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Well, here we are, it’s almost mid-May and in a couple of weeks a half year will have gone by. In a few days school will be out for the summer. It seems to me like the school year just started. Time does seem to travel faster as you get older or maybe we old folks just travel slower while time moves on. Remember when it seemed that the school year lasted so long and summer took forever to get here. Is it for real or is it just perception? Today we get the paper out and it’s time to start on another. The busier you stay the faster the years go by. One day you wake up and wonder where all the years have gone and you really do look forward to those you have left. You wonder how you can slow them down. *****I have to move on. Come on, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Ray Hearn, age 83, passed away May 11, funeral service will be held Friday, May 17, 2024 at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Visitation at 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. prior to service. Ray was a Bridge City resident since childhood. He married Elaine Ellis 62 years ago. The couple were great and successful parents in everything they did. I am fortunate to have known them and their family. Ray’s mother, Inez, was a special friend and special person who passed those qualities to him. Ray and Elaine contributed toward making Bridge City and the community better. To Teresa, Daren, Janice, Harold and their entire family we extend our condolences. Please see obituary.


We were sorry to learn of the sudden death of Daniel ‘Danny’ Hock, age 70, who passed away May 3 at his home. His friends gathered last Friday to remember their longtime friend. His parents, Buddy, a postman and Connie, employed by King’s Pharmacy, were well known in the Bridge City community. The Hock family played an important part in the formation of the city with an uncle serving on the first city council. Daniel Hock was liked by everyone who knew him. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2014

Editorial-2014: This is the first time in 20 years that Judge Carl Thibodeaux is not on the ballot. He is serving us well. When Thibodeaux took office the Orange county courthouse was falling down around their ears. Space was very limited. Some judges were sharing courtrooms and there was one less judge. The justice of the peace operated out of a closet. The tax office had long outgrown their space. Everyone was cramped in that old building. The first thing Judge Carl did was totally do over the building and the work had to be done according to the Historical Society of Texas. Everything, including windows, had to look original. Next he and the Commissioners built a new tax office, VA office and other buildings and moved everyone out of the court house except the legal departments. Judge Thibodeaux also inherited a long term debt of $6,735.000 and today has a “0” long term debt. The county capital assets message body totaled only $16,737.312 and in 2012 the capital assets totaled $40,838.061. Since then more value has been added with the building of Last Resorts and the Expo Center. All of the improvements and additional assets were acquired with no cost to the tax paying citizens of Orange County. Every year he worked with a different makeup of the court when new commissioners came on board. He put a good team together. Judge Thibodeaux is highly respected by his peers throughout Southeast Texas. During this time in office the Judge has had eight stints but never missed work. He’s leaving the county in far better shape then he found it. For that we can’t thank him enough. (Editor’s note: Did you know through the years he was a democrat.)***** Brint Carlton is not the first young lawyer who kicked their careers off by running for an office they couldn’t win or weren’t qualified to do. Louis Dugas did it, Sharon Bearden, right out of Baylor, David Dunn, H.D. Pate, two years in town ran against the toughest in the county, Judge Martin Adroin, who whipped him badly but they later became good friends. Rex Peveto and many others, including Brint’s father Steve, who ran in a three way race, came in last but the race propelled his law practice. You see, young lawyers win even if they lose that first race.*****Bridge City School Board member Jerry McInnis recently had heart surgery..*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch celebrates their 21st. anniversary this Wednesday at Robert’s. Dr. Mike Shahan was be honored with the “Person of the Year” award.

20 Years Ago-2004

Michael Gauthier, Bridge City High track star, won Texas gold. The Cardinal senior soared into the record books with a time of 10.77 during the U.I.L. track and field state championship. Over 14,000 watched him outrun three other speedsters at Meyers Stadium at U.T. Michael was the only white runner. A fan was overheard saying, “That’s one fast white boy.”*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville students name Jeanne Logsdon, fifth grade history teacher at Mauriceville Elementary “Teacher of the Year.” Her class got to see early history in the making on a field trip with Civil War re-enactors, cannon blast and all.*****The winners in Saturday elections are Theresa Beachamp, a Bridge City assistant principle, will replace Bill Klein on the Orange City Council. Jerry Hussy wins the mayor’s race at Pinehurst by 15 votes over Rick Trevino. Mark Philpott won a Bridge City council seat. A referendum for term limits in West Orange was defeated 243 to 213.*****At the 11th anniversary of the Wednesday Lunch Bunch, held at Robert’s, a chair was draped with a black ribbon in honor of Judge Grover Halliburton who died May 7. At his funeral service Grover, a U.T. ex and football fan, was honored with flowers sent from the University of Texas and Coach Mack Brown.*****Former Bridge City city councilman James “Steve” Stevens, 78, passed away. Steve served as a Marine in World War II. He loved to dance and he and wife Irene made dancing their hobby for many years. Services were held Saturday, May 15.*****Dorothy “Dot” Wiegand, 50, of Orange, died Friday, May 14.*****Celebrating 50 years of marriage are Mr. and Mrs. Riley J. Bonnin. of Orange.*****Nick Wingate celebrates 83 years as does Claude Edward Darby, who celebrates the big 23.***** Ten years ago, on May 10, 2004, our friend brother Dewitt Rainwater died. This guy had a lot of talent as a preacher. He could tell a great story. Brother Rainwater was a fun guy to be around. I loved to hear him pickin and singing when you could get him to cut down on an old country song. He did a great Jimmie “Singing Brakeman” Rodgers. Dewitt could have made it in the country field.

