 1967. (Editor’s note: I was fortunate to watch Lou work at his craft. I’ve missed him since his death a few years ago. There are still a few of my attorney friends around who worked with or were around Louis. Many of Lou’s cases were won on technicalities. In that area he was as good as they came.)*****Jerry Childress, executive editor of The Record Newspapers, is named Orange County Veterans Service Officer. (Editor’s note: After serving six years, Jerry and Barbie left the county and Jerry has since died.)*****Our U.S. Congressman Jim Turner proposed an East Texas memorial for the spacecraft shuttle Columbia. The bill is titled “The Columbia Space Shuttle Memorial Act of 2004.” The Feb. 1, 2003 accident killed seven astronauts when their shuttle broke apart over East Texas. More than 25,000 volunteers spent several months collecting pieces of Columbia’s debris.

50 Years Ago-1979

The West Orange Chief’s basketball team consist of Coach Jim Weaver, players, Kenneth Richards, Mike Geter, Randy Trahan, John James, Bill McNamara, Donald Sargent, Bohn Dorman and Andre Robertson.*****Louis Dugas surprises everyone and announced for Democratic chairman against incumbent Pete Runnels.*****Dr. John Greco to run for County Judge in the Republican primary. Those running as Demo’s are: incumbent Grover Halliburton, James Stringer and James Broussard.*****Running for Commissioner Pct. 2, are: S.P. “Pete” Dickey, Claude Broussard, Glenn Seale, George Stevens, Morris Collier and Glen Peveto.***Commissioner Pct. 4: Incumbent Raymond Gould, C.O. “Goober” Williamson, L.B. Tiner Williamson, Ray Willie, Harold Carter and Sam Humberson.***For Constable Pct. 2: S.N. Bill Dickerson, “James” J.R. Aaron, Leon Frederick, H.D. Tucker, R.J. “Ronnie” Burns, Robert E. Smith, Donald A. Gunn, Joe D. Hubbard and R.L. Bob Frederick.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 1: Viola Shirley, Claude Wimberly, S.E. Bellfield, C. Arnold Buxton and Allen D. Cary, Sr.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 2: Larry Gunter, Charlene Trahan and incumbent Marlin Shelton.***Justice of the Peace Pct. 4: Incumbent Joe Bunn and V.L. “Coon” Constance.***State Representative: Incumbent Wayne Peveto and Thomas Porter.***County Court Judge: David Dunn.***District Clerk Edna Enmond.***County Clerk Sallie Frazier.***County Treasurer Earline Hillard.***County School Superintendent James B. Peddy.*****Cecil Scales says the only thing lit up in Orange after 10 p.m. is Ken Rainwater.


Last week was a blur of events in Orange County ranging from the ribbon-cutting at the new hospital to the Lutcher Theater’s presentation of ‘Pretty Woman,’ plus concerts in the park, a tribute to a local football star, plus the grand Mardi Gras parade. Perhaps the busiest person of all was Orange County’s Gisela Houseman, the queen of philanthropy. Everyone in the community paid tribute to her contributions at the grand showcase of the new Gisela Houseman Medical Complex. She also dined at the Old Orange Cafe Friday evening before heading to the Lutcher Theater. On Saturday, she was at the Julie Rogers Theater in Beaumont for the Symphony of Southeast Texas. Judge Rodney Price and Margaret Light, pastor at St. Paul Episcopal in Orange were also spotted in the crowd.*****The Lutcher had a hit with ‘Pretty Woman’ and encouraged theater-goers to wear red for Heart Awareness Month, and maybe as a tribute to the iconic evening gown in the show. ‘City girls’ Jenn Pool, Wendy Lloyd and Rita Monson were there, along with Brittan and Max Williams, Jade and Justin Johnson, Steve and Gail Maddox, Hugh and Rhonda Hawkins, Jody Chesson, Margaret Light, Michelle Tubbleville, Melissa and Margaret Peveto, Jody Chesson,  Beth Manuel, Michelle Belcher, Angie Lathrop, Michelle Brewer, and Lanie Brown.*****We all know that Dr. Tom Johnson, LSCO prez always has something going. On Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m. the groundbreaking ceremony of the Student Success Center will be held. Lamar Orange is one of Orange County’s real success stories and growing everyday.*****Rodney and Amy Townsend took off for Las Vegas and got to see U2 in the Sphere.*****Scott and April Crim Goodman have been enjoying the sun at Puerto Vallarta.*****Jo Harris at Farmers Mercantile has tickets for the Valentines Dance to benefit the annual Special Angels Rodeo. The dance is at 7 p.m. this Saturday, February 10, at the VFW Hall on Highway 87 North in Orange. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Raffles and auctions will be held with prizes including a gun, a dozen red roses, and diamonds.*****Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. was also busy with all the activities. He was front and center welcoming the new hospital to town with At-Large Councilor Paul Burch, who serves as mayor pro tem, right beside him. The two were also together Friday night before the city’s Zydeco concert giving the key to the city to Orange’s football star Kevin Smith, who played for the Dallas Cowboys and was recently named as a 2024 inductee to the College Football Hall of Fame for his playing at Texas A&M.*****Free concert’s at the city’s  Riverside Pavilion drew crowds Thursday and Friday nights, but heavy rain on Saturday canceled some of the Mardi Gras events, including the do-dah parade. But friends at the National Weather Service in Lake Charles predicted the rain would move out, so the grand lighted parade went on. King Jerry and Queen Susan Pennington presided over Mardi Gras this year and they helped draw crowds by going to see young students in the Bridge City, West Orange-Cove, and Little Cypress-Mauriceville school districts. Mayor Spears and his wife, Trisha, belong to a krewe and were throwing beads to the crowd. Lots of Orange City Council members participate with float crews with Brad and Terri Childs, along with Paul and Raul Burch also waving and tossing trinkets.  Orange County Judge John Gothia and wife Glynnis, along with Commissioner Johnny and Becky Trahan were on floats and have served as king and queen in the past. Gary and Angie Stelly had on their fun sparkles, as did Leslie Williams, Gina and Skipper Yeaman, Lori and Joel Ardoin, Allisha and Gary Bonneaux, Cara and Joe Love.*****David and Sabrina Claybar held their Mardi Gras parade party at the cafe along the parade route. Of course, mother Peggy Claybar was there. Others included Kimberly and Bob Manning, Karie Trotter, Janois and Mark Grizzaffi, Shari Rule, Amie Smith, Kari Trotter, and Denee Marks.*****Kudos to Bridge City First Baptist Church with their First Saturday give-away. This past week included a ‘chili dinner’ gift bag with a can of chili, a can of chili beans, a bag of rice, plus saltine crackers. Bibles and prayers are also offered.*****Coach Les Johnson and Wanda visited the Dunn’s Friday. Roy and Phyl were glad to see their old friends. They brought 50 pounds of paper shell pecans that Les picked himself. They lost one of their trees but still got at least 400 pounds from the other tree. They live in Bastrop one block off the highway to Austin. This great couple have celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary.***Also celebrating anniversaries are Jim and Christy Reves on 50 years of marriage and Todd and Terri Goss who marked their 17th wedding anniversary. *****We got to visit with Keith Wallace, port commissioner and owner of Reliable Cleaners in Orange, Bridge City and Vidor. Keith, like other small businesses, is still having trouble hiring employees. He is always one of my better sources of finding out what’s happening in local politics. If he doesn’t know he checks with Logan.*****Don’t be fooled by over-the-counter hearing devices, amplifiers. Visit a licensed, qualified dealer for good hearing care.


