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Every election I run my traps trying to get a read that I can make predictions on. That didn’t happen in this election cycle. The best I got was maybe, not probable, but possible, that we could end up with three races in run-offs. The state representative race, sheriff’s and constable races all have been hard fought and for the most part well run campaigns. Going into a race with multiple candidates usually favors the incumbent, but not necessarily in the run-off. It’s very unusual for the voters mot to give an incumbent at least a second term. In the State Representative Dist. 21 race, Dade Phelan being the speaker is an advantage over Covey using a Trump endorsement. We’ll soon know. Hopefully Margaret and Mark can get enough of the results to run in this issue. Be sure and check out our website*****I’ve got to get going.. Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Thursday President Joe Biden will give his State-of-the Union speech. I predict it will be one of the best Biden has ever given. He will speak about Gaza and will demand solutions. I believe his best points will be comparing his accomplishment, which are many, to Trump’s four years of accomplishing very little. In comparison Biden has by far the better hand. The best first term accomplishments since L.B.J. He must convince the voters. He has the proof, now is the time to seal the deal. The United States economy grew at a robust 3.2% annual pace from October through December, propelled by healthy consumer spending. The U.S. is expected to keep churning out growth in 2024. The International Monetary Fund expects the American economy to expand 2.1% this year, more than twice its forecasts for growth in the major advanced economies Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. To the surprise of the Fed and most economists, the progress against inflation has so far been accomplished without causing much economic pain. The unemployment has come in below 4% for 24 straight months, longest such streak since the booming 1960s. And employers have been adding a healthy average of 244,000 jobs a month over the past year, including more than 300,000 in both December and January. American households are largely in good financial shape, allowing consumers to spend. And businesses have improved productivity by using automation and finding ways to make employees work more efficiently. Voters are weighing the economy’s health in advance of November’s presidential election.


Where will you be watching the April 8 total solar eclipse? There are just a few weeks left to pick your spot to see the skies darken along a strip of North America. The eclipse reaches Mexico’s Pacific coast in the morning, cuts diagonally across the U.S. from Texas to Maine and exits in eastern Canada by late afternoon. Mexico and Texas offer the best odds of sunny skies. Post-eclipse traffic is a particular worry, especially in more rural areas like the Texas Hill Country, Bandera, the ‘Cowboy Capital of the World,’ expects crowds from nearby weekend music festivals. With the eclipse falling on a Monday, cities and towns along the path have lined up a weekend full of activities and watch parties. Now might be a good time to contact Orange County friends who have moved to the Texas Hill Country. Judge Dennis Powell might be having a watch party. It Judge Don Burgess is having one you will have to bring your own beer and toilet paper. I recall a few years ago, in 2017, when Judge Hershel Staghner and wife traveled from far away to see a total eclipse. This April a person needs only to go as far as Texas. In Waco festivities will culminate on eclipse day with science-themed activities at McClane stadium along what’s called ‘Touchdown Alley.’ Let us know if you are planning a trip and where. Contact [email protected] or call 409-886-7183.


10 Years Ago-2014

Russia spent $60 billion on the Olympics to highlight their country then blew all the goodwill by marching its military into Crimea where they took over the capital. Monday, the United States started preparing to impose sanctions. If Russia does not reverse course, officials said they will ban visas and freeze assets of select Russian officials and target state run financial institutions. U.S. congressional leaders signaled they will take it on their own to also follow with sanctions, plus approve economic aid for the fragile new government in Ukraine. Folks will buy that. Viadimir Putin is the problem, when he came back into power it was almost predictable. He’s always been against the break up of Russia and the end of the Cold War. How will it end? Who knows. This is no small thing and in the end, every American will feel its affect. (Editor’s note: Remember that was 10 years ago.)*****We enjoyed some great story telling at last week’s Lunch Bunch get together. Nova Dee Strickland and daughter Tonya attended and Nova always has a load of stories. Judge Derry Dunn and Jane flew to Portland the next day to visit son, Dr. Mark Dunn and family. *****Joyce Dowdle is one of the five generations of first-born girls, her mom, her daughter, granddaughter and now a baby great granddaughter. That means the girls are always the oldest in the family.*****Orangefield product, Coach Bradley Peveto, after making several coaching steps, is back at LSU. I’m told he feels at home at the Tiger’s den. I’m sure he will be recruiting in this area. I’ve never heard a bad thing about this guy. I know a lot of people like him.

