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Sherlock Breaux in the Creaux's Nest


First let me congratulate the winners in the Primary Elections. Those with opponints and those without. After the smoke cleared we ended up with one runoff race in District 21. Our state representative Dave Phelan, who also is speaker of the house, one of the three most powerful offices in state government, finds himself in a runoff with David Covey. Covey, a political unkown from Mauriceville chosen by Attorney Gen. Paxton and Lt. Gov. Patrick in an attempt to unseat the Speaker thus removing the speakership from Southeast Texas. Covey led slightly in a three-way race. A lot of campaign money was spent on his behalf. Under Phelan’s leadership the House moved to impeach Paxton on corruption charges. After being impeached by the House, Patrick, the powerful senate leader, led the fight not to indict Paxton by the Senate. Phelan says, “This runoff is not just another race it is the front line of the battle for the Soul of our District.” Phelan is the first speaker from Southeast Texas and first and only one in the leadership roll of Texas. Covey received his campaign funding from groups, bankrolled by far, right-wing West Texas oil tycoons, Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks, and a political action committee that supports school vouchers. Phelan angered Paxton, Patrick and Abbott, now he faces a runoff, the first Speaker to be challenged since 1972. Neither Covey nor Phelan hit 50% of the votes, sending the race into a runoff where Phelan is bracing for a tough battle to continue his political career. “In the next couple of months, the deceit and vitriol we’ve witnessed from my opponent and his dark money allies is poised to escalate to even greater heights,” Phelan said in a statement to constituents. “I urge the citizens of Southeast Texas to meet the coming storm with a critical eye and recognize the external forces desperate to claim what is ours.” It’s easy to see why Trump had a good night. His supporters were the most likely to get to the polls in a low-turnout election because he was at the top of the ballot. Trump-backed candidates all campaigned heavily on his endorsements, a benefit for races where many candidates lack name recognition with voters. Abbott did more than just endorse this cycle. In February, he spent more than $6 million of his campaign dollars and held dozens of campaign events to support candidates around the state. In one week in February, he made 15 campaign stops from South Texas to the Panhandle trying to will candidates to victory. The third-term Republican had warned lawmakers last fall that he would work to unseat them if they didn’t get on board with his plan for private school vouchers, also known as expanded educational savings accounts. “I will not stop until we pass ESA’s in the state of Texas,” he said.


10 Years Ago-2014

We were sorry to hear about the death of Dr. Nolan LeBlanc, age 87. Doc was one of the great guys I’ve had the privilege of knowing. The Port Arthur boy made quite a name for himself caring for thousands of babies. Funeral service was held Thursday at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City, burial at St. Mary Cemetery. We go back a long way with this good man and his wife, Fredna, having known most of her Cajun relatives since childhood.***** Dist. Attorney John Kimbrough has joined the small group of elected officials and department heads that have voluntarily downsized their staff. The County Judge, County Clerk, Auditor and Records Management offices have also downsized. They are committed to helping their county financially. *****Our friend, Elaine Myers at the Horseman Store is having a big sale on western wear in conjunction with the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo and coming up next month the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo.*****Twins Buffy and Jordan Doiron mark another birthday on March 16, also Karlie Anderson, Cody Edwards and Dorothy Morris.*****Celebrating on St. Patricks Day is Brenda Swan, Ernie Edwards, John Tallant, Tiffany Moreau, Jan Jacobs, Crystal Thompson and Sally Wingard.*****March 18 finds our friend of 60 years, J. Carlton “Corky” Harmon, president of the Lamar Foundation, Betty’s longtime husband and a great guy celebrates.

20 Years Ago-2004

Saturday, March 20, marks the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. The coverage of the war was unprecedented with embedded reporters from around the world making video and audio reports live from the scene. It was the first time smart bombs were used and seen in action by the American people. Some smart bombs found their targets from as far away as 1,500 miles off a ship at sea. (Editor’s note: The “Axis of Evil” marks its 11th birthday. *****Everyone is preparing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Even Joel Steirman, Carl Thibodeaux and Sostan and Cloves can be Irish on this day.*****Rex Peveto makes runoff against Mike Hamilton in state house race.*****Sharon Bearden, Rodney Price and Troy Johnson pull the wagon in local races. Bearden and Johnson, in runoff for county court at law post. Sheriff Mike White, constable John Ford and commissioner John Dubose are re-elected.*****March 17, St. Pat’s Day, in 1971, Roy Dunn published his first Opportunity Valley News. (Editor’s note: Hard to believe that was 53 years ago.)*****Karen and Tony Fusilier held ribbon cutting of their new Cajun Corner Furniture Outlet. Karen even had her hair done by pros. Plenty food, Swamp Pop music and a street dance held.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of our longtime friend, Clester Andrews, 69. He died Wednesday, March 10. Condolences to wife, TuTu, and her entire family.***** About Stelly’s catch of a 10-pound bass last week, Capt. Dickie Colburn says Gary probed the brush and exceptionally skinny water. He actually lobbed a waeky worm behind a log and still managed to wrestle her out. A lengthy battle.*****South East Texas Congressman Jim Turner of Crockett, joined by all Democratic members of the Texas congressional delegation, urged the congress to stand with Texas teachers and pass the “Social Security Fairness Act.” The bill would end the unfair discrimination against Texas teachers and other public employees. The bill has been blocked by Republican leaders. Turner and Democrats are using a procedure to force the leadership to move the bill. The act has enough votes to pass if it wasn’t blocked.*****A bunch of changes are taking place at the Leader. Margaret is gone, along with others. Very few local folks are left at the paper. New leadership has been brought in from Canada. (Editor’s note: The start of their downfall.)*****March is declared Colon Cancer month. It’s the second largest cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.)