50 Years Ago-1974

James D. Stringer is running for county judge. His motto is, “He Listens.”*****Wood’s Men’s Wear, at 306 5th St., in Orange, is quitting business. Men’s suits range from $49.90, dress slacks $9.99 to $15.99, dress shirts $4.99 to $8.99 and men’s shoes $14.99 to $29.99.*****Harmon Chevrolet congratulated three sales leaders. They won Chevrolet’s highest award for outstanding salesmanship in 1973. They are Joe Williamson, Bob Jones and Homer Flanagan.*****Stephen’s Buick Discount Center on MacArthur Circle has 11, 1974 Opels, list price is $3,352, now on sale for $2,988. Real gas savers.*****University of Houston coach Bill Yeoman says Orange’s Larry Keller will be one of the best front four defenders in the nation.*****A record number of 14 football scholarships have been handed out by college recruiters to Orange County football players. The West Orange Chiefs lead the parade of talent as eight members of their district 10-AAA championship team inked with major colleges. Runner up, 10-AAA Bridge City has four signees, Stark Tigers have two. The 14 are B.C. Mark Dunn, UTA; Lanston Fall, Lamar; Steve Trevino and David Smith, Wharton; Stark, Lenard Curtis and Alexander James, Ranger; West Orange, Roy Williams and Mike Conway, USL; Phillip January, Miss. College; Larry Spears, West Texas State; Ray Pousson, University of Colorado; Randle Teate, University of Houston; James Long, Tulane; Paul Bingham, McNeese.*****Tommy Gunn, former debate coach at W.O. High School, has been named outstanding speaker in the Spring Moot Court competition at Baylor University School of Law. Gunn, a third quarter student received $50 and membership in the Order of the Barristers, a moot court fraternity. He maintains a 2.76 grade point of a possible 3.00. Gunn was valedictorian at West Orange High. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gunn. His grandparents are A.T. Pacher and Mrs. B.A. Gunn.


We spoke with our longtime friend Mike Hatton who we have not seen since his beautiful wife Nancy. passed away. He says he’ll see us at Roy’s bash on June 5. His roots run deep in what is now Bridge City. His folks were pioneers.***** The Lutcher Theater closed out its 23-24 season with the Jazz Age set musical 'Chicago.' Local filmmaker Penny LeLeux and her daughter, Janet LeLeux, were in the audience and proud to show off their 'Fosse hands.' Others in the audience included Brittany Stevenson, Rebecca Willey, Misty Bornholdt, Dayle Gunn, Liz Mazola Oliva, Bridget Trahan, Emily Mellon, Jennifer Smith, Marianne Drouillard, Bridge Toohey, Tad and Thereze McKee, and Bridget Toohey. The theater will be announcing the lineup for the next season on May 20.*****Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band were topping the bill at a big concert this past weekend in the Dallas area at AT&T Stadium. Melany Monson took her mother, Rita Monson, as a Mothers Day gift. Also from Orange County were Nick and Christine Brown Zeto.*****Becky and Tom Henry, along  with Gary and Allisha Bonneaux, took in the Rick Springfield concert.*****Michelle Belcher spent Mothers Day in New York City with daughters Brook Estes and Rachel Belcher. She even had a special song and dance from street performers.*****Sisters Ida Schossow and Jane Branch, along with Jane's husband, West Orange Mayor Randy Branch, traveled to Maui for the wedding of their nephew. Of course they all spent a few days sightseeing and beach walking before the nuptials of Jarrod and Allyce Johnson.*****Ken Sury, who was once editor of the Orange Leader, retired from the newspaper business after working more than 20 years for the Waco Tribune. The move to private business let him run for city council and he won election to the council in Woodway, outside of Waco. If the town sounds familiar, that's where longtime Orange city manager Shawn Oubre took the city manager's job.*****Speaking of retirements, Dorothy Richard recently ended her long career at Sabine Federal Credit Union and is moving onto her next stage in life.*****Graduations are going on across the country and many have ties to Orange County. Chandler Peveto, who has been studying opera, received a master's degree from Colorado State University.*****Kaitlyn Smith, daughter of former assistant district attorney Phillip Smith and Cristy Smith,  graduated from the Texas Tech School of Law.*****Mason Grizzaffi is ready to enter graduate school after earning a bachelor's degree magna cum laude from the University of North Texas.*****Elizabeth Johns, daughter of Rebecca and Bret Johns, graduated from Ole Miss and received a number of honors.***** We was sorry learn that Commissioner Kirk Roccaforte had lost his mom back in March at age 98. She was a Cajun girl from God’s country, the Erath, Delcombre area of South Louisiana.*****Bank teller Brittany Fulfer will be missed at the Bridge City Bank branch in Orange. Friday is her last day. Britt says she enjoys her job but her children need her at home. She has been such a pleasure to do business with. Always pleasant and goes that extra step to be helpful. I’m sure her employers will miss her also.*****Boss Lady Margie Stephens called to tell us Harry’s Appliance, since the death of its beloved owner Harry, is rolling along on all cylinders. Good deals, great service. Margie however, has been in and out of the hospital with kidney stone problems she has been fighting for years. Margie says the appliance store is in good hands and ready to help with any appliance sales or repairs.