A few of our friends celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Feb. 7: Our late friends Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny’s daughter Karen Duplician celebrates today along with Darlene Brown, Charles Smith, Jamie Beaulieu, Jeanna Campbell, Luke Lyons and Jeremy Sleeman.*****Feb. 8: Roy and Phyl’s great-granddaughter Delilah Bellou turns 16 today. She’s Mark Dunn’s granddaughter by way of daughter Jenna. Celebrating also are Dolores McQueen, Addison Geldard,  Kezavien Roberts,  Barbara Fix and Mike Lindsey who turns 33 today .*****Feb. 9: A boy we’ve known since he was in short pants, Jivn’ Gene Bourgeois celebrates today. Our friend Karen Fuselier shares this birthday with Gene, also Lisa Woods, Leonard Bock and Cynthia Fisher.*****Feb. 10: For at least 25 years we have been wishing the Gunn twins, Trevor and Tyler, happy birthday. Their grandfather used to call their birthdays in. I wonder if he’s still around. Also happy birthday to a very special lady, our friend Peggy Albair. Wishes also to Shane Brister, and Bobby Arnold.*****Feb. 11: Kevin Bourque, Deric Prevost,  Eric Prevost,    Jody Connor,  Stephen Allen,    Tom Stephenson,   Brittany Carpenter.*****Feb. 12: Sara Childs, Christy Reves,  Delondra Cooper,  Dola Rucker,  Jordan Guererro, Marjorie Gandy,.*****Feb. 13: Lee Ann Jaarah, and Jeremy Delano.***** Birthdays this past week included retired educator Sue Rathburn, who turned 90. One of the grande dames of Bridge City, Jane Chesson, also celebrated, along with former mayor and rock ‘n roll expert Jim Dunaway. Other birthdays recently included Tony Dallas, Stan Mathews, Ralf Mims, Aaron Roccaforte, Tommy Clary, Sandra Rue Dickey, Steven Trahan, George McConathy, Elvis Rushing, Jennifer Burch, Myra Comeaux, Elizabeth Ludwig, Bradley Bilbo, Nick Zeto, Stacie Peveto, Honey Staudenmier, Ethan Tant, Cody Trahan Tant, Mel Moreau, Dewey Kemp, Christ Gunstream, and Lisa Taylor Hogan.


We are proud to welcome Danny’s Super Foods, Western Ave in West Orange, to our family of advertisers. You will always find top quality meats at the best prices. Check out this week’s ad for great bargains. Remember there are many more in-store deals, like Danny’s famous Boudin. You won’t find better in Texas or Louisiana. This week I’m picking up on those Angus special cut Rib Eye Steaks. Danny’s also features great daily meals at the deli for breakfast and lunch.


Oris Robichaux call his neighbor Joe Comeaux, who recently built him a nice brick fence. Oris say, “Hello Joe, dat sho is a nice fence you build you. I’m going to build me one jus like yours, almost da same size. How many pallets of dem bricks did you get hanh?”

Joe answer, “I got ten of dem pallets me.”

Oris say, “Tank you.”

So Oris order ten pallets of dem bricks to build his beautiful fence. Wen he finish him, he’s surprised to find dat he only used four pallet of dem brick.

Oris him, he call his friend, “Hello Joe, I jus finish building my fence me and I got six of dem pallets of brick left over.”

“Yep, says Joe, me too.”



In January 353,000 new jobs were created and unemployment fell to an all time low of 3.7 percent. That followed 333,000 jobs that were added in December. My guess is that history will record President Joe Biden’s first terms as one of the nation’s best ever. In Biden’s first three years 15 million jobs have already been added, an all time record, plus inflation is near normal. In real time however the poll numbers don’t reflect that. The numbers are the numbers and that’s what history will record. Proof that reality is often shadowed by perception. Did the magician really make the tiger disappear? Was that real or not.*****Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and check us out on the web at Take care and God bless.


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