20 Years Ago-2004

A four car accident on Hwy. 62, near the intersection with Hwy. 87 near Waterwood subdivision, claims two lives. Bridge City business man Austin Gurgantious, 65 and Arlene Church, 80 of Port Arthur. Gurgantious and his wife Margie are the owners of Fantastic Tans and Nails. The wheel came off a pickup truck starting a chain reaction causing the accident. ***** Van Choate, owner of The Cajun Cookery, says he’s seen some pretty fair eaters, like Richard Cordor and Dickie Colburn, hit his steam table but no one puts more hurt on the profit structure than David Richard and Jim Goodman showing up at the “All You Can Eat” steam table. Both have passed away since.*****Pinehurst mayor Ricky Trevino seeks re-election.*****County Commissioner John Dubose will not face any opposition in reelection bid.*****Birthday folks: Dr. Fred Zoch turns 48.***Andrew Willingham and Anna Jade Babin turn two.***** It’s baseball time in Orange Co. Hunter Hayes, Cody Sparks, Bryan Bailey and Stephen Broussard shine in 4-A tournament. Sparks left the baseball field long enough to finish third in the 300 meter hurdles as B.C. won at the Newton track relays. Aaron Branner won both the 800 meters (2:02) and 1600 meters (4:47.97). Brad Heath won the 3200 meters (10:41.96). Speedster Michael Gauthier claimed second in the 200 (23:04).*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: We were sorry to hear about the death of Burt Dunahoe, 74, of Bridge City, who died March 8. Services were held at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Dunahoe was a native of Shelby Co. He was retired from Texaco. He was the brother-in-law of Millard “Neighbor” Cox. They were married to sisters. 

50 Years Ago-1974 

Jimmy Conn puts up a big sign in downtown Bridge City advertising a streaking contest between Roy Dunn and Doug Harrington. The sign advertised the streaking will take place on the court house lawn, tickets available free at Harrington’s Pharmacy. The billboard sign had two cartoon characters streaking in their birthday suits. Roy and Doug were planning how they will get back at J.K. (Conn and Harrington are now deceased.)*****Orange native O.A. “Bum” Phillips leaves Oklahoma State to join the Houston Oilers on their coaching staff.*****Fain and Vivian Holbrook lose two children to marriage. Pat and Butch each took a mate.*****Honor students named at West Orange are as follows: Leslie Buoner, valedictorian; Clifton G. “Rex” Andrews, salutatorian. At Stark High the valedictorian is Hope Deanean Shipman, salutatorian is Nina Ann Mumback. ***** Claybar Funeral Home moves into new building. The business started Sunday, Sept. 15, 1946, at 509 Pine Street in Orange. The new funeral home faces 5th Street in the 500 block. Built by Homer Hayworth, the building has 12,000 square feet, a chapel, family and private family rooms, minister’s study, music room, dormitory and day lounge for ambulance crews. The corporation officers are president David Claybar, vice president Brown Claybar, secretary treasurer Marjorie Claybar. The funeral home was founded by the late Lannie Claybar. (Editor’s note: David and his mom are now gone, Brown retired, and his son Warren is CEO.)*****Doug Patterson, one of the best baseball pitchers to ever come out of Orange County, left for pro-ball spring training in Florida.*****Moe Litton is working on forming a BCHS Bass Club.*****Gary Savoy will celebrate another birthday this week.***** Sergeant Thomas Segura of Bridge City, stationed at Karot Royal Air Force Base in Thailand, is presented the Airman of the Quarter plaque.*****The Little Cypress track team features Ricky Smith, Tom Day, Clint Plant, Dennis Neie, Steve Romeis and is coached by Larry Warner.


