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The fact that President Joe Biden is a senior citizen is not going to go away. The world is full of successful senior citizens and the president is one of them. Accomplishments in his first term in office are remarkable, and yes, people accuse him of being a senior citizen in that campaign. Through his many years of service, along with getting older, he gained the knowledge that has made him the most experienced and knowledgeable person on both foreign and domestic affairs in the country. No one has more years of government service. His aids say he’s always the sharpest in the room and always on top of the subject. Personally, I consider age just a number. Warren Buffett runs the country’s most successful business, he’s 94. Rupert Murdock, Fox CEO, is 93. Hundreds of movie executives are in their late 80’s. I consider 80 the new 65. When I was a child the life expectancy was in the 50’s. I’ve told you before I have attorney friends in their mid-80’s who are still practicing law and winning. My friend Ray Cotton is 93 and calls anyone under 85 “a kid.” Joe Biden is in good health both physically and mentally. Political observers strongly criticized the special counsel, Robert Hur, for extensively discussing the president’s age and allegedly fading memory in his report on Biden’s retention of classified information from his time as a senator and as vice-president, which did not produce an indictment. Hur, who Donald Trump appointed US attorney for Maryland “could not refrain from investigative excess,” said

Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal counsel. Others raised the specter of James Comey, the FBI director who in 2016 investigated Hillary Clinton over her use of private email in office. Declining to indict, Comey chose instead to publicly cast doubt on Clinton’s character, an act widely held to have helped tip the election for Trump. Dan Pfeiffer, a Barack Obama adviser turned commentator, called Hur’s report “a partisan hit job.”

“It’s hard to read the report and not think that, without the ability to charge Biden with a crime, Hur wanted to damage him politically.” Pfeiffer added: “If Biden acts like Hur says, we would all know. Biden meets with dozens of people daily, if he was regularly misremembering, or making other mistakes that suggested he was not up to the job, it would be in the press. Washington is not capable of keeping something like that secret.” By the way, if Donald Trump is elected he would be the oldest senior citizen to ever be elected president of the United States.


10 Years Ago-2014

We were saddened by the death of our longtime friend, Chief Steve Faircloth, 63. We had known Steve and his entire family for many years. His late father, Lee, mother Doris, brother Scott and wife Dorothy have all proceeded him in death. Only his sister Pat and daughter Stephanie remain. The Faircloth’s were a proud family who adopted Bridge City over 50 years ago to raise their family. They became an important community minded family. They helped pioneer the young city of Bridge City. Steve serving as Police Chief for 12 years, serving a total of 28 years in the Bridge City Police Department before his health forced him to retire. *****It didn’t take long; retailers across Colorado are baking, injecting, spraying and infusing marijuana in every conceivable food as the race to meet the demand for edible pot. Brownies are best known. Pot in candy, olive oil, granola bars, chocolate truffles and even spaghetti sauce is being pot made.*****Last week, a ribbon cutting was held at the new Expo Center. It’s a real Orange County treasure. What some people don’t know is that the center was the brain child of Don Kachtik, one of Bear Bryant’s boys at A&M and former Ag agent for Orange County. The CHAMPS organization raised $134,000 to buy the land and donated it to the county. *****Gene Smith is doing a great job as Orange County Veterans Officer.***** In 2013, on Feb. 13, we lost Joyce young, the wife of our friend Kenneth. Joyce was a special lady and friend.***** Celebrating is a man we have long respected, Robert Montagne, former Orangefield superintendent. *****On Feb. 16, our buddy Port Director Keith Wallace celebrates. *****Michael Sam is moving the bar. He will test the mindset of the NFL as the only openly gay pro-football player. I’m sure he’s not the first but you have to admire him being courageous enough to say, “Here I am and I’m gay.”

20 years Ago-2004

Bridge City Chamber honors Tom Perry as “Ambassador of the Year.” Past president Lou Raburn said, “No one has ever deserved it more. When you think of ambassador you think of Tom.” (Editor’s note: Tom died a few years ago but while he was with us he worked every day to make his community better.)*****Friday the 13th brought good luck for Mike Cedars, who took over as Chief Appraiser for the Orange County Appraisal District when his friend Pat Sanderson retired. (Editor’s note: Mike has since retired.)*****Joe Grossman celebrates his 85th birthday Feb. 11.*****Tommy Gunn and Steve Parkhurst announce the formation of the law firm Gunn & Parkhurst, Attorneys at Law. *****Major League pitcher John

Patterson works out at Sam Moore’s indoor baseball facility, “The Zone,” with W.O.-S senior catcher Ryan Crouch before returning to the Diamondbacks. Patterson a graduate of W.O.-S signed a pro contract right out of high school in 1997. *****Judge Don Burgess is giving up his seat on the 9th Court of Appeals. Re-districting has made it very difficult to out vote the Woodlands and Houston area.