Folks we know celebrating birthday in the next few days. May 15:

Deborah Ellender, Daniel Broussard,  Emily Domas, Heather Brinson, Kenneth Prosperie, Nancy Chenella, Ronda Savoy, Jimmy Sibert, Norman Gaspard, Hailey McCoun.*****May 16:

Judge Pat Clark, who I have known since he was in short pants, celebrates a birthday this week on the 16th. I haven’t heard from Pat in a while but hope to see him June 5 at Lunch Bunch birthday gathering.***** RaeAnn Chapman, Mark Simmons, Alan Richey, Sondra Taliaferro, Clay Sims, Ed Berry.*****May 17: Jennifer Clarke, Nickie Judice, Nickie Wall, Pam Hudson, Donna McClanahan, Greg Defrates, Jennifer Williams, Angelea Breaux.*****May 18: Denise Kincade, Kim Hanks, Ron Hutchison, Richard Allensworth, Shelley Dugan, Sydney Taylor, Cheryl Stone.*****May 19: Al Judice, one of the great guys, who always had a lot of toys, has gone underground. We miss seeing him. He’s a year older, also Justin Knight, Mark Watts, Niki Bennett, Bret Shuford, Dalayna Sandlin.*****May 20: On this day Phyl and Roy’s daughter Karen will celebrate a birthday, also David Jones, Bill Pope, Pat Bland, Alayna Womack, Patty Dupuis, Stormy Sharp.*****May 21: Leah Chapman, Babette Philpott, Ricky Land, Teresa Cain Lemke, Charlotte Foreman, Hannah Dupuis, James R. Braus, Sarah McClure.***Retired teacher Gail Terry Gutierrez celebrated her 86th birthday and still keeps traveling. Her students, including the many now collecting Social Security, remember her as one of the coolest teachers around. Others celebrating included photographer-music writer Tommy Mann,  Bobby Vice Sr., Julie Ivey Allensworth, James Ural, Shelby Sonnier, Brooke Sands-Grissom, Runetta Marks, Tucker Flatt, Mark Allbritton, Cil Dixon, Kenny Goss, Orange City Councilor Mary McKenna, Kaiden Skiles, Monte Morphew, Rosemary Watters, Michael Patronella, Linda Kay Mazzola, Becky McAnelly, Sharron Venable, Caroly Murray, and Beverly Richard Robinson.*****Annniversary greetings go out to  Trey and April King, who have been married 26 years, and Roderick and Brandy Robertson, who marked their 16th.***On May 20, Wanda and Coach Johnson will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary. And congratulations also to newlyweds Joshua and Jenna Green.


Percy Guilbeaux him took his wife Clotele and his mudder-inlaw

Agnes Arceneaux to da Holy Land. Everyday wen dey would get ready to go visit da sights his mudder-in-law wanted to go her. Everyday she would complain bout da heat, being tired or how bad

da food was. Just constant complaining. Halfway through their trip

Mrs. Arceneaux up and died her.

Guilbeaux him, goes to da undertaker who explains to Percy dat

dey could ship his mudder-in-law’s body back to Breaux Bridge but da cost would be bout $5,000 or dey could bury her in da Holy

Land for jus $150.

Percy said, “We’ll ship her home.”

Da undertaker axe, “Are you sure? Dat’s an awful big expense and

I can assure you we do a very nice burial here in da Holy Land.”

“Look, said Percy, two-thousand years ago dey buried a guy over

here and tree days later he rose from da dead him. I jus can’t take

dat chance me.”


Looks like Orange County escaped the worst of the thunderstorms the past few days as a Monday evening tornado hit nearby Sulphur, Louisiana, and hail, including some the size of golf balls, struck Sunday afternoon in the Nederland-Fannett area. Ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the Golden Triangle becoming part of tornado-hail alley. National Weather Service is predicting more thunderstorms later in the week.*****The mosquitoes are going to get worse. If you want to enjoy your back yard the next couple of months call Donna at Pestco, 409-886-4248. They have just the formula of natural herbs that will keep the Skeeters away.

*****Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.


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