Oh, how Facebook has taken over the time off people. A widespread outage of the social media platform let users from different generations almost lost, especially on Election Day. Facebook has become the way for people to spread political rumors and tout their favorite candidates. As the Republican primary comes to a close, residents in Orange County are going to have a lot less mail with those expensive ads, plus Facebook sites will see a loss of views. For people thinking this year has been crazy locally, it's nothing we haven't seen in years past.*****Speaking of politics, former Mauriceville resident and Newton County native Ron Lewis was back at his old stomping ground. The retired longtime Democratic state representative for Orange County was campaigning for Dade Phelan with former Governor Rick Perry. Lewis and Perry, who was a Democrat back in the 1980s, were roommates the first time they served in the state legislature. Lewis and Perry were traveling around making stops to campaign for Dade Phelan's reelection. Those visiting with Lewis and Perry in Vidor included county commissioners Kirk Roccaforte and Johnny Trahan, Bridge City Mayor David Rutherford, Cindy Dishman, Tony Ashrafi, Frank RAndazo, and Janet Parker Brown.*****The Beaumont Junior League's annual Dancing with the Stars fundraiser had Bridge City's Lacey LeMoine and Dr. T. Russell Perry competing. Going to watch them at the gala last weekend included Orange County fans Ida Schossow, Heather Montagne Mankopf, Sherry Hommel, Maureen McAlister, and Amy Peevey.*****Eric Nies of Bridge City and his barbecue team was named a finalist in the ribs competition in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's barbecue competition. A couple of years ago, they took home the top award.*****Lots of people here love their barbecue, but it's crawfish season. Complaints have been flying about the high prices and small mudbugs. Supply has been low because of last year's drought and other conditions. Now, prices are starting to drop and the crustaceans are getting a bit bigger. Hopefully the stock will be good for the annual Mauriceville Crawfish Festival in April.*****Don't forget to "spring" your clocks forward an hour Saturday night before going to bed. Wonder if preachers keep a tally of how many people come in late to church when Daylight Savings Time goes into effect.*****The Oaks entertainment venue in Vidor had Captain Fantastic, an Elton John tribute band playing this past weekend with lots enjoying the music. Seen in the crowd were Aaron and Mandy Roccaforte, Terri and Todd Goss, Andrea Anders, Sharon Meaux, Christopher Baker, Kent and Kimberly McNeely, Joey Jacobs, Tony and Donna Little, and Dustin and Traci Montalbano.*****David Crim and his daughter, April Goodman, traveled to Denton to visit with April's grown children Lauren and Julian Purghan. Lauren is working there and Julian is set to graduate with degree in May.*****The Jenkins boys at Top Hog in McLewis has come up with a dandy of a smoked sausage. It’s a combination of ‘Gator’ and Blue Ribbon Sow, mixed with fresh bell pepper, onions and spices. Great smell when frying and the ‘Gater’ brings the ‘Oink’ out. You talk about good. All it needs is eating.****Update on Senator Parker--A note from Beverly. We both have had our ups and downs.  I have healed from a broken shoulder bone in my upper arm. One of us has to be able to cook.  Carl is waiting for word from his heart doctor that he has permission to do a procedure of replacing a valve in his heart.  We are hoping this will get him moving a little more. Can’t believe we have all gotten so old since we first met, time went by too quickly. *****Speaking of heart doctors, I believe Dr. Morbia has a new granddaughter. He and the wife catch a flight to Florida to visit the baby and grandson as often as possible.*****Be sure to check out the specials at Danny’s Super Food, 2003 Western Ave. in West Orange. Last Friday we tried fried Catfish Filetts, this Friday we’re having Catfish Sauce Pecante.  (Can’s wait.) They also feature the county’s best Cajun Boudain, only $1.98 lb. and many other specials.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the coming week. March 6: Sam Moore, Jerry Maldonado, John Philps, Kristen Rucker, Genevieve Simon, Glyndon Childress.*****March 7: Tracy Howard Allison, Dana Bourque,  Sharon Crumpler, Jennifer Barclay, Mike White, Libby Mitchell, Misty Thurman, Rick Trahan, Charles Day, Leisa Miller.*****March 8: Liz Weaver, Stephanie Westlund, Shelly Granger, Christi Wiegreffe, David Thibodeaux, Ryan Bunker, Angela Burris and our good friend Pat Pate.*****March 9: Liz Weaver, Dayna Hyatt, Heather Pruitt, Tiffany Kelly, Brittney Zenos, Don Grooms, Claudia Gilson, Santiago Baca, Jordon Doiron.*****March 10: David May, Zara Hollis, Gloria Jones, Ken Hillsten, Mary White, Wade Gillett, Bob Izer.*****March 11: Paul Fukuda, Scot Shaffer, Pat Lund, Rick McCall, James McClanahan, Cindy Reynolds, Dottie Gunstream, George Baker, Kate, Benoit, AJ Strahan, Cotlton “CJ” Dugan.*****March 12: Jack Morgan, Bryleigh Moore, Andrew Willingham, Carol Ann Kimbrow.*****Other birthdays this past week included Amy Worsham, Joe Almaguer, Eddie Anders, Tristen Faircloth, Traci Champine, Jimmy Converse, Susan Pennington, Regina Dorman Parkinson, Issa Garcia, Apryl Peveto Carter, Craig Nugent, Gail VanderMaas, Jennifer Gross, Skipper Yeaman, Ashley Seago, Jennifer Byrd, Sharon Combs, Waylon Willey, Tonie Hickman, Richard Bonnin, Logan Comeaux, and Meritta Dawn Norwood.*****Steve and Barbara Williams marked their 50th wedding anniversary at the same time Barbara was having a birthday. Casey and Leah Guillotte-Stark had their 27th.