45 years Ago 1979-2004

Lennie Rutledge is named the 1979 Woman of the Year at a banquet given in her honor by the Bridge City Business and Professional Women’s Club. Jeanne Wood made the presentation of Lennie’s life with poster sized photos from childhood to the present. Rutledge is married to Gene Rutledgs, who is post master of Corrigan. They have three children and two grandchildren. *****Joe Grossmam has relocated his jewelry store from Sulphur to Orange, across from Northway Shopping Center. Joe also celebrates his birthday Feb. 11.*****Gerland’s food chain opens its new store on MacArthur Drive. The store will employ over 100 workers.*****Cynthia Hooks celebrated her birthday on Feb. 10. A beautiful lady who is married to Dan Ray. ***W.T. Oliver “Boss Cajun” will be a year older Feb. 15. *** Clint Britt will turn 17 Feb. 16. *****Bridge City boxers, the Pipps brothers, dominated regional tournament. James, Joseph and Patrick each won his respective boxing match. The Bridge City Boxing Club won the team trophy at the Beaumont City Auditorium. Coach Roy Bendy said, “We entered the tournament with 17 boys and had 13 in the finals and won nine of those fights.”*****Sen. Carl Parker sponsors bill to permit hunting in Sea Rim Park. *****Melonee Willey, a 16-year-old junior at LC-M, will represent the Future Farmers of America Chapter at the district Sweetheart Banquet. She will compete with 24 other candidates from around the area for the title of District Sweetheart. Melonee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Willey.

50 years Ago 1974-2004

 Andy Griffin, 37, head coach and athletic director at White Oak will assume those duties at Bridge City on March 1. Griffin replaces H.W. Chief Wilson who resigned to become vocational adjustment coordinator in the BC school district. Griffin’s hiring was recommended by Superintendent Glenn Pearson. ***** LC-M Bearetts are basketball zone champions. Team members are Angela Kanoy, Theresa Duncan, Debbie McClelland, Debbie Martinez, Molly Malone, Doris Flanagan, Sheryl Miller, Julia Knight, Tanya Strickland, Karen Kachtik, Becky Dunn, Linda Bean, DeDe Crawford, Donna Peveto, Brenda Burch and Linda Warner.



Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs are back-to-back Super Bowl champions. Mahomes threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman in overtime, and the Chiefs rallied to beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 on Sunday, becoming the first repeat Super Bowl champs in 19 years and ninth overall. With pop star Taylor Swift watching boyfriend Kelce from a suite, the Chiefs captured their third title in five years and firmly established themselves as a dynasty.***** The Big Apple is getting some more Orange. Boxer O'Shaquie Foster from Orange will defend his WBC title at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday. Foster won the super featherweight title last year and has successfully defended it. On Friday, he's being challenged by Abraham Nova. Heard there's some locals who will be going to watch the big fight.*****Orange's Mardi Gras celebration was early, leaving time for people here to go to other places to party and catch beads. County Commissioner Johnny Trahan with wife, Becky, daughter, Cody Tand, Kathy Mullins-Brown, and Tiffany Brown went to New Orleans during the weekend to see some parades and attend a ball.*****Orange City Councilor Paul Burch and husband Raul, were in Crystal Beach for that seaside town's parade and then headed into Galveston for the night parade. Leslie Williams and Tanya Guillotte did the same. Paul and Tanya are expected to be singing on Friday and Saturday at the Train Depot for the Orange Community Players fundraiser.*****The Ragsdales, Randy and Paula, plus daughters (and coaches) Sarah Nash and Rebekah Ragsdale had their own float in Crystal Beach. They gathered there with Paula's McClelland family, including her sister Myra McClelland Sanders. cousins Colburn and Angie McClelland, plus Wes and Michelle McClelland were also there.*****Dayle Ezell Foreman helped gather a group to travel on a bus sponsored by the Shriners to Iota, Louisiana, for a traditional Cajun Mardi Gras celebration on Fat Tuesday. Gina and Skipper Yeaman, along with Tom and Becky Henry were on the trip.*****Ishmael Jack headed to Lafayette on Tuesday for celebrations there.*****The Orange Train Depot had another bingo fundraiser on Sunday to help preserve the historic train station. Board members Rose Simar and Paul Burch helped call out the numbers, and if there's anything to do with the depot or Orange Community Players, you can bet Diana Hill will be there. Her energy and devotion seem to never end.*****Denisha and Matthew LaFleur held a Super Bowl party for a crowd Sunday. Seen enjoying the game, food, and company were Lori Ardoin, Gina and Skipper Yeaman, Charlotte Alford, and Juanita Smith.*****Teresa and Steve Kovatch went to the Dallas area to visit daughter and son-in-law Kerry and Sam Horton. But the main reason could be to see their grandsons.*****Steve and Gail Maddox are jet-setting again, this time to Australia.*****Check out the specials at Danny’s Super Food, Western Ave. in West Orange. Lots of great bargains and while you’re there check out their famous special-made Boudin. Best in town.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day. Having birthdays today are T.W. Permenter, Fred Kennedy and Judy Harrison.*****Feb. 15: Robert Montagne and Drew Domas.*****Feb. 16: Clint Britt, Port Commissioner Keith Wallace, Inez Jones, Judy Brownlie, Mandy LeBauve and Ann McDuff.*****Feb. 17: Norman Berry turns 84 today. Others celebrating are Kim Harmon, Melissa Tuttle, Rolf Schulz, Alayna George, Tom Edwards and Ashley Floyd.*****Feb. 18: Bernice Say, Justin Broussard, Jeremy Crocker, Betty Drachenberg, Betty Smith, Leah Gunstream and Charlotte North. The late John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, turns 91 today.*****Feb. 19: Ruby Sanders, Christy Faulk, Darrin Havens, Jason Clark and Martha Pittman.*****Feb. 20: Ty Broussard, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff, Sydney Peet and Allison Floyd. *** Birthdays the past week included Marty Monogue, Jennier Restauri Dickinson, Haylee Spears, Diane Vaughan, Logan Poluk, David Ibarra Jr., Polly Peveto McNeel, Jada Campbell, Tricia Gordon, Cynthia Hooks, Bucky Thomas, and Cristy Reves.*****Logan and Alyssea Como had their first wedding anniversary.***Greg and Bridget Trahan celebrated their anniversary with bingo at the Train Depot.***Bohn and Susan Dorman marked their 46th anniversary. Congratulations to all.