50 Years Ago-1974

“Dusty Trails” was selected as the title of the publication of the Orange County Historical Society at a meeting. Louis Dugas, a local attorney and a director of the society, presented a program on early Orange County history. “We are collecting articles for the first publication,” said James Broussard, president.*****Cindy Ferguson, seven, won the title of Miss Purple Pride Baton Beautiful, during competition events at West Orange High School. Cindy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Texas W. Ferguson. Cindy also won three first place trophies and five medals in other competition.*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto announced that a public hearing will be held by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. in Orange County establishing fishing and hunting regulations for 1974-75. Peveto, a sportsman, said he wants Orange County to have a voice in the new regulations.*****First Assistant County Attorney, under District Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden, resigns to enter private practice effective March 31. Don Burgess, 27, is a graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Houston Law School. He will open his law office in April at 110 N. Seventh Street. “I have a duty to my family to leave the county and enter private practice. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot working with Sharon,” Burgess said in a statement. Bearden said, “I certainly hate to see Don go. We have been a good team and accomplished a lot in this office. Don is a smart, hard working lawyer who will do well in private practice. I predict, however, he will be back in government some day. Bearden was undecided whether the vacancy will be filled through promotion of one of the two remaining assistants, Bill Wright or Joe Alford, or through the hiring of a third person. “We have a great team and I want to continue moving the case load forward,” Bearden concluded. A decision was expected in the next few days. The County Attorney’s office budget is $56,000 a year total.



What a weekend. Things were going on all around and a lot of Orange County people took to the road. However, the biggest event was local with the annual LSCO Foundation fundraiser Boot Scootin' at the Brown Estate to raise scholarship money for students. Seen in the crowd were Amie and Trey Smith, Judge Courtney Burch-Arkeen, Emily Mellon, County Commissioner Chris Sowell, Becky Hunter, Gisela Houseman, Ida Schossow, Heather Montagne Mankopf, Todd Landston, Mindy Nance, Jarrett and Camille Peavy Theis, Carrie Phillips, Loreal Fult, Maureen McAllister, and Kent Marzel.*****The Savannah Bananas professional baseball team, described as a 'baseball circus' are a popular attraction across the country and played their first game on a MLB field. It was Minute Maid Park and locals traveling to see the fun included Jade and Justin Johnson,  Brittany and Max Williams, Crystal Sanchez and daughter, Josh Peveto took daughter Ryleigh along with friends James and Hudson Wright.*****Monster trucks showed off at Ford Park in Beaumont. You can bet Aaron and Mandy Roccaforte were there. Others taking in the show were Aaron and Latouia DuBois, Suann Scott, Casey Leger, and Mandie Robinson.*****Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks performed Saturday night at At&T Stadium and several people from Orange County traveled to Arlington to see the two superstars, including Christine Brown-Zeto.*****Rare bioluminescent plankton were in the Gulf of Mexico off Bolivar Peninsula this weekend. The lines of plankton glowed blue in the waves at night and drew a lot spectators. David and Sabrina Claybar took their kids, and Brandi Griggs and Justin Rieson traveled with her two. Brad and Terri Childs were in Galveston, but couldn't see it.*****The Stark Museum of Art drew in a number of out-of-town visitors, including artists and their families, for a special artists talk and reception for 'Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West' quilt show. Museum curator Sarah Boehme, who is the most creative dresser in town, wore a skirt and top made of quilt designs in honor of the show.*****Bret and Rebecca Johns are celebrating their daughter, Elizabeth, being named this year to the Who's Who Among Students at Ole Miss. The LC-M graduate has been named outstanding student for communications and sciences disorder.*****Heard reports this weekend of a rude, out-of-town property owner calling members of the Orange and West Orange city councils and their relatives to complain about property taxes. Orange City Councilor Paul Burch got a call late Saturday night from the person, who had also called Paul's elderly father that night. West Orange Mayor Randy Branch, who is a man of God, listened to the man complain for an hour until midnight Saturday. Our society has gotten so used to complaining about 'politicians' many people don't realize it's their neighbors and friends donating their time to serve on city councils and school boards. Those are unpaid positions, except for the Orange City Council. Members there get a token payment that was started more than 40 years ago and the rate has not changed. Local members of school boards and city councils serve the public out of a sense of duty. Complain at meetings or send letters or emails. Or even run against them in an election and dedicate your own time. Don't call them late at night ranting about something.*****Be sure to check out the great specials at Danny’s Super Foods, Western Ave., West Orange.