Agnes Gilbeaux had it with her husband Felix so to sort things out in her mind she decided to confer wit da gypsy fortune teller Madam Pearl.

After gazing in her big crystal ball for awhile, Madam Pearl her, finally say, “Dere is no easy way to told you dis so I’ll just be blunt me. Prepare youself to be a widow. You husband him, will die a violent death dis year.”

Visibly shaken Agnes stared at da gypsies lined face, den at da single flickering candle, den down at her hands. Agnes took a few deep breaths, her mind was racing. Agnes simply had to know. She met Madam Pearl’s gaze, steadied her voice and asked. “Tell me, will I be acquitted, hanh?”



Former president Donald Trump’s name and face was being used around the country on hundreds of political ads claiming the candidates have been endorsed by Trump. They are not really. Campaigns work with the Trump campaign to secure an okay to use his name in advertisements. It’s good for Trump. It gets his name and picture to millions throughout the country. It’s doubtful that Trump knows any of these people he is supposedly endorsing. Campaigns write the text and advertising agencies put the copy together in ads targeting a certain area. Nothing personal about a Trump endorsement, it’s just what the local boss wants. Trump never sees the hundreds of different commercials around the country. Never once throughout the United States did you see Trump proudly say, “I endorse (a name)” in a commercial. In this market I saw a picture of Trump and his wife. They don’t say anything. It must be an old photo; the couple hasn’t been seen together in a long time. All over the country claims were being made that Trump said, “I endorse ‘So and So.’ It’s a lie, Trump didn’t say anything. The political hacks wrote the copy. It’s all in the wonderful game called politics. Most endorsements are not endorsements unless you see their lips move. P.S. Photoshop is also used in mail outs. I received one that was negative to Speaker Phelan that showed him shaking hands with China’s president XI Jinping, who Dade has never met. Look real good, you can see where the picture is spliced.*****I’ve got to get out of here. I’m sure the election results have held some surprises, they almost always do. Sometimes a dark horse will come to the top. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.


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