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Orellia Comeux and Josie Menard were talking dem and Orellia

her, was complaining dat her husband always came home late, no

matter how she try to stop him.

Josie responded, “Once my old man him, came home at tree o’clock in da morning and from my bed I called out, Jim, is dat you honey? And dat cured him yea.”

“Cured him? Orellia ax, but how’s dat, hanh?”

Josie answer, “Well, my old man’s name him, is Clovis.”


Donald Trump’s claim that he once told a NATO ally that he would encourage Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to “delinquent” members of the group sent shockwaves through Europe over the weekend. As he moved closer to winning the Republican presidential nomination a third straight time, Trump’s tightening grip on the GOP is reshaping the party’s traditional defense of longstanding military alliances and rejection of Moscow, positions that date back to the days of the Soviet Union. Trump has a long history of denigrating NATO, and former administration officials say he repeatedly threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the alliance that has been central to U.S. policy for decades. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, now Trump’s last major rival for the Republican nomination, told reporters Monday she was “appalled” by Trump’s comment and questioned why he was siding against “our allies who were with us after 9/11.” President Biden said Trump’s remarks were un-American and dangerous. Trump “talked many times about getting out of NATO behind closed doors and publicly. So that’s just a fact.” John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser and now a strident critic, said he believed Trump would almost certainly try to withdraw from NATO if he wins a second term. Trump is often criticized for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin and suggesting cuts to aid to Ukraine as it fights Russia’s offensive. Trump's comments came at a rally in Conway, South Carolina, where he told a familiar story aimed at demonstrating his negotiating prowess. “I said, ‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?’” Trump recounted telling the person. “He said: ‘Yes. Let’s say that happened.’ “No I would not protect you,” Trump said, adding: “In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.” It remains unclear whether the conversation Trump recounted Saturday actually took place. The former president has a long history of fabrications and exaggerations. Aides declined to answer questions about the conversation.


Today, Wednesday, February14, Valentine’s Day, is also the first day of Lent. The religious season will last 40 days ending Easter Sunday. Being raised a Catholic youngster my family took very seriously the Lenten season and attended all church ceremonies. We never ate meat on Friday and many Catholics still observe that tradition. Those were special times in my youth that have never left me.*****Election Day, March 5, is fast approaching. Early Voting begins February 20 and ends March 1. We suggest you look the candidates over. We thank them for offering themselves to public service. Also despite local elections just in Republican Primaries, it is also the Democratic Primaries for state and national contestants. Don’t stay home just because there are no local races. Red or Blue, VOTE. ***** I’d best finish up and get this turned in. Be sure to read us cover to cover. Shop our family of advertisers when you can and tell them we sent you. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.


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