A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. March 13: Angel San Juan, Rod Sheppard,  Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, John Collin Kimbrow, Lindsey Bland, Claude Tarver, Lana Sepulvado.*****March 14: Shane Chapman, Lucy Fields, Jill Peveto,  John Brister, Martha Williams, Anthony Fraccastoro, Bud Briggs.*****March 15: Jan Trahan, Gene Harper,   Dick Powell, Dusty Jennings, Jennifer Kelly, Julie Myers, Addie Batson, Amber Doiron.*****March 16: Amy Peveto, Chelsea Coleman, Colton Sterling, Steve Kidwell, Buffy Doiron, Jordan, Doiron, Karli Anderson, Leslie Paula Robinson, Dorothy Morris, Margie Baker, Cody Edwards.*****March 17: Today is St. Patrick’s Day, Janet Jacobs, Brenda Swan,     Ernie Edwards, John Tallant, Martha Dyer Howell, Luke McFarlane, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland, Elroy Edwards Josh Sims.*****March 18: Robert Sehon, Kellie Miller, Geraldine Cherry, Beth Shepherd, Tammy Stark, Blaine Slaughter.*****March 19: Lori Johnson, Courtnie Campbell, Barbara Roy, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Hannah Walles, Brandy Mayo, Donna Fong.*****Birthday greetings this past week to Michael Norwood, Tripp Ashby, Clint Permenter, Leah Guillotte-Stark, Chad Richard, Cindy Shuman, Suanne Benoit Broussard, Sheila Zirlott Dans, Nancy Sonnier, Rebel Lewis Raley, Eric Jacobs III, Chrislyn Burch, and Jennifer Wright. Adam Conrad, also known as 'Buddy the Elf,' also celebrated. He's getting ready at the Lutcher Theater for the musical "Come from Away," the story of an airline with passengers that ended up grounded on 9-11 in a small Newfoundland town. Everyone in the town pitched in to feed them and give them shelter. In that spirit of giving, the Lutcher Theater is collecting foods like peanut butter, jelly, cereal, and canned tuna for the Orange County Salvation Army.*****Anniversary celebrations included Kevin and Lydia Rodgers, plus Sam and Julie Simar Patronella, who had their 44th and recently returned from an anniversary cruise.


Otis Comeaux wanted to get his boy Tee-Not, wat is not very smart, a job. He talk to his fran Claude Desomeaux, wat owns da drug store bout giving Tee-Not a job.

It was his first job ever and he had trouble finding da items da customers axe for. After a few customers stormed out of da store without dere merchandise da druggist say to Tee-Not, “Look, you costing me too much business, if you don’t sell da next customer something, I’m gonna have to let you go.”

A few minutes later in walks Sostan, looking for something for a bad cough.

Tee-Not look an look but he can’t find no cough medicine. Knowing dis was his last chance to keep his job, he sells Sostan some Ex-Lax and told him to take da whole box at one time.

Sostan, he’s coughing so bad he pays for da Ex-Lax and chews up da whole box right den.

After he leaves Desomeaux says, “I see you finally sold something. Wat did dat customer buy hanh.“

Tee-Not answer, “Well he wanted cough medicine him, but I couldn’t find it so I sold him some Ex-Lax me.”

Desomeaux scream, “EX-Lax, dat won’t help his cough.”

Tee-Not answer, “Yeh sir, it will help him, look at Sostan over dere leaning on da post, he’s too afraid to cough him.”




A wee-bit of St. Patrick Day history: Better wear green or you might be pinched. Though there are tons of stories about how this tradition was started none can really be proven, all that is really known is that school children really love this part of the holiday. The person that the holiday was named after didn’t even start his life off with the name Patrick. Born in Wales about 385 AD, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born to the name of Maewyn Succat. In his early life he was far from being a saint, up until the age of 16 he considered himself a pagan. And that is where the story really begins. When he was 16 he was sold into slavery after his village was raided by a group of Irish marauders. It was during his captivity that he became closer to God. After six years of slavery he escaped to Gaul where he studied in the monastery under St. Germain for 12 years. During his training he became aware that his calling in life was to convert the pagans to Christianity. His wishes were to return to Ireland to convert the Irish to Christianity but the leadership in the church appointed St. Palladius instead. Two years later Patrick was moved to Ireland after Palladius was transferred to Scotland. Patrick was so successful at converting his people that the Celtic Druids in the area had him arrested several times, but he escaped each time.  Traveling throughout Ireland Patrick established monasteries all over the country, in addition to this he setup churches and schools all of which helped him convert the Irish people to Christianity. Legend has it that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Evidently they all went into the sea and drowned. The snake is a pagan symbol and perhaps this is a figurative tale explaining that he drove paganism out of Ireland. After 30 year mission in Ireland, Patrick retired to County Down where he died on March 17, 461. Which is the reason that we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on this date.*****Happy St. Pat’s Day to you and until next time happy trails. God Bless.



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